Check Chemistry II Project for Accuracy Science Assignment Help

Check Chemistry II Project for Accuracy Science Assignment Help. Check Chemistry II Project for Accuracy Science Assignment Help.

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Hello there, this is a discussion question from General Chemistry II class. Question is:

How can you use pH to separate Ni(II) ions from Hg(II) ions?

The solubility product of HgS is roughly 2 x 10-53 and that of NiS is 3 x 10-19. If we wanted to separate these two ions by a differential precipitation, how might I do that? Consider the use of hydrosulfuric acid as your precipitating agent.

I have the answer, I want you to check it and make corrections (highlight in yellow) so I can maximize the points I can get.

Thank you!

Check Chemistry II Project for Accuracy Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

business Law Test, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please, no plagiarism. For questions # 2 and # 3 use IRAC format (Issue Rule Analysis Conclucison)



Carl Lucas is an at-will employee at POP’s Barbershop, LLC. Pops is the sole owner of the barbershop and employs Kay, J.B. and Wally. Cordell Stokes is the owner of Uptown Distributors, LLC. During their workday at POP’s, Kay, J.B. and Wally take the company van to pick up distribution items (50 boxes) for POP’s from Uptown Distributors, LLC. While picking up boxes for POP’s they also intentionally take 50 boxes of merchandise that belonged to Manny Martinez and accidentally took 50 boxes of merchandise from another customer, Misty. You have been hired to represent the legal interests of Cordell Stokes? What actions do you take on Mr. Stokes behalf and against whom? What if you were hired to represent POP’s? What actions would you take on his behalf and against whom? What if you were hired to represent Misty? What actions would you take on her behalf and against whom?


On Monday, February 1, after a seven-day snowstorm compiling up to 18 inches of snow, Tyson took his daughter, Tiana, age 7, to her elementary school in Baltimore City. Because of the number of days that it snowed, the only areas that were plowed were the roads, parking lots and some, but not all sidewalks. As did most parents that drove their children to school, Tyson parked in the school parking lot and walked Tiana to the school building using the sidewalk. While walking Tiana on the sidewalk, she ran away from him to play in the snow pile near the door’s entrance where other students were playing and building snowmen. Tyson chased after Tiana and slipped and fell on black ice on the sidewalk, fracturing his hip.

USE IRAC for this scenario.


On Saturday, August 20th, John and Jeff purchased a food truck delivery truck for their recently started business from an auto auction in Pennsylvania. The name of their business was AB’s Food Delivery, Inc., which operates in Baltimore, Maryland. The truck was an older model white truck with no markings on the side; and because they just purchased the vehicle, they only had temporary tags. While driving from Pennsylvania to Maryland, it started to rain heavily and they were forced to the side of a road near Hunt Valley, Maryland because the windshield wipers on the van were inoperable. Thus, John and Jeff sat in the van waiting for the rain to cease. About 30 minutes prior to John and Jeff pulling over, an older white van that was reported stolen was used in an armed robbery of a bank in Baltimore, Maryland. There were 4 masked men involved in the robbery and during the escape from the bank, the armed security guard was shot in the head by the robbers. The white van was reported as last being seen headed north towards Pennsylvania. A dispatch was sent to all law enforcement officers. Officer Johnson received the dispatch and he, as were all other officers, were on the lookout for a white van with 4 masked men. While driving in the heavy rain, Officer Johnson observed the white van that John and Jeff were in pulled over on the side of the road. Officer Johnson initially drove by the vehicle and attempted to look into the vehicle and saw two people not wearing masks sitting in the front two seats. Officer Johnson could see nothing else. Officer Johnson circled back and pulled up about 50 feet behind the van. John and Jeff did not see Officer Johnson pull up behind them. In fact, both John and Jeff had fallen asleep in the van. Officer Johnson called for back-up officers by stating “possible suspect van” located; and then approached the van. When Officer Johnson walked up to the passenger’s side of the window, he tapped on the passenger’s side window with his gun drawn, which startled John, who was seated in the passenger seat. Officer Johnson instructed John to step out of the vehicle with his hands up, which John did. Officer Johnson then instructed conducted a pat-down of John for weapons and found nothing but about $5000,00 in cash rolled up in John’s back pocket in a rubber band. Officer Johnson then instructed Jeff to step across the passenger’s side of the vehicle to exit on the passenger’s side of the van. As Officer Johnson was instructing Jeff to exit, Officer Arrington pulled up and observed Officer Johnson instructing Jeff to exit. Officer Arrington pulled his weapon out and approached the location where Jeff was exiting the van. As Jeff was exiting the van, he tripped over a tool in the passenger side and fell forward towards Officer Johnson. Officer Arrington immediately shot Jeff five times in the chest. Jeff died instantly.

