Chain of Inquiry, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Chain of Inquiry, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help. Chain of Inquiry, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help.

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I am needing the following questions answered in short paragraphs:

Reflect on the concepts presented in the video and overview and the example of a growing body of research as captured in the article A Review of Facebook Research in the Social Sciences. Also, consider the question you posed about your advertisements in your observation journal in the last theme. Then, in a short answer response, address the following questions:

  1. How does social science inquiry advance and evolve over time?
  2. Why is it important that our understanding of social science concepts continue to develop and expand?
  3. Then, consider the question you posed in the observation journal, which you submitted in Theme 2. How could others build upon this question through additional research or follow-up questions?

***Please be sure to cite any references in APA format. Also, before starting the assignment, please review the observation journal and the rubric that have been provided.***

Observation Journal that is described in the assignment:

Observation Journal

Southern New Hampshire University

Article Choice

The articles that I selected were chosen because they bring out the relationship and expected behavior between men and women. Each ad exhibits at least one man and woman in stereotypical roles related to their gender. As a woman, I was intrigued by the way that females were represented. The way that the women were portrayed in the ads made me question the views of beauty as well as the role that women play in society.

Assumptions and observations

Audience. Advertisements are always audience specific. Based on the actors and actresses in the advertisements, one could assume that the target audience would most likely be white men and women from the middle to upper class. However, each ad has narrowed its focus on either males or females. For example, the article “Women Show Cognitive Advantage in Gender Equal Countries” depicts the differences in men’s and women’s scores on cognitive tests varied widely across countries according to Bonsang and colleagues Vegard Skirbekk and Ursula Staudinger. Gender inequality affects both men and women. The target audience for the Carlsberg beer ad is white males that drink beer. This commercial seemed to cater more to the men by providing a lounge-style dressing room for the men to await their female shopping partners. Furthermore, the dressing room was staffed with young women catering to the men which is evidence that the target audience for the commercial would be males and not females. Since this particular beer is made in Denmark, it would also target Europeans instead of American viewers. The anti-wrinkle cream ad seems to be focused on attracting a female audience based on the images in the advertisement. In the Diaderm ad, you can see that the woman’s face continues to appear ageless throughout the photos but the man grows older in each new image. The Schlage locks used a breakup situation that turns violent to sell the locks to younger men. This use of vowed vengeance displayed by the young white female actress pushes the man to want to change his locks to better protect himself. Lastly, the Garnier commercial could target both sexes but based on the placement of the characters it is more likely that they were trying to draw in a predominately male group of consumers. For example, the ad places the men in the forefront of the image and focuses on the younger male who uses the product to wash away his reckless behavior from the previous day.

Message. The message being delivered by the advertisements is centered on a normal day to day activities particularly the gender roles of men and women in society. They also show what both men and women love. According to the article “Women Show Cognitive Advantage in Gender Equal Countries”, Bonsang & colleagues realized that changes in gender-role attitudes within a country over time were associated with changes in women’s cognitive performance relative to men. Also, women who live in countries with less traditional attitudes were likely to have better cognitive performance later in life as compared to women in more traditional countries. In the Carlsberg beer ad, men love beer while women love going for shopping trips. After taking a glass of the beer, the man is suddenly full of life again while the woman looks so happy after shopping. In the anti-wrinkle cream ad, the ointment makes one look younger since it removes the wrinkles from the skin. The ads also seem to portray women as the ones to serve men. They are seen as being at the men’s service. This also comes out in the Garnier print ad, where women dancing and enjoying as the young man greets the old man. In the article “Inside Out”, Pete illustrates that emotions affect our perception, attention, memories and our judgment thereby shaping how we relate to people. Therefore, the ad Schlage Locks depicts that women are most affected by emotions as compared to men. That is why they are perceived to be violent particularly during breakups.

Relationship between people. I believe the most important relationship depicted between people is the relationship between men and women, with regard to what they like most. In the adverts, men are disinterested in what women do. They seem to enjoy only what they love most such as beer and fancy things. On the other hand, women are depicted as only being good at serving men.

Relationship with product. The relationship between men and beer vividly comes out in the Carlsberg beer ad. A once bored and drained gentleman is suddenly rejuvenated and full of energy after having a glass of Carlsberg beer. In the Garnier ad, the background is beautifully colored, bringing out the power of color in the image. The anti-wrinkle cream keeps the aging couple happy. The pictures show how affectionate they still are to each other.

