Chapter 7 Primate Behavior Questions Writing Assignment Help

Chapter 7 Primate Behavior Questions Writing Assignment Help. Chapter 7 Primate Behavior Questions Writing Assignment Help.

Chapter 7 Primate Behavior Questions

You must answer in your own
words! When using the text, please be sure to not to plagiarize!!!
Restate your responses using your own words.

  1. 2 points. Watch Killers Like Us: Chimpanzees. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Describe
    the chimpanzee process of hunting (if you use any sources other than
    the video to discuss what you saw, you must cite those sources!). (You
    can also use this link:
    (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. 2 points Read This: Anthropology Matters: Harry Harlow’s Experiment. Describe Harry Harlow’s Primate Behavior Experiment. What implications does this research have for human culture?

  3. 4 points. (From text) Name and describe four of the six primate
    residence patterns. Include the types of primates that utilize each
    residence pattern.

  4. 2 points. (From text) Do chimpanzees have culture? What do field
    studies on chimp tool-use, diet, and hunting have to contribute to the
    resolution of this issue? (Provide at least 3 examples)

Your answers need to be submitted as a word doc or docx. Google docs is NOT accepted.


  • Please click here for the rubric: Module 7 Assignment Rubric
  • Answer each question thoroughly for full credit for each question
  • Turnitin will be used.
  • Use the amount of points each question is worth to gauge how long
    your response needs to be; 4 points = minimum of 4 sentences; 2 points =
    minimum of 2 sentences.
  • Copying directly from your text book will result in a ZERO!
  • Points will be deducted for poor grammar; 1-2 points dependent of severity of infractions

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Discussion Board Business Finance Assignment Help

1) In the video clip “The Battleground in Product Liability Lawsuits”, attorney Cal Burnton( discusses the McDonald’s coffee product liability case. Do you think that companies should have a duty to warn consumers against product hazards even if those hazards are seemingly obvious (i.e. that hot coffee will burn a person’s skin)?

2) In the video clip “Welcome to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” ( , fractured government oversight of the consumer financial services industry was cited as one factor that led to the financial crisis of 2008. What are some advantages to having a single agency regulate all consumer financial markets (i.e. mortgages, credit cards, student loans) instead of having multiple agencies supervise different parts of the system? Can you think of any disadvantages to having a single agency (the CFPB) with centralized authority to regulate all consumer financial markets?


2 pages word document

3 peer reviewed references

0% plagarism


I need 2 simple responses to 2 of my classmates answers. Business Finance Assignment Help

I need 2 simple responses to 2 of my classmates’ answers.

-APA references.

Here is the question:

2. Discuss the role of a technical specialist who might be needed to advise the IC in this setting. Choose any specialist you think appropriate. Be specific and thorough when you discuss the role.

Yasir’s answer:


Top of Form

According to FEMA, technical specialists can be described as individuals who possess special skills, and their competencies come in handy during the organization of ICS. Therefore, they provide technical information in addition to offering assistance throughout the operations. Technical specialists often perform similar duties to the ones that they carry out on a day-to-day basis with the difference being that they are conducted after an incidence occurs. In other words, they are certified professionals in their fields and may not need extensive training on how to get the job done. An I.T. technical specialist is one that Liberty County could do with following the “Great Storm of 1780” where the experts believe that this storm was at least a category three hurricane. This is because today’s day-to-day activities heavily rely on the use of technology. The specialist would be in charge of accessing the processes and procedures that relate to the management and recovery from the disaster and offer advice on the programs, systems, and solutions that can streamline the initiatives. Through the specialist, Liberty County may realize effective ways of collecting data, storing information, presenting the facts, communicating with the agents of the field and other activities that may be required to be performed before full restoration of services is achieved at Liberty County. Without such a specialist, the personnel may spend many time and resources on reinventing the wheel whereas the resources needed may be readily available. Worse still, they may implement outdated and ineffective solutions that may not meet their needs, resulting in a delay in the country recovery and restoration process.


FEMA. ICS Resource Center. Retrieved 5 July 2018, from

Ibraheem’s answer:

Natural disasters are unavoidable. Therefore, it is important to adequately prepare for them. The role of the incident commander is to ensure that the effects of the disasters are mediated and life and property are saved as much as possible. Among the common types of disasters in the United States of America are the hurricanes. Hurricanes are complicated because they involve massive movements of air and water at alarming speeds. Despite the roles of the incident commanders, there is no way they can be competent in all the areas that they have to respond to. Therefore, they have to work with technical specialists who offer consultation on specific areas. Among the technical specialists that may be needed in case of a hurricane are the public health specialists. They are important because public health is an important factor in mediating the effects of hurricanes.

