Cost Analysis Health Medical Assignment Help

Cost Analysis Health Medical Assignment Help. Cost Analysis Health Medical Assignment Help.

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Cost Analysis: The Purchase of Health Care Equipment Project

An equipment acquisition proposal is being considered by a large healthcare organization, XYZ Health Care. The array machine will enable the hospital to perform autoimmunity tests (for immunoglobulins G, M, and A and complements C3 and C4) in-house rather than sending them to a reference laboratory. Test turnaround time is expected to decrease by 2 days. The array machine costs $50,000, with a useful life of 5 years. The depreciation schedule will be $10,000/year. The expected volume for tests is one of each of the five autoimmunity tests per day. Having the tests done by the reference laboratory costs the hospital an average of $10/test. The hospital’s average charge to patients is $20/test. The cost of reagents for each testaverage $2/test. The array machine can run a maximum of 40 patient samples and perform 20 different tests on each sample every 2 hours. Except in extraordinary circumstances, tests would be run Monday through Saturday. The machine requires approximately 1 hour of technician time (valued at $15/hour) each day to calibrate it, to conduct a test run for control purposes, and to perform general maintenance. This is a fixed cost because it does not vary by volume. Technician setup time to run tests is negligible. Beyond the five autoimmunity tests the laboratory wants to perform in-house, the machine can also perform apolipoprotein cardiac profiles that are currently done on equipment in the clinical chemistry department. The array machine can provide a quantitative measure and not just the positive or negative indicator that the clinical chemistry department’s current equipment gives.

Deliverables: The CEO of XYZ Health Care has hired your team as consultants to prepare a report addressing the questions below. Submit one (1) single Microsoft Word document .

The written report must include the following:

  • APA formatted cover and reference page
  • APA formatted double-spaced typed submission in Times New Roman font
  • Abstract / Executive Summary and Background – One page
  • How many autoimmunity tests per year will have to be performed on the array machine to break even?

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At least 250 words, please answer the following questions about Western Civilization Humanities Assignment Help

In at least 250 words, answer the following question:

How were the three civilizations (medieval Western Europe, the Byzantine Empire, and Islamic world) that arose after the fall of the Western Roman Empire both similar and different from the Roman Empire.

In other words, what remained the same and what changed after the Roman Empire dissolved?

Please use the assigned material to formulate your answer.

Read all the questions before you begin reading.

As you read and write down notes, make notations to indicate material that might help you answer the questions.

After you finish all the reading, assemble your notes and answer the questions.

Most questions will ask you to provide two to four points to answer the question.

Instead of rewriting everything the book or the lecture says about a particular questions, focus on four main points based on what you read in the book or the lecture.

Provide an example or two for each point and then move onto the next point.


Developmental issues and Lifespan Theories Writing Assignment Help

After reading the vignette below you will be asked to answer questions regarding the individuals in the story and their relationship to one another. Please make sure you reference both the textbook from our course (or another appropriate Master’s level Lifespan Development text) and appropriate articles. Every point you make should have support from research and the theories associated with that area of development. Your overall response should be 6-8 pages, doubled spaced, APA.

Lisa and John are a married couple who live in Wilmington, NC and have been married for 8 years. Lisa is 38-years-old and this is her first marriage. She is pregnant with their second child and is due in two months. She has suffered from bouts of depression and cannot be on her prescription medication because she is pregnant. She was also recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes. John is 54 and has been married before but divorced his first wife 10 years ago. He is recently unemployed as he lost his job as an investment banker in Manhattan and has not been able to find a new job in the past 6 months. He is contemplating going back to college to earn a masters in I/O psychology. From that first marriage he has a son, Kyle, who is 17-years-old who lives with them and only sees his mother once a month as she lives in Maryland. Kyle is a typical adolescent who sometimes drinks too much when he is with his friends and is an average student. He is contemplating joining the Army once he graduates from high school but Lisa and John are torn. They believe he would benefit from the training but are worried about his safety. Lisa and John’s biological son, Blake, is 6-years-old. He was having a great deal of difficulty concentrating in school and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Also in their house lives John’s mother, Violet, who is 82-years-old. She is recently widowed and was unhappy when Lisa and John made her sell her home and move into their house. She suffers from various physical ailments that make it difficult for her to easily move around on her own and she has recently become forgetful.

1. Discuss two (2) normal developmental issues you would expect to see for each of the following five family members (do not discuss the specific issues attached to them above – focus on where they are in the lifespan and normal issues they would face being the age that they are): Lisa, John, Kyle, Blake, and Violet (issues can be focused on any lifespan area including: biological, psychological, cognitive, social-emotional, cultural, etc.).

2. Select two (2) of the relationships described above (married couple, parent/child, step-parent/child, sibling, in-law, etc.) and describe the difficulties that could present themselves in that relationship and important factors in ensuring a healthy relationship according to current research findings.

