Create a Promotional Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

Create a Promotional Plan Business Finance Assignment Help. Create a Promotional Plan Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Create a promotional plan presentation for a friend’s small business. Your friend is pursuing their dream of opening up their own small business. Since they do not have marketing experience, they have recruited your help. They have asked for your assistance to communicate their business’s benefits based upon the needs of the buyer. This plan needs to be logical and convincing, with a strategy to communicate the company’s benefits in such a way that it will persuade buyers or clients about the worth of your friend’s business product or service.

The success of your friend’s small business is based on your ability to communicate the needs of their target market. One of the best ways you can help your friend is by creating a promotional plan presentation. In the past, promotional plans were seen as short-term ways to boost revenues and market share. Current research has shown that promotion is a direct link between customer loyalty and retention. It is for this reason you need to produce a promotional plan for your friend’s small business.

The object of the promotional plan presentation is to gain experience applying a promotional strategy to help a small business gain a competitive advantage. This assignment will help you apply and integrate all of the course objectives for MKG425.

    • Local Donut Shop

  • Promotional statement – Succinctly state your plan’s overall objectives (purpose and need).
  • Target market – Identify your target market and develop the optimal marketing mix to reach your potential customers.
  • Statement of goals and objectives – Explain the advantage your business will have with the integration of the promotional plan. Goals should be specific and measurable.
  • Promotional strategy – Identify the specific promotional activities the business will use to reach customers (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and direct marketing).
  • Implementation – Explain the stages and key success factors that are necessary for a successful plan.
  • Timeline – Provide the timelines for the specific promotional activities to occur.
  • Budget – Provide a budget and 12-month income statement (revenues and costs) on the proposed promotional plan. Show how your plan is feasible based on financial projections.
  • Evaluate – Provide details of how this plan is evaluated from success to failure. In other words, provide scenarios or key drivers to help determine the plan’s success.
  • Supplement – At least two promotional designs to accompany the promotional plan. These can include but are not limited to: logos, signage, coupons, print advertisement, social media designs, etc.

Your presentation must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 20-30 slides in length, not including the title slide and reference slide(s). Your presentation should include slides from each of your milestone presentations but with only one title slide and a combined reference slide. It should present as one clear and cohesive presentation.
  • Support your suggestions and information with readings from Modules 1-8 and at least three scholarly journal articles (at least one of which is peer-reviewed).
  • Since this is a presentation, slides should not be too lengthy but instead they should appear concise and to the point. However, a detailed description should be included in the comment/notes portion of each slide, or submitted separately. This detailed notes section should be written in complete sentences and needs to discuss each bullet/point on the slide thoroughly, as you would present the information in person.
  • Your presentation must be well written using excellent grammar and style techniques. Be concise. Be logical. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing. If you need assistance with your writing style, start with Tools for Effective Writing at the CSU-Global Library, accessible from the Library’s homepage. Bullet points are allowed on the presentation slides, however, the description/note associated with each slide needs to be written in full sentences and must include enough detail to clearly explain each slide.

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Incorporating Quotes in Text Writing Assignment Help

Since we are working on Project 1 this week, let us look at how to best integrate quotes (material from our sources) into our own writing. This may be difficult or clunky at first, but the more you practice, the smoother and easier this process will become. Quotes are one of options we have to provide information in our formal writing.


Incorporating quotes into your essay is very important when you try to prove to your reader that you are right (that your thesis and points are true). To do this well, we want to make sure our quotes are inserted clearly and fully. To help you with that, please review the information below. I give you very specific steps to follow when introducing and using quotes, and I will ask you to use these steps with all of our essays, so pay attention!

STEP 1: Select one passage from Gladwell or Stone and write/type it, word for word, no mistakes, every word exactly as it appears in the text.

STEP 2: Using the five steps above, pretend this is your first time using this passage in your essay, and write a sentence in which you introduce him as a source. Please include: his name, his credibility, the article title and the purpose of the text.

STEP 3: Select one of the transition verbs above and write a sentence incorporating the direct quote using a comma to offset the quote and quotation marks around the quote.

STEP 4: Add a parenthetical citation. This is the page number on which the information appears, listed between parentheses after the citation. If you do not have a page number, do not include one. Also include the writer’s last name. Remember—only last name page number. NO commas, or any other marks: ( ).

STEP 5: Now, imagine that this is the second time you are using this same article in your essay. Write down below how you would introduce the same quote you wrote above as the second instance of Gladwell use.


MGMT 392 week 5 Database Management assignment. Must have Colonial Adventure Tours database. Computer Science Assignment Help

You will continue working with the Colonial Adventure Tours database,

using it to demonstrate the significant rules within the normalization

process. Using any of the entities found in the database (i.e., trips,

guides, clients, and reservations), complete the following:

  1. Create an example of a table that is not in first normal form.
    Explain how it violates first normal form and what could be done to
    correct it.
  2. Create an example of a table that is in first normal form but not in second normal form. Explain how it violates second normal form and what could be done to correct it.
  3. Create an example of a table that is in second normal form but not
    in third normal form. Explain how it violates third normal form and what
    could be done to correct it.
  4. The following table was created. Either justify that it is in third
    normal form, or discuss which normal form rule it violates and why. If
    not in third normal form, identify the table(s) (including attributes)
    required to be in third normal form.