USE IRAC for this scenario.


Please use only the attached documents 1-5 and organize the paper covering the below points. Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment: Market Strategy Analysis (5000 words)

This is the conclusion to the analysis. Given all the research you’ve done on the previous five assignments, you can now synthesize that information and come to a conclusion as to how the company should move forward. The product may appear to have a good chance of success. It may appear to have too many down-side risks. It may be a situation where a few “red flags” suggest the need for more research. Remember it’s as important to decide not to pursue a marketing strategy as to move forward.

A final step in this last assignment is to combine the six assignments into a single paper. That means treating each of the previous assignments as a section of this final paper. Eliminate the individual title pages. In this case, you can retain the citations in each section so you don’t have to renumber or move citations around. Also, feel free to make changes to earlier assignments based on new information you may have found or feedback from the professor.

Please use the following Checklist to ensure a quality final assignment report. Around 10 pages single spaced.

1.Cover page and overall professional report, Table of Content, original graphs (not cut and pasted from somewhere else). Professional bibliography using APA Style. (25 points)

2.Presentation of your analytical framework used to analyze and present the decision to invest in a foreign country. (50 points)

3.Economic Analysis given at least 50 percent of the paper. Core economic data on the country provided in a table. (75 points)

4.Political, Market, Cultural and Ethical and “inequality” risks analyzed and integrated. Core risk data provided in separate tables for each area (60 points)

5.Core product analysis and data (25 points)

6.Rationale for your decision to invest based on the above analysis. (25 points)

Final Paper Checklist/Template – Global Economics – MBA

1.Cover Page

2.Table of Contents

3.Abstract – 100 -200 word summary of the paper.

4.Introduction –

a.Specify the country and the product you are exploring. Specify the different areas you will explore in the paper.

b.Introduce your analytical framework graphic that will help your decision analysis


.Cultural Intelligence – Core data table from Hofstede and analysis in terms of product success in the country

a.Political intelligence – core data table from World Bank Governance and analysis in terms of political stability of the country

b.Market Intelligence – core data table from World Bank Doing Business data and analysis how easy it will be to enter, do business and exit.

c.Product intelligence – who are your competitors and what is the market segment you are going after

d.Economic Intelligence – core data on the country’s economy and current economic status. Is there economic stability and economic potential for your product. This section should include the following ( about 3 pages at least)

i.Core data table of economic data and trends

ii.Policy cross analysis

iii.Economic stability in the short and long term

iv.Exchange rate analysis

6.Final Analysis integrating all elements in “4” using your analytic graphic and specifying your decision based on the analysis to invest or not in the country.

7.Conclusion – summarizing the paper.

8.Bibliography – make sure solid academic resources (Journals, Books, Official sources of data) are cited and used in the report and properly listed using APA style.

Here is an example of an analytical framework that Corrie (2015) used in an analysis called the Policy Mandala:


This assignment is final paper which explains my previous 5 assignments(week 1 to week 5) So this paper should be written only from the attached docs and not from any external sources.


near Navigation, Hierarchical Navigation, Tree Navigation, and Networked Navigation, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Organize the following into prototypes for Linear Navigation, Hierarchical Navigation, Tree Navigation, and Networked Navigation. For each task below find it’s depth (how many ‘clicks’ it takes). Describe if you have an error how many steps it would take to correct each task.

