Complete Social Work Population Discussion Post Humanities Assignment Help

Complete Social Work Population Discussion Post Humanities Assignment Help. Complete Social Work Population Discussion Post Humanities Assignment Help.

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POPULATION: health and nutritional services to children from poor communities or neighborhoods (PLEASE REFER TO THIS POPULATION WHEN COMPLETING THE DISCUSSION POST)
  • For this Discussion, review this week’s Resources. Reflect on the population you selected for Week 1. Then, think about the skills you think are necessary for attaining cultural competence as a social worker working with that population. Then search the Walden Library for peer-reviewed article(s) that support the skills you selected.

  • Post by Day 3 a brief explanation of the skills you think are necessary for attaining cultural competence as a social worker working with the population you selected last week. Include an APA citation for a peer-reviewed article that supports the skills you selected.

    Support your posts and responses with specific references to the Resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.


  • Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, G. H., Jr. (2015). Understanding generalist practice (6th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.
    • Chapter 12, “Culturally Competent Social Work Practice” (pp. 442-472) 

Complete Social Work Population Discussion Post Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Homework Question Help Humanities Assignment Help


Environmental Activists

At a lumber mill workers were being injured when the band saw was knocked off the
pulleys by metal spikes driven into the trees. Local ecological activists had
driven these metal spikes into the trees to make the lumber company stop logging
in a specific area. In response, the company ran the trees past a scanner to
look for metal. This prevented the men from being injured. So, the activists
drilled holes in the live trees and poured concrete into them. The scanners
could not pick up the concrete and men began getting hurt again.

  • Were the actions of the environmental activists ethical? Why or why not?
  • What would you do if you were the owner and why?


Complete Financial Analysis Discussion Post Business Finance Assignment Help

Go to

Review the financial statements of a public company  Under “Get Quotes”, type in the symbol of a public corporation. For instance, F is Ford Motor Co. Symbols can be looked up as well on Yahoo!. Then hit “Get Quotes”. After you’ve gone to the company’s webpage, take a look at the financial information on the company. Tell us about your thoughts as to how well the company is run from a financial standpoint. Your initial post should be 200 words or more.  I suggest you consider corporations in more than one sectors of the economy.  For example, you might look at FPL (Florida Power and Light, GF (General Foods), CVS (CVS Pharmacy), etc.  The more diverse your companies, the more others can learn from your research.

Commentary should include an evaluation of sales, profits, cash flows, assets and other important financial  information. Remember, you don’t need to answer the questions as if you are a financial analyst; the purpose of  this discussion is to help you get comfortable with the subject matter. Therefore, we want to become ‘conversationally competent’ not prepare for the CPA exam.



Can you help me with these 3 papers that I need done. Business Finance Assignment Help

1. Organizational innovation is the successful implementation of creative ideas. Complete the following: identify a business going through change that you would like to be the focus of your investigation. Think about what aspects of the business would be important to include in an overview and provide details about the change salient to the analysis. Specify what will happen to the business if no further change occurs. Create a report that recommends methods business managers should use to manage the change and create an atmosphere in which innovation can occur. Be sure to include an overview of the organization and a thorough description of the change taking place. Your report should be 1 page in length.

2. Engaging in global business means recognizing and understanding meaningful cultural differences. The first step is to consider issues such as power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, and short-term/long-term orientation . Cultural differences should be carefully interpreted because they are based on generalizations rather than the characteristics of specific individuals. Adapting managerial practices to cultural differences is difficult because policies and practices can be perceived differently in different cultures. Your report should be 1-2 pages in length. Click the link to download the Week 3 Case Study and respond to the questions. Week 3 Handout 1

3. Write an essay that addresses the
following questions: Now that you have written key parts of the portfolio, how
will you use your career portfolio? What networking will you accomplish? What
professional organizations can you join? How will you meet key people in the
industry? How will you learn about that company you want to join? The completed
assignment should be at least one page, double spaced.


Complete Composition I Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Help

Apply what you have learned about formal language and academic writing to write your own 2 page article that could potentially be published at the reputable Internet website you used to locate the articles you used for the Assignments you wrote for Unit 4.

Select an article from a website that identifies a relevant change in your field of study (Business). Write a 4-5 paragraph draft of your own academic essay that establishes a point about either the cause or effect of this relevant change. Develop your main point about this change using your own ideas, observations, and experience. This draft should be a revised version of the rough draft you submitted to the Unit 6 Discussion Board. Organize your ideas into approximately four paragraphs and develop your ideas using your own observation and knowledge.

You are encouraged to not utilize additional research at this point. Instead, include an additional one-paragraph Research Plan that identifies the claims you make that need to be supported by additional outside research. Identify what specific research information you would need to locate and incorporate in your article to prepare it for publication.



