Chair the Fed: A monetary policy game Writing Assignment Help

Chair the Fed: A monetary policy game Writing Assignment Help. Chair the Fed: A monetary policy game Writing Assignment Help.

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Chair the Fed: A monetary policy game

Go to Use the Learn More button and review the tight (contractionary) and easy (expansionary) tools of the Fed as well as the use of each. Briefly examine the Economic Dictionary and the Policy in Depth features.

Now play the game! You are the Fed Chairperson! You begin with 16 quarters, 4 years, and then your job is up for review. You begin with rates at 4.5, inflation at 2.14% and unemployment at 4.75%.

Make decisions on interest rates for the 16 quarters. Summarize the changes you chose and explain your results. Do you still have a job? Why or why not?

Chair the Fed: A monetary policy game Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

economic in healthcare Business Finance Assignment Help


I have the assignment and I need to answer it, it is about the economic in healthcare

I need it tomorrow

Revenue Determination:

Mike Smith who works for a local well star clinic is given the following task: determine the price to charge for patients who are covered by Managed care # 2 plan in order to meet the margin target. Assumptions are listed as the followings:

Reimbursement Rate

Total Cost


Total Volume


Patient group







Managed Care #1 plan



Managed Care #2 Plan





10% of the charge on Managed Care #2 plan

(Dollar amounts are measured in thousands)

Assume that reimbursement rate from Managed care#2 is 90% of the charges charged by the clinic.

Answer the following questions for Mike:

  1. What price should the clinic charge for Managed Care #2 plan in order to break even?
  2. What price should the clinic charge for Managed Care #2 plan in order to make a profit of 5 million dollars?
  3. How sensitive is the price charge to volume change? (Hint: come up with several scenarios of increased/decreased total volumes, different volume composition in terms of different percentages of client groups etc. BE CREATIVE)


Buffer and pH Science Assignment Help

Hello there. This is a lab report. I will send you the data derived from the experiment. Please go through each step and make sure to answer every question that’s asked. If it asks to graph please use excel. Also please use word document to answer the questions. Thank you! The website to the lab manual is… This lab starts at 36 and ends at 39! Fill out any data, that’s necessary. After selecting you, I will send you the experimental data. If the link doesn’t work let me know!


French Culture Foreign Languages Assignment Help

I’m looking for someone who has a knowledge about french Culture. I already have the thesis statement and what I want to need tomorrow is

1. Evidence

2. Examples

3. Conclusion


Research Paper

Thesis statement: Yves. St. Laurent was best known as a powerful European fashion designer who affected fashion from 1960 to the present day. He is viewed as being among the premier fashion designers in the twentieth century.

I. Introduction

1. Statement of the problem

2. Definition of Terms

3. Theoretical Framework

4. Methodology

a. Type of Research

b. Respondents

c. Questionnaire

5. Hypothesis

6. Review of Related Literature

7. Scope and Limitations

8. Significance of the Study

2. Body

I. Background of the Study

i. Early Life

ii. Personal life and career

a. Young designer

b. Conscription , independence and illness

iii. Later life

iiii. Legacy

v. Death

vi. In popular culture

a. Books

b. On film

c. television

3. Conclusion

I. Analytical Summary

II. Thesis Reworded

III. Concluding Statement


HD Discussion 105 Writing Assignment Help

This is your weekly discussion group where you will discuss topics related to the chapter reading and your personal life experiences. Your writing should consist of your initial reactions, reflections, revelations, and most poignant thoughts about the assigned chapter. Click on the “Reply” button below. Type or copy your name tent first. Then type or copy and paste your post in the entry box. It must be at least 20 sentences. Most good reflections are longer. Click “Post Reply” when you are done. Check to make sure your post actually went through. If there is a problem and you wait until after the deadline to fix it, you will not receive credit. You may pose questions to your group members if you would like their feedback. You must post your initial reflections by Wednesday evening at 11:55 p.m. Once everyone has had an opportunity to post, return to the board and select three classmates to post a reply to. If five students have already replied to any particular student, you must find another student to reply to who does not already have five responses. You have until Sunday at 11:55 to complete this task.



Write a 4-5 page APA style paper on why welfare recipient should be drug tested. Humanities Assignment Help

I have to agree that welfare recipients should be drug tested.

