competitive analysis SWOT analysis​ Business Finance Assignment Help

competitive analysis SWOT analysis​ Business Finance Assignment Help. competitive analysis SWOT analysis​ Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Week Three: Competitive and Analysis & SWOT Analysis

1. Using this week’s article, MaGee, Susan (n.d.). How to conduct and prepare a competitive analysis (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Retrieved:…, you will conduct a competitive analysis on an established acupuncture practice. You may choose any practice in any location that you’d like (including your colleagues, your own practitioner, or even your

faculty members), and you may need to interview the owner of the practice in order to answer the following questions:

  • Name of the practice and location
  • What products and services are offered here?
  • Are these products or services aimed at satisfying target markets similar to my target market?
  • Is this practice profitable?
  • In the next year, does this practice intend to expand or scale down?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What distinguishes this practice from its local competitors?
  • Do they have a competitive advantage; if so, what is it?
  • What is their marketing / promotional strategy? What types of marketing and promotions do they use? Website, Social media, print advertisement, etc.?
  • What are their pricing structures?
  • Have there been any changes in their targeted market segments in the last five years?
  • What is their size? This could include a number of practitioners, hours of operations, number of treatments provided annually, etc.
  • Any additional, relevant information that contributes to understanding how this practice might compete with your future practice?

2. Using this week’s article, Berry, T. (n.d.). What is a SWOT analysis? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Retrieved:, conduct a SWOT Analysis of your future practice. Your analysis should cover all four topics: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Your analysis should address or answer the questions that the article listed under each of these four topics.

competitive analysis SWOT analysis​ Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

create a case study ( take out plagarism) Programming Assignment Help

please create a case study similiar to the one in the file or at least take out all the plagarism and reword everything need one similar to this one the sample essay will be in the file below. The case study is as follows:

Week 9 Case Study

Client Profile: Selina Kyle



Resting Heart Rate



Body Fat %



70 bpm


159 pounds


Selina just had her first baby a couple months ago and is determined to shed excess pregnancy pounds before summer. Selina has very limited exercise experience. She did not play high school or college sports. Prior to having her first child, she did like to hike, go out dancing, and take the occasional yoga class. She is eager to start a program to lose the baby weight. She can dedicate 3 or 4 days per week to exercise and is willing to sign on for 12 weeks to start.


Design a 12-week periodized training program for the client described in the Client Profile. Be very specific as you design the training programs as this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your full comprehension of the information and concepts discussed throughout the course. List the types of exercise, duration, sets, reps, rest intervals, and so on.


  • A description of your professional responsibilities as discussed in the stages of the drawing-in process. (Unit 12)
  • Discussion of any fitness tests, methods of evaluation, and data collection used to assess and evaluate the client’s needs.
  • Calculation of the client’s target heart rate using the Karvonen formula.
  • Specific conditions that you have identified in the client profile.
  • A detailed 12-week comprehensive and periodized training program including specific exercises, sets, repetitions, suggested rest times, etc. Use an integrated approach in your program recommendations. Use charts to illustrate the training program.
  • Specific and detailed nutritional strategies and an explanation as to how the strategies will assist the client in meeting energy needs.
  • Explanation for your chosen assessment, programming, and nutritional recommendations. (Be sure to reference course concepts when discussing rationale for your recommendations.)

Keep in mind that a client should be able to take your program and put it into practice without having to contact you to clarify what you intended by your recommendations or to explain parts of your program.

Don’t forget your explanation for WHY you listed and recommended what you did. Reference the concepts and theories covered in the course. Be sure to address why the program and exercises recommended are appropriate for the specific client given the client’s history, current abilities, and intended goal(s). For example: if you are developing a program for a beginner client without any resistance training experience, explain how your program addresses the lack of experience, initial need for foundational development, process by which you would safely progress the client, etc. Tying your program to course concepts is a critical component of your case study.


Need an answer for EVM Business Finance Assignment Help


All of you have had at least an introduction to earned value management in the project management fundamentals course. Many of you may have had the opportunity to use earned value management in your professional careers. In practice, most EVM analysis results are generated by scheduling software or other applications. As a project manager, you must have a good handle on the concepts and be able to verify the accuracy of EVM analysis results.