Calculate the overall depth average. For each function, find the depth, add it to a sum, divide by the total number of tasks. For Networked Navigation you may have more than one depth per task to average. Submit all images of the navigation plus your calculations.

Open File





Spell Check

Change Font Color

Change Background Color

Grammar Check

Change Language

Delete File


Count Characters

Print in BW

Find Plagiarism

Create Citation

Indent right

Remove Indent

Increase Font

Change Font

Print on 1 page


Decrease Font


Add Footer

Add Header


Change Line Spacing

Change Word Spacing


Count Sentences

Evaluate writing grade level

Add Page Numbers

Word Count


Research Presentation Humanities Assignment Help

Write a Personal Research Project

During the next few lessons you will be planning, preparing, and delivering a personal research project. You’ll present four (or more) personal, family, or cultural experiences and connect each one to a historical event or fact from that time. You’ll add a written personal reflection or a piece of media that illustrates the meaning of each experience or event to you. Your project structure and meaning will be similar to The Way to Rainy Mountain.

Use the steps described here to complete your assignment. Your final presentation will be scored by your teacher.



the total rewards metrics that you propose, Powerpoint presentation help Business Finance Assignment Help

Hide Submission Folder Information

MS PowerPoint Presentation Metrics (20%)

In this assignment, you will write and present a MS PowerPoint Presentation that describes and justifies the total rewards metrics that you propose. The course material provides examples of metrics and how they are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Total Rewards Program. These metrics will used as a portion of the final paper due Week 8 (the final assessment for the class). Feedback from the instructor may require some revision to the chosen metrics prior to use in the final paper. At least three scholarly references are to be presented in APA format, as well as respective in-text citations and relevant Web site documentation if information about the organization is taken from a Web site.

You will define the term metrics, explain how metrics are used to evaluate the success of the total rewards program, identify, describe, and provide examples of at least three metrics and share how you will collect the data for each metric and how you will set the benchmark or goal target for each that you would use to compute and analyze the Total Rewards Program in the organization you are studying in the course. Justification for the metrics linked to the organizational objectives, requisite competencies, and challenges should also be included.

At the least, the presentation will include the following segments:

1. Title Page

2. Introduction and Purpose of the Paper

3. Academic Definition of the Term Metric

4. Explanation of the Use of Metrics in Evaluating the Success of the Total Rewards Program

5. Three Metrics (Identify, Describe and Provide Examples AND share how you will collect the data for each metric AND how you will set the benchmark or goal target for each).

6. Justification of the Metrics Selected (Links to the Organization’s Success, Requisite

Capabilities, Competencies and Challenges)

7. Conclusions

8. Reference Page (at least three scholarly sources)

the total rewards metrics that you propose, Powerpoint presentation help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

write about your feelings/thoughts/concerns regarding readings, discussions, films, and guest speakers, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

In this Reflection Papers (2 pages each, no more, no less),
you will write about your feelings/thoughts/concerns regarding readings,
discussions, films, and guest speakers.

– Be able to identify 2 class materials (film and/or reading) that helped
you on understating of multiculturalism.

– Identify 2 significant class events/activities that
helped you understand multiculturalism.

– Be
able to state different emotions and thoughts related to multiculturalism.

Guest Speakers on Immigration:They were
5 students from the class and they were first and second generation immigrants
or came from far areas
inUSand they talked about howthedifficaulties they
faced to come to US.Yas
22 years old from Iran and she is an international students since
2015. Trae 19 years old
fromsmall townin Missouri he likes basketball and he gotschoolarship to
play it.
Mah 18 years old from Pakistan came to US in 2010 with her
parents and in 2011 when she was in 7th grade
in school. Evan 19 years old andfreshman,
halfkorean but he raised inUS. Diago
19 years old from Venezuela, came to US with his parents when he was 10 years
old because of the situation in his country.

Second guest speakers: Dr. Makiniand and Dr. Lona they talked about stereotypes and how we can stop it.
I attached a picture that explain more.

materials you can choose 2 only, from the PDF files attached or can be about the movie
that called Crash.

