chand-week2 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

chand-week2 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help. chand-week2 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help.

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You are currently working in a research wing for a standard SOC (Security Operations Center). The SOC keeps analytics on the current trends within the network. Your team will be assigned a current issue that has been seen at the border of the network, trying to infiltrate the organizations network/systems. Upon being assigned your item, it will be your job to go out and search OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) for more information on the attack being observed. This could be a single port number, a series of attacks that has been identified, or an IP address to research and identify; your professor will assign this. Your deliverable will be a 5 page APA style research report with your findings. Discover current attacks being performed through this port, or current state of a known scanning suite. Find sources, if possible, source code of attacks that are known to exploit this weakness and break down the code. List known services on the affected ports that are associated and current attacks being performed on these services (list any CVE findings and briefly list and explain). Look at SNORT rules that watch for these attacks and list that SID.

Finally, to wrap-up your research, present the current risk level associated with this threat. Use the FAIR methodology to derive your threat assessment. The attached FAIR PDF will walk you through your analysis. To complete the FAIR document:

  • Step 1: Asset at Risk will be the organization’s primary e-commerce web server.
  • Step 2: You will provide this answer based on your research.
  • Step 3: You will provide this answer based on your research; however, keep in mind how many times per day this is scanning the network, which will be given to your when you receive your topic.
  • Step 4: You will provide this answer based on your research.
  • Step 5: Assume the e-Commerce server is fully up-to-date and running the following base software: Red Hat Linux, Apache, MariaDB, Drupal, PHP and is hardened based on base NIST recommendations for operations.
  • Step 6-7: Calculate
  • Step 8: Assume Moderate
  • Step 9: Assume Moderate
  • Step 10: Calculate and create this chart in excel with the appropriate item highlighted. Include this chart in your paper and presentation.

You can choose 1 of the following topics:

  • China Chopper Scans
  • Peppa Pig Scans
  • WannaCry
  • Port 3389
  • Port 9530
  • C99 Web Shell
  • Petya and PetyaWrap
  • Wicked (Mirai Variant)
  • Miori (Mirai Variant)

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WRC 1013 student volunteerism data report Writing Assignment Help

This is a two part assignment first you need to do the summary and data using the information from BLS and making the graph or chart from excel or word. This part will be used for the actual data report.

The report assignment is a 3-5 page data report on student volunteerism, the pros and cons. Analyze data connected to student volunteerism and research in order to understand the use of student volunteerism in high school and universities, it’s impact, and its future. This will be in APA format. Each section description below is a separate section of this data report.

In the file attatched shows what needs to be in each section and has resources to help the link for BLS needed for the first assignment is in the main assignment instruction.…

if you can’t access the link above let me know and I will give the information


250 words on mergers and textbook market Writing Assignment Help

In 2019, textbook giants, McGraw-Hill (the publisher of our text and Connect) and Cengage Learning, announced plans to merge in 2020. Of course, when mergers of this magnitude are proposed, they must undergo United States governmental scrutiny by the Department of Justice (DOJ) due to antitrust laws – and, because these are multinational companies, they also faced scrutiny by governments outside of the US.

Watch the two videos below. First watch the pitch made by the current CEOs of these companies, and then watch a consolidated report of the push back this proposed merger received. Since you are all students, the content and cost of textbooks is undoubtedly of concern. Listen and discuss the proposals from your unique perspectives. Do you think this merger should have gone through? Why or why not? I should note that after serious concerns in the US and around the world, the two companies recently abandoned their plans to merge. However, these types of mergers may be proposed in the future.


final assignment editing Business Finance Assignment Help

There’s actually a lot to do. You may have had some trouble with the instructions, that’s okay. I’m glad you sent this.

Your first transcript is too long. I mention in the lecture that I am also grading you on how your understanding of ideas shapes how you present things (including transcripts). Using the entire recording will cost you points.

There is no mention of the explicit, verbally said, category in the first section. I’m unclear if there is a category in that recording?

You were supposed to use the calling-in assignment (assignment 5) in section 2. In section 1 you were to use the recordings from other students from assignment 1 (requiring you to listen to their recordings).

Also a number of symbols, pauses, etc are still missing from the mandarin section of the transcripts.

Compliments are not face threats. Though your analysis of sequences is good.

In section 3 you reproduce a transcript from the Stokoe textbook without a citation. You do not explain why you use it. You may not use transcripts from published sources, and you have not attributed a source correctly (skating close to the line of academic dishonesty).

Your reflect section needs to be about you about your feelings, opinions, thoughts and attitudes. Don’t report on studies other people did, think about your own life and then weave in quotes that are related.

I’m really impressed at your work on sequences, you are doing really well including other citations. Your writing is very good. You just need to redo a number of sections to match the instructions.