This assignment is designed to foster critical thinking in the use of the professional literature. As well, students will be required to demonstrate their oral communication skills. Each student will have a debate topic assigned to them by the instructor. You will be paired with one of your peers for the debate; one being the affirmative and the other being the negative.

Your assignment is to write a well-informed four to five page argument paper plus references based on your research related to the topic. A minimum of six references should be used to prepare your paper and the papers should be in APA format. The majority of your references should be scholarly in nature.

You will use this paper as an opening argument for your debate in class, not more than five minutes in length. Both members of the pair will present oral arguments in class, followed by a Hot Seat round during which you will each have a turn to challenge one another’s arguments. After the questions/challenges have been presented during the 2-minute Hot Seat round, you will each have 2 minutes to present your closing arguments.

In summary,

  • you will be notified as to your debate topic and positive
  • you will then write a four to five page argument paper on the debate topic (this will help you outline your opening statement)
  • Based on your paper, you will prepare your opening statement that is not more than five minutes
  • You will then respond to your debate partner’s opening with questions in class (“hot seat” round)
  • Based on the paper you wrote and the comments from your opponent, you will then each offer a 2-minute closing statement.

Argument paper must contain:

  • Introduction
  • Support
  • Refutation
  • Conclusion
  • In the Introduction

A background on the topic is appropriate. This consists of a brief history and a review of basic facts.

A thesis statement is required. This informs the reader of the writer’s opinion regarding the matter under discussion and previews plan of development.


Present points of discussion. Each point is typically given its own paragraph and is supported by evidence. Most often, begun with weakest point and concludes with stronger arguments. If all points are equally strong, builds a relationship with audience by discussing the most familiar, less controversial points first.


Acknowledge the opposition. Acknowledgement does not imply agreement. In this portion of the essay, the writer needs to “refute” or disagree intelligently with the opposition.


Restatement, in general terms, the major arguments marshaled in defense of thesis. Summarize key points, restate thesis, reinforce the weakness of his opposition, underscore the logic of his presentation, re-emphasize why this debate is important.

Write a 4-5 page APA style paper on why welfare recipient should be drug tested. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Project Company Business Finance Assignment Help

Hi Everyone,

I have added to the FIN 352 -01-1804 Canvas site a new Module, Valuation Models, with two related items. The first is an article from Seeking Alpha about a pharmaceutical company called Galapagos. The second is an Excel DCF valuation model of the firm’s stock price.

I am not interested in the firm as an investment for SMIF but more interested in the Excel Valuation model as it is based – in light of a quick and maybe mistaken review- on the primary type of models we will use in SMIF to value stocks.

So, review the Excel spreadsheets to become more familiar with a critical valuation method.


Answer These Two Economic Questions: Written Assignment Economics Assignment Help

These should be detailed answers using simple language and macroeconomic terms. Each answer should be more than 4 sentences and a little lengthy.

2. The JC Penney stock was trading at $42 in February 2012 when Ron Johnson was hired as CEO by JC Penney after he created the Apple stores and reinvented Target stores. Please see the historical price change in this link (Select ALL for historical prices and focus on the price change since 2012) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

During his management of the company, he introduced dramatic departures from J.C. Penney’s traditional retail approach (high-low pricing), and enacted changes quickly to eliminate sales and introduced ‘everyday low pricing’. As of September 20 2018, the stock price is $1.97.

Read the following Reuters article to learn the pricing strategy JC Penney initiated in 2012 in order to boost profits. What is the assumption that JC Penney CEO Johnson was making about the price elasticity of demand for the company’s products when he eliminated sales (elastic or inelastic)? What were the concerns for this new strategy?

New Pricing Strategy Could be Penney Wise but Risky (2012) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

3. Also read the following articles and explain why JC Penney’s strategy did not work. What is JC Penney customers’ actual price elasticity of demand for retail clothing products (elastic or inelastic)?

-When you answer your questions, think about the type of JC Penney products and the determinants of elasticity. What is the difference between Apple/Target customers and JC Penney customers?

-Your answer should include how revenue can increase or decrease as a result of a change in price depending on the price elasiticity of demand.

