Congestive Heart failure Health Medical Assignment Help

Congestive Heart failure Health Medical Assignment Help. Congestive Heart failure Health Medical Assignment Help.

Please fallow instruction. I need you to write a Discussion paper, I need it in APA format with at least 5 references no older than 5 years. Describe Congestive heart failure-Heart failure secondary to ischemic cardiomyopathy, poorly controlled hypertension and fluid overload (CHF), what diagnostic tests, lab work and treatment and education.

  • 1)What is the CC in this case study?
  • 2)What are important questions to ask the patient to formulate the history of present illness and what did the patient tell you?
  • 3)What components of the physical exam are important to review in this case?
  • 4)What are pertinent positive and negative physical exam findings to help you formulate your diagnosis?
  • 5)Which differential diagnosis is to be considered with this case study?
  • 6) What was your final diagnosis?

Congestive Heart failure Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

an essay and introduction Humanities Assignment Help

1- Carefully read Writing Project1 – Summary-Response assignment sheet.

2-Read Writing Introductions and Conclusions handout, taking notes on what constitutes strong introductory and concluding paragraphs.

3- compose two different introductions (using different strategies indicated in the handout).

4-Compose Draft#1 of the Summary-Response Essay. Review Chapter 5 – Response Essays to remind yourself about main components of this type of essay. Also, pay careful attention to the assignment sheet/directions for this essay.

5- the pictures that are posted for the(introduction and conclusions) file . and also I could upload all of them there are 3 more left I will send them some how. or if you can provide me with email address that would be grea


Fines can be a monetary part of a larger parole sentence Humanities Assignment Help


  • Fines can be a monetary part of a larger parole sentence.



6 points


  • Convict labor was restricted in the 1930s, because of pressure from the public who thought it took work away from the rest of society during the Depression.



6 points


  • Explain why special needs inmates are a growing concern in the US prison system. Use examples and details. (Minimum 150 words).

— Font family — Andale Mono Arial Arial Black Book Antiqua Comic Sans MS Courier New Georgia Helvetica Impact Symbol Tahoma Terminal Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana Webdings Wingdings

— Font size — 1 (8pt) 2 (10pt) 3 (12pt) 4 (14pt) 5 (18pt) 6 (24pt) 7 (36pt)

— Format — Heading Sub Heading 1 Sub Heading 2 Paragraph Formatted Code

— Font family —

— Font size —

Path: p


15 points


  • Short term diversion programs designed to alter the offender’s way of thinking are called ‘ ______________ ‘ incarceration’.

6 points


  • During the US Civil Rights era, many prisoners began to seek _________________________________ for their grievances though the courts.

6 points


  • Discuss 3 factors that are considered negative about boot camp type programs. Include details and examples. (Minimum 200 words).

— Font family — Andale Mono Arial Arial Black Book Antiqua Comic Sans MS Courier New Georgia Helvetica Impact Symbol Tahoma Terminal Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana Webdings Wingdings

— Font size — 1 (8pt) 2 (10pt) 3 (12pt) 4 (14pt) 5 (18pt) 6 (24pt) 7 (36pt)

— Format — Heading Sub Heading 1 Sub Heading 2 Paragraph Formatted Code

— Font family —

— Font size —

Path: p


20 points


  • The Rehabilitation Era of American prisons was strongly influenced by the medical model.



6 points


  • An intensive supervision program, or ISP requires frequent contact with the parole officer.



6 points


  • A person on parole who violates the conditions, cannot be returned to jail without being given a new trial.



6 points


  • The concept of probation in America developed from the inhumane conditions surrounding punishment for public __________________________ .

6 points


  • The notion of the indeterminate sentence was originally used for ________________________ offenders.

6 points


  • Changes in the age profile of inmates has led to the recent formation of _______________________ units.

6 points


  • A person on parole can be drug tested without a warrant or consent.



6 points


  • True
  • False

Day reporting centers are non-residential programs that require the offender to check in one day a month.

6 points


  • In the late 1900s, the spread of democracy led to people questioning older physical/corporal punishments.



6 points


  • Mental illness and substance addiction only affect a large percentage of the US prison population.



6 points


  • The United States average cost-per-prisoner of about $120,000 annually is higher than any other Western nation.




Simple Java Computer Science Assignment Help

File name: StudentExt



Method Overriding


Write a program that will compute and display the final grades for a list of students. A student’s final grade is determined from the scores obtained in the class exams. Each student in the class may be given a different number of exams as determined by the instructor. The final grade is determined by the average of the scores in all the exams given.

