Chaitanya-Database security-week4 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

Chaitanya-Database security-week4 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help. Chaitanya-Database security-week4 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Write an essay of at least 500 words discussing discussing IAM in a federated cloud application.

Do not copy without providing proper attribution. This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign.

Write in essay format not in outline, bulleted, numbered or other list format.

Use the five paragraph format. Each paragraph must have at least five sentences. Include 3 quotes with quotation marks and cited in-line and in a list of references. Include an interesting meaninful title.

Include at least one quote from each of 3 different articles, place the words you copied (do not alter or paraphrase the words) in quotation marks and cite in-line (as all work copied from another should be handled). The quotes should be full sentences (no more, less) and should be incorporated in your discussion (they do not replace your discussion) to illustrate or emphasize your ideas.

Cite your sources in a clickable reference list at the end. Do not copy without providing proper attribution (quotation marks and in-line citations).

It is important that you use your own words, that you cite your sources, that you comply with the instructions regarding length of your submission Do not use spinbot or other word replacement software. It usually results in nonsense and is not a good way to learn anything. I will not spend a lot of my time trying to decipher nonsense. Proof read your work or have it edited. Find something interesting and/or relevant to your work to write about.

Please do not submit attachments unless requested.

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2 responses for two of the discussions Business Finance Assignment Help

For the three (3) discussion forums, you will choose from selected readings I’ve provided. After reading your
selected reading, you will write an original post on your own; then read and comment on at least two of your
classmates’ original posts. Your original post should be thoughtful and follow my directions in the discussion
by selecting a specific quote from the reading that resonated with you and posting it in quotations in your
original post. Cite the reading and selected quote you chose and then comment. Please ensure your original
post is thoughtful, substantive and connects not only specific information in the selected reading but
incorporates course concepts and ideas. Adding your own personal professional examples of the issues
explored in the readings will also be highly valued. Aim for about a page or roughly 500 words, not including
the selected quote and reference information.
Once you have posted your original post, you will also read and respond to classmates’ posts on their chosen
readings. Your comments – responses to each post should be of sufficient quality to demonstrate you have read
their comments and contribute to the overall learning of our course. Aim for half a page or about 300 words in your responses.


answer to discussion and then reply to peer comments. Humanities Assignment Help

Provide an analysis of the excerpt of the memoir “Learning to Read” from The Autobiography of Malcolm X. This is not a summary; make sure that you offer an interpretation of the memoir and that you “read between the lines” in order to address each aspect of analysis:

  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Content
  • Mood
  • Style
  • Structure

In addition to your main response, you must also post substantive responses to at least two of your classmates’ posts in this thread. Your response should include elements such as follow up questions, further exploration of topics from the initial post, or requests for further clarification or explanation on some points made by the classmates.

Comment 1

In the memoir, “Learning to Read” from The Autobiography of Malcolm X, the author El-Hajj Malik El- Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X, describes the way he used his time in prison as an experience of enlightenment by learning how to read, and becoming an astonishing writer. This memoir was intended for those lacking inspiration, specifically the black youth who can relate to Malcolm X and his struggles. The purpose of “Learning to Read” was to inform the readers about the hardships he faced, as well as to encourage and promote education. He wanted to show the reader that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, even when your under unfortunate circumstances. My first impression while reading this memoir was that it was immensely inspiring and motivating, because he wrote with so much passion. He narrated specific events throughout his learning journey such as the way he memorized the dictionary front to back, and the way he stayed up until three or four every morning just to continue reading. Malcolm X demonstrated the way he went from frustration out of not being able to read and write, to becoming one of the most influential writers today. He proved that when you take initiative and put your mind to it, you can achieve any goal.