In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to brush up and expand upon your EVM knowledge and skills by applying EVM concepts to a practical problem. THIS ASSIGNMENT REQUIRES A MANUAL ANALYSIS – DO NOT USE MICROSOFT PROJECT.

Problem Background

Your project consists of seven activities with planned start and finish datesshown in the chart below:

Activity budgets and earned value (EV) accrual rules from you project cost management plan are as follows:


  1. Assume a five-day work week with no holidays occurring during the work week.
  2. For all activities (except activities 3 and 4), assume the expenditure rate is constant over the duration of the activity, i.e., the amount planned to be spent each week is the same. See the conceptual profile below.
  3. For activity 3, the planned expenditure profile is shown below:
  4. For activity 4, the planned expenditure profile is shown below:

The project sponsor wants you (the PM) to present a project cost and schedule performance assessment using data through the end of week 8:

For activity 1, three equally-valued gates have been established and all gates are complete as of the end of week 8.

For activity 3, five milestones have been established with the following values: (1) milestone 1 – 10%; milestone – 20%; milestone 3 – 15%; milestone 4 -20%; milestone 5 – 35%. Four of the milestones are complete as of the end of week 8.

For activity 4, four equally values gates (milestones) have been established. As of the end of week 8, none of the gates have been reached but the activity owner estimates 30% of the work required to reach the first gate has been accomplished.

Answer the questions that follow. Show all work. Round dollar values to the nearest dollar. Calculate all other variables to three decimal places.

  1. Earned Value Measures
    1. Calculate earned value measures for each activity and for the cumulative project as of the end of week 8; fill in the table below:
  2. Earned Value Performance Measures
    1. Calculate earned value performance parameters for each activity and for the cumulative project as of the end of week 8; fill in the table below:
    2. Is the project ahead of schedule, on schedule, or behind schedule? What EVM information are you using to make this assessment and why?
    3. Is the project over budget, under budget, or on budget? What EVM information are you using to make this assessment and why?
  3. Earned Value Forecasts
    1. What is the value of the “Cumulative CPI” Estimate-at-Completion (EAC)?
    2. Using the “Mathematical” or “Overrun to Date” Estimate-at Completion, what is the value of the Estimate-to-Complete (ETC)?
    3. Using the “Cumulative CPI times SPI” Estimate-At-Completion, how much more or less money (other than the current budgeted amount) will you need to finish the project?
    4. How much would the Cost Performance Index (CPI) have to change in order to complete the project within the original budget?


Planned Value (PV)

Earned Value (EV)

Actual Cost (AC)

Activity One



Activity Two



Activity Three



Activity Four



Activity Five



Activity Six



Activity Seven



Entire Project



Schedule Variance (SV)

Schedule Performance Index (SPI)

Cost Variance (CV)

Cost Performance Index (CPI)

Activity One

Activity Two

Activity Three

Activity Four

Activity Five

Activity Six

Activity Seven

Entire Project


c++ homework Computer Science Assignment Help

Overview: For problems 1(a) and 2(a) of this assignment, you will need a C++ compiler. In order to receive credit, your programs must compile and run; and you must provide the actual source code file so that I can compile and run your programs (e.g. the files ending in .cpp). The remaining parts for the assignment must be written up within a single Microsoft Word document. You must include your name and course number within all files that you submit, including source code files as a comment at the top of each file that you create or modify.

I cant upload .pp sytle so u have to go my school website. it would be work to see source file.


Project Management Planning Writing Assignment Help

Assignment: Project Management Planning

Because many aspects of health care operations are changing, health care administrators oversee a wide variety of projects. These can include logistical projects such as moving a department to a new facility, technology-related projects such as introducing a new system or piece of equipment, or process-related projects such as initiating new procedures for patient discharge. If the project has any degree of complexity, it will benefit from a project management approach. Administrators and managers in health care need to have a working understanding of project management: why it is important, what it accomplishes, and the repercussions on the organization if its basic tenets are ignored or not followed. Within project management, the project plan is the cornerstone of successful execution of a project. The project plan is designed to guide the process and execution of a project.