This program is an enhancement of a previous exercise that did the same. However, this exercise will additionally provide for assigning a CR or NCR (Credit or No Credit) grade.

For each student, the program will input student id, name, the number of exams given and scores in each of the exams.

Additionally, it will input the grade type: “Letter” or “Credit”. The grade type of “Letter” will indicate that student will receive a grade of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F”. The grade type of “Credit” will indicate that the student will receive a grade of “CR” or “NCR”.

The scores in each of the exams will vary from 0 to 100. Each exam will carry the same weight. The final grade will be computed by taking the average of the scores in all the exams given (i.e. by adding the scores in all the exams and dividing it with the number of exams given). The final grade will be assigned depending upon the percentage of total points in the exams given as follows:

A – 90 to 100%

B – 80 to 89%

C – 70 to 79%

D – 60 to 69%

F – 0 to 59%

Additionally, for a grade type of Credit, the grade will be determined as follows:

If the student qualifies for a C or better grade, the student will be assigned a CR (Credit) grade. Otherwise, the student will be assigned an NCR (No Credit) grade.


Use a String variable for keeping final grade.

Use a String variable for keeping grade type.

Comparing Strings

For comparing two Strings for equality, use one of the following two String methods:




For this assignment create the following classes.

Student class

Create a class Student that provides the following:

Private instance variables for holding student id (int), name (String), exam scores (an int array).

A public constructor with parameters for initializing student id (int), name (String) and exam scores. The exam scores are passed as an array of int.

A public method for returning the final grade.

Accessor (getter) methods for getting student id, name, exam scores .

Instead of rewriting this class, you may copy the contents of the same class from a previous exercise.

StudentExt class.

Create a class StudentExt that extends the class Student above. This class will extend the class Student in order to provide additional functionality for assigning a CR or NCR grade.

The class will provide the following:

A private String instance variable gradeType for indicating the grade type (Letter or Credit). The variable gradeType will record “Letter” for a letter grade type and “Credit” for Credit/No Credit grade type.

A public constructor for initializing student id (int), name (String), exam scores (an intarray) and grade type (String). This constructor will call the parent class constructor for initializing student id, name and exam scores. It will initialize the grade type itself directly.

A public method for returning the final grade. This method will over ride the parent class method used for computing the grade. This method will have the same name and the same parameter profile as the parent class method. This new method will call the parent class method (of the same name) to compute the student letter grade. After return from the parent class method, in the case of grade type “Credit”, it will change the letter grade returned by the parent class method to either CR or NCR.

TestStudentExt class

Write a class TestStudentExt containing the main method. The method main will do the following:

Prompt the user to enter the total number of students (say n).

Create an array of n references (for holding n StudentExt object references). (The StudentExtobjects will be created in the next step).

Create n StudentExt objects. Do this by setting up an n count loop. In each pass through the loop, do the following:

a.Ask the user to enter data for one student.

b.Create a StudentExt object and initialize it with data provided by the user. Store the object reference in the array of StudentExt references created above.

Display the student results by grade type. First display students receiving grade A, followed by those receiving B, followed by those receiving C, followed by those receiving D, followed by those receiving F, followed by those receiving Cr, followed by those receiving NCR.

You may do this in a number of ways including the following:

Method I.

Create seven empty Strings, outA, outB, outC, outD, outF, outCr, outNcr. Use the String outAfor storing output relating to A students; use String outB for storing output relating to B students; etc. Use the object accessor methods to access object values as needed. At the end, prepare a String out that concatenates all the above seven Strings. Then display the String out.

Method II.

Create a String array out of 7 Strings. Use out [0] for accumulating output relating to A students, out[1] for B students etc. Write a static method displayRestult to display output. Call the static method displayResult and pass it the array out.


For method II above, write a static method displayResult. This method will receive a String array and display the contents of all elements of the String array one by one. Here is a proposed header for the method:

public static void displayResult (String [ ] s)



It is suggested that you use method II.

You may use the class TestStudent from a previous exercise and modify it to create this class TestStudentExt.


Method Over-riding

When a child class defines a method having the same name and profile (parameter type list) as a method in the parent (ancestor) class. The child’s method is said to over ride the parent method.

When a user creates an object of the child class and calls it’s (over riding) method, it is the child class’s over riding method that gets called (and not the parent’s over ridden method).

