create a presentation that markets yourself to a specific target audience for Business Finance Assignment Help

create a presentation that markets yourself to a specific target audience for Business Finance Assignment Help. create a presentation that markets yourself to a specific target audience for Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Assignment Summary Recap:

Earlier this term, you selected a dream job and began to research your target audience (the people who have the power to give you that job). For your final project, you will create a presentation that markets yourself to that specific target audience for that specific job. It is important to remember that for the purposes of this assignment you are creating a formal presentation– not preparing for an interview, a luncheon etc. Regardless of how the company may hire in actuality, this assignment is a formal presentation. 


Rubric Clarification

Inquiry and Analysis: This area is worth 25% of your grade. In this part of the rubric, I am looking for evidence that you have done thorough research on your target audience and that your presentation is tailored to fit that audience. You can include points in your notes section that help to draw out this connection.

Organization: This area is worth 20% of your grade. In this part of the rubric, I am looking for a well-organized presentation with solid transitions. Solid notes that include cues and prompts will show that you have prepared to present this.

Critical Thinking: This area is worth 25% of your grade. This is the persuasive part of your paperHow effective are you at selling yourself? Do you provide several examples and provide thorough arguments to show that you are the best candidate?

You will also be graded on Visual Appeal (20%) and Writing Mechanics (10%). Don’t forget to include a title slide, resource slide, and 8-10 slides of content.

Your Presentation Should:

1. Show an awareness of your audience:

  • Match your accomplishments, skills, strengths etc to specific phrases in the advertisement, corporate profile, mission/vision statement, etc.
  • How do you fit in with the company culture?

2. Be persuasive. Why should the employer hire you? This would include answering the kinds of questions below:

  • What goals can you help this employer achieve?
  • How can you help them solve their challenges?
  • What value do you bring to the table?
  • How do you fit in with the company culture?

3. Include images that support your statements (pictures, charts, graphs, etc)

Options/Requirements for Formatting:

You can use Microsoft PowerPoint  create your presentation. 

You will be graded on the quality of your presentation. This includes the aesthetic quality. Consider the following: 

1. Avoid large blocks of text, errors in spelling and grammar, busy backgrounds, inconsistency in style or formatting. 

2. Each slide should include your key point(s). Do not place large blocks of text on the visual. Your presentation is not a means of presenting a short paper.

3. There is a “notes” or “narration” section in the PowerPoint program. This is where you must include the narration you would give on each slide as well as any cues you would use and any notes for when/how you would gauge audience comprehension.

4. Consider using the following resources:


References should be included in the bottom corner of your text in a smaller font. 

create a presentation that markets yourself to a specific target audience for Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research developing Variables Humanities Assignment Help

After identifying a research topic which is

U.S. Health Care Reform legislation debate and policy circa 2009


And after selecting a strongest
hypothesis which is

Reforms in Healthcare will eradicate wasteful
spending resulting from fraud and lack of Coordination leading to reduced
Healthcare costs.

In an effort to answer your research question which is will reforms help change America’s
health care system?

  1. Create at least
    three variables (one dependent, two independent) to evaluate the
  2. Describe how each of these variables will be measured. Be
    sure to use references to support your variable development.

Having identified the variables and
having provided supporting research, you will now develop the first draft of
your Final Research Paper. 

Compose a 4- to 5-page draft (excluding title page and bibliography), in APA
format, that includes the following components:

  1. Determination of an appropriate hypothesis and
    description of relevant research
  2. Identification and description of three variables
  3. Explanation of how each variable will be appropriately

Cite your resources in text and on the reference page.


Planning an expository essay Humanities Assignment Help

Before you bid please make sure you are 100%
confident that you will be able to do it.

  1. What
    is the topic of your expository essay? How will you focus the topic?



2. What
is your thesis? Write it in the form of a thesis statement.


3. What
pattern of organization do you plan to use in your essay? Why did
you choose this pattern?


the paragraph outline of your expository essay. It should begin with
the title of the essay. It should contain one entry for each
paragraph of the essay.



FINC 331 Week 3 student discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Please respond to Dana:

According to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FIDC) (2016), the
current average savings interest rate (as of 28 March, 2016) is 0.06 or
6% – the example rate given in the CNN Calculator (2016) was just 5%. 
For the purpose of this week’s discussion, I have changed the interest
rate in the CNN calculator from 5% to the current national average of 6%
found in the FDIC website.

