Correcting the project according to the instructions shown below Writing Assignment Help

Correcting the project according to the instructions shown below Writing Assignment Help. Correcting the project according to the instructions shown below Writing Assignment Help.

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·Brief about what HRD is?

·Objectives of the assignment? To develop an understanding about…………..

·Methodology? From where primary data will come? Source of secondary data?


·Brief explanation regarding what inclusive-education means?

·Life-long learning meaning and importance.

·Steps taken by government to support school infrastructure, adult literacy, basic education and higher education etc

·Special education for differently abled / special children.

·Role of TRC

·Support mechanisms from TRC – Example: Open Research Grant Program etc.

·Provide your critical analysis / your opinion about the topic being discussed in the question.


·How political, economic social legal factors of Oman impact in attracting and retaining talented employees. Discuss the challenges/barriers faced by the organizations in attracting and retaining employees.

·What are your suggestions to increase the skilled and industry ready employees.

·Provide your critical analysis / your opinion about the topic being discussed in the question.


·Entrepreneurship and its importance for economy.

·Government’s role regarding entrepreneurs. Finance and Consultancy Support for entrepreneurs.

·Private sector support for entrepreneurs.

·Govt. initiatives: few examples

oInvest Easy


·Private Sector

oStartup Oman

oMentorship/Training/Consultancy/Feasibility Studies

·Provide your critical analysis / your opinion about the topic being discussed in the question.

General conclusion – your learnings / findings and recommendations.


Correcting the project according to the instructions shown below Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

movie essay Business Finance Assignment Help

he first step in this assignment is selecting a movie to analyze based on concepts in Interpersonal Communication. Once you do that, you should answer the following questions based on that movie. I season of a television show will also work for this assignment, but going beyond one season is likely too much.
Please type your answers to the following questions using standard formatting (12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman type, one-inch margins, etc.) There is no required length, but responses need to answer the questions fully, including details/examples from the movie, and demonstrate that you understand the material covered overall in class and can relate it to the film.You should include specific details and examples. Be sure to list the answers below the questions, so do NOT write this in essay format.
Make sure you let me know what movie chose before diving into questions!!
You have analyzed the characteristics of a competent communicator. Which character in this film do you think is the most competent communicator based on the traits we discussed? Why?
As you learned in this course, culture and gender have a big impact on the way we communicate. What are some of the culture and gender differences that effect interpersonal communication in the movie? Provide at least two for culture and two for gender.
Perception influences every aspect of communication. Explain how the main character’s perceptions likely affect their relationships. Then explain how your own perception influences the way you view the movie.
As we know, language is a big factor in interpersonal communication. Give at least 3 examples of language use in the movie between some of the main characters.
While language is important, we also know that nonverbal communication plays a major role in how we communicate (content vs. relational message). There are likely many facial expressions in the movie, among other nonverbal expressions, that say a lot more than words. Give at least 3 examples of nonverbal communication in the movie.
How does listening impact the way the characters in the movie relate to one another? Give at least two examples.
How do the main characters portray their emotions? Give three examples.
As we know, conflict and power are a big part of our interaction with others. Give two examples of how conflict and/or power were displayed in the movie.
Interpersonal deception is also something we all encounter in relationships – where did you see this evidenced in the movie? Give at least one, quality example of this.
Your choice – select any other aspect of Interpersonal Communication that has not already been discussed in the questions above and explain how it relates to the movie. For example, you could talk about some of the later chapters in the text. How is social exchange theory evident in the film? In what ways are Knapp’s Relational Stages portrayed? Explain how you see Gibb’s communication climates expressed. Pick out anything else you’d like to (that hasn’t been mentioned already in the first nine questions).
Movie Analysis Paper Rubric


US History Humanities Assignment Help

The 1850s was a particularly tumultuous time in the United States. Choose 4-5 events, compromises, publications, or people and explain how they propelled the United States towards the Civil War.

