Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Business Finance Assignment Help. Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Business Finance Assignment Help.

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 the class is sta 581 Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for a Mini-Strategy using the Mini-Strategy Outline. Include the following in your out

  • Evaluate the organization’s vision statement.
  • Discuss the organization’s current goals and objectives.
  • Assess the organization’s current status:
    • Leadership
    • Board members
    • Structure
    • Number of employees
  • Conduct a basic SWOTT analysis including the implications of the environment on a global organization.
  • Report the most recent financial results including annual revenues, annual after tax earnings, and year end stock prices.
  • Perform competitor benchmarking. 
  • Develop strategic recommendations to the board of directors including rationale.
    • Evaluate the potential generic strategies being considered.
    • Assess the potential value disciplines being considered for the organization.
    • Evaluate the potential grand strategies for the organization.
    • Assess potential global strategies for the organization.
    • Create a profile of the current CEO including the following:
      • Background and accomplishments
      • Education and educational experiences
      • Length of time in the current position
      • Major career accomplishments
      • Leadership and management styles
      • Vision for the company
      • Innovative accomplishments

    Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Information Systems Security Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Help

    Introduction to Information Systems Security

    Network Security Paper

    Conduct Research on Network Security, present detailed information addressing the following items in one to two pages:

    • What is the main goal in a Denial of Service (DoS) attack?
    • How do DDoS and DRDoS attacks differ?
    • What is the difference between a virus and a worm?
    • What is social engineering? What is the best defense against social engineering?
    • What are some examples of physical security measures you can implement to protect your network?
    • In addition to implementing virus scanning software, what must you do to ensure that you are protected from the latest virus variations?


    Choices of Financing for a Business Business Finance Assignment Help

    Choices of Financing for a Business

    • Long-term financing is necessary to fund
      expansions or major purchases for a business. There are two categories of
      long-term financing: Debt and Equity. Most businesses try to create a balance
      using both types of financing because each type has its own advantages and
      disadvantages. A finance manager or the CFO will research the options and
      determine which type of financing is appropriate for the business.

      Explore debt and equity financing and provide
      a detailed explanation of each using the bullet points below as a guide:

      • Define debt financing

      • Explain the advantages
        and disadvantages of debt financing for a business

      • Provide a detailed
        explanation of bonds as a form of debt financing. Then select and describe two
        other types of debt financing.

      • Define Equity Financing

      • Explain the advantages
        and disadvantages of equity financing for a business.

      • Provide a detailed
        explanation of stock as a form of equity financing. Then select and describe
        two other types of equity financing.

        Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length, and
        it should include a cover page in correct APA format with intext citations and references.


    Developmental Humanities Assignment Help


     Why are formal rites passage important? What has Western society lost by eliminating them? What has gained?

    Why is understanding how rites of passage occur in different cultures important?

    When do you think people become adults? Why?

    How do legal definitions  of adulthood matter in professions such as law enforcement and health care?

    What sociocultural forces affect decisions to marry rather than to cohabit indefinitely?

    Ricardo and Maria are engaged to be married. Ricardo works long hours as a store manager at a local coffee shop, while Maria works regular hours as an administrative assistant for a large communications company. Based on your understanding of the factors that affect martial success, what other characteristics would you want to know about Ricardo and Maria before evaluating the likely success of their marriage?


    I Need help with my MBA-610 Final Project Part 1 Business Finance Assignment Help

