Case Study: Substance Use and the Adolescent Humanities Assignment Help

Case Study: Substance Use and the Adolescent Humanities Assignment Help. Case Study: Substance Use and the Adolescent Humanities Assignment Help.

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Over the past decade, cases of substance related disorders have appeared more prevalent in society. From the mental health perspective, research has shown an increase in cases of substance related disorders, particularly with adolescents. This increase has prompted further investigation into adolescent risk and resilience factors, as well as accuracy in diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans. Yet, in cases of adolescent substance use, further investigation is still needed concerning notification rights of parents, legal authorities, and/or case workers.

For this Application, review the client case study and additional learning resources. Consider the characteristics of the client. Which specific characteristics might you consider important in developing a diagnosis? Consider your rationale for assigning particular diagnoses on the basis of the DSM-5. Also, think about what other information or people you may need to include in the assessment in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

The Assignment (3–4 pages)

  • A DSM-5 diagnosis of the client in the case study
  • An explanation of your rationale for assigning the diagnosis on the basis of the DSM-5
  • An explanation of what other information you might need about the client to make an accurate diagnosis
  • A brief description of additional individuals you might include in your assessment and explain why

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to current literature.

3-4 Pages. APA Format. In-text Citations to Support Literature.

Case Study: Substance Use and the Adolescent Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Financial management Business Finance Assignment Help

Valuation of a firm’s financial assets is said to be based on what is expected in the future, in terms of the future performance of the firm, the industry, and the economy. What types of value would you consider when assigning “value” to a firm’s stock or bond? What is the significance of each of the different types of value in the valuation process? Use examples to support your response.

By the due date assigned, respond to the discussion question. Submit your response to the Discussion Area. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the module as possible.


Unit 8 DB Management Business Finance Assignment Help

Topic 1: The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a management tool used as a control mechanism to monitor and measure performance throughout the implementation of a strategic plan. The BSC method is used extensively throughout business and industry, by government agencies, and even not-for-profit organizations throughout the world. They use the BSC method to ensure alignment between functional business activities and the strategic goals and objectives of the organization. Businesses use the BSC method as a strategic management tool that takes four different business perspectives into account in order to understand and achieve the organizational goals and objectives (Financial, Customer, Business Processes, Learning and Growth). In this Discussion, visit the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website and choose any “Award Application Summary” (business case) from the list. Analyze the “Award Application Summary” based on the BSC methodology. Use the following criteria to develop your Discussion answer and to correspond with a minimum of two of your fellow learners:

  • Explain how the “Award Winning” company can benefit from using the BSC method as a strategic control system based on the information in the business case.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the financial perspective of the BSC method.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the customer perspective of the BSC method.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the business process perspective of the BSC method.
  • Explain why the “Award Winning” company was successful from the learning and growth perspective of the BSC method.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of the business case and identify any potential weaknesses, challenges, or risks the “Award Winning” company may face in the future. Explain how the BSC method can be used to help mitigate the weaknesses, challenges, or risks.
  • Apply APA style referencing and use expository writing style to develop your answer.
  • Respond to a minimum of two of your fellow learners by debating the facts about the application of the BSC methodology to help control strategy implementation.

Here is the Unit 8 Discussion grading rubric.


Video analysis Humanities Assignment Help

Details: Watch You Tube Video Here

View the “Teaming to Make a Difference” video. In a 250-500-word response, address the following:

  1. What are the four skills and examples discussed in the video that are necessary for successful teaming and integration of services for individuals with disabilities and their families?
  2. What are the different perspectives that individual team members offered on inclusion?
  3. What is the value of each team member and the importance of her or his contributions to their collective effort?
  4. Research a journal article for best practices on successful teaming and integration of services for individuals with disabilities and their families. Does the article support the video? Explain and provide the citation to your article.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion 1

“Technical Writing” Please respond to the following:

Describe an example of technical writing that you have written or encountered in the past week at work, home or school, and the characteristics that identifies it as technical writing.
Consider past assignments you have done for school using academic and expressive writing. Explain which form is easier for you to use and state why.

Discussion 2

“Technical Writing Example” Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, state the type of technical writing you chose, the author, title, and location. Then, identify the message’s audience, purpose, and tone.
From the e-Activity, determine how well the message meets the intended audience, purpose, and tone.



American Values Humanities Assignment Help

Now that you have been introduced to the many concepts that make up a
culture, it is now your turn to demonstrate your knowledge on this
topic. In a 1-2 page paper, discuss three values that you think are
common in American culture. Describe each value and where you think the
value comes from, and explain why the value is important to Americans.
While doing so, identify any of these values that either contradict or
complement one another and explain why.

Include a brief introductory paragraph as well as a concluding
paragraph that sums up your key points. Make sure your paper is in APA
format, double-spaced, with a title page.

You can find resources on APA formatting here.

American Values Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Income Statement Business Finance Assignment Help

Income Statement – Ford Motor Company

In a two- to three-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), explain the purpose of an income statement and how it reflects the firm’s financial status. Include important points that an analyst would use in assessing the financial condition of the company. Also, analyze Ford Motor Company’s income statement from its 2012 Annual Report (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and it must include citations and references for the text and at least two scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library.


Edits on Politcal Science essay Writing Assignment Help

hey my professor put his input on it. My friend and i did edit it a little but i just need help fixing the errors.

like the first sentence he underlined it, it should be changed.

Then the next(2nd) sentence ” HR 2646, a bill that supports families in mental health crises, provides treatments and care to severely mental ill people” that could be inputed instead of whats there.

The third sentence i guess doesn’t make sense, he has question marks around that one, for the 4th sentence he asks if American Mental Health is a company so we need to specify what that is. he also says the 4th sentence doesn’t make any sense. cause hr 2646 is a bill.

