centroid, moment of inertia from mechanics of materials Engineering Assignment Help

centroid, moment of inertia from mechanics of materials Engineering Assignment Help. centroid, moment of inertia from mechanics of materials Engineering Assignment Help.

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this is a project about centroid and moment of inertia basically.

I did some work but my professor said i was wrong on the I respect to x.

I am not sure if i am wrong from there or only that one.

I would like you to finish them in less then 2 days.

I will put a day as the time limit but i can extend some of hours more.

it is because of the options for picking limiting time is very limited.

please do your best.

this is very important project. thank you.

please let me know if you have any questions.

centroid, moment of inertia from mechanics of materials Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Acquisition and Disposition of Property, Plant, and Equipment Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 1. Martinez Co. purchased land as a factory site for $432,000. The process of tearing down two old buildings on the site and constructing the factory required 6 months.

Part 2 Skysong Corporation, which manufactures shoes, hired a recent college graduate to work in its accounting department. On the first day of work, the accountant was assigned to total a batch of invoices with the use of an adding machine. Before long, the accountant, who had never before seen such a machine, managed to break the machine. Skysong Corporation gave the machine plus $483 to Concord Business Machine Company (dealer) in exchange for a new machine. Assume the following information about the machines.


Accounting for Planning and Control quiz 8 9.10.11 Business Finance Assignment Help


Chemical has spent

$ 243 comma 000$243,000

to refine

71 comma 00071,000

gallons of acetone, which can be sold for

$ 2.50$2.50

a gallon. Alternatively,


Chemical can process the acetone further. This processing will yield a total of

64 comma 00064,000

gallons of lacquer thinner that can be sold for

$ 3.10$3.10

a gallon. The additional processing will cost

$ 0.65$0.65



Identify the sunk cost. Is the sunk cost relevant to SmithSmith‘s

decision? Why or why not?


Should SmithSmith

sell the acetone as is or process it into lacquer thinner? Show the expected net revenue difference between the two alternatives.


Which empirical human motivations are most important to the success of central liberal institutions and practices? Humanities Assignment Help

Moral theory can narrow disagreement on what is morally right. However, merely to agree about what is morally right does not necessarily motivate an individual, or individuals in a group, to do what is morally right. Locke’s social contract theory, Rawls’ theory of justice, and practices such as free speech and toleration are constructed both from moral judgments and empirical claims about human motivations.

We also examined empirical theories or claims about human motivation: Turiel, citizenship culture in Bogotá, homo economicus, Bowles and Gintis on behavioral experiments, Haidt’s foundations, perhaps Bandura or Pinker, and others.

Which empirical human motivations (positive reciprocity and others) are most important to the success of central liberal institutions and practices (for example, limited government, free speech, toleration) and how might common motivations support or undermine the institutions and practices? Don’t recite every motivation and every institution; rather, select a few important relationships to explicate.

Please use at least 3 reading sources that I will provide and 3 at least 3 sources from lecture slides. It should be 9pgs MLA format.


Why is the narrator from Notes from Underground an important example of the anti hero in contemporary literature? Writing Assignment Help

– What is an anti hero and why is the narrator in Notes from Underground an important example of the anti-hero in contemporary literature?

– 5-7 pages with works cited

Quote from both the text and outside critiscs, summarizing is acceptable as long as the summary is in service of thesis. Outside research and quotation from scholarly sources is required. Be sure to include a correctly formatted works cited page, DO NOT COPY ANYTHING FROM THE INTERNET — ESSAYS ARE CHECKED WITH TURN IT IN!!!!!!!!!!

Due by 8pm PST Sunday (December 9th)

Let me know if you have any questions when doing the essay.



Moore control FSM Engineering Assignment Help

For above data path, modify the data path and control FSM so that only one adder is used (the adder needs to be shared among the 2 add operations) and still run at the rate of 1 output per 3 cc’s in steady state.

Hint: (1) need to use input muxes (controlled by the fsm) to the single adder to get the different inputs at different times
for the 2 adds. (2) Both adds need to be completed within the 3-cc delay window available to each pipeline stage (the 2
adds in a single adder will be one pipeline stage). (2) Need temporary register(s) that do not directly feed the multiplier but
instead feed r1 and/or r2 registers to store add outputs that are obtained in less than the 3 cc window as these o/ps should
not change multiplier inputs for 3 cc’s (after the previous load of r1, r2). (3) It is ok for some regs to have junk data before
steady state is reached (this is so in the original design above), but final o/ps in r4 starting from the 1st valid one have to be
correct. (4) Show the new FSM with the extra control signals needed (along with the original ones) with the RTL specified
for each state (except those that are purely NOP). Also label the new control signals clearly in the new datapath.

Moore control FSM Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The Interview Writing Assignment Help

Your postings should be qualitative and provide substantive depth that advances the discussion. APA.

