Consider what impact CSR has on present and future of business?

Provide a brief overview of the main social and environmental issues and challenges that concern the particular sector the company you have analysed. Consider what factors have shaped CSR in that of the companys country/ region. What is the value of reporting in your specific sector?


Evaluate how your CSR report is relevant and demonstrates their business activities by questioning the following:
1) How does the company report on their materiality (material impacts, targets and progress) and is it relevant?
2) How and what has CSR contributed to change the companys core activities?
3) How is CSR used? I.e. as a method for correction for bad practice, or as a way to seek new opportunities (new markets)?
4) How is CSR offering new ways of engaging with people/ employees/ consumers?
5) How does the company include stakeholder input? (Through endorsement or through
6) Where and how does the company position itself with regards to their future business? (Is it business as usual, or are they addressing future issues such as dwindling resources,
population growth, and environmental degradation?)
7) Do company disclosures contribute to their beneficial perception in society at large?


Present a brief summary drawing out the main points of your report highlighting a considered judgment on your findings. How is the company perceived in the media? Consider what impact CSR has on present and future of business? What recommendations can you give?


Lastly, present your own point of view and how the elaboration of this project may have helped you gain a better insight on the issues of Corporate Responsibility and strategic management.

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