However, the child’s over riding method may internally call the parent’s over ridden method (when it’s protected and public) using the word super and a dot in front of its name.

Sample Code

The method findGrade below over rides the parent method findGrade. Internally, it also calls the parent method findGrade for finding the student’s letter grade. On return from the parent method, in the case of a gradeType of “CR”, it reassigns the grade to be “CR” or “NCR” depending upon the student’s letter grade as described below:

For a gradeType of “Credit”, if the student’s letter grade is “A”, “B”, or “C”, it reassigns the grade to be “CR” and otherwise (for a letter grade of “D” or “F”) it reassigns it to be “NCR”.

public String findGrade ( )


String grade = super.findGrade ( );

if (gradeType.equalsIgnoreCase (“Credit”))


if ( (grade.equalsIgnoreCase (“A”)) ||

(grade.equalsIgnoreCase (“B”)) ||

(grade.equalsIgnoreCase (“C”)))

grade = “CR”;


grade = “NCR”;


return grade;


Method Overloading

When two methods have the same name but different profiles (parameter type list), the two methods are said to be overloaded.

The compiler treats overloaded methods as distinctly separate methods. From a method call to an overloaded method, the compiler can distinguish without ambiguity which of the overloaded method is being called by observing the types of the parameters being passed to the called method.

Converting a String to a boolean.

This is not needed to do the assignment but is presented here for discussion.

If a String is assigned a value “true” or “false”, it can be converted into a boolean true or false as shown in the code below:

String s = “true”;

boolean b = Boolean.valueOf (s.trim() ).booleanValue ( );

The following method does NOT work. Don’t use it.

String s = “true”;

boolean b = Boolean.getBoolean ( );

Converting a boolean to a String

This is not needed to do the assignment but is presented here for discussion.

//The code below converts a a boolean value true or false

//to a string value “true” of “false”

boolean b = true;

String s = “” + b;



Use the following test data for input.

1, John Adam, 3, 93, 91, 100, Letter

2, Raymond Woo, 3, 65, 68, 63, Letter

3, Rick Smith, 3, 50, 58, 53, Letter

4, Ray Bartlett, 3, 62, 64, 69, Letter

5, Mary Russell, 3, 93, 90, 98, Letter

6, Andy Wong, 3, 89,88,84, Letter

7, Jay Russell, 3, 71,73,78, Letter

8, Jimmie Wong, 3, 70,77,72, Letter

9, Jackie Chan, 3, 85,89,84, Letter

10, Susan Wu, 3, 80,88,84, Letter

11, Bruce Lee, 4, 74, 79, 72, 75, Credit

12, Chuck Norris, 5, 63, 64, 62, 60, 68, Credit

13, Jet Li, 3, 85, 83, 89, Credit

14, Jessica Lauser, 3, 82, 84, 87, Letter

15, Mahnoosh Nik-Ahd, 2, 98, 99, Letter

In the above data, for the first entry, id is 1, name is John Adam, exam scores are 93, 91, 100 and grade type is letter grade.


The output may appear as below:

1 John Adam (A)

5 Mary Russell (A)

15 Mahnoosh Nik-Ahd (A)

6 Andy Wong (B)

9 Jackie Chan (B)

10 Susan Wu (B)

14 Jessica Lauser (B)

7 Jay Russell (C)

8 Jimmie Wong (C)

2 Raymond Woo (D)

4 Ray Bartlett (D)

3 Rick Smith (F)

11 Bruce Lee (CR)

13 Jet Li (CR)

12 Chuck Norris (NCR)


Submit a printed copy of the source code and final output only.


problem focus soap note for 2months with VSD, APA format Health Medical Assignment Help

please do a focus problem for a 2month old baby with VSD, make sure the chief compaints, and ROS, physical exam relates to VSD clinical findings. Please include three differential diagnose with ICD code include and rational in the clinical findings that lead to the differential diagnose, the primary diagnose being ventricular septal defect (VSD). please also include the treatment plan for the 2month old baby, and be sure to use evidence-based guidelines. Only use evidence based articles not later than 2012. Treatment plan includes, medication if needed, anticipatory guides for parents. and non-pharmacological treatment to help with symptoms. Also be sure to include what diagnostice test this patient will need, don’t forget to references. It should be in APA format. please be very detail in your assements and treatment plans.