JC Penney is Bringing Back Sales (2013)

Discount Shoppers Rejoice (2013) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

JC Penney’s Buzz is Gone for Good (2017) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


This assignment is 4 pages total Writing Assignment Help

(This assignment is 4 pages total) Please read the following article : Can you say what your strategy is? 1-Write an Executive Summary for this reading. 2- Answer the following three questions: – Which are the three most CRITICAL ISSUES for this reading? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail – Which are the three most relevant LESSONS LEARNED for this reading? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail – Which are the three most important BEST PRACTICES for this reading? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail


QUIZ! Exam Economics Assignment Help

What will happen in a market where a nonbinding price ceiling is removed?

Why does a shortage that occurs under a binding price ceiling increase over time?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 32 pts

How do consumers who are subject to a binding price ceiling respond as the time frame shifts from the short run to the long run?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 42 pts

The usual stated political goal of rent control is

Flag this QuestionQuestion 52 pts

Refer to the accompanying table to answer the following questions.

Monthly Rent Quantity of Apartments
Quantity of Apartments
$1,500 136,500 78,100
$1,550 112,750 83,760
$1,600 107,000 87,900
$1,650 100,100 94,250
$1,700 98,450 98,450
$1,750 95,000 118,500
$1,800 92,800 125,600

If rent control is established at $1,750, what would be the amount of disequilibrium in the apartment market?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 62 pts

Imagine you find yourself in a heat wave and your air conditioner has broken. Unable to find a new one at the store because of a price gouging law, you purchase an air conditioner on the black market. What role did the price gouging law have?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 72 pts

A nonbinding price floor has which of the following consequences?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 82 pts

What will happen in a market where a nonbinding price floor is removed?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 92 pts

Macroeconomics includes the study of

Flag this QuestionQuestion 102 pts

Which of the following is a topic of microeconomics?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 112 pts

Which of the following is a sign that an economy is in poor health?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 122 pts

Which of the following is a service?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 132 pts

Consumption is approximately ________ of gross domestic product (GDP).

Flag this QuestionQuestion 142 pts

When you buy a new car built by Ford, it is included in the ________ category of gross domestic product (GDP).

Flag this QuestionQuestion 152 pts

Consider the following data that gives the quantity produced and unit price for three different goods across two different years to answer the following questions. Assume that the base year is 2012.

Good 2012 Price 2012 Quantity 2013 Price 2013 Quantity















What was the nominal gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 162 pts

Consider the following data that gives the quantity produced and unit price for three different goods across two different years to answer the following questions. Assume that the base year is 2015.

Good 2015 Price 2015 Quantity 2016 Price 2016 Quantity
A $2 250 $3 200
B $3 300 $2 400
C $4 400 $5 500

What was the inflation rate between the two years?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 172 pts

If over a period of time real gross domestic product (GDP) decreases while nominal GDP increases, then this implies

Flag this QuestionQuestion 182 pts

Consider the following data that identifies real gross domestic product (GDP) in comparison to the long-run trend of real GDP to answer the following questions:

Quarter Real GDP
(billions of dollars)
Long-Run Trend of Real GDP
(billions of dollars)
1 4,000 4,000
2 4,160 4,120
3 4,326 4,244
4 4,413 4,371
5 4,501 4,502
6 4,591 4,637
7 4,499 4,776
8 4,409 4,919
9 4,673 5,067
10 4,954 5,219
11 5,252 5,376
12 5,376 5,537

Between quarter 2 and quarter 3, real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by what percentage?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 192 pts

Nominal gross domestic product (GDP) increased from $15.62 trillion to $16.09 trillion, and the price level increased from 120.0 to 122.4. Rounding to the nearest first decimal, the rate of inflation was

Flag this QuestionQuestion 202 pts

If nominal gross domestic product (GDP) changed by 6 percent and the price level changed by 2 percent, then real GDP changed by

Flag this QuestionQuestion 212 pts

Gross domestic product (GDP) is not a good measure of the

Flag this QuestionQuestion 222 pts

A shortcoming of real gross domestic product (GDP) is it

Flag this QuestionQuestion 232 pts

Which of the following lists the three types of unemployment?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 242 pts

Which of the following statements about structural unemployment is true?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 252 pts

Nina has a part-time job as she finishes her degree in fashion design. After obtaining her degree she decides to quit her part-time job to search for a job that better fits her now-improved skill set. Nina has a few interviews, but it is taking time to find the job that suits her best. Nina would be considered