Complete English Composition Assignment Writing Skills Writing Assignment Help

  • Part 1: Prewriting – How I Write

    Write a 75-150 word essay detailing your previous writing experience. Use the following questions to help you to think about your role as a writer:

    • In what type of environment do you do your best writing? 
    • How would you characterize your writing? Has it been better? Has it been worse? 
    • Do you write better at night or in the morning? 
    • When you are confronted with a writing task, how do you begin? 
    • Do you write for pleasure or fun? Do you write for work? 
    • What is it about your writing that you would like to improve upon? 

    Using one or more of the prewriting techniques described in the Raymer article, describe your writing process. Be sure to clearly label the pre-writing technique(s) used.

    Part 2: Resources

    It is important to know what resources you have to help you through this class.  Browse the following resources, and, in 75 to 150 words, describe how you think you will be able to use two or more of these to improve your writing skills.

    • EN101 Syllabus
    • EN101 Course Policies
    • EN101 FAQ
    • EN101 APA Guide
    • EBSCO tutorial
    • Glossary of Writing Terms

    Please submit your responses to both prompts in a single document. 

Complete English Composition Assignment Writing Skills Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

PowerPoint Presentation Humanities Assignment Help

 PowerPoint Presentation

Utilizing the information you compiled for your literature review paper, and the feedback you received from your instructor about the literature review, prepare a 10-15 minute Power Point presentation on your topic, summarizing the key points and conclusions. Be sure to direct this presentation to an audience in the community. For example, if your paper pertained to a topic in developmental psychology, direct your presentation toward parents, or a parenting center. If your topic pertained to substance abuse, direct it toward a community service agency which may use this information for educating teens or parents about preventing drug use, or current clients about treatments and facilities available. Please state in your presentation the specific audience toward whom your presentation is aimed. Include a reference page in APA format, as well as speaker notes and an audio file with your presentation.

Your slides should provide answers to the following questions: 

  • What was your topic?
  • What question did you hope to answer by completing this literature review paper? Explain the practical implications of the conclusions of the literature review and the audience to which they are directed.
  • Given the results of your literature review, what is/are the prevailing argument(s)? In other words, which of those is supported by the existing evidence? Be sure to include full coverage of the arguments, including strengths and weaknesses of each of them, supported by your findings from reviewing the relevant articles.
  • Did the researchers consider multicultural factors in their studies? If not, what factors may be involved? What multicultural factors should future studies include?
  • What ethical issues are related to your topic and/or discussed in the studies you reviewed?
  • How do the conclusions of your literature review relate to the various specialization areas in psychology? Tie them to as many as apply from the following areas: biological, cognitive, developmental, social, personality theory, psychopathology, and applied psychology.
  • How can the conclusions of your literature review inform the population towards whom your presentation is directed? How can they apply this information to their daily lives? What advice or ‘take home message’ can you provide to your audience based on the research you reviewed?
  • What research question could you ask in order to further develop this area of study?
  • Why is your research question important and relevant to the current work being done on your topic?

Your presentation should also follow these guidelines:

  • It should be approximately 10-15 minutes in length.
  • It should be clear, concise, and professional.  Writing should be free of spelling and grammatical errors; it should conform to current APA style (including any in-text citations).
  • It should include graphs, tables, figures, or images illustrating your ideas.
  • There should be a final slide listing references in current APA style.
  • The bulk of the text should be placed in the Notes pages of each slide. Keep the amount of text on the slide, itself, to a minimum.
  • You should record an audio file of your oral presentation. You should also type the text of the speech you would give while showing these slides to an audience should be typed into the Notes area.  If you are unable to use the audio feature, the Notes text will suffice.
  • You can refer to the Power Point tips document provided in the Doc Sharing section of the course.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Describes topic and explains the practical implications of the conclusions of the literature review with clarity and detail.

Describes the audience to which the presentation is directed.


Revises the literature review based on feedback from the instructor.

Presentation of information is clearly focused on the specific audience.

Explains the prevailing argument(s), including their strengths and weaknesses, supported by findings from relevant articles.

Synthesizes key points established in and through the literature review.


Elaborates on multicultural factors relevant to the topic and to the studies reviewed.

Discusses how the findings can be extended to a more diverse population or additional multicultural factors that should be included in future studies.


Discusses relevant ethical issues related to the topic and to the studies reviewed.

Describes how they were or could be addressed in the research.


Relates the conclusions of the literature review to at least two specialization areas in psychology.


Applies the conclusions from the literature review to specific populations or issues.


Provides well-reasoned conclusions, and pointed towards areas for future research.

Provides suggestions for future work that are appropriate and have an applied focus.


Introduction has an opening, provides come background information, and states the topic.

Transitions between slides are present.


Design of presentation (i.e. background, pictures, text etc.) is clear, appropriate for the assignment, balanced and compliments both the writing and speaking throughout the presentation.


Any written portion (including writing on the slides and in notes) follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout.  Errors are infrequent and do not interfere with comprehension.


Using APA format, accurately paraphrased, quoted, and cited in many spots throughout when appropriate or called for. Errors present are somewhat minor.





The Controversy: Identify the controversy Science Assignment Help

The Controversy: Identify the controversy

The Major Players:  Who is involved?, Why are they involved?

