create a poster, including an introduction, material and methods, work cited, result, acknowledgement, conclusion Business Finance Assignment Help

create a poster, including an introduction, material and methods, work cited, result, acknowledgement, conclusion Business Finance Assignment Help. create a poster, including an introduction, material and methods, work cited, result, acknowledgement, conclusion Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Topic: employability and intercultural skills

Create a poster in a group showing the group research project you carry out into business/communication/intercultural/employability skills amongst University students.

Work in a group to focus on a particular skill or aspect of business/communication/intercultural/employability skills which we study. Write five survey questions to ask other students at University. Your questions should be phrased to find out what respondents think about skills, their importance, and whether or not they think they have them or are developing them. I have draft some questions on the documents below, and You must do the poster based on the image I attached, you don’t need to make graphs or charts, but you need to make up some data based on the survery questions. The total people attend the survey is 30.

You will need to have these sections on the poster, introduction, material and methods, work cited, result, acknowledgement, conclusion

Your poster should show the questions you asked, some visual representation of responses (charts/tables/graphs) and some text discussing your conclusions (approximately 200 words).…

create a poster, including an introduction, material and methods, work cited, result, acknowledgement, conclusion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion Bored Questions Writing Assignment Help

Course Name / Hazardous Materials and Industrial Safety

Week 8 – Terminating the Incident

1. Noll Hazardous Materials Managing the Incident chapter 12

2. NFPA 472 8.5,8.6

3. Stilp & Bevelacqua Emergency Medical Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents chapter 7, App A

4. Using the case study from weeks 5/6 (attached), complete the ICS, Intelligence, Briefing, Public Action Messages, Entry and Rehab, and Medical Monitoring/ Surveillance forms necessary to transfer the site responsibility to a clean-up agency and terminate your “Emergency” response. Remember, if not documented, it didn’t happen!

Attached Files:

Discussion Bored Questions

1. Describe the activities associated with incident termination.

2. Describe the transferring responsibilty of the incident scene – compare and contrast two differing events, i.e. only local resources actively involved, multi-state resources involved.

3. Describe how to conduct a debriefing with response and receiving personnel. In addition, describe how, when, and why you would incorporate lessons learned for the next event. Finally, how do you translate the lessons learned into lessons implemented.

4- Respond critically to two of my classmates discussion (attached).

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.

– I attached sample of expected answer.


Army Military Science Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignments part 1 and 2 MUST be done on separate powerpoints. So it should be 2 powerpoint presentation submitted when completed.

Part 1

BCT narrated power point assignment.

Each of you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation based on the BCT that your group analyzed (IBCT)

Minimum 5 minutes and 3 slides.

Group 2 IBCT

Address the following using FM 3-96 as a reference:

  1. Determine the missions of your BCT and explain its role.
  2. What are the differences between the BCT missions? What makes them unique, why is your BCT different form the others? What advantages and disadvantages does your BCT have over the others?
  3. Create a task organization for your assigned BCT. We will not focus on military symbols. Outline the battalions and squadrons and other units it contains; how many infantry battalions, cavalry squadrons, brigade support battalions, etc. and the purposes each serve.

Part 2

Task to Subordinate Units Exercise

Each of you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation for the Tasks to Subordinate Units exercise according to the assignment you group was assigned.

Minimum 7 minutes and 4 slides.

Use the reference materials listed in the February 4th folder on Blackboard.

Group 2 (whomever completed the IBCT brief will complete the Defense PE)

Explain how your platoon is organized.

Explain in detail each of the requirements and your rationale for your decisions.