Public health leadership Health Medical Assignment Help

****attached documents: an example template provided by professor**** dba doctoral study

***The Scholar-Practitioner Projects build on each other. The work you do in Part 1 (attached document application 5) which feeds the development of Part 2 ( attached document application 7). Parts 1 and 2 are used for Part 3.

For your final written assignment, you refine and develop your Public Health Leadership Theory based on leadership theories and a systems approach learned in this course. For this Assignment, your theory should reflect Instructor feedback, researched studies, introspection, innovation, and literature analysis.

The Assignment (15–20 pages):

Section 1Abstract and Introduction (1–2 pages)

Section 2Revised Literature Review and Problem Statement (5–7 pages):

  • Literature Review to include:
    • A synthesis of the literature of 15–20 peer reviewed, scholarly resources
    • A description of theoretical gaps in the research
  • Problem Statement to include:
    • An explanation of the specific problem that addresses identified gaps within the literature
    • An explanation of how your problem statement incorporates implications for positive social change.

Section 3 — Personal Public Health Leadership Theory (2–3 pages):

  • An articulation of your personal Public Health Leadership Theory

Section 4 — Revised Visual Representation of Your Public Health Leadership Theory (3–4 pages):

Your visual representation should include:

  • Your personal Public Health Leadership Theory to address the gaps identified in the literature
  • A visual representation of the theory (e.g. table, graph, matrix)
  • A explanation on how the theory addresses the literature gap identified in Week 5
  • A description of how your theory incorporates aspects of systems thinking

Section 5 — Empirical Evaluation Plan for a Public Health Leadership Theory (3–4 pages):

You will assess if the newly developed leadership theory addresses the problem you have been working on. What methodological steps will you use? How will you collect data? Suggestion – start with how theories in our text are evaluated. It does not have to be detailed, but it must include the methods, measures and analytic techniques.

If the assignments are done correctly, there should be an alignment from the topic of choice to the evaluation:

  • The topic is researched in the literature
  • The literature review points out a theoretical gap that needs to be addressed by leadership
  • The gap is turned into a problem statement
  • A leadership theory to address the problem proposed
  • The theory is depicted in a visual; and finally
  • An evaluation plan describes how the newly developed theory resolves the problem identified in the literature

To further help, examples (Two final projects – permission given to post) are located in the Doc Sharing area for this week

Section 6 — Conclusion (1–2 pages)

Section 7 — References

  • An APA-formatted reference list of 15–20 peer-reviewed, scholarly journals


Nahavandi, A. (2014). The art and science of leadership (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

  • Chapter 1, “Definition and Significance of Leadership”
  • Chapter 6, “Current Era in Leadership”
  • Chapter 7, “Other Leadership Perspectives”
  • Chapter 9, “Leading Change”
  • Chapter 10, “Developing Leaders”

Koh, H. (2009). Fostering public health leadership. Journal of Public Health, 31(2), 199–201.

Public health leadership Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Essay assignment Writing Assignment Help

Assignment: Write an essay that shows that you understand what cultural norms and values are.

Purpose: To define and give examples of cultural norms and values.

To synthesize information from the source texts, and your own life.

To practice moves to make in an introduction.

To practice organizing an essay.

Length: 1000 words = 4 pages

Genre: You must write an essay, but you can choose what type of essay. You should define cultural norms and values, and give examples to illustrate the definitions. You could write a straightforward explanation (This is what norms are, and here are some examples) or you could incorporate your definitions and examples into an essay with your own main point (e.g., As an international student in the USA, American cultural norms are new to me, or, Cultures may have the same values but still vary a lot if the norms associated with the values are different, or…)

Source texts: M. Nair (Dir.). (2006). The Namesake. Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Gibson, Margaret A. (1993). Cultural barriers and the press to Americanize. In H.S. Wiener & C. Bazerman (Eds.), Side by Side: A Multicultural Reader (pp. 65-69). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Tannen, Deborah. (1991). Mixed meta-messages across cultures. In Rebecca Mlynarczyk & Steven B. Haber (Eds.), In our own words: A guide with readings for student writers (pp. 134-135). New York: St. Martin’s.