Effectiveness. The Carlsberg ad comes out effectively both in the manner in which the beer is served and the effect it has on the consumer. Women are portrayed to be having obsessive shopping habits in this ad which actually depicts the reality in real life. It portrays the man as feeling satisfied after taking the beer. He is happy once again. The anti-wrinkle cream also works magic on the skin of old couple, making them look young. In the Schlaage Locks ad, women are effectively portrayed to be emotional than men which actually indicates the nature of women when they are annoyed or stressed up since emotions affect their relationship with people as illustrated by Pete the article “Inside Out”.

Social Science Evidence

I have used evidence from the course to back up my observation regarding the advertisements that I have selected. The interest that I have in the ads was based on the mainly on the portrayal of the females. My specific interest in the advertisements led me back to an article that I read in week 2. As a woman, I was intrigued by the way that females were represented in the article “Women Show Cognitive Advantage in Gender Equal Countries.” The article intrigued me most because gender equality is a major issue which is currently evident in many countries globally. This article informs us that women living in gender-equal countries have better cognitive test score in life than women living in gender-unequal societies (Association for Psychological Science). The way that the women were portrayed in the ads made me question the views of beauty as well as the role that women play in society since sociocultural factors such as attitudes about gender roles contribute to the variation in gender differences in cognitive performance around the globe according to Bonsang, Skirbekk, & Staudinger.

In the second theme of this term, I learned more about perception. Social perception is the study of how we make inferences and form impressions about others. When viewing the advertisements that I chose for the first project, my perception of the roles of the actors and actresses caused me to form bias opinions. To be more effective in my social research, I had to understand that I needed to be more subjective. This was something that was taught during our first lesson in this course but is still something that I must work at.


Based on how the ad depicts female characters in, I would then ask the question, “Is sexism as big of an issue in today’s society as it was in the past?” From long ago, men have always been seen as being superior to women and in one his writings, Charles Darwin “reasoned that males are more evolutionarily advanced than females” (Bergman). Even, in today’s society, women mostly perform household chores which are seen as inferior to most men. It is still believed that women are the caregivers and while men act as the providers. So, I believe that by answering the question that I have posed, social scientists will be able to further evaluate the cause of the issue as well as look for solutions.


Bergman, Ph.D., D. (n.d.). Darwin’s Teaching of Women’s Inferiority. Retrieved August 02, 2017, from

Psychology. Sexism. Retrieved from

“Women Show Cognitive Advantage in Gender-Equal Countries.” Association for Psychological Science. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 July 2017.

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​Homework Set #4: Chapters 9, 10, 11, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate document. Explain how you reached the answer or show your work if a mathematical calculation is needed, or both. Submit your assignment using the assignment link above.

A. Bad Boys, Inc. is evaluating its cost of capital. Under consultation, Bad Boys, Inc. expects to issue new debt at par with a coupon rate of 8% and to issue new preferred stock with a $2.50 per share dividend at $25 a share. The common stock of Bad Boys, Inc. is currently selling for $20.00 a share. Bad Boys, Inc. expects to pay a dividend of $1.50 per share next year. An equity analyst foresees a growth in dividends at a rate of 5% per year. Bad Boys, Inc. marginal tax rate is 35%. If Bad Boys, Inc. raises capital using 45% debt, 5% preferred stock, and 50% common stock, what is Bad Boys cost of capital?

B. If Bad Boys, Inc. raises capital using 30% debt, 5% preferred stock, and 65% common stock, what is Bad Boys cost of capital?

C. On page 457, your textbook details the term Cannibalization. In your own words, identify two corporations that have dealt with cannibalization and what steps were taken to overcome the cannibalization. Please provide any citations and references. Please be articulate in your responses.


Price and Channel Strategy Business Finance Assignment Help

Title: Price and Channel Strategy (Apple Inc.)

Purpose of Assignment

This assignment is designed to help students analyze and understand how price setting and go to market (distribution) are interrelated and affects the profitability and growth of the business. It has been designed to be a short overview on purpose: the concepts of pricing and distribution are complex and a general understanding is what should be absorbed in one week of study.

Assignment Steps

Construct a minimum 700-word plan for setting price and a distribution model (place/distribution) in Microsoft® Word. This plan should address at least three elements (from the Price and Place/Distribution list below) of the Price and Place/Distribution section of the marketing plan. (Choose 3 elements, and mention them in the paper by addressing each one of them with brief explanations).

  • Price and Place/Distribution:
    • Distribution Strategies
    • Channels, Mass, Selective, Exclusive
    • Positioning within channels
    • Dynamic/Static Pricing Strategies
    • Channel tactics (Pricing)
    • Daily pricing, promotion pricing, List pricing

Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not count toward the word count.

The plan will be a continuation of your global or multi-regional business you chose in Week 1. (Apple Inc.) This will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan for Week 6.