    MBA 610 Final Project Part I, Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric
    Overview: For Final Project Part I of this course, you will create a
    memorandum. In Milestone One, submit your Memo Introduction, Facts and
    Laws, Precedent,
    and Facts to be Determined sections (Sections I, IIA and IIB, and IIC)
    of the memorandum.
    Prompt: In the Memo Introduction section, articulate what you feel are
    the strengths of your company’s legal claim or defense. In the Facts and
    Laws section,
    analyze the facts related to employment discrimination or unlawful
    termination based on your company’s perspective. In the Precedent
    section, select cases that
    support your company’s position in terms of employment discrimination or
    unlawful termination. Justify why they support its case. In the Facts
    to be Determined
    section, determine any facts that will help you better analyze your
    company’s position. Make sure to incorporate the feedback you receive on
    this assignment
    into your final submission.
    You are an intern at the legal department at one of the companies in the
    following scenario (Greene or Howell) and tasked with compiling a memo
    for your
    supervisor, which will be used to formulate an official executive brief
    of these lawsuits.
    Mary Jane and Allen Greene, a married couple, own a high-end costume
    jewelry manufacturing and distribution company called Greene’s Jewelry
    LLC. The principal place of business for Greene’s Jewelry is in Derry,
    New Hampshire, where it owns a warehouse and two storefronts.
    Originally started in 1957, the company expanded over five decades, and
    it now employs 502 individuals in a variety of departments, including
    sales and
    marketing, research and development, human resources, and manufacturing.
    The primary asset of Greene’s Jewelry is its patented process for
    creating a synthetic gold-colored material called “Ever-Gold,” which is
    used in Greene’s
    necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Ever-Gold is impervious to
    scratches, discoloration, oxidization, and is marketed as “everlasting
    Jennifer Lawson, who has been employed for three years as a junior
    executive secretary in the research and development department at
    Greene’s Jewelry, has
    just learned that she is pregnant. She has earned high marks on each of
    her annual reviews with the company, with the exception of the fact that
    she routinely
    shows up 15 to 30 minutes late for work. Otherwise, she is deemed to be
    professional, articulate, diligent, and skilled in her role with the
    company. When Lawson
    advises the head of human resources, Lisa Peele, that she may have to
    take additional time off as a result of some high-risk factors that she
    will face during the
    course of her pregnancy, she is told that her position has been
    eliminated. The specific words are: “Congratulations Jennifer! That is
    exciting news for you. We do
    not need to worry about time off, though, because, regrettably, I was
    just going to let you know that we are downsizing and no longer have a
    need for any of our
    junior executive secretaries.”
    Jennifer is distraught, and immediately returns to her desk to clear it
    out as instructed. She removes all of her personal items, as well as the
    projects she was
    working on prior to her discussion with Lisa Peele. When she returns to
    her home, she realizes that she has inadvertently taken a draft letter
    to Greene’s patent
    attorney, which details the secret process for creating Ever-Gold.
    Although Greene’s Jewelry requires all of its executives to sign
    covenants not to compete and confidentiality agreements, Jennifer was
    only required to sign a
    confidentiality agreement, by which she agreed never to disclose any
    information that she might acquire from Greene’s regarding the process
    used to create
    Panicked, and knowing that she needs a job, she calls one of Greene’s
    competitors, Howell Jewelry World, and advises its hiring manager that
    she is a former
    employee of Greene’s, that she needs a job, and that she has
    confidential information about Ever-Gold that would help Howell compete
    with Greene’s. The
    hiring manager at Howell, Naomi White, schedules an interview with
    Jennifer for the following day.
    At the end of the interview, Naomi makes an offer to Jennifer to begin
    work with Howell immediately, but she conditions the offer on Jennifer’s
    execution of an
    employment contract. The contract contains two specific provisions that
    Naomi insists Jennifer read and initial, in addition to signing the
    contract as a whole. One
    of those provisions states that Jennifer will disclose the information
    she has regarding the Ever-Gold process prior to commencing work with
    Howell. The other
    provision is a covenant to not work for any competitor of Howell for two
    years after she leaves the employ of Howell, irrespective of the reason
    for leaving, and
    whether she quits or is fired. Jennifer initials both of the provisions,
    signs the contract for employment, and gives Naomi a copy of the letter
    that she removed
    from her desk at Greene’s.
    One week after she starts working with Howell, Jennifer is fired for
    chronic tardiness, and she thereafter gets a job working as a sales
    associate with the only
    other jewelry company in town, Triumph Jewels.
    Meanwhile, Greene’s learns that Howell has acquired knowledge of the
    secret process used to create Ever-Gold, and that Howell has tweaked the
    process slightly
    so as to avoid any patent infringement issues but to still create a
    product with similar characteristics and qualities of Ever-Gold. Howell,
    for its part, has learned
    that Jennifer is working for a competitor and fears that Jennifer will
    disclose the process to Triumph. Finally, one of Howell’s customers had
    developed a
    disfiguring rash as a direct result of the new process Howell has begun
    using in its jewelry.
    Greene’s sues Jennifer for breach of the confidentiality agreement when
    it learns that she has given confidential information to Howell.
    Jennifer counter-sues
    Greene’s for wrongful termination. Howell sues Jennifer for breach of
    the covenant not to compete, and Jennifer counter-sues for fraudulent
    believing that she was tricked into signing the employment contract with
    Howell and that Howell was never interested in hiring her, but was
    interested only in
    acquiring information on the process to create Ever-Gold. Howell also
    sues Triumph, claiming that it knew or should have known that Jennifer
    was subject to a
    covenant not to compete, and that Triumph should therefore be bound by
    its provisions.
    Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
    I. Memo Introduction: Articulate what you feel are the strengths of your
    company’s legal claim or defense.
    II. Client’s Case
    A. Facts and Laws
    1. Analyze the facts related to employment discrimination or unlawful
    termination based on your company’s perspective.
    2. Analyze the facts related to contract issues based on your company’s
    3. Identify the operative employment and contract laws that apply to
    your company’s case.
    B. Precedent
    1. Select cases that support your company’s position in terms of
    employment discrimination or unlawful termination. Justify why they
    support its case.
    2. Select cases that support your company’s position in terms of
    contract disputes. Justify why they support its case.
    C. Facts to be Determined
    1. Determine any facts that will help you better analyze your company’s
    position. In other words, what questions do you need answered
    before you can proceed?
    2. Explain how the identified facts will help establish the legal rights
    and/or obligations of the defendant in relation to your company. In
    other words, how would those facts reflect on the propriety and legality
    of the decisions that were made?
    Guidelines for Submission: Your memorandum should be 4–5 pages, using
    12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. You should use
    current APA
    style guidelines for your citations and reference list. Generally
    speaking, the best memos include references to at least two cases for
    each point of law that is
    mentioned. Students also earn high marks when they cite cases that
    appear to support a different legal resolution than the one presented by
    the student, and
    then distinguish that case from the scenario described in this
    assignment. Such distinctions demonstrate exemplary understanding of the
    course materials.
    Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in
    Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center.
    For more information