At 51, if you contribute $0 now and $543 a week, by the time you
reach retirement age of 70, your earnings will have reached your goal of
$1,001,731.  This comes to $2353 a month (if you consider 52 weeks a
year versus 4 weeks a month).  But if you contribute monthly as oppose
to weekly, your earnings will drop to $992,447.

If starting at 25 with a retirement age of 65 and starting with $0 in
savings, contributing $503 a month will earn your daughter a savings of
$1,001,719.  If we take the monthly cost and multiply by 12 (annual
contribution) and then divide by 52 (weekly contribution), the weekly
contribution will be $125 (rounded down) and the savings will increase
to 1,084,193.

If starting at age 2 and having a goal to contribute until your
grandson graduates from college (where he will then pick up the bill),
you and your daughter could contribute $28 weekly cumulative, bringing
the earnings to $56,245 by his 22nd Birthday.  If he then
deposits the $56,245 and continues the $28 weekly contribution for
another 43 years, his retirement savings will turn into $1,036,677.  If
monthly payments were considered, then the payments would be $121
(rounded down) and would earn $1,026,195.

Retirement Savings


CNN Calculator, (2016).  Savings interest calculator.  CNN Money.  Retrieved from

FDIC, (2016).  Weekly national rates and rate caps.  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  Retrieved from


The Lackadaisical Plant Manager Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Plant manager Paul Dorn wondered why his boss, Leonard Hech, had sent for him.

Paul thought Leonard had been tough on him lately; he was slightly uneasy at being

asked to come to Leonard’s office at a time when such meetings were unusual. “Close

the door and sit down, Paul,” invited Leonard. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”

After preliminary conversation, Leonard said that because Paul’s latest project had

been finished, he would receive the raise he had been promised on its completion.

Leonard went on to say that since it was time for Paul’s performance appraisal, they

might as well do that now. Leonard explained that the performance appraisal was based

on four criteria: (1) the amount of high-quality merchandise manufactured and shipped

on time, (2) the quality of relationships with plant employees and peers, (3) progress on

maintaining employee safety and health, and (4) reaction to demands of top management. The first criterion had a relative importance of 40 percent; the rest had a weight of 20 percent each.

On the first item, Paul received an excellent rating. Shipments were at an all-time

high, quality was good, and few shipments had arrived late. On the second item, Paul

also was rated excellent. Leonard said plant employees and peers related well to Paul,

labor relations were excellent, and there had been no major grievances since Paul had

become plant manager.

However, on attention to matters of employee safety and health, the evaluation was

below average. His boss stated that no matter how much he bugged Paul about improving housekeeping in the plant, he never seemed to produce results. Leonard also rated

Paul below average on meeting demands from top management. He explained that

Paul always answered yes to any request and then disregarded it, going about his business as if nothing had happened.

Seemingly surprised at the comments, Paul agreed that perhaps Leonard was right

and that he should do a better job on these matters. Smiling as he left, he thanked

Leonard for the raise and the frank appraisal.

As weeks went by, Leonard noticed little change in Paul. He reviewed the situation

with an associate:

It’s frustrating. In this time of rapid growth, we must make constant changes in work

methods. Paul agrees but can’t seem to make people break their habits and adopt more

efficient ones. I find myself riding him very hard these days, but he just calmly takes it.

He’s well-liked by everyone. But somehow, he’s got to care about safety and housekeeping in the plant. And when higher management makes demands he can’t meet, he’s got

to say, “I can’t do that and do all the other things you want, too.” Now he has dozens of

unfinished jobs because he refuses to say no.

As he talked, Leonard remembered something Paul had told him in confidence

once. “I take Valium for a physical? condition I have. When I don’t take it, I get symptoms similar to a heart attack. But I only take half as much as the doctor prescribed.”

Now, Leonard thought, I’m really in a spot. If the Valium is what is making him so

lackadaisical, I can’t endanger his health by asking him to quit taking it. And I certainty

can’t fire him. Yet, as things stand, he really can’t implement all the changes we need to

fulfill our goals for the next two years.

1.  What would you do if you were in Leonard’s place?

2.  What could have been done differently during the performance appraisal session?



complete essay Writing Assignment Help


I need from to complete three body paragraphs and a conclusion from this comparing essay.