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Include Header, headlines, in-text citations.


Assignment 1: Financial Research Report, business and finance homework help Writing Assignment Help

Imagine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Use the Strayer Learning Resource Center to research the stock of any U.S. publicly traded company that you may consider as an investment opportunity for your client. Your investment should align with your client’s investment goals. (Note: Please ensure that you are able to find enough information about this company in order to complete this assignment. You will create an appendix, in which you will insert related information.)

The assignment covers the following topics:

  • Rationale for choosing the company in which to invest
  • Ratio analysis
  • Stock price analysis
  • Recommendations

Write a ten to fifteen (10-15) page paper in which you:

  1. Provide a rationale for the stock that you selected, indicating the significant economic, financial, and other factors that led you to consider this stock.
  2. Suggest the primary reasons why the selected stock is a suitable investment for your client. Include a description of your client’s profile.
  3. Select any five (5) financial ratios that you have learned about in the text. Analyze the past three (3) years of the selected financial ratios for the company; you may obtain this information from the company’s financial statements. Determine the company’s financial health. (Note: Suggested ratios include, but are not limited to, current ratio, quick ratio, earnings per share, and price earnings ratio.)
  4. Based on your financial review, determine the risk level of the stock from your investor’s point of view. Indicate key strategies that you may use in order to minimize these perceived risks.
  5. Provide your recommendations of this stock as an investment opportunity. Support your rationale with resources, such as peer-reviewed articles, material from the Strayer Learning Resource Center, and reviews by market analysts.
  6. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


Creating an Agenda, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Create an agenda for a team meeting on a topic of your choice.

Draw from your own experience working within a group with the goal of achieving a specific task. You may use your experience as a student working in a group, or develop a plan for a future learning team.

Include specific items requiring group discussion and consensus.

Write a 200- to 350-word summary of the following:

  • In a virtual meeting, how can you ensure a group is communicating effectively?
  • How can you ensure that each team member understands what the next steps are required to achieve the meeting’s goals?
  • What are the characteristics of effective teams?
  • How do roles, needs, and diversity affect teamwork? Provide specific examples.
  • What are components of group diversity?
  • How can you ensure that each team member understands what are the next steps required to achieve the meeting’s goals?

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.



why it’s important to take an ethical approach to solving a business problem?, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Overview/Background is Attached

Businesses often encounter ethical dilemmas. Depending on the industry, there may be consequences to business behavior that ignores ethical standards.

For your project this week you will need to do the following:

  • In a minimum of 2 pages, prepare an essay explaining to the leadership at MovieFlix why it’s important to take an ethical approach to solving their business problem (the problem that you are helping them to solve). ***((Integrity – employees, and company executives have
    decided to cut corners, omit information, lie, steal, and deceive to get
  • Make sure to discuss how using good business ethics can enhance their profitability.
  • Also, describe some of the consequences that they could face if they behave unethically when trying to solve the problem that you’ve selected for your project.
  • Discuss how you, as their consultant can help them to take an ethical approach to solving their problem.
  • Make sure to include an APA formatted title page and reference page for sources that you may have used for your research. Remember to follow APA guidelines when paraphrasing or quoting information. Don’t forget to cite your sources and include in-text citations as necessary.

why it’s important to take an ethical approach to solving a business problem?, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Identify one organization that could be considered creative, based on definitions in Mastering Leadership, case study help Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a chance for the student to examine an existing organization and apply research to identify opportunities for strategic change.

Assignment Steps

Develop a 1,050-word essay to identify one global creative organization, as defined in Ch. 10 and 11 of Mastering Leadership.

Analyze the opportunities for strategic change that are evident, citing evidence.

Include considerations of culture and structure in addressing those opportunities.

Include the following:

  • Identify one organization that could be considered creative, based on definitions in Mastering Leadership.
  • Determine whether or not you believe the organization meets those criteria. Explain why.
  • Discuss the impact of organizational culture and structure on that opportunity for strategic change.
  • Formulate conclusions including personal learning on your analysis.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


Opportunity Recognition, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Opportunity Recognition

Jim Poss Case (end of Chapter 3). His company, Seahorse Power Company, is an engineering startup specializing in environmentally friendly methods of power generation.

Poss had designed and done initial test marketing of a trash compactor, designed to reduce the frequency and energy expense of trash collection. The case discusses the opportunity and the technology and poses the following questions:

  1. Apply the Timmons entrepreneurship framework (entrepreneur-opportunity-resources) to analyze this case
  2. Discuss Jim Poss’ fundraising strategies. What other options might be considered for raising the funds SPC needs? Is this a good investment?
  3. Discuss the growth strategy. What additional market(s) should Poss pursue?