    Ethics Around the Globe: Project for Business and Accounting students – PART 3 Business Finance Assignment Help

    Ethics Around the Globe: Project
    for Business and Accounting students

    You are
    the controller at a medium sized sports apparel company. Your sales manager has
    just signed a contract with the US Olympic committee to produce warm weather
    clothing for the downhill ski team. This contract would increase your revenues
    by 20% for next year as well as create exposure for your name and brand. In
    short, you think it would bring in future business. Your business model focuses
    on American Made products as well as quality.

    As you
    investigate the sales manager’s proposal to the Olympic committee you find that
    the mark-up on the products is just 10% of total costs. This concerns you
    because on average, your mark-up percent is 40% of total costs. This means if
    anything unexpected happens with production, this contract could quickly go
    from being profitable to losing money for the company.

    As you
    gather a team to discuss the risks and opportunities associated with this
    project, the sales manager is strongly pushing to accept the contract and to
    “let production deal with the risks”. The Vice President (VP) of Production
    states that if the cutting and sewing were outsourced to an emerging market
    producer, the labor costs could be reduced and the risk of the project losing money
    would be greatly reduced. He reasoned that the materials are still American made;
    just the assembly is done in another country. The VP of Production has a
    country in mind. The wages paid in this foreign country are one fifth those
    paid in the US and there are no benefits attached to those wages. This country
    does not impose any tariffs so shipping and importing costs would be very low.
    The VP’s knowledge is coming from his brother-in-law who works in this country.
    He could take care of any government fees, setting up the factory and finding
    workers. The VP has never seen the workers who would be hired or the working
    conditions in the factory.

    Part 3:

    In this
    last part of the project, imagine yourself as the CEO of this company. Consider
    the four ethical perspectives you addressed so far for this project. Choose the
    ethical perspective you believe is best. Using this as a foundation, explain in
    detail what the company will do in this matter and why. Describe the benefits
    and draw backs of your decision. How would you explain this decision to
    shareholders and employees?

    response should be 2-4 pages in APA format with in text citations and references.

    Ethics Around the Globe: Project for Business and Accounting students – PART 3 Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Ownership Forms of Health Care Organizations Business Finance Assignment Help

    Review Chapter 1 of your course text and formulate a response to the following topic:

    You are an external consultant with 10 years experience in your field. 
    Fifty doctors are trying to get together to form a health care
    organization, and they come to you for suggestions on developing the
    ownership form for the organization.  It is your job to advise them on
    what common ownership forms are available for the organization and
    provide an example of each. Additionally, you must discuss the

    • The advantages and disadvantages of each ownership form.
    • The ownership form would you would recommend as being most
      appropriate for this particular organization as well as why it is the
      most appropriate.

    Your paper must include an introduction, thesis, and conclusion. Your
    paper must be four to five double-spaced pages in length (excluding
    title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style.  Utilize three scholarly and/or
    peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years.
    Cite your souces within the text of your paper and provide complete
    references for each source used on the reference page.

    This is the book: Cleverley, W. O., Song, P. H., & Cleverley, J. O. (2011). Essentials of health care finance (7th ed). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


    Complete the following case studies from Ch. 8-2 and 9-3 of Business Math: Mathematics Assignment Help

    Complete the following case studies from Ch. 8 & 9 of
    Business Math:

      Case Study 8-2, p.

      Case Study 9-3, p.

    Use  Microsoft Excel template for the assignment
    and your answers.(I dont Have the Template)

    Note: Show all work and calculations. (The use of Microsoft
    Excel software is required.)