During hurricanes, there is the uncontrolled movement and mixing of materials in water. Therefore, people come in contact with the contagious material in the water. Also, people lack the access to clean water and food for drinking. Therefore, they have to survive using potentially contaminated water that may lead to the spreading of diseases like typhoid and cholera. In the camps where survivors are put temporarily, congestion may also lead to diseases spreading and therefore people getting infected. Such occurrences have to be prevented to ensure that the incident commander managers to complete their work of saving the lives of people.

Public health specialists advice the IC concerning issues that are related to public health. They may give directions concerning how to vacate people in a way that may prevent the spreading of infections and the places to give priority to protect victims from getting infected with common hygiene related pathogens. The public-health specialists may also assist to determine the risk areas and therefore influence the decision making of the IC.


Finch, K. C., Snook, K. R., Duke, C. H., Fu, K. W., Tse, Z. T. H., Adhikari, A., & Fung, I. C. H. (2016). Public health implications of social media use during natural disasters, environmental disasters, and other environmental concerns. Natural Hazards,83(1), 729-760.


Assignment Data Reporting, Interpretation and Use Health Medical Assignment Help

Ch 13 Assignment Data Reporting, Interpretation and Use

For this assignment first read the attached document, Data Interpretation for Public Health Professionals. Submit your work in a Word document. Also submit a copy of the data you sorted using the CDC Wonder website.

Part I – Answer the following questions based on the information provided in the document.

a. What is descriptive epidemiology?
b. Why do we use rates?
c. Identify the different types of rates?d. Why do we compare rates?
e. Explain the pros and cons of tables, line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts?

Part II – Go to the CDC Wonder website. This site provides a single point of access to a wide variety of reports an numeric public health data. Select data to interpret.
When you arrive at the website select either the births or cancer statistics databases. You’ll be prompted to agree to the site’s policies.
You’ll be directed to a page to filter your database. You may select any data items you would like to see in your results.

Submit a copy of the data you sorted. This can be a download/export of the data (in a notepad file) or a screen shot of the Map or Chart. This counts for a portion of your grade for this assignment.

Website screen shots. Follow these steps to access the data tables.




Example of a chart


DataInterpretation_PublicHealthProfessionals HIT2050.pdf


Discussion post response(pick any paragraph) Writing Assignment Help

This week, we have studied coherence — the flow from one idea to the next — in writing. Let’s practice introducing and recognizing coherence. We looked at four specific ways of improving coherence:

  • Transitional words and phrases

Internet users do not always think about how their internet data is being used. Nonetheless, collecting and using data about search habits is big business.

  • Repetition of key works and phrases

Companies are able to track the searches made by various demographics and use data about these searches to target advertisements to likely customers. Customers will see advertisements that match their interests, but they have give up some privacy in return.

  • Pronoun reference

For some customers, this loss of privacy is acceptable, while others are deeply concerned.

  • Parallelism

Customers may worry about their search data getting into the wrong hands or about further intrusion into their private lives.

Initial post (by Wednesday):

Select one paragraph of your research paper draft and examine it for examples of the above four coherence tools. If you do not find at least two of the tools in use, revise your paragraph so that it uses at least two of the tools. Post your paragraph here. Do not identify the coherence tools you used; you will be analyzing each other’s paragraphs in your guided response.



Capstone Project Writing Assignment Help

The purpose of this project is to help you with the final gathering of resources for the writing and documentation of your Capstone Project. You must have a minimum of at least 20 different resources for the Capstone Project. Resources may be gleaned from class notes, textbooks, trade books, magazine articles, and the Bible.

You will complete a formal writing project and a PowerPoint presentation entitled, “What is The Role of the Worship Leader?” This is a narrative articulating the “16 Roles of the Worship Leader” discussed during our time together in this course. Here is the setting for this assignment:

Imagine you have been given the responsibility of chairing the search committee for a new worship leader at a very large church with a comprehensive worship ministry. The pastor has asked you to make a 30–35-minute PowerPoint presentation to the search committee during your first meeting together. For this presentation, you are to answer the question: What is the role of the worship leader? The pastor has asked you to include the following areas of responsibility for the worship leader: Worshiper, Disciple, Theologian, Evangelist, Professional, Artist, Musician, Servant Leader, Pastor, Staff, Administrator, Producer, Teacher, Mentor, Counselor, and Family Person.