For example, what personnel/element was assigned as EPW and why they were chosen. What is your order of movement and why did you place squads in the order you did? Some of this you will have to make up. For example, SGT Smith has the strongest land navigation skills in the platoon or something to that effect.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Project Plan Overview and Preliminary Project Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 1: Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet

All teams will be using the project of “Building a House” to complete a project plan. Why you are building it/how is up to the team. Please note that the project plan concepts, etc must be detailed or you will have issues submitting future assignments related to the project. Here is what I mean in just a few examples. In the past some groups have just said that they intend to buy all materials at Home Depot and that is the extent of their procurement plan….or they intend to have all volunteer labor and therefore they do not need to develop anything for budgets, etc. Or all team members are experienced so there are no risks so that is why none are listed and explained (yes I am serious I have seen these and the teams score rather poorly) Do not do this. You must have details and carry out the plan to adequately address all concepts for the course. I am not asking you to be an expert home builder but you have to have enough detail to APPLY the scenario to the concepts we are looking at in the course…at times you will have to use your imagination and come up with your answers…..for example. When looking at risks I have had teams in the past go to online text/books/websites and search and search for home building risks when this is completely unnecessary… are wise enough to think of your own risks that can come with building a home….I am sure you can even think of some now (i.e. the workers do not show up on time (by the way can’t use that one since I just gave it to you)……in other words do not feel that you have to research everything.

Complete the project worksheet in 350 words.

Part 2: Preliminary Project Plan

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper composed of the following sections:

· Project Selection Criterion: Describe the project and the criteria used in the selection process.

· Overview: The objective of this section is to provide an overview of the scope and nature of the project to help enable the team to select one project to work on for the rest of the course.

· Preliminary project schedule: The objective of this section is to show a preliminary project schedule with the project tasks/subtasks including the primary deliverables and the activities associated with them. Do not just only insert your schedule/gantt chart…need to have some words/discussion associated with it.

· Preliminary budgetary plan: The objective of the budget section is to capture cost estimates, which include resources, capital expenses, materials, and miscellaneous. The cost analysis must consider the following elements (at a minimum): labor, subcontractors, rental or purchase of equipment or facilities, travel, telecommunications, supplies and materials, and documentation. Do not just only insert a budget table…need to have some words/discussion associated with it.

· Use Microsoft® Word for your overview.

· Utilize Microsoft® Project for your Project Plan/schedule.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. The paper can use tables to communicate various sections. The tables can be within the main body of the paper even though APA guidelines normally require them in the appendix.

Submit both your Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet and Preliminary Project Plan.


Please see below instructions… Business Finance Assignment Help

Students select one interest group from the following groups provided: (e.g., Children’s Health Fund,National Rural Health Association, Coalition for Health Services Research, Global AIDS Alliance, National Nurses United, National Breast Cancer Coalition) and investigate the group’s key issues; what is their mission; what is their legislative agenda; how is the agenda developed; how is it communicated to members; how is their agenda pushed and promoted (i.e., mechanisms used to engage/attract and influence policy makers); what are the group’s current lobbying efforts; key partner coalitions; do their partnerships influence policies at the local, state or national level; key obstacles; and spending allocations (consult the Center for Responsible Politics,

In addition to investigating the interest group’s website and reviewing position statements and testimony, students should consult media reports to obtain more information on the group’s current lobbying efforts.

Students should summarize their findings in a 1-2 page, single-spaced memo. Students are also to submit a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses all the key questions listed in the first section of this page. Presentation is to be done in APA format and to include both learning objectives and a reference page.

Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.



field seminar Humanities Assignment Help

Students should use the attached Assessment document to conduct a full Biopsychosocial assessment with a client at their agency. If the students agency utilizes its own comprehensive assessment form, the student must provide and obtain approval of that form from the field instructor no later than 3 weeks prior to submission in order to submit it for the assignment in lieu of the attached assessment. All students must provide a genogram that captures the family history, relationship, and demographics of the client.

Students should troubleshoot their genograms before final submission especially if using a MAC computer or Genopro software to ensure the genogram will open and can be viewed legibly.

Students should use the attached Treatment example as a
guide to complete a treatment plan with SMART goals with a client at thier

field seminar Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Please answer the following in an IRAC style essay quoting proper case law Business Finance Assignment Help

Mon E. Bags, Chief Executive Officer of Earns A Lot Enterprises, received total compensation of $2,500,000.00 in 2017. The compensation included a base salary of $750,000, commission income of $1,250,000 and a performance bonus of $500,000. Mr. Bags’ compensation placed him in the top 25% of all chief executive’s in the industry.

