Choose one social problem that is important to you (such as homelessness, mental illness, food insecurity, etc.). ​This assignment,

Choose one social problem that is important to you (such as homelessness, mental illness, food insecurity, etc.). ​This assignment, along with your position paper, is a way to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained and skills you’ve developed so far. The position paper and social problem policy response paper are independent assignments from your Signature Assignment.

However, ideally, you’re choosing an area (and potentially a policy) tied to your choice for the Signature Assignment that is closely connected to the social issue and population you’re most interested in! Once you have selected the problem, please respond to the following questions in a 3-4 page paper following APA format:

1. Succinctly define the social problem

2. Define the population(s) that is most impacted by this social problem – be specific.

3. How would you frame this as a social justice issue? Another way to think about this query is: why should people care about this problem? (Note: You may want to look up the definition for “social justice”)

4. Choose three policies that impact this issue (one federal, one state, and one local). Once you have identified them, please complete the following for each policy:

Policy name and Number

Policy level: Federal State Local

Policy descriiption


Key dates associated with the policy

Describe at least one social program implemented as a result of this policy – briefly describe the program.
Describe at least one approach to evaluating this policy. While we have not yet focused on evaluation in this class this is an opportunity to use critical thinking skills and to think about what type of data might be used to measure “success” – you may also refer to the literature for support/ideas.

You should use up to one page for local, one page for state, one page for federal.

Do not exceed page limit. You may use bulleted or numbered lists to answer the six questions for each policy. As such, refer to the APA style manual for how to use bulleted lists. You will find this information in sections6.51 and 6.52. You should use headings for each section (Federal Policy, State Policy in xxx State, Local Policy in xxx location) as well.

Include your references on an APA formatted reference page.

I’ve included the rubric in the images below

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