Papers should be between 6-8 pages in length. Goals of the assignment are to demonstrate that you can create a research paper based on secondary sources and synthesize this material to present a cohesive answer to a question. Students are not required to use primary sources, but using them is encouraged if a student feels comfortable. Because this is a research based paper, students must demonstrate that they can find and use GMC “library approved” secondary sources throughout the work. The final paper requires a minimum of 3 secondary sources.

Papers do need to have a title page. However, footnotes are not required. Instead, students need to use pagination citation throughout their papers to show how and where they used their sources. Example: “The War of 1812 was started by America.” (Kucsan, 2009) or (the authors last name). Now if you are using more than one article by the same author then you need to put in the title of the article…such as (Kucsan, 2009, Consequences of the War of 1812). If you are using 2 different works with authors of the same last name then do the following; (Kucsan, P, 2009) Just put in the first initial.

Finally, remember that all papers need an introduction, body, and conclusion. Every essay needs a thesis statement and the last page of your assignment should be a reference page where you will provide your complete references in APA style


CHST 3620- Essay 3 pages Writing Assignment Help


Teacher’s Requirements

Working in small groups, your team will form an ACS Unit and you are now all CPS workers. As CPS workers you will be assigned a pre-determined family case and will be required to complete the Final Examination in two components: A brief in class presentation and a 13-15 page paper.

The internet is the “case address” where you will gather information, details and examples of incidents of abuse and neglect. Provide a psycho-social and family composition about the child/ their family and living arrangements. Use Federal and NY law (even if the cases occurred out of state) to substantiate the type(s) of abuse you identify and/or what protections may the victim be entitled to given these charges. Indicate the possible outcomes and/or long term effects of this type of abuse. Note as a CPS worker what your “service plan” would be. How or why would this intervention be helpful the child and/or the family and would it have changed the current outcome?

My Requirements

My requirements for this essay, is that it is a group project essay. My part of the essay is to talk about the The Key Components of a service plan in regards to Lisa Steinberg if she was alive. It is a continuation of a paper so it shouldn’t sound like the beginning of the first page of the essay. My part is fairly last and should sound like such. My group and I already made a power point and my part was put into the power point. It is also attached to this email. The bullet points now need to be put into sentences with a bit more information . Please cite any references and research the case regarding lisa steinberg before starting the paper.


what are some of the connections between food and daily life/the self. Writing Assignment Help

this is the question that needs to be answered= “What are some of the connections between food and daily life/the self. Your answer can include issues of health, income, lifestyle and culture.”

Answer should be a minimum of 300 words long. Support each answer with at least three references from our class readings. Support can include course readings, lectures and media. Appropriate support includes detailed references to specific readings, lectures and media, use of relevant examples, and logical conclusions drawn from the evidence. Cite your sources in-text please

Please note that the nature of these question call for special care in writing coherent and cohesive answers. In other words, please be very careful to present your answer in a smoothly flowing prose, with clear connections between your main points.

It bears repeating that you must cite all sources in-text and that answers must be based on in-class readings. Please do not use the internet.

times new roman 12+, apa format

I will provide the reading needed to complete paper:…



Policy Recommendation Report on Cyberbullying and Social Media Writing Assignment Help

I need someone to write one more page for me on this paper because the last tutor did not clearly read the instructions I need 6 to 8 pages and they only did 5.

I will attach my paper and the modules that must be used with this paper. It must be plagiarism free, in-text citations and references attached. Must be grammer and spelling free.

I can’t afford to go over my budget since I’m running low on money. This could have been avoided the first time and I would not be asking for more help. So please be generous on the price I cannot go to high on this.

Policy Recommendation Report on Cyberbullying and Social Media Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Answer a Discussion board question and write 1 page paper. Writing Assignment Help

Discussion board question

Gangs are an ever present destructive force in the
community. To effectively deal with gangs the police and citizens must work
together to divert youth from joining gangs and keep gang members who are
returning to the community from incarceration from resuming their association
with gangs.