For this Assignment, you will develop a project plan, using as your focus a work-related project you are doing now or will be doing in the future.

Part 1: Service Level Agreement

It is suggested that the project you select be manageable in scope and not overly complex. You will assume that the objectives and scope of the project you have selected have been vetted and approved. The next step is to develop a project plan. You will develop a project management plan that will walk through key steps of the project management process. The objective of this Assignment is not a deep dive into the full intricacies of project management. Rather, it is to ensure that as a health care administrator, you have a solid theory and practical knowledge of key aspects of the project management process.

For Part 1 of this Assignment, you will create a Service Level Agreement (3–5 pages) which includes the following:

  • Project Description, Purpose, and Objectives: The project description delineates key aspects of a project. In 1–2 pages, your project plan should:
    • Describe the project and explain the purpose and justification for the project.
    • Explain the goals and objectives of the project.
    • Describe the requirements for the project.
    • Explain the tangible measures for acceptance criteria used to achieve project success.
  • Project Scope: The project scope defines the scope of the project and how the scope will be managed. In 2–3 pages, your project plan should:
    • Summarize, in detail, the expected deliverables for the project.
    • Explain the acceptance criteria for the project.
    • Explain the project assumptions, risks, and constraints.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: By definition, a project is a unique undertaking with a beginning and an end point. One responsibility of management is to determine who will be a part of the project team (including designation of a project manager). Ask yourself, “Who needs to be on this team to ensure that project goals are successfully met?” Consider as well the importance of communication among team members. What communication needs will each individual have? With whom will they communicate and how?
    • Using the Project Roles and Responsibilities Matrix template in the Learning Resources, list the names* and titles of all individuals or entities involved in the project. Indicate whether each stakeholder is internal or external to the project organization.
    • Note: For privacy purposes, please use pseudonyms.

      • Identify the internal and external stakeholders for a project.
      • Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of the project stakeholders.
      • Explain how to communicate with project stakeholders.

Part 2: Project Schedule

There are many different methodologies for planning and scheduling a project. For this Assignment, you will develop a Gantt chart that depicts key project activities, time allotted for each activity, and when each activity is scheduled to begin. To do so, you will need to consider dependencies. Some activities will be sequential, others may be simultaneous, and some may overlap.

Note: You may create your own Gantt chart using Excel, or search for and download a Gantt chart template.

  • Using a Gantt chart, construct a project schedule.
  • In 2–3 paragraphs of your project plan, explain the estimating techniques used to develop your project schedule. Provide rationale for why these techniques will be effective.

Part 3: Strategies for Maintaining the Project Budget

A project begins with an approved budget. Too often, however, unless the budget is meticulously managed, budget overruns occur. Health care administrators must ensure that the project management process includes careful oversight on spending. In 2–3 pages, describe the project budget key success factors including the following:

  • Analyze at least three strategies that can be applied for due diligence and maintaining oversight of the project budget.
  • Explain at least two challenges each of these strategies might present and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Compare the positive outcomes that might result from each strategy.

Part 4: Risk Management, Quality Management, and Sustainability

Even the most straightforward and well-planned project can be impacted by unexpected circumstances. Anticipating risks is a key part of project management, and one that a health care administrator or manager must ensure is taken into consideration by the project team. Additionally, If not carefully monitored, budget and time constraints can take a toll on the quality of a project. Create a 2–4 page risk management and quality management plan, which includes the following:

  • Describe how you plan to manage risks for your project.
  • Analyze strategies for managing quality within your project.
  • Analyze strategies for sustainability of your project.
  • Describe at least two tools and/or techniques you plan to use to manage quality and defend why you chose those tools.



