COM 3324 Influences of Gender on Communication Behavior in Hot in Here Song Paper Humanities Assignment Help

COM 3324 Influences of Gender on Communication Behavior in Hot in Here Song Paper Humanities Assignment Help. COM 3324 Influences of Gender on Communication Behavior in Hot in Here Song Paper Humanities Assignment Help.

Students will examine one of four music videos and discuss the influences of gender on communication behavior applying communicative theories/concepts. Chapter 8 discussed Gender and Media.


Imagine that you are a visitor from another planet. All you know about male-female gender roles and behavior you learned from a music video.

1. Choose one of the 2 music videos to analyze.

2. Identify the gender roles portrayed in the video. What are the roles for men and what are the roles for women?

3. Discuss the gender behaviors of the males and females in the video. Are the gender behaviors of the males and females affected by whether the singers are male or female?

4. Discuss the power dynamics (who has the power? who doesn’t? is anyone portrayed as an object?).

5. Your 3-4 page typed paper should be error free and answer each question posed.

6. You should cite at least 3 credible sources of support using APA documentation style. You may cite the textbook as a source. You will need a reference page.

COM 3324 Influences of Gender on Communication Behavior in Hot in Here Song Paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Peirce College Coca Cola and McDonalds Code of Conduct Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Once complete, I will send you an invite for replies to 3 students. I must post this first in order to see other students posts.

Here is the discussion:

Discussion: Code of Conduct

Locate the code of conduct for three different companies using the Internet. You may use your employer, if they have a code conduct, as one of them.

Post a clear and logical response in 250 words to the following, providing specific examples to support your answers:

  • Briefly describe the companies and each code of conduct.
  • What are the similarities? Explain.
  • What are the differences? Explain.


Michigan State University NAD and Anaerobic Respiration Questions Science Assignment Help

All answers must be in your own words. Answers copied directly from the textbook, PowerPoint, or an online source will not be given credit.

1.You set up two cultures with an equal amounts of Escherichia coli. You label one culture “A” and the other “B.” Each culture is given 100mL of tryptic soy nutrient broth. You then take culture A and incubate it in the absence of oxygen and take culture B and incubate it in the presence of oxygen for one week. If E. coli is able to use both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, the how would we classify it? Is it an obligate aerobe, obligate anaerobe, or a facultative anaerobe? Based on that information, which flask, A or B, would have more cells at the end of the week? Fully explain your answer.

2.What is NAD (NAD+) and NADH? Describe them as if you were a chemist. Why is NAD needed by all cells no matter what type of metabolism they use?

3.If an obligate anaerobe was no longer able to use the process of fermentation (and is not capable of anaerobic respiration,) would it still be able to produce ATP via glycolysis? Why or why not?

4. An obligate aerobe growing in an oxygenated environment is suddenly moved to an environment without oxygen. Explain what would happen to its metabolic pathways. Start with the Electron Transport Chain and work your way backwards to glycolysis.

5. What does a cell use ATP for? Imagine that you give an obligate aerobe cell 1 molecule of glucose. How many net ATP can it make? Imagine that you give an obligate anaerobe cell 1 molecule of glucose. How many net ATP can it make?

6. Eukaryotic cells have mitochondria (membrane bound organelles with separated compartments)

that allow them to use the electron transport chain to create a proton gradient capable of powering the ATP synthase enzyme. We know that prokaryotes do not have membrane bound organelles. How then do they accomplish this task? Describe for full credit


MGT 322 SEU Subway Logistics & Supply Chain Management Critical Thinking Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and apply Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools to suggest supply chain process/logistics performance priorities. To this purpose, you should Study chapter 1, 2 and review Fast food industry /Food companies through secondary available information. Think about how you can apply the concepts/tools that you learned in this course.

Select a fast-food company of your choice, research the impact of Covid-19 on that company. Explain why you have come to your conclusions:

The Answer should be 4- 5 pages

The Answer must follow the outline points below:

1. Executive summary (no more than one page)

– Summarize, what is Supply chain process/logistics performance priorities, what Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools applied to achieve the company’s objective.

2. Background information

– Briefly introduce the company background (e.g., name, products, business size, location, internal/external interesting facts, etc).

3. Problem Description (Covid 19)

– Describe the objectives clearly and specifically.

– The objective may involve either logistics decision-making or process improvement.

4. Application of logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools applied

– Describe, what specific logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools be applied to achieve the objective. This section should make it clear that you understand the concepts/tools you are about to use.

5. Results

– Analyze the expected results of the proposed solution.

6. References


NRSE 3700J OU Writing for Nursing HIV & AIDS Health Issues in Thailand Essay Health Medical Assignment Help


**(Info attached from previous papers submitted regarding HIV/AIDS health issue in Thailand building up to this final paper)**

M7-A1 Informative and Persuasive Paper

It is a paper of about 1500 words (approximately six (6) pages). The paper has two purposes.