1.Using peer reviewed articles and other
professional publications find examples find examples find examples of
community policing programs that have dealt with this problem and evaluate
their effectiveness.

approximately 150 words, summarize what you have learned and cite the
sources you have used.

2. Then, in approximately 300 words,
address the following issues;

1) Was gang activity the reason the community policing
effort got started or was gang activity recognized as a problem along the way?

2) What were some of the most effective counter actions
taken by the community policing effort against gang activity?

3) What was done specifically to deter young people from
joining gangs?



Community-Oriented Policing and Gangs

Gang activity is perhaps the most destructive force in
America. Community-oriented policing attempts to address some of the issues of
gang life and how it impacts the quality of life in the community. For this
week’s assignment locate a community-oriented policing program or a sub program
within one that is attempting to deal with a gang problem. You might start by
looking here for ideas:….
Find one of the community programs and evaluate its effectiveness. Analyze what
has worked and what has not worked. Make suggestions as to what might be an improvement
to the program.

Write a 500 word paper (single space).

In your paper, cite at least 2-3

Only one reference may be found on the internet.


Journal: Connecting to Your Dissertation—Identifying Gaps in the Literature Writing Assignment Help

References and APA

Journal: Connecting to Your Dissertation—Identifying Gaps in the Literature

This is your third and final Journal Assignment for the course. This week, you consider insights you have gained from your process of trying to identify gaps in the literature (which you completed for this week’s Discussion) and how you can apply these insights to your dissertation research process within your specific program of study. Remember that only your Instructor will see your Journal entries.

To prepare for this Journal:

  • Consider how you can apply what you learned this week on identifying gaps in the literature to your dissertation research process within your specific program of study.
  • Find in the Walden library one review article that relates to a possible topic for your dissertation.
  • Review Chapter 1, “The Dissertation” (p. 6), in the Stadtlander text.
  • Review the blog post “Defining a Gap in the Literature: On Proving the Presence of an Absence.

For this week’s Journal entry, respond to the following:

  • Summarize and analyze the gaps identified in the review article you have found in the Walden library. Provide a reference for the article.


CJ gender crime Law Assignment Help

  • Focus tightly on one issue or idea — in your first paragraph. Be brief.
  • Express your opinion, then base it on factual, researched or first-hand information.
  • Be timely, controversial, but not outrageous. Be the voice of reason.
  • Be personal and conversational; it can help you make your point. No one likes a stuffed shirt.
  • Be humorous, provided that your topic lends itself to humor.
  • Have a clear editorial viewpoint – come down hard on one side of the issue. Don’t equivocate.
  • Provide insight, understanding: educate your reader without being preachy.
  • Near the end, clearly re-state your position and issue a call to action. Don’t philosophize.
  • Have verve, and “fire in the gut” indignation to accompany your logical analysis.
  • Don’t ramble or let your op-ed unfold slowly, as in an essay.
  • Use clear, powerful, direct language.
  • Emphasize active verbs, forget the adjectives and adverbs, which only weaken writing.
  • Avoid clichés and jargon.
  • Appeal to the average reader. Clarity is paramount.
  • Write 750 double-spaced words or less (fewer is always better).


ATH-111 Final Project Revisions Humanities Assignment Help

I need someone to revise my final paper so that it covers all of the points in the rubric thoroughly. My selected film is the 2009 Avatar movie directed by James Cameron. Please verify that the paper is written in APA format and contains at least 4 credible sources. You will need to follow the rubric to ensure that all required sections are covered. I have highlighted the topics that must be covered in the paper.

You must read the rubric before starting because there seems to be some confusion regarding how to cover the anthropological concepts. Each concept should address one scene of the movie, and I am not my current paper clearly discusses 3 scenes of the movie.


Correcting the project according to the instructions shown below Writing Assignment Help

Correcting the project according to the instructions shown below Writing Assignment Help

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