Comment 2

From the excerpt “Learning to Read” Malcolm X was known as a powerful black leader who made his way up the ladder. Throughout the entire excerpt you were able to see the the growth that Malcolm X had gone through, starting out as someone who could not even explain himself, due to the lack of knowledge he had, he was able to learn through the power of reading. This excerpt was for the general public, anyone who wanted to know who Malcolm X was, those who wanted to see how he gained his knowledge, and possibly even learn from him. His purpose was to open up people’s minds, allowing them to not get discouraged and to push for what they are longing for, in Malcolm X’s case he wanted to gain more knowledge. He shows the audience that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. Not once did I feel that he wanted the audience who was reading to feel sorry for him, though he was in jail, he made the best out of it, and the mood that was set for this excerpt was that he wanted everyone to be happy for his accomplishment, and to possibly learn from him and try for whatever goal anyone is trying to reach. The authors structured this excerpt in a way to see Malcolm X’s growth, starting from the beginning his you see his struggles, but you seen him push through to achieve his long term goal which was to gain the knowledge that went far beyond eighth grade.


First year Social science essay, 80% and bibliography needed. Humanities Assignment Help

Pick one of the essay topics below. DO NOT simply answer the questions in the order that they appear in the topic. The order of presentation is something you need to think deeply about: you need to plan out what you want to say and the order that it would be best to say it. You will be assessed based on how well you understand the concepts, issues and arguments raised in the course material. Return to your introduction after you have completed your draft to ensure that the order of presentation you outline here corresponds to the structure of your essay.


Refutation Essa Humanities Assignment Help

1.For your Refutation Essay, you will need to locate sources on your topic with particular points of view. Complete this tutorial for strategies on selecting and searching library databases, such as Opposing Viewpoints.

Library Databases Tutorial (Links to an external site.)

At the end of the tutorial, you will receive a certificate of completion. You will need to submit the certificate to receive a “Complete” on this assignment.

1. Download and save the certificate. amd send it to me

2.Once you have read the assignment above, go to the Opposing Viewpoints database, (Links to an external site.) which is available through Wilmington University’s library. In order for the link to work, you must be logged into Webcampus. You can also find the database by going to Wilmington’s website, clicking on the “Library” link at the top of the page, selecting “Find Articles and More” from the Research section of that page, and then scrolling through the list of available databases until you find Opposing Viewpoints.

This database will provide you different perspectives on major issues. For example, if you search for “Cloning” you will find articles that both support cloning and articles that disapprove of it. This database is very important for this assignment because it will not only help you to select topic, but it will also be where you find all of the sources you will use when you write the refutation essay itself.

Browse through this database until you find a perspective on a topic that you disagree with and would like to refute in your refutation essay. Then read a few articles that relate to the topic in order for you to gain a better overall understanding of it. Once you have found a topic and read a few articles related to it, post what the topic is and at least three ways that you will refute it in an essay. Your refutation ideas can come from the articles you have read because you will need outside sources for this essay.



Please answer this discussion question on Infotech in a global economy with Citations and references and later have to reply to 3 of my peer students with references too. Computer Science Assignment Help

Text book :

Chapter 9 discussed the importance of stakeholder engagement in policy making. The author presented several benefits and an analysis of five cases in which stakeholder engagement added value to the policy making process. If you were leading a project to develop a comprehensive policy for managing pedestrian traffic flow in a popular downtown metropolitan district, what measures would you take to engage stakeholders in that project? Your answer should outline your suggestions and clearly explain why each one would add value.

To complete this assignment, you must do the following:

A) Create a new thread. As indicated above, you will assume the role of project manager of a project to develop a comprehensive policy for managing pedestrian traffic flow in a popular downtown metropolitan district, what measures would you take to engage stakeholders in that project? Your answer should identify the project stakeholders, outline your suggestions and clearly explain why each one would add value.

B) Select AT LEAST 3 other students’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads, evaluating the pros and cons of that student’s recommendations. Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread.

ALL original posts and comments must be substantive. (I’m looking for about a paragraph – not just “I agree.”)

NOTE: These discussions should be informal discussions, NOT research papers. If you MUST directly quote a resource, then cite it properly. However, I would much rather simply read your words.

Please answer this discussion question on Infotech in a global economy with Citations and references and later have to reply to 3 of my peer students with references too. Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Physical activity in adolescnets Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment you will be creating and narrating a Power Point presentation illustrating the PRECEDE-PROCEED model. This is a 200 point assignment – be sure to read the instructions carefully and review the grading rubric. Scroll down the page to view the Grading Rubric.