Option #2: Sample Selection: Monetary Unit Sampling Business Finance Assignment Help

Emerson Washburn is examining the accounts receivable of Anaheim Company and has decided to use MUS to select a sample of customer accounts for confirmation. Anaheim’s accounts receivable totaled $3,500,000 and comprised 3,000 different customer accounts ranging in amount from $200 to $125,000. Based on the characteristics of the population and acceptable risk of incorrect acceptance, tolerable misstatement, and expected misstatement, Washburn determined a sample size of 20 accounts.

  1. Without making any calculations, briefly describe how Washburn would select a sample of customer accounts from the population of accounts receivable.
  2. If Washburn selected a random starting point of 172,600, what are the first four dollar amounts that would be selected? How would Washburn proceed to evaluate these items?
  3. What would Washburn do if two of the dollar amounts selected were contained within the same customer account?
  4. Anaheim maintains its accounts receivable balances in a computerized file that has the following information: (1) customer number, (2) customer name, (3) total account balance, and (4) account status (current versus past due). For each of these elements, comment on any procedures that Washburn should perform before selecting the sample if the population were arranged based on these elements (for example, arranged numerically by customer number, alphabetically by customer name).

Your written response paper should be 3-4 pages in length. Please type your response in a Word document and follow APA format, according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. Include a title page and reference page. Use two (2) outside academic sources other than the textbook, course materials, or other information provided as part of the course materials.

Option #2: Sample Selection: Monetary Unit Sampling Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Management Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help


Answer the following questions:

1.In 2011 and 2012, Google released two updates called Panda and Penguin which were designed not only to improve the ranking of websites but also to defeat what are commonly called black hat SEOs tactics. What is the intent of black hat SEO tactics? How does Google attempt to deter websites from using black hat SEO tactics? List two examples of black hat SEO tactics.

2. Search technology has become an important business tool with many different uses and applications. List two search technologies that impact business. Briefly, explain the function of each.

3.In addition to more effective targeting, one of the key benefits of online advertising is the ability to evaluate its contributions to sales revenue more effectively. List two metrics used by PPC (pay per click) to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns? Briefly, describe each metric.

Requirements for this assignment:

  • Grammatically sound and free of spelling errors
  • Current APA format
  • When submitting a document, include the following data:
    • Title Page
    • Page Header
    • In-text citations, as appropriate
    • Reference List, as appropriate


you are a newly-hired assistant to the VP of Sales of a large-scale wholesale aviation parts business. You have been tasked to create a document with a mockup of a proposed executive dashboard. This display will be utilized to provide data to an IT consulting firm that has been retained to implement a Microsoft® Dynamics CRM solution with customized executive dashboards.

The following is an example of an executive dashboard:

See page for author [GPL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Your mockup display of the proposed executive dashboard should contain six different types of charts. Some types of charts found in the MS Word application are as follows:

  • Pie chart
  • Line chart
  • Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Stock chart
  • Histogram chart
  • Combo chart

Steps to Create Dashboard Mockup

Open a Word document and select “Landscape” in the “Orientation” selection of the “Layout” tab on the toolbar.

Select six different chart types chosen from the ”Chart” selection data in the “Insert” tab on the MS Word toolbar. After you select a chart type from the list and select “OK,” a Microsoft® Excel worksheet labeled “Chart in Microsoft Word” automatically opens with cells containing pre-set numerical data from the MS Word default chart example. You are required to modify the pre-set numerical data in each of the six worksheets. To replace the pre-set numerical data, use your ERAU Student ID number and insert from one to four digits using any combination. Modify the pre-set labels on both the X-axis and the Y-axis in each chart to reflect your specific data.

Arrange the six charts in an orderly fashion, similar to the dashboard example shown above.


I attached the Excel file. Please do part #5 writing a report max 2 pages Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a public health investigator in Alabama, where there is a second plant located.You want to use the data collected on the NY employees and residents to build a Logistic Regression model so that you then assess the probability that Alabama residence that work or live near the plant will develop the cancer.Because the cancer test is very expensive, your office is unable to just test everyone, so you want to use the logistic regression to screen a large population of 133 people as a preliminary test to determine which are ‘at a higher risk’ of developing the cancer based on the exposure variables identified in the New York population.

