Conflict resolution Humanities Assignment Help

Conflict resolution Humanities Assignment Help. Conflict resolution Humanities Assignment Help.

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Conflict Resolution


By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:

  • Competency 1. Identify variables within structures or institutions that can promote conflict.
    • Define conflict in own words.
    • Explain the four communication behaviors (or “horsemen”) that lead to destructive conflict.
  • Competency 2: Apply theoretical perspectives on conflict.
    • Incorporate conflict resolution theory into a conflict analysis.
  • Competency 3. Apply appropriate strategies to reduce or resolve conflicts.
    • Propose a detailed solution to a conflict.
    • Incorporate conflict resolution readings into a conflict analysis.
  • Competency 4: Analyze the impact of conflict on relationship-building in face-to-face, virtual, cyber, and group communication.
    • Identify, describe, and analyze a conflict situation.
  • Competency 5: Evaluate the outcome of proposed strategies for conflict resolution.
    • Describe how a conflict was resolved, and evaluate the degree to which this conflict resolution was effective or ineffective.
  • Competency 6: Communicate effectively in a variety of formats.
    • Communicate effectively through writing, including the proper use of sources and APA style.

(This information will also be used for u10d1.) The purpose of this Adobe Connect project is to apply what you have learned to a conflict that you identify in a domain specific found in the Coleman chapters 46–56.

  • Identify, describe, and analyze the conflict in detail. Here are some of the questions to consider.
    • Why did you select this chapter? What is it important to you?
    • Who are the parties involved?
    • What are the relationships between the parties?
    • What are the issues?
    • Is culture a factor in this conflict?
    • Is gender a factor in this conflict?
    • What emotions are involved in the conflict?
  • Identify variables within the institutional structure that may have contributed to this conflict. In other words, how have factors within this structure—especially in relation to the hierarchy of the structure and how the structure itself is structured—contributed to the conflict?
  • Discuss how this conflict was resolved (if it was resolved). Describe the strategies that were used to resolve the conflict.
  • Evaluate the strategies that were used to resolve this conflict, if any. What worked, and what did not work? Explain why. Discuss any problems that resulted from the fact that the resolution to this conflict was less than ideal.
  • Propose a new, detailed strategy for resolving this conflict that you believe would be more effective than the resolution that was reached. Determine what you believe to be the most appropriate way to resolve this conflict. Questions to consider as you develop your new strategy include:
    • Did you consider all parties involved?
    • Did you anticipate obstacles to your plan?
    • Will the parties involved buy into the plan?
    • Will the parties involved be satisfied with the outcome?
    • What are the alternatives?

Important: Your project must incorporate material from at least three of the five sources you used for your The Significance of Institutional Conflict assignment from Unit 8. In addition, your project should draw upon at least one theory (and preferably more) that was discussed in your textbooks. Demonstrate that you understand what you have read by applying it effectively to discussing your conflict and resolutions to this conflict.

In addition:

  • Post to u10d1.
  • Reflecting upon your own course experience, select one strategy you could immediately apply to a situation in your life.
  • Include one slide that lists your sources in APA format. Anything you have consulted online or in print such as a graphic, photo, quotation, et cetera, must be properly cited!

Assignment Requirements

  • Written Communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA Formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA guidelines
  • Presentation Requirements: 5–7 minute PowerPoint with visual (graph, graphic, photo, et cetera), using Adobe Connect.
  • Sources: Incorporate at least three of the readings you used in The Significance of Institutional Conflict discussion from Unit 8, along with your course textbooks.
  • Font and font size: Arial, 14-point or as appropriate for the slide. Avoid crowding the slide with too much text—it should not look like a printed page!
    • Remember—you will narrate your slides, so consider using “extra” words as part of your script rather than crowding the information on the slide.

Conflict resolution Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Child Development Lesson 5 Assignment Writing Assignment Help

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Lesson 5 Assignment: Part 1: Project One Portfolio

Project One Portfolio:
Developing a Space for Early Childhood Learning and Growth-Part One (of
Three): Map and Essay on Equipping the Environment to Care for Bodies,
Nutrition, Hygiene and Movement

Assignment Overview

This is where you create part one of your three-part portfolio. This
portion of the portfolio (a map and a paper) will count as your usual
lesson assignment. You will turn in the assignment which your instructor
will return with comments. After you correct it, you will submit it as
part of the portfolio in later lessons.

Remember that you will need to revise this assignment before you
submit it with the components that we will develop in Lesson 6 and
Lesson 7. You will turn in the portfolio in Lesson 7.

This three-part assignment asks you to first design a map of a child
care environment that supports the nutritional, hygienic and
movement-based needs of young children. Then, you will write a paper
that discusses the child care environment you designed, the reasoning
behind your design choices, and the implications of this type of child
care setting.


