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I am looking for an Open Source Java Solution that can be used in a small (2-4) cluster of linux machines. You can think on this like a farm of processing worker servers that are just listening to a message from a JMS endpoint to start processing.


This library/solution/whatever must be able to trigger around 10~20 processes in each machine from the cluster (each one is a JVM). Each process will consume a message from a centralized JMS instance and will save the job results in a centalized DBMS instance. Each process takes several minutes (5 to 50 mins) to complete and has little footprint in terms of network, disk IO, CPU and memory usage. Each job is independent. The library must just help to manage this allocation/deallocation of JVM processes and provide some minimal statistics and control. It’s not necessary to pause/resume/cancel jobs. I just need to know when they’re running or not, and if it completed successfully or not. Keeping idle worker servers is not a problem.

Important: I am not looking for PaaS or any cloud-based solution.

What do I know

Initially I’ve considered the idea of just start a bunch of tomcat instances, but it seems overkill and I’d have to provide each one of them different ports. It’s not a divide and conquer problem, so I am not looking for map-reduce solutions. It’s also not something to be solved using hadoop (I guess). But I confess I know little about this kind of solutions. I’ve read a little about JavaSpaces and RMI, but it seems these are building blocks for distributed solutions. I’ve also heard about microservices, but they just look like something more useful for orchestration of different parts of a whole process. I’ve also checked memcache, hazelcast, terracota, but they’re intended to solve a different class of problem.

My Feeling

is that this is some sort of a well known problem with several insteresting solutions, but I just don’t know exactly how it’s called (and then I can’t google it properly).

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Computer Science Question Computer Science Assignment Help

Christopher Ahlberg, CEO of Recorded Future (RF) has a decision to make about the direction of his company. Recorded Future’s “temporal analytics engine” is a set of quantitative and visualization tools that could help predict future events from past events recorded on websites, blogs, Twitter and other public sources. In the past RF had used its tools for governmental and financial services organizations, using each organization’s private data. Now Ahlberg is considering joining a number of other companies in the multi-billion dollar consumer data broker industry. He’s considering the creation of a set of standardized (versus bespoke), Software as a Service applications, using a stockpile of public data, and consumer records. This data will be used to predict consumer or crowd behavior.’


Computer Science Question Computer Science Assignment Help

I often hear people talking about parallel computing and distributed computing, but I’m under the impression that there is no clear boundary between the 2, and people tend to confuse that pretty easily, while I believe it is very different:

Parallel computing is more tightly coupled to multi-threading, or how to make full use of a single CPU.
Distributed computing refers to the notion of divide and conquer, executing sub-tasks on different machines and then merging the results.

However, since we stepped into the Big Data era, it seems the distinction is indeed melting, and most systems today use a combination of parallel and distributed computing.

An example I use in my day-to-day job is Hadoop with the Map/Reduce paradigm, a clearly distributed system with workers executing tasks on different machines, but also taking full advantage of each machine with some parallel computing.

I would like to get some advice to understand how exactly to make the distinction in today’s world, and if we can still talk about parallel computing or there is no longer a clear distinction. To me it seems distributed computing has grown a lot over the past years, while parallel computing seems to stagnate, which could probably explain why I hear much more talking about distributing computations than parallelizing.


Computer Science Question Computer Science Assignment Help

Open Source project / PowerPoint

Research an open source software project. Examples of open source projects are listed:
Open Office (a Microsoft Office look-alike)
Firefox (a browser)
Apache (a web server)
In MS PowerPoint, create a presentation with slides that describe the open source software and how it works. Discuss the role this open source software has in management information systems.
Remember, management information systems is the management and use of information systems that help organizations achieve their strategies (page 10 of your textbook (David Kroneke, 2015. Using MIS 2014 (7th ed.).
Your PowerPoint must have a minimum of four slides. Be sure to use the 7X7 rule in PowerPoint: no more than 7 lines per slide and no more than 7 words per line. Use of images, graphics, and diagrams is encouraged. Be sure to include your sources on a references slide in APA format.


Computer Science Question Computer Science Assignment Help

It is common knowledge that in today’s business environment, organizations must continually strive to achieve a competitive advantage. Likewise, they are reliant on large amounts of data to make their business decisions.

From the article below, explain the key way(s) in which your selected organization / agency uses business intelligence in order to gain a competitive advantage. Next, speculate on the technological limitations regarding data, software, and hardware that you believe might challenge your chosen organization / agency in the future. Provide a rationale for your response.

Thai Law Enforcement Agency Optimizes Investigations with Big Data Solution

“With the traditional approach, it took two years to search for tips and gather and analyze data. With the Microsoft Big Data solution, it took only 15 days.” Police Colonel Yannaphon Youngyuen, Department of Special Investigation, Ministry of Justice, Thailand

Established to handle major criminal investigations, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) in Thailand, needed better tools for mining large sets of structured and unstructured data. To improve investigation processes and reduce manual procedures, DSI implemented a Microsoft Big Data solution based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Apache Hadoop software. Investigating officers work more efficiently with selfservice business intelligence (BI) tools. And with better BI and data management capabilities, the agency has improved accuracy and shortened the time to investigate criminal cases from two years to 15 days. Next, DSI plans to expand its use of the solution and implement its own private cloud to manage the security of confidential data.



Computer Networks class Computer Science Assignment Help

True or False?

802.11 Working Group is responsible for the TCP/IP standards

networking, packets share the cost of multiplexed transmission lines

major reason for fragmentation is error correction

is always a single data link for a frame travelling through a single network

service provides usually off guarantees that the CSP will meet certain levels

6.   There
is no way to understand everything about a cloud service providers security

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Need business and finance help to answer a question about government jobs correctly, this is for my exam Business Finance Assignment Help

The ________usually performs background checks on applicants for government jobs.


Need business and finance help to answer question about exporting expertise correctly, this is for my final exam Business Finance Assignment Help

Japan’s production and exporting expertise lies in the areas of ________________.


Need business and finance help to answer questions about high costs correctly, this is for my final exam Business Finance Assignment Help

Keeping inventory levels too high costs money, while running out of it causes ________ to suffer.


I need help with an accounting assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

Howe Chemicals Company acquires a delivery truck at a cost of $33,900 on January 1, 2014. The truck is expected to have a salvage value of $3,700 at the end of its 4-year useful life. Assuming the declining-balance depreciation rate is double the straight-line rate, compute annual depreciation for the first and second years under the declining-balance method.

First Year
Second Year
Annual depreciation under declining-balance method


Computer Science Question Computer Science Assignment Help

Computer Science Question Computer Science Assignment Help

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