Cp and Cpk Mathematics Assignment Help

Cp and Cpk Mathematics Assignment Help. Cp and Cpk Mathematics Assignment Help.

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A new process control expert has been asked to evaluate the process capability of an old process that has been causing persistent problems, with high reject rates. He looks over a pile of historical data and computes a Cp=1.67 and Cpk = 1.33 and says “What’s the problem?” Later his boss checks the data and finds that he has used Shewhart x-bar data for his calculations with n = 5.

He used sample mean X-bar instead of the actual sampled variable X.

Find what the actual values should have been for Cp and Cpk



What fraction of out-of-spec. parts are being produced?

Cp and Cpk Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

read the article from the annual editions book and fill out the summary article form Humanities Assignment Help

read the article attached from the Annual Editions book. Complete this form based on your reading – typing your responses directly next to each question below. You must meet the word count requirements listed in the final three questions below. Please no plagiarism. The form will also be attached. The title of the book is ” annual editions psychology” forty eighth edition” edited by Eric Landrum.

  • Annual Editions: Psychology ____________________ (Which edition – which years?)
  • Title of article:
  • Author/s Name:
  • Pages:
  • What is the general area of psychology with which this article dealt?
  • What is the specific question that the author/s explored? What specific issues were raised and examined in the article? *minimum 250 words*
  • What were the major conclusions of the author/s? *minimum 250 words*
  • What is your reaction to (or evaluation of) the paper you read? *minimum 250 words*


One sheet and message/taking notes Writing Assignment Help

Assignment requirements:

“You’ve determined who/what should grace the December cover, now, you’ll create both a one sheet and message/talking points for an event announcing the cover person/place. The person on the cover will be at the event. For mags with no person on the cover, the Editor-in-Chief will be at the event.“

Remember this is two separate file assignments.

The assignment magazine is ELLE DECOR

The “December cover” means magazine company for Elle Decor’s past December cover. I attached some examples below, which’s Elle Decor’s December cover from the past.

Please follow all the requirements I gave based on what I explained for December cover means and write one sheet and message/talking points for an event announcing the cover person/place.


Public Awareness Other Assignment Help

Complete a short 2-3 page paper and submit to instructor in APA format using Word on the topic of public awareness of the financial planning profession and/or process. You may use whatever legitimate sources are applicable to specific points made, but at a minimum should examine the board’s “Let’s Make a Plan” campaign, the link for which you will find below. A successful paper will address the public’s current awareness of one or more aspects of financial planning, contrasting with the past if applicable.

The structure of your paper should be as follows:

  • Title page
  • Body (2-3 pages, no more or less; APA Style; use appropriate headings for organization of the paper)
  • References (APA Style) Can only use 3 references and site 3 in the paper.

LINK: http://www.letsmakeaplan.org/?utm_source=LMAP&utm_medium=footer&utm_content=homepage&utm_campaign=footer


control Chart, ARL, Devor Rules Mathematics Assignment Help

The following control chart was plotted for a process that has been in control for sometime, and the mean and standard deviation are 100.08 and 1.01. The subgroup size is n=3.

Looking at this chart we see one clear point on the xbar chart that has exceeded the UCL at subgroup 23. However we also know that the mean changed by 0.5 at subgroup 7.

From these charts, please answer the following:

What is “actual” run length (i.e. the number of runs after a change before a UCL alarm is seen)?

What is the theoretical value for ARL in this scenario (NB: note that the mean shift = 0.5 sigma x)?

Why are they so different?

a) The run length before a violation is a random number, and the ARL is simply the average of that number.

b) The process also had an increase in the underlying standard deviation.

c) By using n=3 we narrowed the control limits by sqrt(3) and so any earlier alarm was expected.

2) Which of the “Devor Rules” would have given the earliest indication of out of control behavior and when would that indication occur?

1. Outside ±3σ (1 at 23)

2. 2 of 3 >±2σ

3. 4 of 5 >± 1σ

4. All points inside ±1σ

5. Runs of 8 or more above or below the centerline

6. 6 or more points in consistent direction

7. Bi-Modal Data

8. 8 successive points outside ±1s

Rule Violation (or none)

At which subgroup can we confirm the violation? (or none).



Using Excel VBA to Calculate Items for The Stock Option Worksheet Mathematics Assignment Help

Here is the assignment, I have also uploaded the Excel file, please submit an Excel file to me with the answers of all the requirements below:

Consider the below Equity Linked Note:
Tenor 1 Month + 2weeks
Trade Date 03 Oct 2017 (Tue)
Issue Date 03 Oct 2017 (Tue)
Final Valuation Date 17 Nov 2107 (Fri)
Maturity Date 17 Nov 2107 (Fri)
Denomination USD 100K
Currecny USD
Put Strike (K) 93%
Underlying Stock A (US stock)
Initial Spot – S(0)
(the stock price at which the initial Delta is executed)
USD 50.00
Final Performance Stock Price at Final Valuation Date / Initial Spot
Final Redemption at Maturity If Final Performance >= K, 100% of Denomination
Othwise, Denomination / [K*S(0)] shares of Stock A
Issuer/Distributor Margin 0.30%
Market Parameters:
Interest Rate (30/360) 2.00%
Volatility of Stock A 35%
Dividend rate (continuous, Act/365) 3.50%
Repo rate (continuous, Act/365) 3.00%
Market Parameters:
Interest Rate (30/360) 2.00%
Volatility of Stock A 35%
Dividend rate (continuous, Act/365) 3.50%
Repo rate (continuous, Act/365) 3.00%

