Consider the sculpture of Augustus. In what ways does that work of art also serv Humanities Assignment Help

Consider the sculpture of Augustus. In what ways does that work of art also serv Humanities Assignment Help. Consider the sculpture of Augustus. In what ways does that work of art also serv Humanities Assignment Help.

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Consider the sculpture of Augustus. In what ways does that work of art also serve a political purpose? What

might this tell us about ancient Roman society?

Consider the sculpture of Augustus. In what ways does that work of art also serv Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

IT Auditing and Controls Computer Science Assignment Help

I need assistance with my discussion board assignment which is due on Wednesday, 3/30. Please include references if necessary. No plagiarism please – the similarity score must be below 30%.

As you begin to perform the information
systems audit for PVSS, assume the identity of a different person in the
scenario. For this Discussion Board, you are now the Network Systems Manager
for PVSS.

As the Network Systems Manager, how would you create the
following four controls (or policies) to be used by PVSS:

  • Entity level control
  • Network level control
  • Operating system level
  • Web or database server
    level control

Keep in mind that each control should focus on a specific topic
and offer the following structure:

  • The Policy Statement: This
    is a statement defining the specific action or regulation.
  • Responsibilities: Who
    is responsible for various actions?
  • Enforcement: How
    the policy will be validated?
  • Violations: What
    are the consequences for violation?


Anyone who has taken Exp105 at Ashford University?! Writing Assignment Help

Then, in a five-paragraph essay that is two to three pages in length, please address the following:

  • Paragraph 1: How would you explain learning to someone who has not taken this class? Review the explanations given in the textbook to help you formulate your response. How have your views of learning changed as a result of this class? You may wish to look back at your introduction from Week One, in which you were asked to define the term learning and compare that definition to what you know now.
  • Paragraph 2: Describe yourself as a learner in terms of how you typically use your team of Learning Patterns. Identify your Learning Pattern scores and describe the ways in which you use each Pattern. Also, explain how all four Patterns interact together as you take in the world around you and make sense of it.
  • Paragraph 3: Analyze the benefits of your unique combination of Learning Patterns by identifying strategies specific to each Learning Pattern that you used to complete readings, discussions, assignments, and quizzes in this course. Describe how you took advantage of your learning strengths to become a more intentional learner.
  • Paragraph 4: Analyze the challenges of your unique combination of Learning Patterns. Describe how you used or should have used the concept of FITing your Learning Patterns to ensure your success as a student in this class. Identify the strategies and resources you will use to better FIT your Patterns to become a more intentional learner in future courses.
  • Paragraph 5: Reflect on the past five weeks and describe what you enjoyed most about this class and what you would change about the class. Also, share what your expectations of online learning were when you began this course. Were your expectations met? Why, or why not? Consider the course content, online learning platform, and interactions with your peers and instructor when reflecting on your expectations


Advance_Week3_Discusson Computer Science Assignment Help

Error handling in SQL Server has long been somewhat difficult to set up and use and has only become more usable with the implementation of try-catch-throw blocks in SQL Server 2005.  As it is with any error-handling process, best practices are developed as general guidelines on when and how to use the error-handling stored procedures.

Research and list at least four best practices for when and how these error procedures should be implemented in select, insert, update, and delete stored procedures.  Provide at least two example each for two of the four best practices you detail.  Provide a reasonable level of detail.  Make sure 0% Plagiarism and references should be in APA Format


10-12 Page Research Paper on Woodstock Festival Other Assignment Help


Choose a specific era of American history and write
a 10-12 page paper analyzing the relationship between American culture and
music of the time.  Keep your paper very
tightly focused, covering no more than an approximately five-year time period.  It may also be a good idea to focus on a
specific geographical region, because it may lead you to think in new ways
(i.e. How did the weather, population, economy, technology, or politics of this
particular place affect the music that was created there?)

Consider the following as you gather your thoughts,
but allow the logic of your paper’s thesis to guide your paper’s organization:  What artists and performers best exemplify
the era, and to what extent did their music change our society? How did
historical events affect what musicians were doing?  Who was the audience for this music, what
technologies were used in the distribution and consumption of the music, and
what did the music represent to them?  This
paper is an analysis of music in cultural context, using a specific place or
moment as your case study.

Would like the focus of the thesis to be as specific as possible. A focus on the collision of drugs and music during the hippie movement or something along those lines.

Please use academic articles for sources, and as few websites as possible. 




4 Page Assignments Help with Two Days Deadline for $20 {GA} Other Assignment Help

Q1. Suppose you were
asked to run a proof of concept to decide between two storage systems from
competing companies. That is, full set-up two systems, configure, load
realistic data and run full tests before recommending a system to your manager.
Do you see this as a viable use of time? Why or why not?

Requirement: 300 to 450 Words

Deadline: 12 Hours.