Earns A Lot is located in State X. While the national economy has experienced an economic slowdown, State X has a strong and vibrant economy. Mr. Bags has been the chief executive officer for five years.

Earns A Lot, which has long had a reputation for paying very competitive salaries, recruited Mr. Bags from its chief rival, Wanna Be Industries. When Mr. Bags became the chief executive of Wanna Be, the company was on the verge of liquidation. Within five years, Mr. Bags took Wanna Be from the steps of oblivion to the top of the industry.

While Earns A Lot has a solid reputation of consistent top tier performance, it has long believed there was room for substantial growth and so hired Mr. Bags. Indeed, under Mr. Bags’ leadership, Earns A Lot has seen gross revenues grow by over 20% per year. Nonetheless, Earns A Lot is concerned whether the company will be able to deduct Mr. Bags’ 2017 compensation.

Will Earns A Lot be able to deduct Mr. Bags’ 2017 compensation?

Please write a memo answering this question, citing the appropriate authority.

An IRAC-style essay is appropriate for this assignment.


Kingston-Bryce Scorecard Business Finance Assignment Help


Evaluate project performance.


In your role as a Project Manager for Kingston-Bryce Limited you have
been assigned to create a scorecard. Now that the acquisition is
underway, the Board of Directors for Kingston-Bryce Limited (KBL) wants
to be updated on a regular basis about the performance of the project.
In order for this acquisition to be successful, you will need to use
your project management skills to ensure success and that all
stakeholders are updated on the performance of the project.


Your task is to develop a scorecard in Microsoft Word or Excel. The scorecard will be used to measure the performance of the project. Include the following in your scorecard:

  • Actual versus budget for the following (you will need to create these numbers):
    • Timelines
    • Project duration
    • Budget
    • Meeting frequency


​IoT data Security and Privacy risks Writing Assignment Help

It is required to conduct research on data Security and privacy risk of IoT, this is Capstone research project. the research will point what is the contribution? What is the practice or implication in theory? Identify the Gaps? Provide methodology to fulfill the gaps and test it. Provide the required analysis either quantitative or qualitative?

What is an IoT?

Market study on IoT growth and future estimate based creditable sources such As UN, World bank, Gartner, IDC, etc.

Cases on Security and privacy issues with IoT.

What is Fog computing and edge computing and its relation to IoT? How it can help in providing Security and Privacy to IoT?

Comparison on practices or regulation requirements around the world to ensure security and privacy to IoT devices? And define the gap of current situation in Saudi Arabia?

Current frameworks or models that cover these issues?

Propose framework that is process oriented to fulfill the Identified gap? (Proposal)

Build module to fix this issue (Testing)

General guidelines

Use the attached template for this research and it is mandatory to use reference from Journals Articles only, published in the following publisher databases (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, And Taylor & Francis) the article must be from 2016 to present day.

Citation is mandatory

And copy of used article, papers, references shall be shared


Annual Review- Writing Assignment Help

Imagine you work at a company and it is time for an employee named Jim’s annual review. While he was a model employee the first nine (9) months of the year, recently Jim has been coming in late. It has not been just a few minutes each day, either. It is starting to cause problems in the production line. In this assignment, write a summary of how you would approach your conversation with Jim. How will you address his recent performance issues while still praising him for his previous nine (9) months of good work? Your goal is to balance the negative and positive feedback so that Jim will leave motivated to do his best. This assignment should focus on your goals for the conversation, and which employee relations approaches you will use to address the situation.

Write a five to seven (5-7) paragraph paper in which you:

  • Explain how you will address Jim’s recent performance issues.
  • Suggest both constructive and positive feedback designed so that Jim will leave motivated to do his best.
  • Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
    • This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.
    • Include at least 1 reference to support your paper.


create a poster, including an introduction, material and methods, work cited, result, acknowledgement, conclusion Business Finance Assignment Help

create a poster, including an introduction, material and methods, work cited, result, acknowledgement, conclusion Business Finance Assignment Help

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