You must draw examples from at least two places. You can use both source texts, or one source text and your own life.

please use Examples from the both source text ( The Namesake movie) and (Tannen)

Tannen text i sent it in the file attachment but the namesake movie i don’t have the pdf of it

also provide in the essay about my own life like i’m an international student and the difference culture as what mentioned above

if there is something not clear please let me know

make it clear and easy vocabulary with good connection ideas i need to get a good grade on this draft assignment please

Your essay should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. If you are writing a straightforward explanation, make the following moves in the introduction: capture the readers’ interest, introduce your topic by defining cultural norms and values and explaining the connection between them, explain why we should care about norms and values (why it can be important to know about them), give your own perspective as a student from X writing to an American audience, state your main point, and give an overview of the examples that you will discuss in the paper. Then go on to discuss one example in each body paragraph, showing the connection between norm and value in each example. (One norm may be supported by several values.) In the conclusion, review your main idea, and push it a little further to suggest something you want your readers to consider; it could be an application or an implication

Thank you


History paper about Triangle: The Fire that Changed America Writing Assignment Help


This paper is based on this event, and specifically from the book The Triangle, I obviously do not expect you to read the book or have done so. But I do expect you to read the lecture notes provided and use them in the paper. You are welcome to gain accurate information from the internet for general information of the event, however, **ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCES OR QUOTATIONS OR WHAT SO EVER IN THE PAPER FROM AN OUTSIDE SOURCE (WEBSITE)**.

Please read the question carefully. Respond in 3-4 pages long, be sure to respond to each part of the question, preferably in a separate body paragraph.

QUESTION: What brought leisure class and working class women together during the shirtwaist strike? What resources did each bring to their alliance? What were the limits to their alliance? In your judgment, did the support of leisure class women, especially of the Women’s Trade Union League, do more aid or hamper the strikers’ cause?

**Also, please use the following argument to create a powerful thesis statement.

Through what the women of New York witnessed or experienced in early 1900s, whether poor or wealthy, they united to contribute to the lives of working women in the Shirtwaist Factories, by bringing reforms to laws.


– provided documents.

– for general knowledge,…

– for general knowledge,…


Course Project Summary Powerpoint! Economics Assignment Help

I will attach the files I submitted previously to help! Thank you so much!

For your final course project assignment, you will compile each of
the module course project submission into a PowerPoint Presentation to
demonstrate your ability to provide a comprehensive presentation on the
chosen course project product.

Topics that will be incorporated into your final course project assignment include:

  • How does an increase in fiscal policy affect consumers’ ability to purchase the iPhone 6 plus?
  • How does a decrease in fiscal policy affect consumers’ ability to purchase the iPhone 6 plus?
  • Does monetary policy affect the sale and purchase of the iPhone 6 plus in a negative manner?
  • Does monetary policy affect the sale and purchase of the iPhone 6 plus in a positive manner?

Your PowerPoint Presentation should include the following:

  • Title slide
  • Introduction slide
  • Two or more slides per assignment
  • Summary slide
  • Reference slide

Save your assignment as a PowerPoint file. (Mac users, please
remember to append the “.pptx” extension to the filename.) The name of
the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an
underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the
date. An example is shown below:


Investments Business Finance Assignment Help

1200-1400 words

In general terms, discuss how the following should be taken into consideration when constructing an investment portfolio:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Debt level and assets
  • Marital status
  • Parental status
  • Risk tolerance
  • Time horizon
  • General economic conditions

Part 2 Tasks

Task 1

Discuss the efficient market hypotheses, and answer the following question:

  • Does this hypothesis support active trading or buying a passive stock index fund?

Task 2

  • Discuss several pieces of legislation that were enacted to protect against unethical investing practices.

Task 3

To illustrate your knowledge of portfolio construction, design a portfolio based on the following scenario:

  • Robert and Susan Jenkins have inherited $200,000. They are aggressive investors with a joint annual income of $100,000, no debt, and an additional $500,000 in assets other than the $200,000 inheritance.

Design 2 separate $200,000 portfolios based on the following scenarios:

  • The couple has 3 children between the ages of 9 and 17 years old, and they will use this money to pay for their college education.
  • The couple will use the money to help fund retirement in 35 years.

When designing your portfolios, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Each portfolio should contain at least 3 common stocks, 1 American Depositary Receipt (ADR) that you researched, and 3 bonds.
  • Leaving a portion of the portfolio in cash is an option if you feel that is it appropriate.
  • Charts and graphs should be used where appropriate.
  • Portfolio models should be based on the Jenkins’ demographic profile and time horizon.


Congestive Heart failure Health Medical Assignment Help

Congestive Heart failure Health Medical Assignment Help