You must prepare for the committee an 18–20-page paper articulating this responsibility. Make sure to elaborate on and explain each of the 16 areas and then make application to the local church ministry. In addition to these 16 areas of responsibility, the paper must have a 1–2 paragraph introduction of the church’s need for a worship pastor and a 1–2-page conclusion to help wrap up your rationale for the need of a worship pastor. (The title page, table of contents, bibliography, and appendix are in addition to the 18–20-page requirement).

To answer the question completely and thoroughly, you must use resources such as class notes, textbooks, trade books, and the Bible. You must not seek help from your classmates on any level. You will need to present this Capstone Project in current Turabian format; complete with footnotes and a bibliography. You may use quotes from your class notes, but you must demonstrate thoughtful presentation, thorough research, and personal application.

Capstone Project Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Professional Experience Business Finance Assignment Help

Step One: Find an article about effective professional communication that was published in the last 18 months.

Step Two: Read the article and develop a 25 to 50-word summary. Summaries shorter than 25 words and longer than 50 will not receive credit. INCLUDE A HYPERLINK, WEBPAGE LINK AND A VIABLE LINK NOT A URL! to the article

Step Three: On the top of the page, there is a Link to One Drive – that link will take you to a document entitled “Professional Communication Table.” Locate and click on this link

Step four: The table requests that you provide a hyperlink to the article, your 25-50 word summary, and your name (in the employee section). Fill in the table with the requested information.

In order to receive your points for completing this task you must do the following:

  • Provide a viable link (not a URL) to the article
  • Ensure your summary is no less than 25 and no more than 50 words
  • Fill in the “Employee” section with your first and last name
  • Copy the webpage link to the article you summarized and submit it to the Professional Experience 1 link in Blackboard


Unit 7 Statistics DB Mathematics Assignment Help

Regression Analysis

Download the MM305_DataSets zip file to your computer (located in Course Documents).

Select a data set with at least two numerical variables. You will NOT be able to copy and paste a graph into the Discussion Board, so you should copy your graph to a Word Document and attach it to your post.

Determine the following information on your selected data set. Be sure to answer all questions using complete sentences.

  1. What are the two variables? Do you think there might be a correlation between the two variables (before you analyze the data)?
  2. Create a scatterplot with a simple linear regression (see video in Live Binder).
  3. What is the linear regression (prediction line) equation? What is the coefficient of determination ?
  4. Do you think that there is a strong positive or strong negative correlation? Why or why not? Is this result what you expected?
  5. Attach the scatterplot to your post.

See Example post.

First response: Choose a classmate’s post and review the linear regression (prediction line) equation. Select a value for the independent variable X and calculate the predicted Y. Be sure to show your work. Does the predicted value seem reasonable?

See Example post.

Second response: Choose another classmate’s post. Further the math conversation by commenting on the correlation between the two variables and why you believe the regression equation is a good or poor model for prediction.

See Example post.


write my essay completly Programming Assignment Help

in your own words answer

  1. Critically evaluate any three popular fat loss programs or diet programs. How do they stack up against each other relative to their nutritional profile, ability to support intense training, and ability to provide lasting results? Considering what you have learned in this course, what would you change about the program and why?
  2. 100 percent original answer all questions completly mla format in your own words please answer all these questions and explain what you would change about the program and why introduction and conclusion please be specific and through. thankyou
  3. MlA format answer all questions explain after each essay what reccomendations you would change about the program and why


Complete Assignment Below Health Medical Assignment Help

Use the following chapter to help complete the Assignment. (NO REPEATING OF INFORMATION) (NO PLAGIARISM) (FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW) please cite and add references from the book. & Speaker Notes)

Imagine your learning team is the human resources management team at the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital virtual organization. The new chief executive officer (CEO) of your hospital has asked your team to prepare a presentation about human resources at the hospital.

Prepare a 4
-5 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the new CEO.

Include the following in your presentation:

Describe HRs due diligence of progressive discipline of employees.

  • For each employee listed below, describe the details of the progressive discipline, determine if due diligence is followed and explain why or why not.
    • Bennie Bellamy
    • Alva Branham
    • King Lovell
    • Louise McFate

  • To find this information on the employee’s you will need to follow the steps in the attachment below.