Cloud Computing Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help

Cloud Computing Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help. Cloud Computing Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Step 1: Review the Procurement Process

Procurement refers to the process of selecting vendors, establishing payment terms, strategic vetting, selection, the negotiation of contracts and actual purchasing of goods, services, and other work vital to an organization.

A request for proposals or RFP is part of the procurement cycle. It provides an overview and background of the company, the relevant financial information, the define the requirements section, including availability requirements and business requirements, and the administrative information about the bidding process. The RFP specifies the type of contract that you wish cloud vendors to respond with (firm-fixed-price, cost-plus, or cost-plus-award-fee).

A subset of the RFP, the statement of work (SOW), lays the groundwork for the project. It includes and defines all aspects of the project, such as activities, deliverables, and the timetable, and any relevant information on the existing technical environment.

Step 2: Review BallotOnline’s RFP for Web Services

For this stage of the procurement process, you will assume the role of the bid and proposal manager at a vendor providing cloud migration services for the AWS platform. Your final deliverable will be a proposal in response to the web application services RFP posted by BallotOnline.

Boilerplate language contains key legal provisions that can affect the enforceability of an RFP. It is important to have a basic understanding of boilerplate language and how it is used in an RFP.

You may want to review sample boilerplate language used in RFPs and RFP responses before moving on to the next step.

Take Note

Before beginning your proposal, fully examine the web services RFP posted by BallotOnline so you understand the project requirements, including security, financial, regulatory, and technical issues that will need to be considered in your proposal response.

Step 3: Identify the Key Components of the RFP Response

You have shared BallotOnline’s requirements with your colleagues, and your organization has decided to move forward with writing a proposal.

It is now time to identify the key components of an RFP response. Those components will include technical aspects as well as costs and personnel considerations. The financial proposal should outline all costs associated with implementing the technical proposal.

You should also keep the AWS features and offerings and cloud service provider (CSP) pricing issues in mind.

In the next step, you will start working on your draft RFP response.

Step 4: Mapping the RFP Requirements

It is important that your proposal addresses the specific details outlined in the RFP. You should create a two-column table breaking down your proposal to map to each component of the RFP.

Review the RFP from BallotOnline and prepare an RFP mapping document. Submit this document for review.

Two-Column Table Breaking Down Your Proposal to Map to Each Component of the RFP

This is an example of how you might map the RFP requirements to your RFP response proposal items. These are examples, and are not necessarily requirements that are in the RFP. You should review the RFP to obtain the actual requirements and create a table that is appropriate for your needs.

RFP Requirement RFP Response Proposal Item
Three years of experience performing cloud migrations Vendor Experience
No corporate bankruptcies, on-time vendor payment history, and audited financials Financial Qualifications
99.99% availability Service Availability
Web servers with load balancing capabilities Technical Proposal

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One page essay Humanities Assignment Help

The One-Page Essay (OPE) is a short preliminary writing on one of our readings to prepare you for each essay. Each essay should be 2 paragraphs with at least one line onto the 2nd page. OPE’s count toward your Short Writings Grade (100 points total). Instructions on each OPE will be given separately.


Choose an example from Chen. Explain the example in your own words (quoting key phrases or ideas). Then make 10 observations about this example (in complete sentences). Your observations should think about some of the ideas we’ve been discussing: technology, empathy, cultural problems. Make connections to our previous readings, especially Turkle. Use this exercise to brainstorm some new ideas for your next essay.

The materials that need to be read will be sent after the order is received.?


I need the complete answer and you need to use r studio for the question. Mathematics Assignment Help

Pendulum a student experimenting with a pendulum counted the number of full swings the pendulum made in 20 seconds for various for various length of string. Her data are shown below.

Length(in.). 6.5 9 11.5 14.5 18 21 24 27 30 37.5

Number of swings 22 20 17 16 14 13 12 11 10

  • A)Explain why a linear model is not appropriate for using the length of a pendulum to predict the number of Swings in 20 seconds.
  • B)Re- express the data to straighten the scatterplot.
  • C)Create an appropriate model.
  • D)Estimate the number of swings for a pendulum with a 4-inch string.
  • E)Estimate the number of swings for a pendulum with a 48-inch string.
  • F)How much confidence do you place in these predictions? Why?


stats data and models 4th edition

Question 20 and page 267


Project 2: The Plot Thickens Mathematics Assignment Help

You may not discuss this project with faculty members besides Dr. Kronenthal. If you
choose to consult people or resources besides Dr. Kronenthal, your textbook, and your class
notes, you must cite them on your paper. Failing to do so will be considered dishonest.
APPEAR BELOW. Failing to comply subjects you to a penalty.
Mathematica is available on the computers in LY 215. You can also download it for your home computer
(for free). To do so, visit
I encourage you to use the help menu often, as it provides helpful examples. To access it, click on Help
and then click on Documentation Center. Then you can use the search box at the top to find information
about the function you are interested in.