Q2. Choose one of the Security and SDLC videos in the Watch section and

A) a brief summary of the main points that the
presenter(s) made in the video, in your own words, B) An analysis of the video.
Some points to address in your analysis:

Did the
presenter(s) have a clear purpose for the video? What makes you believe so?

Was this
purpose accomplished? How?

Did the
presenter(s) present the information in a way that viewers would find
appealing? In what way?

Is the world
a better place for this video being filmed and shown? How?

How does
this video relate to the real world, either business-wise, or personally? If it
doesn’t, state why.

You don’t have
to write in a boring and stilted academic style in your summary and analysis –
it’s all right (and encouraged!) to write in an engaging style!


“Integrating Security into your SDLC”

AppSecTalk: Why is building security
into the SDLC important?”

“Secure Development Life Cycles (SDLC)
– Bart De Win”

“Why can’t we be friends? Integrating Security into an
Existing Agile SDLC”

“NIST Cyber Security
Framework Explained WBW”

“Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
in Light of Evolving Threats”

Requirement: 325 – 350 words.

Deadline: 18


1. What
is zoning? Discuss a scenario:

Where WWN zoning is
preferred over port zoning.

Where port zoning is
preferred over WWN zoning.

2. How
does flow control work in an FC network?

3. How do VSANs
improve the manageability of an FC SAN?

Deadline: 2

Requirement: 2
– 3 Pages

Course Textbook:Information
Storage and Management (2ndEdition)
by EMC Educational Services, ©2012,

Please Take Care of Grammar & All Assignments will be checked
for plagiarism by using SAFE Assign & Turn It in tools. So, Strictly No

Overall 4 – 5 Pages Work $20 is the maximum that I can pay but I promise will
assign maximum tasks to you only every week. (I post around $300 worth works
every week) 

4 Page Assignments Help with Two Days Deadline for $20 {GA} Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Health Behavior Theory for public health, create a video as the final assignment Humanities Assignment Help

This task really needs time. This is the most important part of this whole class, do not answer this question if you are not familiar with the theories in this book, ‘Health Behavior Theory for public health’. And this should be a video since video can get a better score, and the voice behind the powerpoint should be a girl with no accent (Chinese accent is acceptable). If you don’t know how to create a video from a ppt, here is the link

And the powerpoint should be funny  and interesting. You can see the example which i will share through Facebook. Keep contact with me to make sure you can see the video.

The TA created this video aimed at getting kids to wash their hands. This is one among many forms of media aimed at changing health behavior. Your intended audience will heavily influence the medium you choose.  Remember: creativity is a part of the grade.

Technique Assignment Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to a wide variety of health
topics and theory-informed teaching techniques designed to get people to change
their behavior. 

The assignment has two parts. 

FIRST, you will create some form of digital health education
material.  This could be a 5-10 minute video,
Powerpoint presentation, poster, or other form of digital media if approved by
the instructor.

At a minimum you will be required to highlight the following in the
media you create: 

1) Health topic

2) Intended audience

3) Theory and constructs used

The picture here is a explanation about how to get a satisfied score.


Assignment (4-6 pages) Writing Assignment Help

Provide an example of a situation in which
change occurred rather quickly and you or the administration needed to adapt
rapidly. How might you apply collaborative facilitation skills in this
situation? Address the following questions:

What was the outcome?

Did you agree or
disagree with the change? Support your reasoning.

How did the
administrator’ professional disposition impact the situation?

How did the
administration collaboratively communicate to
educators/students/parents/community members?

What would you have
done differently as an administrator?

Submit your 4- to 6-page Assignment before the
end of this week.


Assignment 1 – Evaluating Organizational Change Other Assignment Help


This Assignment provides an overview of how to evaluate evidence-based practice quality improvement in a practice change.


  1. Introduce an overview of a healthcare system practice guideline, preferably where you work or have worked.
  2. Discuss how different professionals in the healthcare system (nurses, pharmacists, technicians, etc.) are held to this guideline.
  3. Identify the research/reference used by the system to adopt the guideline.
  4. Define the evidence used to define the guideline.
  5. Determine the level of evidence used in the EBP identified.
  6. Provide an opinion on how well this guideline is followed by professionals in the system.
  7. Conclude with a concise overview of the guideline and the discussion in the paper.
  8. Write the paper in 8–10 pages, using APA format.


Software_Quiz_Week3 Computer Science Assignment Help

3.7 To reduce costs and the environmental impact of commuting, your company decided to close a number of offices and to provide support for staff to work from home. However, the senior management who introduced the policy are unaware that software is developed using Scrum.

Explain how you could use technology to support Scrum in a distributed environment to make this possible.

What problems are you likely to encounter using this approach?

3.8 Why is it necessary to introduce some methods and documentation from plan-based approaches when scaling agile methods to larger projects that are developed by distributed development teams?


Consider the sculpture of Augustus. In what ways does that work of art also serv Humanities Assignment Help

Consider the sculpture of Augustus. In what ways does that work of art also serv Humanities Assignment Help

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