3. Select two (2) of the issues faced by the individuals above (e.g., Lisa – depressed & pregnant, Blake – ADHD, etc.) and apply two lifespan theories to each of these issues. Compare and contrast the different perspectives the theories would take on the issue and how they would advise a healthy resolution of that issue or interventions that could be created. You cannot use a theory more than once. In other words, if you apply Vygotsky’s sociocultural approach and social learning theory to Lisa’s issue you cannot use those two again to address the issues of the remaining individuals. Select from: Psychoanalytic perspective, Piaget’s cognitive-development, ethology and evolutionary development, ecological systems, behaviorism and social learning, information processing, Vygotsky’s sociocultural, or the lifespan perspective.

Suggested Readings:

Berk, L. E. (2013). Exploring Lifespan Development (3rd ed.) New York: Pearson.

Behnke, M., & Smith, V.C (2013). Prenatal substance abuse: Short- and long-term effects

on the exposed fetus.Pediatrics, 131(3), 1009-1024.

Blasko, K.A. (2015). MilitaryKidsConnect: Web-based prevention services for military

children. Psychological Services, 12, 261-266

Cambell -Reay, A.M., & Browne, K.D. (2001). Risk factor characteristics in carers who

physically abuse or neglect elderly dependents. Aging & Mental Health. 5(1), 56-62.

Harris, J, Bargh, J.A., Brownell, & D. (2009). Priming effects of television food

advertising on eating behavior. Health Psychology, 28(4), 404-413.

Huang-Pollock, C.L., & Karalunas, S.L. (2010). Working memory demands impair skill

acquisition in children with ADHD Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 119(1),


Jimenez, D.E., Bartels, S. J., Cardenas, V., & Alegría, M. (2013). Stigmatizing attitudes

toward mental illness among racial/ethnic older adults in primary

care. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 28(10). 1061-1068.

Page, M.J. L., Lindahl, K.M., & Malik, N. M.(2013). The role of religion and stress in

sexual identity and mental health among lesbian, gay, and bisexual

youth. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 23(4). 665-677.

Schellenberg (2006). Long-term positive associations between music lessons and IQ.

Journal of Educational Psychology. 98, 457-468.

Smith, A.R. Chein, J.& Steinberg, L. (2013). Impact of socio-emotional context, brain

development, and pubertal maturation on adolescent risk-taking. Hormones and

Behavior, 64(2). 323-332.

Steinberg, L. (2007). Risk taking in adolescence: New perspectives from brain and

behavioral science. Current Directions in Psychological Science. 16(2), 55-59.

Sternberg, R.J. (1986). A triangular theory of love. Psychological Review, 93(2), 119-


Taylor, J.,& House, B. (2010) An exploration of identity, motivations and concerns of

non-traditional students at different stages of higher education. Psychology

Teaching Review, 16(1). 46-57

Tronick, E. & Reck, C. (2009). Infants of Depressed Mothers. Harvard Review of

Psychiatry, 17(2), 147-156.

Yumoto, Jacobson & Jacobson (2008). Fetal substance exposure and cumulative

environmental risk in an African American cohort. Child Development. 79, 1761 – 1776.


Anthropology questions Humanities Assignment Help

To participate in the discussions for this module, students must initiate a thread and clearly indicate in the subject line what specific question they are addressing in their posts. 2 paragraphs each question

Question 1: Problems may arise when different groups have different associated meanings with the same symbol. For example, Wiccan high school students are often prohibited from wearing the swastika symbol to school. What do you think should be done in these situations? Should an individual be allowed to wear a symbol that might offend others who mistake its meaning?

Question 2: What are the purposes of religious toys and games? Can they be analyzed in the same way as more traditional religious objects? Why or why not?

Question 3: What are the symbolic uses of time and space on your campus?

Question 4: Most colleges and universities and professional athletic teams are represented by mascots. Is there a relationship between the characteristics of the mascot and the particular institution? What roles do mascots play in American culture?

Question 5: What role does music play in American culture? In what settings and for what purposes is music used?


Multicultural Perspectives and Diversity Issues Humanities Assignment Help

Counselors are expected to be trained in and to develop the competencies to work with diverse clients. The ethics codes state that practitioners should have knowledge of their clients’ cultures and be able to demonstrate competence in providing culturally sensitive services to diverse client populations. The expectation is that the required education, training, experience, and supervision have or are being given to become a multiculturally competent practitioner.

1. After viewing video clip Culture Clash, what are the main ethical issues do you believe this role play illustrates? When you answer this be sure to summarize and cite two standards that are most relevant.

2. What is your stand on this ethical issue (or these ethical issues)?

3. Based on the Tomlinson-Clarke (2013) article, what are two suggestions that you would make to better prepared the counselor to treat this client?