The start of the 2nd paragraph he is confused on ” proposed position” so we should change that too. those next 2 paragraphs need sources he says.

keep the part where it says “editorial board”. thats the file of the bill i already sent you. The next paragraph with no errors is good.

Then fix the 2nd to last paragraph where it says “no it is not, because it is not the ACA??” so i guess its not an example of the ACA.


Unit 10 Assignment Management Business Finance Assignment Help

In this Assignment, you will culminate one Course Outcome based on the development of a policy manual to support the implementation of your organizational strategy for the Capsim Core simulation company:

MT460-6: Compose business policies to enable implementation of a strategic plan.

To help guide your understanding of developing a policy manual, use the following two library resources:

  1. McConnell, J. H. (2005). How to develop essential hr policies and procedures. [Books24x7 version]. Retrieved from:…
  2. Page, S. B. (2009). Writing exceptional policies and procedures. [Books24x7 version] Retrieved from:

You may also find the policy templates and examples useful. If you use templates, make sure to modify them to include the correct titles and content. Be sure to delete instructions or extraneous information that might be found in the template. You must also be sure to professionally format the templates to meet your unique professional style and character. Templates are only to be used as a starting point.

Business policy helps guide strategy implementation from a control perspective, but it can also enable innovation. Policy must be carefully developed so to empower employees, but must also be stringent enough to set boundaries and enforce expectations. To understand the central significance of the relationship between policy and strategy to top managers and their organizations, you must gain an understanding of how environments, external and internal, affect the functioning of an organization. You must develop an ability to evaluate environment so as to detect opportunities and threats in it to which alert managers must respond. It means an understanding of the processes through which managers can best determine those missions and objectives their organizations should seek; it means the ability to formulate and evaluate the best policies and strategies to achieve these ends, and the methods to assure that policies and strategies are implemented. This is an important strategic leadership and management ability that you must demonstrate and continuously hone throughout your career. To demonstrate your abilities, you will compose a basic policy manual to provide guidance and support for your Capsim Core simulation company strategy and implementation plan. This manual should be detailed and should effectively demonstrate your unique ability to compose business policies and procedures. Use the following checklist to develop your policy manual:

  • Develop a professionally formatted policy manual to support your Capsim Core simulation company’s chosen department (Research and Development, Marketing, Production, or Finance) strategy and implementation plan.
  • It is up to you to decide what policies and procedures are needed to support and enforce your Capsim Core simulation company strategy and implementation plan. At minimum, you should compose five policies to help support and enforce your strategy and implementation plan.
  • Review Chapter 6 in “Writing Exceptional Policies and Procedures” by Page (2009), and Chapter 6 in “How to Develop Essential HR Policies and Procedures” by McConnell (2005) found in the library. Each Policy you compose should contain components such as the following. Be thorough and detailed in the composition of your policy manual.
    • Purpose
    • Persons Affected (Scope)
    • Policy Statement
    • Responsibilities
    • Procedures
    • Forms
    • References
    • Document Approvals
  • Explain how your policies affect the performance of the organization.
  • In the overview section your policy manual, illustrate the connection between policies that provide safeguards and policies that encourage innovation in relation to the strategy and implementation plan goals and objectives.
  • Compose policies that align all levels of the business strategy hierarchy to facilitate a seamless implementation plan. Ensure that the purpose, scope, policies, and procedures are aligned with the goals and objectives of each level of strategy.
  • Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed research resources to substantiate your strategic decision-making.
  • Your policies should be written using “Active” voice.
  • Your grammar and spelling must be perfect in a policy manual.

Here is the Unit 10 Assignment grading rubric.

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

  • Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that you will remember.
  • Make sure your Assignment files are saved in the correct format (Microsoft Word .doc or .docx).
  • Submit your completed document to the Unit 10 Assignment Dropbox.


Financial Management Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment 2: The Weighted Average Cost of Capital

By the due date assigned , complete the following assignment:

Coogly Company is attempting to identify its weighted average cost of capital for the coming year and has hired you to answer some questions they have about the process. They have asked you to present this information in a PowerPoint presentation to the company’s management team. The company would like for you to keep your presentation to approximately 10 slides and use the notes section in PowerPoint to clarify your point. Your presentation should address the following questions and offer a final recommendation to Coogly. Make sure you support your answers and clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the weighted average cost of capital methodology. Include at least one graph or chart in your presentation.

Company Information

The capital structure for the firm will be maintained and is now 10% preferred stock, 30% debt, and 60% new common stock. No retained earnings are available. The marginal tax rate for the firm is 40%.

  1. Coogly has outstanding preferred stock That pays a dividend of $4 per share and sells for $82 per share, with a floatation cost of $6 per share. What is the component cost for Coogly’s preferred stock? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using preferred stock in the capital structure?
  2. If the company issues new common stock, it will sell for $50 per share with a floatation cost of $9 per share. The last dividend paid was $3.80 and this dividend is expected to grow at a rate of 7% for the foreseeable future. What is the cost of new equity to the firm? What are the advantages and disadvantages of issuing new equity in the capital structure?
  3. The company will use new bonds for any capital project, according to the capital structure. These bonds will have a market and par value of $1000, with a coupon rate of 6% and a floatation cost of 7%. The bonds will mature in 20 years and no other debt will be used for any new investments. What is the cost of new debt? What are the advantages and disadvantages of issuing new debt in the capital structure?
  4. Given the component costs identified above and the capital structure for the firm, what is the weighted average cost of capital for Coogly? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this method in the capital budgeting process?

Submit your assignment to the Submissions Area through the end of the module.


Case Study: Substance Use and the Adolescent Humanities Assignment Help

Case Study: Substance Use and the Adolescent Humanities Assignment Help

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