For this, you will

1 – review the data and determine which variables are relevant to the investigation

2 – construct a Logistic Regression model

3 – apply the logistic regression model to the Alabama resident data

4 – determine which of the Alabama residents should be considered for additional testing for the cancer

5 – Compile a report that clearly states

  • which of the exposure variables were rejected from the model, and for what reason.
  • which of the Alabama residents were recommended for the additional screening test, and why these individuals were selected
  • Recommendations for a larger testing regiment based on the assessment of the 133 people screened for the preliminary study


improve problem analysis project Writing Assignment Help

Can u please use the comment and reply of the professor then improve it ?

here are some comment?

Hi ,

Would you be willing to revise and re-submit your Problem Analysis report with complete and accurate documentation in the proper APA format? If so, I would be willing to re-grade it. You would need to email me the revised version before the end of the day on Tuesday. Would you be willing to do this? Just let me know.

If you have questions about how to provide parenthetical references in the APA documentation style, please ask me or refer to the APA section of Purdue’s Online Writing Lab.



Thank you for sending me your Problem Analysis report. I have attached a file containing your report and my comments in red. Please heed my comments and the assignment instructions and examples as you revise. Did you submit a draft to SVSU’s online Writing Center?

In your bibliography, you put that you retrieved some of your sources in November of 2017. Are you trying to submit a report that you or someone else wrote last year? If you retrieved the sources this month, then put “Retrieved June 2018 from. . . .”

Some of your sources are not properly documented. In some paragraphs, you clearly are drawing figures and statistics from published sources–but in some cases you have not used parenthetical references to identify the source or sources of the information.

In some sections of your report, you quote passages word-for-word from your sources without using quotation marks. You should use quotation marks and parenthetical references to identify direct quotes. Otherwise, you are plagiarizing, which can result in you receiving no credit for the assignment. Any time that you quote something word-for-word, you should enclose it in quotations marks and place a parenthetical reference after it identifying that author’s last name and the publication year. Please see my comments in the attached file. Also, please refer to the APA section of Purdue’s Online Writing Lab.

If you have questions, please let me know.

The document format may not be able to display the chart I’m looking for, but the PDF format is visible, which is why the document format may have large white space. Two intermediate charts are attached. Rui Wang, Jun 16 at 7:15pm
Hi ,
Thank you for submitting your Problem Analysis report. You analyze a range of causes and effects of this problem. Don’t focus on the solution in your Problem Analysis. You will propose a solution and a project plan in your Proposal.
Pay attention to word choice, grammar, and sentence structure. Errors make parts of your report a bit hard to follow.
Be sure to provide effective transitions and topic sentences for your paragraphs. Introduce your quotes by identifying the source. Try to avoid using long block quotes. Use short quotes, paraphrases, and summaries instead.
Some of your information is not properly documented. Please see the comments that I wrote in your Problem Analysis report.


Write a 5-7 page paper Humanities Assignment Help

Final Paper Parts A & B (20% of grade, 10% for each).For the final assignment which is submitted in two parts, read Chapter 3 (Part A) and Chapter 6 (Part B) from: LeCroy, C. (2012).The Call to Social Work: Life Stories. After reading the chapters, answer the “Questions to consider while you read” on the first pages of each chapter.Each paper (Parts A & B) will be 5 – 7 pages in length (not including cover page and reference page).In support of your ideas, please cite a minimum of four references in the paper from outside texts and/or refereed professional journals, however, this does not mean that since you are writing about a chapter from the text that you shouldn’t still make direct reference to the content in the chapter, as well.

APA format should be used. The final paper Part A is due before midnight on June 24th and Part B is due before midnight on the last day of class, June 29th.Please submit your paper to Turnitin via our course Blackboard site no later than midnight on the due date.Late papers will be penalized 10% for each day late.Students can find additional information regarding the final papers under “Content” on our course Blackboard site.






competitive analysis SWOT analysis​ Business Finance Assignment Help

competitive analysis SWOT analysis​ Business Finance Assignment Help