Cisco Lab 15 – CCNA: Introduction to Networks, computer science homework help Other Assignment Help

Cisco Lab 15 – CCNA: Introduction to Networks, computer science homework help Other Assignment Help. Cisco Lab 15 – CCNA: Introduction to Networks, computer science homework help Other Assignment Help.

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Please fully complete the work sheet provided and I need the completed PKA Cisco tracer file using the latest version of CISCO PACKET TRACER

1.Assessment Requirements

(5 points each Part)

Part 1: Develop the IPv4 Address Scheme

Part 2: Initialize and Reload Devices

Part 3: Configure Device IPv4 and Security Settings

Part 4: Test and Verify IPv4 End-to-End Connectivity

Part 5: Configure IPv6 Addressing on R1

Part 6: Test and Verify IPv6 End-to-End Connectivity

Part 7: Use the IOS CLI to Gather Device Information

Part 8: Save the R1 Configuration to a TFTP Server


In this Skills Assessment (SA) you will configure the devices in a small network. You must configure a router, switch and PCs to support both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. You will configure security, including SSH, on the router. You will test and document the network using common CLI commands. Finally, you will save the router configuration to a TFTP server.

1.Required Packet Tracer Lab Setup

  • 1 Router (Cisco 1941 with Cisco IOS Release 15.2(4)M3 universal image or comparable)
  • 1 Switch (Cisco 2960 with Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2) lanbasek9 image or comparable)
  • 2 PCs (Windows 7, Vista, or XP with terminal emulation program, such as Tera Term)
  • 1 Server (for TFTP)
  • Console cable to configure the Cisco IOS devices via the console ports
  • Ethernet cables as shown in the topology
  • Cisco Lab 15 – CCNA: Introduction to Networks, computer science homework help Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Inside the meltdown, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Long Version of inside the meltdown:

    Please respond to the following:

    1. What was the impact of the near failure of Bear Stearns and the failure of Lehman Brothers on Money Markets?
    2. What actions did the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department take? What were the impacts of the decisions if any?


    Paraphrase and source evaluation, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

    Select a story from a one of the sources listed below in which a scholarly conversation may be taking place (or have the potential to take place):

    Harris, R. (2017, January 18). What does it mean when cancer findings can’t be reproduced? [NPR Morning Edition]. Retrieved from

    Rubin, A. (2017, January 13). What happens when hackers hijack our smart devices? [TED Radio Hour]. Retrieved from

    Vischer, V. (2014, April 28). On Holocaust Remembrance Day, remembering Terezin and Viktor Ullmann. Retrieved from

    Then, provide the following:

    • Summary or paraphrase of the source in 2-3 paragraphs. Need help writing a summary or paraphrase? Watch this video ( for a refresher.
    • Evaluation of the source. For this, answer the questions: Who are they key players? What disciplines do they come from? What are their perspectives and experiences in relation to the topic discussed? Do you perceive any biases or omissions? Does the source represent the “voices” of a specific field, organization, etc.?

    Your written submission should adhere to APA citation and formatting per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (


    Elon Musk, Business Leader and Superhero, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

    Read the attachments first.

    1-8d Leadership Case Problem A

    Elon Musk, Business Leader and Superhero

    While still in his early forties, Elon Musk had established himself as one of the world’s best known entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. His rise to fame began in 1999 when he founded, an online payment company that eventually became PayPal, and was later sold to eBay for $1.5 billion in stock. In a few years, Musk invested this large amount of money into three start-up companies.

    Musk wanted to start a low-cost Mars mission that would capture the imagination of thousands of people about space travel. To make life interplanetary, Musk reasoned that a transport system was needed that would be completely and rapidly reusable. To meet this need, in 2002, he founded Space Exploration Technologies (or SpaceX). In 2012, the Dragon spacecraft of SpaceX delivered 500 pounds of provisions and equipment to the International Space Station. Dragon returned nine days later, landed in the Pacific Ocean precisely on target two minutes ahead of schedule and in excellent condition.

    In his quest to help Earth become less dependent on carbon-generating fuels, he cofounded Tesla, the electric car company and SolarCity that manufacture and markets solar-energy systems. Tesla automobiles are sold directly to consumers, often through two dozen stores of galleries in the United States. Traditional dealers dislike this direct approach to sales because they say it violates state franchise laws.

    Musk was raised in South Africa and Canada before coming to the United States to complete his college education. He holds undergraduate degrees in physics and business from the University of Pennsylvania. Musk acquired his expertise in aerospace engineering on his own, including being guided by textbooks on subjects such as fundamentals of liquid propellants as well as propulsion elements. Musk has also carefully studied the biography of Albert Einstein.