The Interview:

The medical interview serves several functions. It is used to collect information to assist in diagnosis of the present illness, to understand the patient’s values, to assess and communicate prognosis, to establish a therapeutic relationship and to reach agreement with the patient about further diagnostic procedures and therapeutic options. The interview also offers an opportunity to influence patient behaviors.

Discuss the following:

Please answer the following questions and include your rationale and evidence-based research to support your written work.

  • What does it means to document accurately and appropriately?
  • What are the documenting guidelines? When is it appropriate to use abbreviations?
  • What is the difference between subjective and objective data?
  • What does it mean to demonstrate clinical reasoning skills?
  • How can you use clinical reasoning to plan the organization of a comprehensive exam?
  • How will you document variations of normal and abnormal assessment findings?
  • What factors influence appropriate tools and tests necessary for a comprehensive assessment?
  • Reflect on personal strengths, limitations, beliefs, prejudices, and values.
  • How will these impact your ability to collect a comprehensive health history?
  • How can you develop strong communication skills.
  • What interviewing techniques will you use to interview the patient to elicit subjective health information about their health history?
  • What relevant follow-up questions will you use to evaluate patient condition?
  • How will you demonstrate empathy for patient perspectives, feelings, and sociocultural background?
  • What opportunities will you take to educate the patient?


Paradoxical Thinking vs. Cause and Effect Thinking-Paper Writing Assignment Help


In most colleges and universities students are taught “cause and effect” thinking at the expense of paradoxical thinking. This type of thinking hinders accomplishing mastery. Define both terms, explain, and compare them. Explain why cause and effect thinking hinders achieving mastery.

Your summation should be a very powerful piece that seeks to convince your reader with all the reasons both professionally and personally why she/he should learn paradoxical thinking.

**Make sure to cite throughout your paper**

Cover all the additional points asked for in the material below:

The body of the report:

  • Major components – 65%
  • Use of relevant illustrations, charts, and/or graphics – 5%
  • Format – Cover page, table of contents, reference page, APA format – 10%
  • Mechanics – Grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization and all other components of effective writing – 20%
  1. Part 1 – Introduction/ Definition. (10%)
  2. Part II – Provide an example of a company that demonstrates paradoxical thinking. (10%)
  3. Part III– Discuss whether or not one can learn paradoxical thinking and discuss the reasons for your answer. (15%)
  4. Part IV – Paradoxical thinking is one of eight skills related to intelligence Discuss why it is probably the least used. (10%)
  5. Part V – Summarize your understanding of how management and leadership can utilize paradoxical thinking to improve the organization. (20%)

The paper must be written in APA format, between 1500 – 2000 words, (approximately 5 pages) in the main component section, as well as demonstrate proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting and all other components of effective writing.


Scientific Communication from an Ethical Perspective Writing Assignment Help

Write a 1,250-word essay addressing the following issue:

Discuss scientific communication from an ethical perspective and how the scientific community attempts to monitor the information that is communicated. Reference at least three journal resources,

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.


answer couple questions include both multiple choices and short answers Business Finance Assignment Help

Question 1

Two parts: Explain the philosophical/theoretical difference between profit maximization versus corporate social responsibility as different approaches to running a corporation. Give three business examples of where the principles would conflict with each other.

Question 2

Gena leaves her Honda CRV with Intown Motors for routine maintenance. On its return, the interior of the car is covered in motor grease and the exterior is scratched and dented. First, is Gena’s CRV a chattel; what is a chattel? Second, under the law of bailments, who is responsible for this damage and why? What are the duties and responsibilities of bailors and bailees? Be specific.

Question 3

Explain the difference, in specific detail, between a limited liability company and a corporation? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each type of business entity form? Be specific. This question is worth 50 points.

Question 4

Brad owns a hair styling shop. His five (5) hair cutters and stylists, Keegan, Thomas, Sarah, Lisa, and Janelle, all work at the hair styling shop. Hours of Keegan, Thomas, Sarah, Lisa, and Janelle work is set by Brad. Keegan, Thomas, Sarah, Lisa, and Janelle all have to buy their own tools for the job. The hair cutters and stylists can set their own prices but Brad requires payment to him of at least $5.00 per hair cut but the hair cutters and stylists can keep the rest. In order to avoid tax issues and other “legal” problems, Brad treats the hair cutters and stylists as independent contractors. You work for the IRS and questioned if Brad is correct. What are the criteria by which you can determine if Brad is correct. Is Brad correct or not. Justify your answer. This question is worth 50 points.

Question 5

Explain in clear and precise detail the differences between owning real property (land) as a tenancy in common and joint tenancy. Assume that Amy and Brian have a tenancy in common while Cammy and Derrick have joint tenancy. Pretend you are an heir to Amy and Cammy; who owns the property if Amy and Cammy suddenly and unexpectedly died? This question is worth 50 points.

Question 6

What term is used to describe the “owner” of a corporation?



Sole proprietor



centroid, moment of inertia from mechanics of materials Engineering Assignment Help

centroid, moment of inertia from mechanics of materials Engineering Assignment Help

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