  • One “map” of an ideal early childhood care environment (constructed
    by the student by hand or with computer software, scanned and submitted
    with the discussion component).
  • One 3-4 page (750-1000 word) discussion of the details of your child care environment design. Use word processing software.

Assignment Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Design a “map” of an ideal early childhood care
environment. Drawing on knowledge gained through Lesson 5 materials,
design a “map” of an early childhood care environment that supports the
following aspects of physical development in early childhood:

  • Body growth
  • Motor development
  • Nutritional needs
  • Sleep needs
  • Hygiene needs
  • Special physical needs
  • Safety

Your map should include both indoor and outdoor environmental
components. Your map should also provide those who see it with enough
detail to understand both the overall physical design of the space and
many of the smaller components (e.g. equipment, centers, toys, etc.)
that you believe provide developmentally appropriate practices.

Step 2: Develop a detailed description of your map.

Write an essay that guides your audience through the child care
environment map that you designed. As you discuss each component of the
map, describe both the “what” (the actual elements that the map
features) and the “why” (why you chose to include each piece of the map
in this ideal, hypothetical classroom). The “why” is most important
here, as the ability to discuss and defend your design choices will
reflect your understanding of physical developmental needs in early
childhood and what addressing these needs looks like in practice. You
are expected to support all of your design choices with specific
information from Lesson 5 materials and any other research you choose to
conduct. Please cite all sources appropriately in your paper.

Consider the following questions as you develop your paper:

  • What design choices did you make and why?
  • How do your specific choices correspond with a researched understanding of the physical development of young children?
  • What details from course materials and any outside research support your design choices?

After you have provided a detailed, supported, critical description
of your map, discuss the implications or importance of the child care
setting you developed as a whole.

Consider the following questions as you conclude your paper:

  • Why is this type of child care environment important?
  • What might this environment provide for the children who learn and play in it?
  • What might this environment communicate to parents, teachers, and children who spend their time in it?


History of Drug Control/Profile a Controlled or Illegal Substance Business Finance Assignment Help

My Selected Drug is Cocaine

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.

Your final project should contain the following sections:

  • Introduction: Identify the illegal substance you have selected to study. Describe the drug origins, any medicinal purposes as well as any accepted uses originally intended for this drug. Briefly explain the rationale for your selection and the significance of this drug for public safety. In this section, also include:
  • An annotated historical timeline in which you highlight:
    • The initial discovery of the drug.
    • The original intent or use for the drug.
    • The prevalence of the use of this drug within society over time.
    • The time when it became identified as a dangerous drug.
    • The time when it became illegalized.

Your timeline should also address any social or national issues, which occurred and may have contributed to the drug’s popularity within the timeline dates (major wars and conflicts, health trends, social trends, that is, bodybuilding boom of the 1980s with steroids, et cetera).

  • Your selected drug and criminal activity. Provide a synopsis of the identified criminal activity associated with the drug. Identify primary offenders (organized crime, drug cartels, etc.), and targeted distributors (illegal weapon purchases, prostitution, gang activity, et cetera). Be sure to cite your sources for referenced research and historical data.
  • Your selected drug and policy regulation and enforcement efforts. Discuss the ways in which public policy and drug enforcement efforts have combined in an attempt to regulate the drug. Highlight successful policies as well as policy failures at local, state, and federal levels. Evaluate the criteria that contributed to both successes and failures. What net impact have these policies had on the control of the drug? Discuss your drug in light of the debate to legalize controlled drugs. Provide resources to support your analysis.
  • Your selected drug and prevention and treatment efforts. Discuss the drug prevention and treatment efforts that have been used to control the use of the drug. Highlight successful programs as well as program failures at local, state, and federal levels. Evaluate the criteria that contributed to successes and failures. What net impact have these programs had on the spread or use of the drug? Cite sources that support your analysis.
  • Your Interview. Your interview is intended to provide local context to all of the above analysis. Describe the agency you targeted for your interview and your rationale for choosing it. Describe the role it plays in illegal drug control, eradication, corrections, or counseling. Based on your interview, discuss the relationship between local efforts at policy, enforcement, prevention, or treatment and the efforts that you have described generally above. How do you see them fitting together? How successful are the efforts? What are the challenges? Include as much data and conversation from the interview as you can, focusing your analysis on your selected illegal drug.
  • Conclusion. Provide a brief summary of what you have learned through your research. What do you see as the future direction for policy, enforcement, prevention, and treatment for your topic drug?

Project Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th Edition) style and formatting.
  • Number of resources: Minimum of 10 resources in addition to the textbook.
  • Length of paper: 10–15 typed double-spaced pages.
  • Font and font size: Arial, 10 point.


BIOLOGY Essay on GMO Science Assignment Help

I will provided my outline once I HAVE selected you as tutor paper is to be 1-2 pages no 3 no four  everything must be included

Your assignment is to describe an ethical dilemma related to use of new or emerging technologies in the biological sciences.  One question could be how does one’s identity, hierarchy, power, and privilege lead to differences in their access to health care? 

Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO’s,  Describe the topic and state your opinion on either disadvantages or advantages GMO’s or why you think there are health disparities amongst people.  

Here is a guideline for the health disparities topic: 

· You will identify for example why some people in society do not have equal access to health care based upon culture, race, gender or socioeconomic status. 

· You will also identify ways in where changes can and should be made in your opinion to promote social justice through equal access to care or reduce or eliminate health disparities. 

· You will offer possible solutions to promote biological literacy and increase access to health services across communities, nations, or the world. 

Here are more guidelines for the other topics: Stem cells and GMO’s: 

· Describe an ethical dilemma for example: related to use of new or emerging technologies in the biological sciences (stem cell research and GMO’s).   

For Stem Cell Research: Tell the difference between different types of stem cells and their advantages and disadvantages of use because of ethics.

For GMO’s: Tell the advantages and disadvantages of use of GMO’s.

· Identify ways where changes can and should be made in their opinion to promote social justice according to your subject.   

oFor GMO’s: Show the advantages and disadvantages of GMO’s in light of economics for farmers and consumers of crops.

You will have at least one reference.   This will be referred to in the body of your paper.  For references refer to the APA site or the Council of Science Editors:

These sites give a detailed description on how to properly reference an article within a paper.  When citing an article parenthetically within a paper put the author’s name first and the year the article was published.  Example  (Murdock 2013).  If there are two authors you can place both names (Campbell and Reece 2008).  If there are more than two authors you will put the first one down and then put et al (and others).  Example  (Carnal et al 2013). 

Make sure you also list the references at the end of the paper. 

· For example for a book:

Murdock H. Fundamentals of Human Biology and Health. 3rd ed., San Diego (CA): Cognella, Inc.; 2013, 227p.

· For an article:

Palaniappan L, Wang Y, and Fortmann S.  Coronary Heart Disease Mortality for Six Ethnic Groups in California, 1990-2000. Annals of Epidemiology. 2003. Vol. 14 No. 7: 499-506

· For a website:

Author(s). Title of homepage [Internet]. Place of publication: publisher; date [modified date; cited date]. Available from: URL 

Reference list example: 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US). Avian influenza infection in humans [Internet]. Atlanta , GA: CDC [updated 2006 Apr 24; cited 2006 Jun 26]. Available from:

· Use proper English grammar and spelling with no contradictions and with all thoughts presented in concise, complete sentences which are organized into paragraphs.  Be sure to spell check and proofread!



Comparative Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Choose one (1) of the topics from the list of topic choices below. Read the topic carefully. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper (750-1,000 words) that follows instructions and covers each part of the topic. (The title page and References list do not get included in this word count).

For the topic you choose:

  1. Establish a clear thesis about your topic as part of the introductory paragraph (often the thesis is the last thing one determines after doing the basic research and outline; however it will be placed in the first paragraph of your paper).
  2. This is a comparative essay. Comparison approached properly will require some critical thinking on your part. Use a point-by-point approach for the essay. That means, if comparing subject A with subject B, don’t do the first half of the essay on subject A and then the second half on subject B–that will seem like two (2) separate essays and comparisons will tend to get lost. Instead, you should be mentioning both subjects in most of your paragraphs as you compare them throughout the essay. Comparisons will identify similarities as well as contrasts.
  3. Do not try to do everything on your two (2) subjects. You should end up narrowing your focus to a few insights and issues about the subjects being compared. And, from those fairly specific points of comparison, you will develop a thesis and glean some lessons.
  4. Follow closely the instructions below for your specific topic.
  5. Include a concluding paragraph at the end. This paragraph will, in some way, refer back to the thesis established in your first paragraph, since now you have demonstrated and supported it. It may be here that you also include your observations relating your study to the modern workplace or society (see your topic). Try to finish with flair!
  6. Use at least three (3) good quality academic sources, with one (1) source being the class text. Note: Wikipedia and other similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources. You are highly encouraged to use the Resource Center tab at the top of your Blackboard page.
Topic Choice 
  • Comparing Ancient Female Rulers. Compare the Tang Empress Wu Zetian (also known as Empress Wu or as Wu Zhao; ruled China around 690-705 AD) with the Pharaoh Hatshepsut (ruled Egypt around 1478-1458 BC).  Avoid lengthy quoting or lengthy close paraphrasing from biographical sources. Make it YOUR comparative analysis. Your paper should:

a) Compare the two (2) rulers in terms of their situation and ascent to power, their methods of rule, and their achievements and resourcefulness, noting similarities and differences. Use specific examples.

b) Consider what your study suggests about the cultures over which they ruled, identifying any similarities and differences between the cultures.

c) From this comparison, suggest lessons about different types of effective leadership by a female in the world of modern business and / or modern politics.  