    Musk is a strong believer in simplicity in technical design, manufacturing, and in running an organization. Tim Mueller, the director of propulsion systems at SpaceX, says that the bureaucracy is much simpler in his company than in an organization such as NASA that has to satisfy so many constituents. He says, “If you want to change something or fix something, just talk to Elon. It keeps the signal-to-noise ratio high.”

    Musk displays a strong belief in his own capabilities and creativity, seen as a sign of hubris by some observers. He believes that he has a design that will allow for the colonization of Mars. Musk has filed for almost no patents because he believes that he is so strongly ahead of the field that nobody else could copy his technology. Musk’s reasoning is that if you move fast enough, nobody can catch you.

    Several people who worked for Musk in the past describe him as autocratic and blunt, often to the point of being offensive. Steve Jurveson, a SpaceX board member said about Musk, “Like Steve Jobs, Elton does not tolerate C or D players. But I’d say he’s nicer than Jobs and a bit more refined than Bill Gates.” In 2013, when three battery-related fires erupted in Tesla cars, Musk responded combatively to critics via his blog. He pointed out that gasoline fires were a greater potential danger than battery fires in an electric vehicle.

    Musk is such a fanatic about design that he devotes hours to personally inspecting every Tesla car. He will notice a headlamp misaligned by a few millimeters. He once said that the wrong type of screw in a sun visor, “feels like daggers in my eyes.”

    Jon Farveau, a friend of Musk, and the director of Iron Man movies claims that Musk is the basis for his version of comic book hero Tony Stark, the playboy who invents a flying suit with built-in weapons.


    1. Which roles does Musk appear to occupy as a leader of his companies?
    2. What would you perceive to be a key advantage and a key disadvantage of reporting directly to Musk?
    3. What is your overall evaluation of Elon Musk as both a business leader and a leader in society?
    4. What factors might have Musk, similar to the late Steve Jobs, going for him as a leader that people will put up with his blunt approach to people?


    What is the ideology Business Finance Assignment Help

    Assignment 3: Ideology

    1. Watch the assigned television show. 2. Read one of the following essays. 3. Read my notes. 4. Write a paper following the directions provided on this page.

    Due Date:
    Aug 28 (12 noon)
    Assignment 3

    This week’s TV show

    This week’s TV show is NFL football (regular season)
    pick a game of your choice from week 1



    Maurice Cranston


    Ideology is confusing. I explain ideology as a the collection of values or preferences shared by a group of people. An ideological group shares a dominant ideology. Let’s take another look at these binary oppositions:

    good evil
    young old
    attractive unattractive
    justice injustice
    smart dumb
    rich poor
    thin fat
    athletic couch potato
    white black
    men women
    sexy unsexy
    masculine feminine

    The people who believe in the dominant ideology of a group will generally agree that these binary oppositions should be resolved. They agree on what “masculinity” means within the group; they agree on what “femininity” means to the group. The members of the dominant ideology share values and preferences on how binary oppositions should be resolved.

    Accordingly, the mass media teaches the members of the culture the dominant ideology by teaching them how to resolve the binary oppositions and what rewards and punishments are associated with how the binary oppositions are resolved.

    Now I am borrowing from John Fiske and Stuart Hall and many other scholars. People within the dominant ideology agree with how a program resolves the binary oppositions within the story line. Other people may disagree with the resolution and disagree with the ideology–be in opposition to the dominant ideology. Some people may negotiate a position within the ideology. Others, may find a position on the margins of the ideology.

    I will use marriage as an example.

    In American culture, the dominant ideological position is for a man and woman to be in love, to have sex and child, and raise a family in a state of marriage. This is the dominant or the preferred position. People who agree with this statement accept the dominant ideology and are rewarded by society, the law, and their friends.
    However, we accept many other relationships as being acceptable within our culture, but not dominant. These negotiated positions will be punished. Among the negotiated positions within our dominant ideology are:

    Dating, particularly if the couple is in love, but not financially ready for marriage.
    Choosing a celibate life.
    The couple being of the same gender.
    A male and female living together outside marriage.
    A man or a woman who is not in a relationship, but seeks out sexual partners.
    People who chose to live alone.

    People in total oppositional positions will be more socially isolated or even arrested.

    People who prefer polygamy.
    People who chose relationships with children.
    People who chose partners through violence, like rape.