Important Facts: State relevant facts concerning the issue.  Try to separate fact from opinion. Try not to show your own bias.  Properly use APA citations

Side One:  Arguments; state briefly and cite your sources

Side Two: Arguments; state briefly and cite your sources

Your Opinion and Rationale:  I believe that…, We should…, I feel that…  Use supporting arguments and rationale.  What arguments would you use to present to those who disagree with you?  Cite all of your sources.

References:  Alphabetize your sources. Make sure there are sources representing both sides of the issue.

You must use a minimum of 6 sources. The final paper should be double-spaced, 12 point, and 6 to 8 pages in length with citations in APA format. 



Assignment 1: Discussion—The Ethical Business Process Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment 1: Discussion—The Ethical Business Process

If an organization wants to take ethics seriously, it needs to identify values to which it wishes to be committed and held accountable. Then, the organization needs to translate those values into clearly stated business practices for all employees on how to act responsibly in different circumstances.

Thinking ethically and voicing values are important aspects of moral decision making.

Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, respond to the following questions. You can use a numbered list to describe and justify the principles relating to each step in the process.

  • Which key elements should leaders consider in developing business practices that reflect an ethical organization? Justify your responses.
    • Why are these elements important?
    • In what situations would certain elements become more important than others?
  • What principles are central to the process you are proposing? For example, you can number it as 1-2-3 and provide some discussion and justifications for the steps in each aspect:
    1. Set the bar.
    2. Motivate ethical standards.
    3. Provide training.
  • Apply at least one ethical theory in your recommendation.

By Week 2, Day 3, post your response to the appropriate Discussion Area. Through Week 2, Day 5, review and comment on at least two peers’ responses.

Write your initial response in 300words. Your response should be thorough and address all components of the discussion question in detail, include citations of all sources, where needed, according to the APA Style, and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Do the following when responding to your peers:

  • Read your peers’ answers.
  • Provide substantive comments by
    • contributing new, relevant information from course readings, Web sites, or other sources;
    • building on the remarks or questions of others; or
    • sharing practical examples of key concepts from your professional or personal experiences
  • Respond to feedback on your posting and provide feedback to other students on their ideas.
  • Make sure your writing
    • is clear, concise, and organized;
    • demonstrates ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and
    • displays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Grading Criteria

Assignment Components

Max Points

Initial response was:

  • Insightful, original, accurate, and timely.
  • Substantive and demonstrated advanced understanding of concepts.
  • Compiled/synthesized theories and concepts drawn from a variety of sources to support statements and conclusions.


Discussion Response and Participation:

  • Responded to a minimum of two peers in a timely manner.
  • Offered points of view supported by research.
  • Asked challenging questions that promoted discussion.
  • Drew relationships between one or more points in the discussion.



  • Wrote in a clear, concise, formal, and organized manner.
  • Responses were error free.
  • Information from sources, where applicable, was paraphrased appropriately and accurately cited.





Assignment 2: Corporate Social Responsibility Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Corporate Social Responsibility

An organization’s core ethical values and standards should underpin everyday business operations. How an organization approaches the social and environmental issues impacts its business operations. Its voluntary contribution to the wellbeing of the global and local communities in which it operates is often known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); it is about “doing ethical things.”

Review the most recent annual report for any public company of interest to you. Using this material, the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, write a paper on the company’s disclosures regarding corporate ethical or social responsibility.

Be sure to address the following in the paper:

  • Evaluate both the disclosure and the actions of the company in these areas. Is the disclosure appropriate and informative?
  • Explain whether the company has violated certain ethical business behaviors.
  • What do you infer about the corporate culture of the company?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Does the company have a statement of belief for corporate social responsibility (CSR)? If so, summarize their position. Do their business practices exemplify their position on CSR?
    • If the company does not have a statement-of-belief for CSR, then using the information disclosed (such as business practices, mission, or vision statement), summarize their social or community values based upon their initiatives. The following are some examples of initiatives:
      • Do they avoid or engage in animal testing for the products?
      • Do they offer services to underserved populations?
      • Do they support hunger task initiatives or volunteer for social programs, such as the United Way?
      • Are they engaged in social justice issues?
    • Based upon your assessment of the information you find, what are some implications of their beliefs?
  • Which ethical theories seem relevant to the company’s practices and why?
  • Present broad-level suggestions to improve decision-making processes and ethical policies in this company.

Provide adequate rationale for your answers.

Write a 3page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.doc.

By Week 2, Day 7, deliver your assignment to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Evaluated the disclosure and the actions of the selected public company regarding corporate ethical or social responsibility.


Explained whether the company has violated certain ethical business behaviors.


Provided an inference about the corporate culture of the company.


Summarized and evaluated the company’s position based on their statement of belief for CSR. If the company does not have a statement-of-belief, then summarized their social or community values based upon the information provided and their initiatives. Evaluated the implications of the company’s beliefs.


Identified the ethical theories relevant to the company’s practices, and provided adequate rationale.


Provided broad-level suggestions to improve decision-making processes and ethical policies in this company.


Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.




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