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. Both in-text citations and a References list are required. Citations and references must follow APA style format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions specific to the selected topic. (Note: Students can find APA style materials located in the course shell for guidance).
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. For our purposes, you may omit any abstract page.



summary and critical response Humanities Assignment Help

1.Summarize in 150-200 words the article your instructor has chosen from the assignment.  Please use “Working at McDonald’s” on pages 260-262 of your 10th edition textbook (or pages 280-283 of your 9th edition book). In this summary, you should relay the article’s main points, completely and accurately, in your own words.  If you find yourself in a situation in which the author’s words needed to be quoted directly (perhaps for emphasis), you must make it clear that these words are the author’s by using quotation marks appropriately.  You will not want to quote anything over one sentence in length, and you will want to limit yourself to no more than 2-3 direct quotes, if you use any at all.  Remember that the whole point of this portion of the assignment is for you to restate the author’s points objectively in your own words.


Critical Response

Write a 1 ½ to 2 page response to the article your instructor has chosen from the assignment.  Please use “Working at McDonald’s” on pages 260-262 of your 10th edition textbook (or pages 280-283 of your 9th edition book).  Before you even begin drafting, you will want to decide on the terms of your response.  Once you decide on the terms (or grounds) of your response, you’ll want to figure out how you can support your points—using logic, outside evidence—whatever is appropriate.  Your response cannot be based on simply your opinion about the issue.

summary and critical response Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Final Paper Due Business Finance Assignment Help

Incorporate research to present your findings and solutions to the challenge identified in your interview. The research should be a minimum of three scholarly sources (explained in the project requirements) and should focus on the challenges and solutions. The purpose of the research is to deepen your understanding of the challenges and solutions. The project should be 8-9 pages and conclude with your recommendations – based on the information from your interview and research, how can the system effectively manage the challenge? This will provide another opportunity to demonstrate transferable skills. By communicating the main ideas of the research you are demonstrating application of knowledge. The recommendations presented are indicative of problem solving; an essential skill of critical thinking. 


Comparing two text files in Matlab Engineering Assignment Help

testMessage] = compare2TxtFiles(File1, File2)


%  This functions compares two
text file



% File1  – Name of the
reference text file

% File2  – Name of the text
file to be compared with the reference text file



% testMessage  – Prints
unmatched results of the comparison

% testStatus  – Returns
logical 1 if files matches and logical 0 otherwise

implement the design of a function to compare two textual files, the following
steps are considered

Initialize the outputs

Open, Read and close each

Compare the opened files

o  If
files are the same (txtFile1.txt and txtFile2.txt), it prints the message “OK”

o  If
files are different (txtFile1.txt and txtFile3.txt), give a message with the
lines that are different in the both files. For example: if line 1 of both
files are: John is programming is different and Peter is programming,
respectively. It should print “Line 1: John is different from Peter”

o  If
the number of line in the reference text file (txtFile1.txt) is more than that
in the test text file (txtFile4.txt). It prints the message “Not necessary to
compare the files”


I started writing the function but when tested, I do not get
the expected results. I have attached here the test files.


cash flow assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

I need help with the following assignment due tonight. 

Analyze the case study, “Frank Smith Plumbing.”

Analyze the “Frank Smith Plumbing’s Financial Statement” spreadsheet.

Compare the cost of the truck to the cash flow records

Compile your calculations in a Microsoft® Excel® document

Develop a 1,050-word analysis and include the following:

  • Explain why limited leverage is good for business.Show the profitability of the project so that Stephanie can convince her father to purchase the truck by borrowing money.
  • Explain how Stephanie should convince her mother that it is inappropriate to call the bank manager and his wife for assistance in getting the loan approval?
  • Analyze whether the investment in the truck is profitable.
  • Explain whether it is more beneficial for Frank to close his business.
  • Explain what you would do in this same situation.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 


Week 4 Math IP Mathematics Assignment Help

Deliverable Length: E-mail of 250–500 words

You are co-owner of a bakery. You are the one who is always in the store running the operation. The other owner of the bakery is never there and is primarily the person who finances the operations. She has wanted to run discounts to increase business. Also, the mortgage on your store has a final balloon payment. You are concerned about these items and want to voice your opinion.

Write you partner an e-mail that includes the following information:


  • What are some reasons that you would want to offer discounts?
  • What are 3 types of discounts the bakery could offer?
  • Are there reasons why you should not offer discounts?


  • In the beginning of a mortgage, what does the majority of each payment go toward, principal (loan balance) or interest?
  • What happens to the length of a loan if additional principal is paid each month?
  • What happens to the total interest amount if additional principal is paid monthly?


Conflict resolution Humanities Assignment Help

Conflict resolution Humanities Assignment Help

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