P.S : I need it to fit with the thesis

                                                                           Windows VS MAC

Do you think you have the best computer that fits you?.
A computer that runs on windows is called a ‘PC’ or personal computer and is
also known as IBM-compatible computer frequently based IBM microprocessor
architecture. Macintosh widely known as MAC is a name used to describe
computers that are originally designed, developed, marketed and distributed by
Apple Inc. Both these two brands have customer loyalty in the market that
selectively acquire them for variant and diverse purposes. Each one of them
have different price, operating system and quality of materials made from.


  The cost of
acquiring a MAC computer ranges from the minimum of over 400 dollars to higher
amounts whereas to get a windows computers is relatively cheaper by about 40%
of the cost. The reason for this fact is that MAC computers are made of high
quality hardware materials and by a single company whereas windows computers
are made by multiple manufacturers who are competing against each other and
explore diverse materials such as plastic in order to reduce cost of getting a
PC. MAC computers are said to be less vulnerable to viruses whereas windows
computers have more virus malware targeting them. MAC computers have faster
booting than windows computers due to excellent operating systems and quality
hardware to complement each other. Although windows keeps on improving on their
operating systems consistently, MAC is often much faster, more stable and more
secure than all versions of windows. There are more software developed
targeting windows due to its large market share than MAC and this is
advantageous for personal computers since many people are attracted to that.
The interoperability of the two operating systems is relatively good although
Mac is more interoperable since it can run most programs for windows whereas
windows require a particular software. Due to variant differences such as in
strengths and weakness of both operating systems, Mac normally attract
designers and architects whereas Windows attract bigger share of personal use
and businesses.

complete essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

only fix it I told you what you need to fix Humanities Assignment Help

  • When you find one that looks good, open the document and skim through.  Decide whether or not this article has any fallacies in their reasoning.  If it does, and it looks interesting to you, use it!  If not, keep looking.  
    *************You don’t want to tell me there are no fallacies in the article.*********************
  • Once you’ve found the article you want to do, complete the following (you may want to copy and paste the questions into a document in order to complete):
  • ************* I gave you four articles and you can choose anyone of them********************** 
  1. List the title of the editorial and the publication/date and the author. 
  2. Give a brief summary of the argument (issue, conclusion, and reasons) of the editorial (4-5 sentences) 
  3. Explain a logical fallacy found in one or more of the reasons given in the argument.  Give the type of fallacy and the example of how it was used in the argument. Also discuss why the fallacy may have been chosen, and how it was used to sway the reader. (5-8 sentences) (
  4. Discuss whether or not you felt the argument was convincing.  Focus on the reasons given to support.  Were they enough?  What other evidence could the writer have given to help support their point?  (4-6 sentences). 
  5. Reflect and share when you may be able to use this type of database in your coursework, either in a class your taking now, how it could have helped you in the past, or how it may help you in future courses. (4-5 sentences) 
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the article where you see ‘Indexing (details).’  Click ‘Cite’and then copy and paste the citation here. 
  7. Save your activity as a .docx, .rtf, or pdf file and submit it here.

********** folder number 1 I go 20 of “””””””””””””””””””

************ folder number 2 i got 30 of ********************************

***********please look to both folder 1 and 2 and in the end fix folder 2******************


only fix it Humanities Assignment Help


In a paragraph, share the argument. Include the following:

  • Don’t forget to give credit where it is due.  At the beginning of the summary you’ll need to give the title of the video.
  • What is the important issue the makers of the video want to address?
  • What is the conclusion of the video, and based on what you saw?
  • What are at least three reasons the video gives to support the argument? Remember, these all have to be inferred!  


In a 2-4 paragraphs, analyze the following:

  • Explain what you believe may have been the video makers’ value (how the world should be) and reality assumptions (how the world really is) that drove them to make the video the way they did.  Do you think these values are shared by many?  Why or why not?  Be specific.
  • Share at least two logical fallacies you found in the video.  Give the fallacy and explain the part of the video that showed that particular fallacy.  Do you think using this fallacy was effective?  Why or why not?  Do the fallacies help or hurt the argument?  Why or why not?
  • Who do you think was the original target audience for this video?  Keeping the target audience in mind, do you think the video will be effective for them? Why or why not?  Give two reasons to support your point.
  • Compare the article you read on texting and driving for the library database activity to this video.  Which argument was more effective?  Give two specific comparisons from the article and/or video to support your point.