Flag this QuestionQuestion 262 pts

Brian Murphy is a political consultant for a candidate in Massachusetts. Mr. Murphy’s candidate is defeated in the November election, and as a result, Mr. Murphy finds himself unemployed. Mr. Murphy’s unemployment is classified as ________ unemployment.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 272 pts

The Internet has enabled workers and companies to find each other more quickly and to make better matches with substantially lower costs. The result is

Flag this QuestionQuestion 282 pts

In November 2009, the United States was in a deep recession. To help keep the economy afloat, the government extended the period of time one could receive unemployment insurance to 99 weeks. This policy had an unintended consequence because

Flag this QuestionQuestion 292 pts

The root cause of cyclical unemployment is

Flag this QuestionQuestion 302 pts

Use the table to answer the following questions:

Group # in Millions
Relevant population


Labor force


Not in labor force






According to the table, the employment rate in this economy is equal to

Flag this QuestionQuestion 312 pts

Katherine was laid off from her job 11 months ago. After searching for a job for months, Katherine gives up her job search because she feels there are no jobs available for her. Economists would classify Katherine as

Flag this QuestionQuestion 322 pts

Use the table to answer the following questions:

Group # in Millions
Relevant population






According to the table, the labor force is

Flag this QuestionQuestion 332 pts

Use the table to answer the following questions:

Group # in Millions
Relevant population






According to the table, the labor force participation rate is

Flag this QuestionQuestion 342 pts

If the consumer price index (CPI) was 100 in the period of 1982–1984, then

Flag this QuestionQuestion 352 pts

Suppose a basket of goods and services has been selected to calculate the consumer price index (CPI) and 2002 has been chosen as the base year. In 2002, the basket’s cost was $76.00; in 2004, the basket’s cost was $79.50; and in 2006, the basket’s cost was $85.00. The value of the CPI was

Flag this QuestionQuestion 362 pts

In Bovania, milk constitutes 56 percent of the typical basket of goods for a typical consumer. Let’s say the price of milk rises by 7 percent and the prices of all other goods fall by 4 percent. Based on the information given, we can definitely say

Flag this QuestionQuestion 372 pts

It is rare when prices fall in modern times. However, it is likely that they would fall during severe recessions. In what year is this most likely to have occurred?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 382 pts

In Nation A, the price index rises from 110 to 120 in a particular year. In the same year, the price level rises from 120 to 130 in Nation B. This means

Flag this QuestionQuestion 392 pts

Refer to the table to answer the following questions:

Year CPI












As presented in the table, the rate of inflation from 1999–2000 (i.e., during the year 2000) was (rounded to two decimal places)

Flag this QuestionQuestion 402 pts

The chained consumer price index (CPI) tends to be

Flag this QuestionQuestion 412 pts

Joe Kowalski invents a new product, and this new product becomes cheaper over time. This can be problematic because

Flag this QuestionQuestion 422 pts

The textbook shows that the inflation-adjusted movie receipts for Titanic (released in 1997) were $3,205,455,051 in 2015 and the original receipts were $2,186,772,302. The implication is that

Flag this QuestionQuestion 432 pts

If cheeseburgers become more expensive and consumers switch their purchases away from cheeseburgers but the consumer price index (CPI) still assumes they buy the same amount, then

Flag this QuestionQuestion 442 pts

Wages are often tied to expected rates of inflation; thus, one reason why inflation is important is that

Flag this QuestionQuestion 452 pts

In the equation M × V = P × Y, the variable Y stands for

Flag this QuestionQuestion 462 pts

What is one reason why a government will deliberately inflate its national money supply?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 472 pts

Mortimer loves sushi. He loves sushi so much that he asks his congressional representative to work for passage of a binding price ceiling law. Who would be affected by this law and how?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 482 pts

The difference between nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and real GDP is

Flag this QuestionQuestion 492 pts

Refer to the scenario to answer the following questions.
A government worker surveys a number of households and comes up with the following information: there were a total of 100 people in the households, 10 of the people were children under 16, 60 people had full-time jobs, 10 people had part-time jobs, 5 were stay-at-home parents, 10 were full-time students over the age of 16, and 5 people had no job but were looking for jobs.

According to the information in the survey, the labor force participation rate is

Flag this QuestionQuestion 502 pts

The government can assist in reducing the level of structural unemployment by


Chair the Fed: A monetary policy game Writing Assignment Help

Chair the Fed: A monetary policy game Writing Assignment Help

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