    8.2 McMillan Oil & Propane, LLC

    Rob McMillan finished reading the article in the local
    paper, “Fuel Prices Expected to Increase into Summer.” The article cited major
    factors in the crude oil spike such as Iran’s nuclear program and overall
    Mideast instability. Operating as an independent fuel oil and propane
    distributor in rural Virginia, this wasn’t good news for Rob. It had been a
    moderate winter, but wholesale fuel prices were higher than normal. Rob grabbed
    the last invoice from his supplier and saw that fuel oil was priced at $1.964
    per gallon, with trade discounts of 7/5/2.5 available. It seemed like those
    discounts were not as good as in the past. McMillan Oil offers its own
    customers credit terms of 2/15, net/30, with a 1% service charge on late
    payments. Of the $25,000 in average fuel oil sales per month, normally half of
    Rob’s sales are paid within the discount period, and only 5% incur the monthly
    service charge. Rob is concerned because a number of his fuel oil customers are
    behind in their payments, and he is considering some changes.

    1. Using the starting price of $1.964 per gallon, what is
    Rob’s net price after applying the 7/5/2.5 trade discount series using the net
    decimal equivalent?

    2. Rob is considering purchasing his fuel oil from a new
    supplier offering fuel oil at $2.086 per gallon, but with a better trade
    discount series of 10/7/4. Compared to your answers in Exercise 1, which
    supplier would be a better deal for his company?

    3. Using the average monthly sales of $25,000, what is the
    total savings enjoyed by those fuel oil customers who normally pay within the
    discount period? What is the total penalty paid by those that are delinquent
    over 30 days?

    4. Currently, only 25% of the sales volume is paid by
    customers who are taking advantage of the discount, and 20% of the sales are
    over 30 days. Using these figures, how does that change your results from
    Exercise 3 above? Because your answers show that Rob is presently making more money
    (at least he should), why should he be concerned about the current situation?
    What suggestions do you have?

    9-3 Deer Valley Organics, LLC

    With an original goal of selling fresh apples from the
    family orchard at a roadside stand, Deer Valley Organics has become a unique
    operation featuring a wide variety of locally grown organic produce and farm
    products that include their own fruit as well as products from the area’s
    finest growers. A number of different products are available, including apples,
    strawberries, and raspberries as either prepackaged or pick your own; assorted
    fresh vegetables; ciders, jams, and jellies; and organic fresh eggs and
    free-range chicken whole fryers. Prepackaged apples are still the mainstay of
    the business, and after adding all production and labor costs, Deer Valley
    determined that the cost of these apples was 64 cents per pound.

    1. What would be the selling price per pound for the
    prepackaged apples using a 30% markup based on cost? A 40% markup? A 50%

    2. Based on the national average for apples sold on a retail
    basis, Deer Creek sets a target price of $1.10 per pound for the prepackaged
    apples. Using this selling price, compute the percent of markup based on cost
    for the prepackaged apples. Then, compute the percent of markup based on
    selling price.

    3. Deer Valley allows customers to pick their own apples for
    $8 a bag, which works out to approximately 47 cents per pound. How is that
    possible given the cost data in the introductory paragraph? Would the orchard
    be losing money? Explain.

    4. Deer Valley receives a delivery of 1,250 lb of tomatoes
    from a local supplier, for which they pay 18 cents per pound. Normally, 6% of
    the tomatoes will be discarded because of appearance or spoilage. Find the
    selling price needed per pound to obtain a 120% markup based on cost.


    Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

    this assignment you are to read  “A Radical Case for Open Borders” by
    Bryan Caplan and Vipuk Niak in the Powell book. 
    The authors there make a wide ranging case for moving to eliminate
    national boundaries as limits on personal freedom.  Our examination of immigration in class has
    focused on economic dimensions, but in this assignment you can consider all of
    the different issues raised by immigration. 
    You can think of this essay as a response to the question, “Is
    immigration good for America or the World?” 
    If so, then should there be substantially more immigration than we
    currently have, perhaps even to the level of letting everyone move to the
    country they wish to live in.  If not,
    then should there be any immigration at all?

    Write 2-3 pages about it. No plagiarism. Using easy vocabulary is enough. 


    (6) discussion questions 1 to 2 Paragraphs for each Writing Assignment Help

    1. can you pull the plug on a loved one if it were excussively your own diecision

    2.  what benifits would cloning bring to our society? be specific?

    3. what do feel about the statement “an eye for an eye”

    4. a crime or an act of war? your opinion please!

    5. in your opinion do we as a society spend to much money on our pets vrs sspending on those who are less fortunate than us.

    6. In your opinion do you feel that copying music from the internet, burning movies on a DVD or copying cd’s to give to friend ethical?


    Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

    Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Business Finance Assignment Help