    As you can see, our culture has one dominant ideological position, many less acceptable cultural positions, and some positions that will land you in jail. However, there are attempts within our culture to establish other dominant ideologies. In isolated parts of the western U.S., groups have formed their own communities based on polygamy. I am sure there are still a few communes around where people in the community share sexual partners. The biggest ideological conflict is over the role of homosexual marriage within our culture and law.

    Among competing groups, the binary oppositions change little. Definitions change.

    As I said in the previous reading, television teaches the audience how to resolve binary oppositions, according to the producers of the television show, by rewarding the people who demonstrate the proper behavior and by punishing the improper behavior. Television is the dominant means for teaching ideology in American society.

    Another tool for cultural assimilation is the school system, which helps teach students what is preferred and what is not. I require you to write your papers according to the preferred standards of the English language. If you violate those standards, I will dock your grade. If you cannot meet those standards, I can give you a zero. I am teaching and enforcing dominant ideology.

    Football is an ideological conflict between two teams. The winner will be preferred; the heroes will be preferred. The loser will be punished throughout the week by the media and fans. The players whose mistakes lead to victory for the other team will be punished for their errors by being denied respect by the people who follow football. They were less masculine and more feminine by extension than the heroes and the winners.

    The TV commenators will be a veteran sportscaster (like Jim Nantz) and a former NFL player and football expert (like Phil Simms). They will present the players in binary oppositions. The binary oppositions will be the coaches, the opposing quarterbacks, the offenses and defensives, the stars from the two teams, and finally the fans of the opposing teams.. The sportscaster does the play by play and then feeds the question to the ex-football player. The expert is a former player or coach who has been a hero, victor, and winner. Based on the game, the expert identifies the heroes and explains how they were heroes; the expert identifies the losers and how they failed.

    Networks will have these camera positions so that it can present the binary oppositions. The teams line up and the camera will be a wide shot from a high angle so that we can see the whole play. There will be a camera trained on the quarterback, others on the running backs, and others on the wide receivers. There will be a camera on the key defensive player. There will be cameras on the sidelines. There will be cameras viewing the game from each end zone. When the play is over, the network will show us the play again in slow motion during the 45 seconds that the team huddles. We will see the hero–offense or defense–being heroic by being more masculine than the opposition players. The former NFL player will explain to us what this happens, informing us who was the hero and who was the loser.

    Questions asked from the perspective of binary oppositions:

    What is the primary binary opposition set up during the football? Usually these are the coaches and the quarterbacks. What are the secondary binary oppositions? Wide receivers and running backs versus the best defensive players. Or, coach vs. coach.

    You don’t need to count, but how many times were these binary oppositions presented during the course of the game?

    Did the announcers identify the heroes or the losers? How did they present the position of the dominant ideology?

    Pay attention to how the commentators use superlatives? Words like great, fantastic, all-time, totally fooled, totally outmatched, etc.

    What role did the camera shots play? Did the shots show the heroes and the losers?

    Paper 3:
    Applying ideology to NFL football

    Section 1: Summarize the game in one paragraph, i.e., no more than half of a page. We all watched a game. 10 points

    Section 2: Explain the theory. Tell me which parts of ideology theory (the reading and my notes) you are going to use and how you are going to apply the theory to this show. 10 points

    Section 3: Critique the announcers and the game presentation from the perspective of ideology. 20 points

    Section 4: Your conclusion should be a logical result of what you have said in the first three sections of the paper. This is not a football paper about who won and why. This is a paper on how the television presentation fit with the theory of binary oppositions. Your conclusion should be based on your critique.

    Your conclusion should not be a personal opinion, but a logically developed conclusion based on ideology theory. This is not a football paper. Do not tell me why the winning team won the game or do any game analysis unless it is directly connected to your analysis of the ideology.



    Journal week 2 The Journal Discussion should use the course materials Business Finance Assignment Help

    The Journal Discussion should use the course materials and the journal reading to explain how the concepts of the course can be related to your workplace or personal experience. Do not summarize the reading and/or course concept(s), but perhaps comment on concepts directly applicable to your workplace. The journal discussion should demonstrate in your initial post that you have thought through a topic or two and can relate them to your experience. Journals will be approximately 150-250 words single spaced.

    Grade Rubric:

    Post was well developed and contained content related to the journal reading and/or course concepts

    Excellent English/writing skills demonstrated.

    Sources are cited and referenced in APA format.

    Comment(s) demonstrates critical thinking, application, examples, and contributes substance to discussion.

    At least one substantive reply within the course Unit.

    Post was well developed and contained content related to the journal reading and/or course concepts

    Excellent English/writing skills demonstrated.

    Sources are cited and referenced in APA format.