Use Black-Scholes formula and Excel-VBA to calculate:

1) Issue Price in % of Denomination
2) Delta in % of price
3) Vega in % of price (for 1% vol change)
4) Rho in % of price (for 1 basis point rate change)

Using Excel VBA to Calculate Items for The Stock Option Worksheet Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Developing IT Compliance Program Computer Science Assignment Help

The IT compliance program cannot be conceived in isolation and devoid of the key links to non-IT and financial compliance. Effective IT compliance requires an aggregate vision and architecture to achieve compliance that goes beyond becoming infatuated with a given control framework. As a group, provide a detailed plan of action based on life cycle concepts to develop and deploy an ongoing IT compliance process. Your plan should provide practical knowledge on what you should consider when developing and implementing an IT compliance program for key regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GrammLeach-Bliley, PCI and others to achieve meaningful IT governance.

Plan should include the following:  Discuss the challenges IT divisions face in achieving regulatory compliance  Assess how IT governance will improve the effectiveness of the IT Division to attain regulatory compliance  Develop a broad vision, an architecture, and a detailed plan of action that follows a life cycle concept  Assess all key business processes and IT compliance factors and link to all business processes (financial and non-IT) to develop an aggregate vision of IT compliance  Your detailed plan should include the following phases: initiate, plan, develop and implement.


Need modifications in my essay and add one page and half Humanities Assignment Help

The essay is already written but not finished and need more work. My professor wrote couple of things that need to be changed or added. DQ means dropped quote, meaning that I need a lead in before writing the quote. Also couple of questions that need to be answer. You can use BBC, NPR or any newspaper for sources, but anything you put I need to have access to it because I have to print it. I also used the Mc Bride article three times so I need you to change it with another article in one of the three paragraphs.


Final Paper for English 1 Topic: Eugenics Writing Assignment Help


-Essay is on the topic Eugenics. 8-10 pages double spaced MLA format (please make it around 8 and half)
-This is my final paper which consists of 3 other papers. The main document named “Final paper” Includes 2 of them since I didn’t due the last paper on Patenting human genes.
-Everything needs to be revised, intros and conclusions erased and moved into main finals papers intro and conclusion.
-Workcited needs to be around 8-10 sources, you can include the ones I already have + add a few from database. Need to include direct quotes in paragraphs from the sources used to support your claim. Please organize work cited in alphabetical order (last name)
-I attached 2 outlines from the first paper and third paper on Patenting human genes with sources you can use to save time. My last class I was given the following outline for the final paper.

The outline that should be followed:
-Health: Benefits and risks (separate paragraphs)
-Repositories & Discrimination: pros & cons. (separate paragraphs)
-Patenting human genes. These key words should be the topics for the last (3rd) part of the paper.
1)Moral & ethical

This Paper is due Monday morning at 10am. Id appreciate if it can be finished by Sunday night 🙂


Bending Stress Writing Assignment Help

Building off your beam experiment and discussion post from 3.2 – Discussion: Wing Design/Bending Stress, write a technical report outlining your experiment setup, test procedures and results. Follow the report format provided below. Include estimates of the maximum applied stress using the “bending stress equation” from Module 4. You’ll need to make a number of simplifying assumptions in order to complete the calculations. That’s fine! Just be sure to include a list of those assumptions in your paper. Given your maximum stress calculations, estimate the maximum structural strain though Hooke’s Law.

The report should be a minimum of 1,000 words and any references must be in the current APA format. You shall write the case study using the report format listed below.

  • Front cover with name and detail of work
  • Introduction
  • Body
    • Experiment
      • Setup and materials
      • Boundary/end/support conditions and loading profile
    • Findings (experimental and theoretical)
      • Use bending stress equation (My/I)
      • “y” and “I” are calculated based upon the dimensions of your beam’s cross-section; you’ll need to estimate the bending moment (“M”) applied to your beam. For the latter, explain your thought process.
      • List assumptions made for the analysis
      • Discuss the “reasonableness” of your answer (in terms of Factor of Safety).
      • Maximum deflection (experimental measurement)
      • Bending stress analysis
      • Maximum strain estimate (Hooke’s Law)
    • Relevance
      • Within the paper, expand upon the discussion posting based upon student/instructor replies and new insights of your own.
  • Summary
  • References
  • Appendices (calculations)
  • Times New Roman – 12 point font and double lined space

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Cp and Cpk Mathematics Assignment Help

Cp and Cpk Mathematics Assignment Help

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