  • The first purpose is to inform the audience about a health care issue that exists in the country/community that you chose in Module I.
  • The second purpose is to persuade the audience that a specified intervention (or interventions) would address the health issue. Earlier assignments in this course will help you think about the chosen topic.

Final Paper:

  • The paper is to be approximately six pages in length excluding the title page and the references page.
  • The chosen issue is to be compared to a similar issue in the United States.
  • Use the following questions to focus the paper
    • 1.Discuss the health issue in the chosen country/community.
      • What is it?
      • Who is impacted?
      • Why is the health issue important?
      • What are the consequences of not addressing the health issue?
      • Identify the two or three social determinants of health that have the most impact on the chosen health issue. Explain the influence.
    • 2.Is the same health issue present in the United States?
      • Who does the health issue impact in the U.S.?
      • Is it as big of a problem in the U.S.?
      • What is similar, and what is different about the health issue in the two countries?
      • Identify the two or three social determinants of health that have an impact on the chosen health issue in the U.S. Explain the influence.
      • If the health issue does not exist in the U.S., explain the reasons for this being so.
    • 3.Identify an intervention (or interventions) that would address the identified health issue. There is no specified number of interventions required, but if education is chosen as an intervention it cannot be the only intervention.
      • Would the proposed interventions differ between the chosen country and the U.S.?
      • Identify the connection between the social determinants of health, the health issue, and the interventions.
      • Persuade the audience that the identified intervention(s) would be useful in addressing the chosen health issue.
      • Again, education CANNOT be the only intervention but can be used in combination with another intervention.

Technical Aspects of the Paper

1. No need to include an abstract.

2. Include a minimum of five (5) references. References must be no older than five years (unless making a specific point using a seminal or classical piece of literature). Acceptable references include peer-reviewed databases, textbook materials, and any source that has been peer reviewed. References that are NOT acceptable include (not an inclusive list): Up To Date, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, hospital organizations, insurance recommendations, and secondary clinical databases. There is no need to include the annotated bibliography.

3. Use Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12 font; 1-inch margins; double spaced

4. Include an appropriately formatted APA 7th edition student title page.

5. Use APA 7th edition format throughout the paper.

6. Review the MUGS document and use the information where appropriate.

7. The paper must include:

• An introduction that includes a thesis statement

• Body of the paper that supports the thesis, organizes and fleshes out the main ideas,

and topics are sequenced so that the flow makes sense.

• Conclusion

8. Refer to the Rubric for how the paper will be evaluated



University of Virginia Business Model and Brand Positioning Discussion Question Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 1 – minimum 500 words APA format

Review the following two marketing readings from Harvard Business Publications

1- Brands and Brand Equity

2 – Brand Positioning

The reading on Brands and Brand Equity aims to combine theory and practice by summarizing and integrating the latest theories and models in branding research and illustrating them with examples from diverse industries, including stories of both success and failure for well-known brands to which we can relate.

The reading on Brand Positioning examines the importance of brand positioning in marketing. Effectively positioning an offering in a distinctive way determines a firm’s success or failure. The best marketing managers understand the importance of brand positioning in creating a sustainable competitive advantage for each of their good or service offerings.

Following your review, prepare a response to the following discussion question:

Why is branding so crucial to an organization’s success?

Part 2 – 500 words APA format

Business Model Generation text discusses different concepts and As a strategist today, what obstacles do you believe can stand if your way?

Below is the link to textbook as it was too big to attach as a document…

University of Virginia Business Model and Brand Positioning Discussion Question Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Irvine Valley College Antiintellectualism in America essay Humanities Assignment Help

The research needs minimum 12 pages and I have finished 6 pages already. Just need to follow my idea to finish the rest of it. And help me proofread the first 6 pages.

Here is the instruction:

The full final paper needs to be formatted in the following manner/contain the following requisite support:

  • Size 12 Times New Roman font
  • Minimum 12 pages of content (a full 12 pages of content)
  • 1” margins all around
  • Double-spaced
  • A uniformly applied citation method (both in-text and in the references list)
    • You can use ASA, APA, MLA, etc.
  • A minimum of 13 resources
    • 11 of these resources must be from academic peer-reviewed resources
    • 2 of these resources must come from a non-academic (though trustworthy) resource. These are especially useful for your introduction

To that end, the Research Paper contains the following, required items:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Conclusion
  4. References (this is not included in the 12 page minimum)

Each of these components break down as follows:

  1. Introduction
    1. The introduction will serve to introduce the topic and idea to your audience (i.e. me). In this case, you need to construct an introduction that motivates an interest in the topic as well as introduces the basic necessities of understanding to your reader. To that end, your introduction should focus primarily on your issue of interest (the pay gap, for example).
    2. Make sure there is a clear thesis of what your overall paper is as well as the research question you’re attempting to answer.
    3. It should give some insight into the components that underlie that issue (define it, give a bit of history on it, and also present basic statistics for it, which you can obtain through places like newspaper articles or research organizations like Pew).
      1. Remember: the introduction motivates the reader to want to know more, so it needs to stay focused on the issue that you want to address. If you have an annual review article, it can give you some great basic details for your introduction.
  2. Literature Review
    1. For your literature review, you must use a minimum of 11 peer-reviewed, academic research articles. The literature review serves to fine tune your point further and helps you to focus on where you are most specifically interested, namely the key concepts, factors, and variables that you think influence the problem you are trying to understand.
    2. You need to work through your idea here about what you identify as happening. This works to take what you’re interested in and give insight into how it’s complex. So, make sure your literature review discusses what influences you’re interested.
    3. For example, say you were interested in the voting behaviors of people. Your literature review would note what influences people to vote and why. So, you’d most likely have some discussion of how and why race influences voter preference, as well as some discussion of some things like gender, income, etc. That way your reader understands the complexity of the issue, but keep in mind your major focus.
    4. For this section, you’re welcome to break it down into subsections. For example, if you’re doing a study of food consumption patterns and the changing nature of diets being influenced by pop culture, you could have subsections regarding vegetarianism/veganism, gluten-free, paleo, etc. (Or, if you’re more interested in how food trends are mediated by demographics, you could use subsections like Racial Variation in Food Consumption, Gendered Nature of Food Consumption, etc.)
  3. Conclusion
    1. The conclusion reiterates your main research question and really offers the moment that you can fully make sure that everything brought home, as it were. You’re not merely reiterating exactly what you just said. Rather, you’re using it to make sure your reader understands the full ideas and implications. You should also articulate what it doesn’t address and that future papers can integrate to understand the topic more fully.
  4. References
    1. In addition to using in-text citations, you must also have a references list. Use whichever citation method you want but it must be uniform!



Campbellsville University Server Virtualization and Cloud Computing Case Study Computer Science Assignment Help

Complete a case study of the organization you work for (use a hypothetical or “other” organization if more applicable) that will address the following prompts:

  • Describe the organization’s environment and evaluate its preparedness for virtualization.
  • Explain Microsoft (or another product) licensing for virtualized environments.
  • Recommend a configuration for shared storage; make sure to discuss the need for high availability and redundancy for virtualization for the organization.
  • Explain Windows Azure capabilities for virtual machines and managing a hybrid cloud, including Windows Azure’s Internet as a Service (IaaS) and storage capabilities
  • Make a recommendation for cloud computer use in the organization, including a justification for your recommendations.

Paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be minimum of 4 pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.
  • Follow APA6 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.
  • Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations.


University of the Cumberlands Data Mining paper Computer Science Assignment Help

You have been asked by management (manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial, and etc. ) to create a demo using a data analytic or BI tool. It is your responsibility to download and produce outputs using one of the tools. You will need to focus your results on the data set you select.

Ensure to address at least one topic covered in Chapters 1-5 with the outputs. The paper should include the following as Header sections.

History of Tool [Discuss the benefits and limitations]
Review of the Data [What are you reviewing?]
Exploring the Data with the tool
Classifications Basic Concepts and Decision Trees
Classifications Alternative Techniques
Summary of Results


Diablo Valley College Income Inequality Distribution Impact Discussion Economics Assignment Help

Income distribution is a micro economics topic but it has macro economic impact and consequences.

In your group you will discuss :

  • the reasons why income is distributed unequally
  • what can be done to reduce the inequality or
  • what are the benefits of an unequal income distribution

The discussion will be based on the material in chapter 30 as well as your research and the articles that you will be linking for the benefit of your colleagues. You should pick one of the options above and present what you feel is the most important argument for this topic. You will read what your colleagues have posted to avoid repetition, so if what you wanted to discuss has already been posted, then you will need to move on to the next point you feel is very important. It is therefore to your benefit to post early and that will also allow you to engage your colleagues in a discussion of what you or they have posted.

Your post will be limited to 250 words, so make sure that you use your words wisely.

The assessment will be based on:

  • how well you have organized your post? Avoid fragmented posts or posts that sound like they are a cut and paste presentation.
  • how applicable is the article that you are linking for your colleagues to read? These articles should be from current events media and not academic thesis material.
  • your link should be live – a hyper link for easy access by your colleagues
  • how late in the time frame (when the assignment was made available to the deadline for posting) did you post your first contribution ?
  • how well did you engage your colleagues to join the discussion (you could ask a question of your colleagues, make a strong statement and ask feedback….)?
  • how well did you answer or comment on posts made by your colleague/colleagues?


COM 3324 Influences of Gender on Communication Behavior in Hot in Here Song Paper Humanities Assignment Help

COM 3324 Influences of Gender on Communication Behavior in Hot in Here Song Paper Humanities Assignment Help