News #2 and DB #8 Writing Assignment Help

see instructions

1. Provide Title of news source

2. Provide link to news item

3. In a paragraph or two, summarize the news item you’ve selected. It is your job to make sure someone reading your summary has a good idea what the news item is about.

4. There is NO need to respond to another student

5. Read the News Instructions carefully, noting the types of news stories not allowed. If you enter a news story that is, you will receive no credit


Pick one question to answer and Remember to respond to two other students

1. What were the steps by which the United States achieved political and economic hegemony over Cuba?

2. How did women’s struggle for equality affect Cuban national development?

3. What were the causes of the 1933 Cuban Revolution and how did it lay the political foundation for the origins of Cuban populism?

4. José Martí and Fidel Castro are probably the best known and most discussed Cubans of modem times. How did their personalities, ideas, and programs for Cuba compare and contrast?

5. What was the role of Ché Guevara in the formation of Cuban economic and foreign policy?

6. What were the major changes in Cuban economic policy between 1959 and 1990, what caused them, and how did they affect the vast majority of Cubans?



Project Schedule, Cost, & Procurement Management Business Finance Assignment Help

Make sure project is done in Microsoft Project

I Have attached my week 2 assignment so most of the activities come out of it

I will prefer atleast 60 activities

At the next meeting, you and the team had a very productive discussion on your findings related to the identification of all of the project activities that must happen to start and finish your project. You even took a step further in working with your team members to estimate resources and cost for each of the activities. Everyone feels that it is time to present your findings to Sam and Gloria and provide them with a baseline estimate of how long this project will most likely cost in terms of time and dollars.

“Thanks for educating us on the schedule development planning,” says Jerry to you. “We have some great information here, but I think it is too much detail to present to Sam and Gloria.”

“I agree,” says Melissa. “Does anyone have any ideas on how best to present this information?”

“We should go ahead and plug this information into a project schedule that both Sam and Gloria know and will appreciate. We ought to establish a project baseline at this time. We should define the tasks, start and finish dates, durations, predecessors (sequence of activities), resource names, and possibly cost,” says Sara.

“The project schedule should account for all of the activities that must happen. It must not be less than 30–50 activities and subactivities,” you say.

“Oh, that’s great!” says Jim. “Do you think you can prepare it for the team by next week?”


Tips: Start by looking at the WBS activities that you defined last week. Think about how you could decompose your work packages into activities and subactivities to complete this coffee house project. You should use all of the project artifacts (deliverables) you produced so far and the given project scenario to identify all of the activities that are needed.

You should be able to come up with 30–100 activities easily for your schedule baseline. Once those activities have been identified, finish your schedule by plugging in start and finish dates, durations, predecessor relationships, and adding cost and resource names. Resource names and cost can be added in the main summary page or directly in the resource sheet. Your project name must go in the first row, and all other activates should be indented under it. You should link all activities to summary tasks and subactivities to the main activity. You may make assumptions for any of this work, and estimates do not need to be real. You should save the finished project file as: “Week 3 deliverable_your name.”

Project Schedule, Cost, & Procurement Management Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Emerging Adulthood Humanities Assignment Help



Type of service:



Double spacing

Paper format:


Number of pages:

1 page

Number of sources:

2 sources

Paper detalis:


Read the box on page 457 (From Research to Practice – Emerging
Adulthood: Not Quite There Yet!). Click and watch the TED Talk: Why 30
is Not the New 20…

Based on the reading and the TED Talk, submit a one to two page double spaced paper that addresses the prompt below.


After reading the assigned readings and watching the TED Talk, what
information helps you understand what it means to emerge from
adolescence to twentysomething adults?


In your paper, identify and discuss at least one contrasting element
from the reading and the TED Talk that highlights the experience of
twentysomethings as they emerge into adulthood.

Include a minimum of 1 in-text citation from both the reading and the TED Talk.