To know more about the class this may help you:

This course will focus on what it means for the individual to
live in a multicultural, urban, and increasingly global society. Students will
examine their own cultural identity, including values
and worldviews as well as assumptions and biases regarding others’
diversity. In addition, the course will focus on learning about different
cultures and issues associated with urbanism, globalization, cultural
conflicts and social advocacy.


Compare and contrast, at least, one tool for each of the three network management areas, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

In this paper, you will research and report on network management tools associated with (1) policy compliance, (2) bandwidth management, and (3) asset management. Compare and contrast, at least, one tool for each of the three network management areas. What is the best tool for each area? Can one tool be used for managing more than one area? Why or why not? Support your information and make sure all information sources are appropriately cited. The paper must use APA 6th ed., 7th printing formatting and contain a title page, 3 to 5 pages of content, and a minimum of three peer-reviewed references

Assignment Resource(s):

Watch Video Top Tools and Techniques for Improving Network Management

Duration: (49:31)
User: n/a – Added: 1/30/13

Learn how to identify the causes of slow network performance and how solutions like Windows Intue and System Center VMM can help improve performance.


paper integrating your previous Global Business Plan assignments, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Prepare a 3,500- to 4,200-word paper integrating your previous Global Business Plan assignments modified after instructor feedback to include the following new material:

  • Include the rationale for selecting your target country. Refer to your Country Risk Analysis for highlights.
  • Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product or service and explain your choice of marketing mix.
  • Include market indicators and trends for your product or service.
  • Prepare a financial overview for your global venture. Include a chart that represents the general budget for your global venture.
  • Identify potential domestic and international sources of financing for your global venture.
  • Describe the degree to which your organization operates as a centralized versus decentralized organization.
  • What types of exit strategies would be most appropriate for your global venture? Some strategies to consider include divestiture of assets, handing over to a joint venture partner, diversification, shutting down operation, and contingencies for your global venture.
  • Based on your findings, make final recommendations about the feasibility of this global venture. Would you recommend proceeding with this global venture? Explain why or why not.

Note please see attached week two and week four assignments


Draft of Comparison-Contrast Essay Humanities Assignment Help

University of Phoenix Material

Prewriting Worksheet

What is your narrowed topic? Write up to 50 words to provide details.

[Write the Topic of your essay.]

Who is your primary audience or reader? Why? Write up to 150 words in your answer about your audience.

[Discuss the intended audience for this essay.]

In a couple sentences, or a 150-word short paragraph, what is your thesis statement, including your angle? Write what will appear in your essay.

My point is that…[Discuss your main point.]

What topic sentences will you use as the foundation of your communication? (If necessary, add more points.)

Write a Topic Sentence (TS) that you will use.

Write a Topic Sentence (TS) that you will use.

Write a Topic Sentence (TS) that you will use.

What method of organization and development will you use to develop your paragraphs?

  • Introduction:

oWrite a rough draft of 175 words of your intro here.

  • Body:

oRewrite your TS here with details about supporting paragraph

oRewrite your TS here with details about supporting paragraph

oRewrite your TS here with details about supporting paragraph

  • Conclusion:

oHow will you conclude your essay without sounding repetitive? Write a rough draft of 175 words of your conclusion here.

2nd part

Focusing on drafting using the materials that you have gathered this far is an important part of the writing process. Each step taken to further the editing and revising of an essay will make it that much more polished as a final draft. Just as in most projects at work, there are steps to follow to produce a satisfactory final product in academic papers.

Review instructor feedback on your Week 1 to Week 3 assignments.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word draft of your comparison-contrast paper that makes seeing the differences and similarities of your chosen topics clear.

Use the topic you selected in Week 1, your research from Week 2, and your thesis and outline from Week 3.

Review your essay for effective use of basic English grammar, word usage, and sentence style before turning in your paper.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your paper to the Assignment Files tab.


Check Chemistry II Project for Accuracy Science Assignment Help

Check Chemistry II Project for Accuracy Science Assignment Help

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