Note: This is for a discussion forum. 75 -250 words are required.


Email revisions Business Finance Assignment Help


Assignment 4: Email Revisions – Submit Here

Week 7 Assignment 4: Email Revisions
Due Week 7 and worth 100 points

Revise the two (2) emails below to remove problematic content and help these students construct polite, effective email messages instead.

Scenario 1:

Susan is unhappy with her grade in her college class. She wants to clarify what she can do to improve in the course. She also feels like venting her frustrations to her professor due to the many hours she is spending studying and writing papers (which may or may not be a good idea). She decides to email her professor; however, before she hits SEND, she asks you, her friend, to take a look at the email.

Reading the email, you note a lack of civility, polarizing language, and other unethical language (given the context). Help Susan rewrite her email, so she can express her concerns over her poor grade politely and ask for help from the professor.

Susan’s Email:

(No greeting) I want to know why my grade was so bad. I spent hours finding sources and writing that paper and it was graded unfair. My friend wrote her paper the night before it was due and got a better grade. I know most professors grade hard but this is ridiculous. I felt good when I submitted the paper but now I feel like crap. I guess I am going to fail. (No closing)

Scenario 2:

Don is worried about passing his college class due to some low grades. He wants to ask his professor for help to pass the class. He decides to email his professor; however, before he hits SEND, he decides to ask you, his friend, to take a look at the email.

Reading the email, you note a lack of civility, poor manners, and poor grammar in Don’s email. Help Don rewrite the email, so he can express his concerns and appropriately seek help from the professor.

Don’s Email:

(No greeting) Yo teach. I dunno no way to pass this class. What I gotta do to pass? (No closing)


  1. Revise both emails.
  2. Create two (2) new email messages of one to two (1-2) paragraphs each for a total of two to four (2-4) paragraphs.
  3. Create an appropriate greeting and closing for each email.
  4. Target the appropriate professional audience.
  5. Use appropriate language for professional audience.
  6. Use appropriate email formatting.
  7. Follow appropriate netiquette rules for electronic communication.
  8. Meet the 100-to-200-word minimum requirement for each email revision.
  9. Use correct sentence mechanics, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, single-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with 1-inch margins on all sides. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, student’s name, professor’s name, course, and date. (The cover page is not included in the required page count.)

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the basic fundamentals of communication.
  • Develop and practice communication skills, including skills in verbal, nonverbal, listening, writing, interpersonal, perception, and critical thinking as appropriate for the audience.
  • Relate to the interpersonal and organizational dynamics that affect communication in organizations.
  • Analyze and assess effective communication.
  • Use correct sentence mechanics, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in communications.
  • Write clearly and concisely about communications using proper writing mechanics.

Click here to view the grading rubric.


Entrepreneurship – assignment, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

P’kolino Case Study

Read the P’kolino case study (end of chapter 8). It is an example of an extremely well written business plan, in the traditional style of the late second millennium. (Note: the financial exhibits are not missing, but are in a follow-on case for a module later in the class). P’kolino is a children’s furniture company, launched in 2005. The company is still very much in business and the website can be visited at

Write a paper that answers to the following questions:

  1. Does the business plan tell a coherent and compelling story?
  2. Does the plan capture all of the learning that Antonio and JB have accumulated?
  3. What three questions do you think Antonio and JB need to answer through further planning before they launch the venture?
  4. What are the three strongest aspects of the plan?
  5. What areas need improvement?

The five specific questions should be annotated and have specific answers.

Use in-text citations for quotes, indirect quotes, and direct references. Also cite definitive statements of fact or opinion. This will validate them for the reader—so they’re not just like spouting off as in a Facebook posting. Nothing will turn off a prospective investor more than unsupported, absolute statements. More detailed information on proper structure for in-text citations can be found at the following link:…

All papers should be written in the third person (he, he, it, and they). Make every effort not to shift to second person (you, your) as in, “When starting a company you need money.” Try to avoid shifting to the first person (I, we) as well. It is distracting to the reader and bad style to shift persons in a paper—students often do it in the middle of a sentence.

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

  • Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.
  • Use font size 12 and 1” margins.
  • Include cover page and reference page.
  • At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.
  • No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.
  • Use at least three references from outside the course material, one reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the three reference requirement.
  • Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and list on a reference page in APA style.

References must come from sources such as, scholarly journals found in EBSCOhost, CNN, online newspapers such as, The Wall Street Journal, government websites, etc. Sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. are not acceptable for academic writing.


Chain of Inquiry, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Chain of Inquiry, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

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