In the conclusion of your paper, discuss what the reading and the TED
talk have in common that illustrates the challenges and opportunities of
twentysomethings as they emerge into adulthood.

Include a minimum of 1 in-text citation from both the reading and the TED Talk


Paper Mechanics: Double space your paper. Type in paragraphs, follow the
example below for in-text citations. Use Times New Roman and 12 fonts.
Only your name on the Paper

Use the following format for in-text citations:

Readings– (Author page number) – Example: (Feldman 457).

TED Talk – (Jay.

For this assignment, you will have a total of 4 in-text citations: 2 for the readings; 2 for the TED talk


-2 for each missing citation

up to 3 points deducted for incorrect in-text citation format

up to 4 points deducted for not addressing the components of the assignment

-1 points for each error in writing (i.e. no paragraphs, misspelling, margin errors, spacing, page length, etc.)

Also, set paragraph settings at 0,0, double.


for each question help me write one page Writing Assignment Help

  1. How does the addition of “for what purpose” in Williams’ corrective change how one analyzes the effects of media on children
  2. What is new and surprising about new media when it generates similar reactions over 70 or more years? “In general, while mass culture tended to provoke controversy in the United States–particularly when a new medium like comics rose to popularity, and particularly when that medium appealed to kids–these controversies tended to fade away quickly. Members of the public were, not surprisingly, frightened by the effects of an emerging media environment more expansive and frenzied than the one they had known.”

and I will upload some notes and readings that help you.


UCD Gift or Commodity What Changes Hands in The US Garage Sale Essay Economics Assignment Help

The exchange
of gifts is a common practice for many people around the world. It is a fitting
topic for research considering that people engage in this activity without knowing
exactly why people do such and the reason behind the exchange of gifts. While
many people give gifts without expecting anything in return, it is normal for
those who receive the gift to think of ways to return the favor given, maybe
in the form of a gift or a favor.

The research
paper will cover the reasons why people engage in exchange of gifts and the
value attached to every gift given. To give answer to these questions, reliable
sources will be used. The article, Gifts and Exchange will be used as it
has a lot of information on how giving has become normal and expected during
certain seasons and how gifts become valuable due to “some magical essence of
the giver”(Wilk & Cliggett, 154). Moreover, the article Gift or
Commodity: What Changes Hands in the U.S. Garage Sale
provides a unique
view of how garage sales serve as an avenue for the exchange of gifts in the
form of the used commodities that are sold at low prices. In addition, the
article, The Gift of Strawberries will also be utilized in the research.
It gives a meaning to gift giving as it shows how the love exerted behind the
gift giving is more valuable than the value of the gift itself.

To add more
information for the research, the article, The Gift Giving Influence will
be used to give insight on the gift giving in the medical field. It gives an
important lesson on how gifts could impose a sense of indebtedness. Lastly, the
article Giving and Receiving Gifts: One Perspective gives support to the
previous article as it explains how the space between a healthcare
provider and the giver’s attitude can be narrow. This article is important as
this gives ideas from the Japanese point of view.


Herrmann G.
(1997). Gift or Commodity: What Changes Hands in the U.S. Garage Sale?


Kimmerer, R.
(2014). The Gift of Strawberries. Braiding Sweetgrass

Sierles, F.,
MD. (2006). The Gift-Giving Influence. AMA Journal of Ethics. Retrieved

Takayama, J.
(2001). Giving and Receiving Gifts: One Perspective. Western Journal of

Retrieved from…

. Wilk, R.
& Cliggett. (1996). Gifts and Exchange. Economies and Culture


PowerPoint Writing Assignment Help

Mid life crisis may lead a woman or man into the court system for any reason and we can find evidence in many of the amendments. We need to be creative! I know the older I get, the less I care about formalities. Below are potential things that may lead someone suffering from mid-life crisis into the court system-


Irresponsible spending-Bankruptcy

Intensive hobbies-daredevils

Anger Issues

Patience issue

Possible Drug and Excessive alcohol Usage

Create a PowerPoint with 4 slides that address the following points related to midlife crisis and the court system. You are creating a special court for those who have committed a crime as a result of going through a midlife crisis.

Apply the 4 Steps in Cognitive Restructuring to see how this individual could be helped.

  • What are the major issues that need to be addressed with this special population of offenders? Explain.
  • What will be the most challenging element of cognitive restructuring in this case? Explain.
  • What are the major components of this court?
  • What are the criminological justifications for this court?


Cloud Computing Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help

Cloud Computing Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help

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