1. Choose a specific health behavior (e.g., physical activity for adolescents).

2. Design a program to improve the health behavior selected (must include all eight steps of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model – see pages 72-74 in textbook).

3. Identify individual and community theories you would use to implement the program.

4. A minimum of five (5) graphics should be used to illustrate the model and /or theories.

5. Include at least three working links to reputable resources.

6. Reference slide must be included (APA format).

7. Narrate (voice over).

I will do the voice over, I just need notes at the bottom to read them off.

pages 72-74 precede-proceed model- from the book health promotion in nursing 8th edition down below. I will give rubric when project confirmed.


Performance Report for Probation/Parole Writing Assignment Help

:The performance report allows you to propose recommendations from the performance assessment. The driving factors behind the performance
report will be taken from the assessment. The report will help you make evidence-based recommendations for the future direction of your criminal justice

Prompt: Submit a draft of the performance report (Section IV) of your final project.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
IV. Performance Report: In this section, you will develop recommendations to improve the performance of the organization, basing your recommendations
on evidence from your performance assessment.
A. Determine where the organization is in compliance with its organizational mission. Substantiate your findings with evidence from your
performance assessment. In other words, where is the organization complying with its stated goals to move the organization toward its mission?
B. Determine where the organization is in noncompliance, or can improve its compliance withthe organization’s mission. Substantiate your
findings with evidence from your performance assessment. In other words, where can the organization improve in complying with its stated
goals to move the organization towards its mission?
C. Provide specific recommendations to improve the organization’s performance in meeting its goals and mission. Justify your recommendations
with evidence from your performance assessment. For example, you might provide recommendations to bring areas of noncompliance into
compliance with the mission.
D. Explain how these recommendations might be implemented in the organization. Consider the short- and long-term approach to implementing
the recommendations. Consider the costs involved in implementing, staffing necessary, or whether or not policies must be created.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,
one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format


Epidemiology Health Medical Assignment Help



  • Go to and review the Healthy People 2020 initiative.Pay close attention to the objectives, goals, and indicators.
  • Using your city or county public health department or the CDC, choose 3 population or community based problems such as disease, disaster, crimes, accidents, falls etc… from the topics outlined in the website and preparean analysis discussing how these 3 conditions, affect your community and how they were identified and a plan of action to contained them base on healthy people 2020.
  • You can also use the following CDC link and identify 3 community infectious outbreaks such as measles and develop the assignment.

The presentation must be in APA format with a minimum of 1500 words (excluding first and references page) with a minimum of 4 evidence-based references using the required Arial 12 font.Must include the zip code of the city or county chosen.Follow the APA example paper that was sent to you at the beginning of the course for guidance.Make sure references are used according to APA guidelines and electronic references must be from reliable sources such as CDC.


1.5-2 page comparison of 2 modern day art works Writing Assignment Help

1.5-2 pages comparison analysis focus more on the actual art but only with a slight intro of each artist please as stated below at the bottom of the paragraph thanks

Write a comparative formal
analysis of two work of art. This should be about two to three pages in
length. You may choose to construct a comparative analysis (like
Wolfflin), but lets try to bring this into the modern world choosing
examples from more recent history. As we will see, Schapiro opened the
field of discussion- so you may choose fine art, popular art, design-
anything that lends itself to visual discussion. Pay attention to such
things as color, texture, mass, composition but also attempt to use some
of Wolfflin’s language- is it open form or closed form, are parts
arranged in multiplicity or unity, etc. In a formal analysis you should
analyze the visual elements and style but also discuss how these
contribute to the meaning or expression of a work (for example cool
colors might suggest restfulness, jagged lines might impart a sense of
anxiety). The purpose here is to look closely (no need for research into
artist or context) and to show HOW meanings are communicated through
aesthetic choices.


Chaitanya-Database security-week4 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

Chaitanya-Database security-week4 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

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