    Comment(s) demonstrates critical thinking, application, examples, and contributes substance to discussion.


    An important element in strategy development is attempting to anticipate how a competitor might respond to your changes in strategy(ies). Select a company and a product you use/ are familiar with that has a similar competing item made by another company (Under Armour versus Nike, Campbell versus Progresso, Allstate versus State Farm). What might these two companies use as strategies to get you to buy their product? Use concepts from the reading and additional source(s) beyond the reading for support. Consider the long-term consequence of the strategy(ies) you describe for profit and company growth.

    Journal week 2 The Journal Discussion should use the course materials Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Complete Psychopathology and Criminality Assignment, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


    You are part of a fact finding panel for your state court system. The court has a concern over the methods used to handle persons that are mentally ill violent offenders. You are charged with selecting a modern court case (past 30 years) in which an insanity issue arose regarding a violent offender. The case may involve a Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Plea, or it may involve a directive by the court for a sanity hearing. You may also select a case with a court determination of intellectual or mental disability, or mental deficiency.

    You must prepare a briefing report on the methods that were used to assess the defendant by the court in the case you selected. Discuss the outcome of the case and the mechanism that resulted in the defendant’s evaluation for sanity.

    In a 3–5 page position paper, respond to the following:

    • Articulate the mental disorder(s) and symptoms being considered by the court in the case that you selected.
    • Explain the relationship between the actions and behavior that would cause the court to remand the defendant for a mental evaluation.
    • Evaluate the outcome of the case you selected in terms of the defendant, the victim, and the community.
    • Critique the court’s decision in the case you selected. Either:
      • Support the court’s correct decision, or
      • Challenge the court’s decision with your supported reasons.

    It is critical that, when you make a statement of fact in your presentation, you cite the reference that you used to obtain the information from. Do this in the text of the paper, and then include the reference in your References page. As always, your paper will be submitted in the current edition of APA format. No abstract is required because this is a short-position paper, but a title page, reference page, and appropriate running header with page numbers are necessary.


    2. 3-5 PAGES LONG

    3. APA STYLE




    we have a lab that we need to write technical report, engineering homework help Writing Assignment Help

    hello we have a lab and i have the lab paper and the recommendation i only have to write 1 paper on findings and one paper on appendices the the instruction on how to write them will be attached too. what we did with my group is attached in the recommendations

    i have home work but not for the lab i will upload it after this. however , the touter who will be assigned for the this i want him/ her to be assigned for the home work and i prefer myself to get the same touter for the whole semester.

    thank you


    American studies, history homework help Humanities Assignment Help

    4 pages double-spaced

    in text-citation

    Given the reading assignments and the lecture notes and my input tell me what you have learned or can draw from this American Indian Studies course.That is, your thoughts and perceptions of Native peoples, their culture, and Life-ways and the history. What have you learned that affects your thinking of these people, their culture, and life-ways that you did NOT know or understand prior to taking this course? What is important to you? In short, what are you taking away from this whole experience? Analyze what you discuss and explain in your essay.

    Here are some topics we talked about: America BCE, Mesoamerica, Northeastern woodland, southeastern woodlands, plains central-northern-southern.


    Deliverable: One (1) Web page and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css), computer science homework help Programming Assignment Help

    Deliverable: One (1) Web page and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css).

    • Write the code for each lab assignment.
    • The code is to be submitted in a single compressed folder (zip file) to the online course shell. The file must contain all .htm files, along with any other files that may be necessary for your project to run (ex: text files, images, etc.).
    • When saving the file, it should be saved as Lab_#_Last name_First initial.htm. For example, if your name is Mary Smith the file for Lab 1 should be saved as Lab_1_Smith_M.htm
    • Any and all written answers must be entered into the online course shell with the submission of the attached lab assignment.

    Follow the directions below to complete Lab Assignment 6:

    1. Create a Web page and a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) that adds color to the page.
    2. Re-create the Web page and the table as shown.
    3. Create a caption for a student’s name.
    4. Create a 1px table border.
    5. Create weekday headings.
    6. Create time headings.
    7. Create multiple column coverage as shown for:
      1. “Homeroom”.
      2. “Dismissed”.
    8. Create multiple column coverage and a centered bold tag for “ Lunch” as shown.
    9. Create multiple row coverage for “Gym” on Monday from 2:00 and 3:00 as shown.



    Cisco Lab 15 – CCNA: Introduction to Networks, computer science homework help Other Assignment Help

    Cisco Lab 15 – CCNA: Introduction to Networks, computer science homework help Other Assignment Help

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