Well done on getting a draft in so early

that’s my professor’s comment.


disscusion board Humanities Assignment Help

Part Five can be broken down into three very large and significant topics:

1. The responsibilities of being a global power and translating what making the world “safe for Democracy” during World War One meant for the Untied States both at home and abroad

2. The outbreak of the Great Depression which crippled the nation and in many ways brought it to the brink of collapse

3. The struggle to maintain the Four Freedoms and fight a home and abroad for democracy, whilst systemically denying this same freedom to Americans of certain ethnicity and race.

Which of these three historical processes do you believe was the most important for the development of modern America as we know it today?

Please make your response at least two (2) paragraphs long with 500 words minimum and include specific historical details, processes, and/or people to support your arguments.

Discussion Board Response Prompt: Once you have posted to Discussion Board 2, please select at least one other student’s post to respond. In a minimum length response of at least one full paragraph of 100 words, please suggest additional historical details related to their selection that were not included in their original post. Explain why you believe those are essential details to the selected topic as well as suggesting their influence in shaping modern America.



​Project Deliverable 2: Business Requirements Computer Science Assignment Help

Project Deliverable 2: Business Requirements

This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a business requirements document and a project plan. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for. Additionally, you may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Procuring quality business requirements is an important step toward the design of quality information systems. Completion of a quality requirements document allows user needs and expectations to be captured, so that infrastructure and information systems can be designed properly. Your company, which is a data-collection and analysis company that has been operating less than two (2) years, is seeking to create a repository for collected data beyond standard relational databases. Your ten (10) terabyte data warehouse is expected to grow by 20% each year. You are mindful of data warehousing best practices which will aid you immensely in your requirements gathering effort. Using the requirements document provided in the course shell, you are to speculate on the needs of the company. You must consider current and future requirements; however, assumptions should be realistic and carefully considered.

Section 1: Business Requirements Document

  1. Write a four to six (4-6) page original business requirements document for the project plan using the template provided. Note: The template is provided under the Additional Resources in the Student Center tab of the online course shell.
    • Describe the project including the following:
      • Describe and define the scope of the project.
      • Speculate as to how to control the scope.
      • Identify possible risks, constraints, and assumptions.
      • Describe the relationship and integration between systems and infrastructure. Note: Database and Data Warehousing, Analytics, Interfaces and Cloud Technology, and Infrastructure and Security should be considered.
      • Speculate upon potential outsourcing or offshoring needs.
      • Identify and justify the necessary resources including staffing that are necessary.
      • Define relevant terms that will be used throughout project.
    • Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Section 2: Revised Project Plan

Use Microsoft Project to:

  1. Update the project plan from Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception, with three to five (3-5) new project tasks each consisting of five to ten (5-10) sub-tasks.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Evaluate an organization through the lens of non-IT senior management in deciding how information systems enable core and supportive business processes as well as those that interface with suppliers and customers.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in information systems.
  • Write clearly and concisely about strategic issues and practices in the information systems domain using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.


​Project Deliverable 2: Business Requirements Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Chemistry Final Chapters Science Assignment Help

Hello, I need help with the following questions. Work must be shown and readable which will determine tip amount.

1. A 10.00 gram mixture of NaHCO3 and Na2CO3 was heated and yielded 0.0357 moles of H2O and 0.1091 moles of CO2. The reactions are described by: NaHCO3 —–> Na2O + CO2 + H2O and Na2CO3 —–> Na2O + CO2. Calculate the volume of CO2 produced in each reaction at 733 Torr and 43oC. and the percentage composition of the mixture.

3. In a photosynthesis reaction. 0.5796 grams of glucose was formed at a temperature of 37.0oC and at a pressure of 745 Torr. How many milliliters of oxygen were formed with the glucose and how many milliliters of carbon dioxide were reacted. The vapor pressure of water at 37.0oC is 50.0 Torr. The photosynthetic reaction is:
6CO2 + 6H2O —–> 6O2 + C6H12O6

5. In the reaction of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, 100.00 ml of 0.1234M hydrochloric acid reacts with 50.00 ml of 0.5432M sodium hydroxide. Will the final solution be more acidic or more basic? How many mole of excess acid or base will remain? What is the final (H+) and what is the final pH?

7. If 30.0 ml of 0.150 M CaCl2 is added to 15.0 ml of 0.200 M AgNO3, how many grams of AgCl will be precipitated?

10a. 1.00 liter flask was evacuated and 5.00 grams of liquid NH3 was added to the flask, and the flask was sealed with a rubber stopper. If it takes 7.10 atm of pressure in the flask to blow out the rubber stopper, at what temperature will the stopper be blown out?