4. At this point in your training, how able are you to respond when a client challenges you on your age gender, or culture, implying that because of these differences you will not have the ability to be helpful?



principles of Nutrition and diet therapy health care management, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

LP9 Assignment: Fad Diet

LP9. Assess the energy requirements of the body.

Directions: Write a review on the fad diet of your choice.

1. Use the Internet to search for “fad diets.” Typing “fad diets” into a search engine will only provide you with sites that comment on fad diets. You will need to find the names of fad diets and then search for those individually.
2. Review the websites you find and pick one that you consider the most interesting with enough information available to review the diet.
3. Record facts, quotations, and other information that will be useful. Utilize books, articles, and reputable online resources.
4. Write a two-page double-spaced review of the diet that outlines the name of the diet, the purpose of it, the health claims it is making, how much weight a person will lose, and any special recommendations it makes.
5. At the end of the report, write a paragraph outlining if you would recommend this diet, why or why not. Also, review what likelihood someone will succeed on this diet.

principles of Nutrition and diet therapy health care management, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Should we tax the rich more and give to the poor? Economics Assignment Help

are a primary tool for redistributing income from the wealthy to lower
income earners. The economic impact of the redistribution of income is a
highly debated topic and arguments are generally formed in the Tax
Reduction/Increase debates.

The following two sites look at world income distribution and provide a comparison over time


for the U.S. are also available from the Census Bureau at: Search for income distribution. From the Heritage
Foundation, a conservative think tank, here is an article that addresses
the impact of tax changes:


Competitive Analysis​, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

My part

This is the busn 460 week 7 .My part is Competitive Analysis -CanGo Final Report Competitive Analysis of cango with other 3 companies , need 2 pages explanation and 4 slides on it with speaker notes

Examples are attached

Financial Analysis Summary

This segment of the report covers in detail the money related state of CanGo and acquainting proposals and recommendations with help CanGo better comprehend their current budgetary reports. Utilizing these suggestions, CanGo will have the capacity to settle on better monetary choices in light of their current money related position. This investigation will likewise help CanGo settle on educated choices concerning gainfulness, liquidity, action, and influence based off the current money related proclamations. Examinations are joined to this report and are recorded as

The Final Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
presentation) must be posted by the Week 7 Team Leader in Document
Sharing > Final Reports and Presentations at least 12 hours
prior to the schedule iConnect Final Presentation time. Do not use the Dropbox
for submitting these files.
My part

Examples are attached


My career interest to be an Electrical engineer, art & design homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Week #2 Forum: Evaluate a Student-Selected Source and Reflect on the Research ProcessIn the week 2 lesson, you have read about information seeking strategies, the second Big6 model digital literacy skill. As you consider sources you may use in your final career interest project, visit the APUS Library and select one potential source. Rather than randomly choosing a source that could work, select the best possible source from those available using the evaluation process presented in the lesson.

In the Forum, share a source you have selected. Evaluate it and tell about your research process. Include the following details:

Your career interest topic for the final project (Security Management is what I would like to do)

Your chosen source—share title, author, and other identifying information, & provide a link if possible

A description of the information contained in this source in 1-2 sentences (summarize) in your own words

An evaluation of your source. Is it scholarly or non-scholarly? Why did you select it (criteria)? What criteria did you use to determine it was a quality source to use? Is it current, accurate, credible, available, understandable, and relevant to your topic?

A reflection of your research process. What is your current comfort level working in the APUS Library? What other potential sources are you considering for the final project? What tools are you using to organize your sources and research reading? If you used an app, please share it with the class, as well as a description of it.


Strong multinationals seem less healthy than successful companies that stick closer to home, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Strong multinationals seem less healthy than successful companies that stick closer to home. How can that be? (50 Points)

Read: Dewhurst, M., Harris, J., & Heywood, S. (2011). Understanding your ‘globalization penalty‘. Mckinsey Quarterly, (3), 12-15.

The rapid growth of emerging markets is providing fresh impetus for companies to become ever more global in scope. Deep experience in other international markets means that many companies know globalization’s potential benefits—which include accessing new markets and talent pools and capturing economies of scale—as well as a number of risks: creeping complexity, culture clashes, and vigorous responses from local competitors, to name just a few. This article is based on McKinsey’s 2011 research utilizing an organizational-health index database.

In order to judge the value of these findings, compare and contrast two U.S. companies to make your point about which is healthier. For your comparative analysis, choose one business closer to home and another business that is spread out around the globe.


  • Visit the companies’ Websites and carefully study their positioning.
  • Your comparative analysis paper should be 3-4 pages, well written, and formatted per CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
  • Be sure to use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar; points will be deducted accordingly.
  • Support your analysis by referencing two outside sources and the course textbook in proper APA format and style.


Cost Analysis Health Medical Assignment Help

Cost Analysis Health Medical Assignment Help

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