In a paragraph, share your thoughts on the video:  

  • Do you think it’s compelling?  Should this be shown in the states?  Why or why not?
  • Has this video changed your mind about what you do on the road?  Do you think it might change someone you know in the video makers’ target audience? Why or why not?  
  • What do you think of texting and driving – should it be illegal?  Why or why not?  Give reasons and/or examples from the news to support your point. 

********** folder number 1 I go 50 of 0″””””””””””””””””””

************ folder number 2 i got 70 of hundred ********************************

***********please look to both folder 1 and 2 and in the end fix folder 2******************


526 Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Response to each question should be a minimum of 300 words in APA format, excluding the question, if you elect to include it. Include references
1. “Foundations of Negotiations and Language of Negotiation” Please respond to the following:
• From the e-Activity, determine how the issues that were negotiated related to the parties’ interests. Based on the e-Activity, also analyze the preparation that took place prior to the negotiation. Determine whether or not the preparation was meaningful. Formulate ethical guidelines that would help ensure the success of the negotiation.
• From the scenario, identify the parties involved in this negotiation, their potential interests, and the issues that would be presented in the negotiation. Propose one possible alternative to a negotiated settlement.
• Week 1 eActivity
o Use the Internet to locate information about a significant negotiation that has occurred within the past three years. Be prepared to discuss.
2. “Distributive Negotiations and Integrative Negotiations” Please respond to the following:
• From the first e-Activity, examine the characteristics of the distributive bargaining used in this specific negotiation. Compare and contrast the use of various power tactics in the negotiation. Select the power tactic that you deem to be the most successful and provide a rationale
• From the second e-Activity, examine the differences between distributive and integrative negotiation. Determine the importance of separating the people from the problem when negotiating. Support your position with examples.
• Week 2 eActivities
o Use the Internet to locate information regarding a well-known distributive negotiation that has occurred within the past five years. Identify the primary negotiators for each side. Use the Internet to research each individual and identify his/ her background and approach to the negotiations. Be prepared to discuss.
o Use the Internet to locate information regarding a well-known negotiation that you would consider to be integrative in nature. Be prepared to discuss.
3. “Conflict and Dispute Resolution, and Mediation” Please respond to the following:
• Consider a past conflict that you witnessed in the workplace or within an organization that was the result of real differences between the parties involved. Evaluate the manner in which the conflict was resolved and propose one other strategy that could have effectively resolved the differences. If you have not witnessed a conflict like this, create your own scenario.
• Another common conflict that occurs in the workplace happens with employee evaluations when employees think they have not been evaluated fairly. Determine what, if any, benefits there are to going through this conflict. Recommend a strategy, including advance preparation, to effectively manage conflict and enhance operations.


Social Engineering Computer Science Assignment Help

Note: work must be original. No plagiarism. Paper should be 1.5
pages in length single space.

Both Anderson in Security Engineering and Mitnick in Ghost
in the Wires refer to social engineering as a critical aspect of cyber
security. Search the Internet to find two examples of cyber security breaches
that exemplify the concept of social engineering as discussed by both authors.
Note that you can, if you wish, use the same examples for this week’s
Discussion forum.

Apply Anderson’s and Mitnick’s discussions of the role of social
engineering to the activities described in your examples. In your paper,
address each of the following items:

Briefly describe the two examples of security breaches and
describe the role played by social engineering in bringing them about.

Define and analyze the concept of social engineering in the
contexts of both of your examples.

Offer suggestions regarding how the victims of both
incidents could have protected against the social engineering component of the
security breach.

Cite statements made about social engineering by Anderson
and Mitnick and discuss whether and how the two authors’ different perspectives
on the conception of social engineering provide different insights into your

Explain why social engineering is an important consideration
in the field of cyber security.

Support your analysis by citing specific statements about
social engineering by both authors and at least one additional credible or
scholarly source. Paper should be 1.5 pages in length single space, with
document and citation formatting per APA Requirements.


create a presentation that markets yourself to a specific target audience for Business Finance Assignment Help

create a presentation that markets yourself to a specific target audience for Business Finance Assignment Help

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