10b. When ammonium nitrite is heated it decomposes to give nitrogen gas and water. This property is used to inflate some tennis balls. Write a balanced equation for the reaction. Then calculate the quantity of ammonium nitrite needed to inflate 10 tennis balls each to a volume of 86.2 ml at 1.2 atm. and 22oC.___________________________________________________________________________________________________

1. How does the attraction the nucleus exerts on electrons in an atom change as the row number increases:

2. Predict the Z number of the smallest element in row 5.

3. Which of the following species is smaller: Cs or Cs+1? Is your answer consistent with your answer to question 1?

4. What simple ion is formed from the element Z = 39?

5. On the basis of electron configurations, predict the formula of the Type I ionic compound formed from the elements Z = 49 and Z = 51.

6. What is(are) the noble gas(es) that has(have) the same electron configuration as each of the ions in the compound formed from Z = 38 and Z = 34?

7. Why is the following electron designation not possible:


8. Draw the Lewis structure for the compound formed from elements Z = 32 and Z = 16.


MGMT345 CTU online UNit 4 Simulation Module 3 – Forecasting and Contract Business Finance Assignment Help

This assignment will take you to the McGraw Hill simulation work area for Module 3 Unit 4 – Forecasting and Contracts.

You will be accessing the simulation through the link I will provide for this assignment. The college link will re-direct you to the Connect website. There you will perform your McGraw-Hill simulation for Module 3 – Forecasting and Contracts. You must complete all the 20 turns and at the end must say Module Completed and after that you take a screenshot showing that you have completed the work including the student name in the bottom. (Firefox browser required for this simulation).

I will be provide additional details for accessing the module. And in return, I need the screenshot (picture) saying MODULE COMPLETED – 20 Turns. Just the picture.

Here is a YouTube practice for this module 3.


What curriculum plan would you create for Anna Smith after assessing her development? Humanities Assignment Help

Assessment Data to Guide Practice

[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3]

As you learned from our discussion this week about informal assessments and from the required readings in the text, using informal assessments to guide curriculum planning and instructional decisions allows educators to best support children’s specific strengths and needs. As explained in the Jaruszewicz (2019) text, developmentally appropriate approaches to assessment include a comprehensive, systematic, and focused look at each and every child’s specific learning and development. In this assignment you have an opportunity to explore informal assessments further in relation to the use of data to drive the creation and delivery of those assessments.

Consider the following scenario: You are an educator that has finished collecting assessment data on a child, Anna Smith, in your program or classroom. You must now must create a curriculum plan based on Anna Smith’s Assessment Evaluation.

To prepare for this assignment,

For your assignment, include the following:

  • Introduction (0.5 Points): Write a succinct introduction that informs the reader of the topic of the assignment and its organization. Remember, an effective essay introduction tells the reader what you will say.
  • Assessment Observations (3 Points): In one to two paragraphs, describe the observations that you made from the data on Anna Smith using several examples from the assessments.
  • Child Observations (3 Points): In three to four paragraphs, describe the strengths and areas of opportunity (i.e., weaknesses) for Anna Smith based on the assessment data.
  • Short-Term Goal (3 Points): In three to four paragraphs, explain three specific instructional decisions for a short-term goal for Anna Smith based on the data analysis.
  • Long-Term Goal (3 Points): In one to two paragraphs, explain one specific long-term goal for Anna Smith based on the data analysis.
  • Conclusion (0.5 Points): Write a succinct conclusion that informs the reader of the main points from the assignment. Remember, an effective essay conclusion tells the reader what you have said in a summary.

The Assessment Data to Guide Practice assignment:

  • Must be three to four double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages, but including the completed observation checklist) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)’s APA Style (Links to an external site.) resource.
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:

    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted

  • Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.


Fill out worksheets and do 1000 word essay Humanities Assignment Help

Note — Hey, you do not need access for the book link. book link it’s under the each chapter.

All you need it’s complete the google doc worksheets and 1 essay.

please let me know if u have any questions

This Assignment is worksheets for chapter 1- 4 include question and 1 essay

Chapter 1 has 2 topic of questions

Chapter 2 has 2 topic of questions and 1 discussion

Chapter 3 has 1 topic of questions

Chapter 4 has 2 topic of questions

1 Strategies for concluding paragraph .

Essay # 1 1000 words. Please upload essay individual from this worksheets

Assignment it’s below :…

Book for Assignment : UNIT 1 CHAPTER 1- 4 only it’s u need…

this BIG PICTURE!!! it’s for — Chapter 2 : Dreams Deferred

question NO. 7 picture ( I can’t upload on google doc, so I put it here)

Mom & Dad


this BIG PICTURE!!! it’s for — Chapter 2 : Dreams Deferred

question NO. 7 picture ( I can’t upload on google doc, so I put it here)

Mom & Dad


this BIG PICTURE!!! it’s for — Chapter 2 : Dreams Deferred

question NO. 7 picture ( I can’t upload on google doc, so I put it here)

Mom & Dad


this BIG PICTURE!!! it’s for — Chapter 2 : Dreams Deferred

question NO. 7 picture ( I can’t upload on google doc, so I put it here)

Mom & Dad


chand-week2 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

chand-week2 assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

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