child development writting paper

child development writting paper. child development writting paper.

I need an explanation for this English question to help me study.

Below are the requiqment that the professor asked for, please follow all and use the links provided, I am an english learning speaker so use basic english grammar and no plagiarism please. Thank you!

This week you will need to first read the article, “The Question of Class, (Links to an external site.)” from Teaching Tolerance.

Next I am going to have you choose two schools to evaluate and apply your lens you are building from this course. Here is a list of schools you can choose (Links to an external site.) from the San Diego Unified District list.

Please answer the following questions:

1. What is the median income for the two schools you chose? ( You can search median household income for a specific area here at the US Census Bureau (Links to an external site.))

2. On the website what was your initial findings when you compared the two schools? (be sure to write at least two paragraphs here)

3. What extra resources are offered to each population? Be sure to look into all areas of the website like parent sections as well.

4. Based on your preliminary findings is one school given access to more resources that can afford them better opportunities?

5. Can you find at least 5 resources (locally or at a federal level) that can close the gap of inequity right here in San Diego County? Explain how these resources can help.

child development writting paper

child development writting paper

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