TRIP (Tripid, TripName, CustomerID, CustomerName, StateCode, StateName)

Copy and paste your work into a document and submit.

Your instructor will assess your performance and assign your grade.


research proposal Writing Assignment Help

1.You may choose from any one of the hundreds of topics listed in your textbook, but the topic mustbe
narrow and concise enough to cover in five pages. Supply
Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective (10th ed.). Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1305859975

2. You must submit a 1-2 page Research Proposal by the conclusion of Module 3 that contains the

a) Title of research paper.

b) Background Information: A 150-200 word overview of the topic that you intend to prove,
analyze, or explain. You must integrate the Saint Leo University core value of integrityinto
your paper in some form.

c) A list of five references that you will use in your paper.


Answer various prompts about a quantitative research article on Spans of Control and Public Organizations Humanities Assignment Help

Answer the following after reading the article:

a. What is your interpretation of Meier and Bohte’s research question? Be sure to state it in the form of a “Why?” question.

b. State what you understand to be their main hypotheses. Be sure to state these hypotheses so that they are falsifiable.

c. What are their main findings with respect to the hypotheses you state in part c?

d. What are the practical implications of their findings?

e.Provide a four-sentence rhetorical precis for the article.

The article is attached and info regarding a rhetorical precis.

Additional info below:

Because they rely on the scientific method, quantitative political science articles share a common
framework and have eight parts:

1. Research Question

2. Literature Review

3. Theory

4. Hypotheses

5. Data

6. Methods

7. Results of Analysis

8. Conclusion

Research Question: Near the beginning of an article, an author describes his or her research topic and research
question. These two items – the topic and the question – are not the same thing. A paper’s topic
is the general issue that it is examining, such as same-sex marriage. For a given topic there is
often more than one research question that a political scientist might want to answer.

example, a scientist concerned about same-sex marriage might address one of the following
research questions:

(1) Why do some people support same-sex marriage, while others oppose it?

(2) Why do some states allow same-sex marriage, while other states prohibit it?

Although both of these questions are related to same-sex marriage, they each ask about different
aspects of the issue. The first question is related to opinions or decisions of individual people; the
second question concerns collective decisions made by state governments. Because the questions
are different, they are likely to require different theories, which lead to different hypotheses,
which require different types of data and methods to investigate. In other words, understanding
an author’s research question helps to understand the other parts of the article.

Hypotheses: A hypothesis is an explicit statement about the relationship between two variables. Scholars
derive their hypotheses from their theories about political behavior. For example, a political
scientist may have a theory that a person’s support for same-sex marriage is influenced by his or
her political ideology. In other words, the theory may predict that liberals will be more
supportive of same-sex marriage than conservatives.

A political scientist may express this
hypothesis formally:

H1: People who identify themselves as liberal will express greater support for
same-sex marriage than people who identify themselves as conservative.

This is a well stated hypothesis because it is specific and could potentially be shown to be false,
that is, it is falsifiable. The two variables involved are ideology and support for same-sex
marriage. Ideology is the independent variable
and support for same-sex marriage is the dependent variable. The hypothesis states that there is a
positive relationship between liberal ideology and support for same-sex marriage.




Discussion Post Reply Humanities Assignment Help

Unit 3 Discussion:
The Debate Over Independence

One of the key roles of a historian is to understand the differing perspectives of the past. Just like people today have differing political opinions, so too did people in the past. While we may not always agree with a particularly perspective, it is still important to understand all points of view.

This discussion will focus on the debate over independence in 1776. You will read two very different perspectives on whether or not Americans should declare their independence from Great Britain. While Thomas Paine supported American independence from Britain and explained these reasons in his famous document Common Sense, Charles Inglis insisted that Americans should remain loyal to Britain in the hopes of preventing further bloodshed. The goal of this assignment is to read both perspectives and understand the main arguments offered by each in favor of or against independence.


Thomas Paine – Common Sense
Charles Inglis Against Independence


There are two parts to this assignment: an initial posting and a response. You are required to read both of the above documents, take notes, and then present your findings to the class. Here is how it will work:

1. INITIAL POSTING: Your initial posting will attempt to convince the American colonies that independence is necessary. You will read the document by Thomas Paine, then use his arguments to present a compelling case for independence. Your posting should convey all of the main themes conveyed by Paine, as well as include examples from the reading to illustrate your main points. You can be as creative as you’d like with your initial posting. Here are a few ideas:

-create a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other type of presentation software (after all, didn’t they have computers in 1776?)
-create a video where you give a speech to the Continental Congress (I’m sure they all had iPhones as well)
-create a pamphlet (just like Common Sense) or newspaper article where you discuss your main points (Word and Publisher work well for this format)

These are just a few ideas of how you can be creative in presenting your information. If you have other creative ideas not listed, please check with me to get approval. If you aren’t feeling creative, write a post in the traditional format that discusses the various themes of Paine’s reading.

2. RESPONSE: Your response is based on document by Charles Inglis. You will read the document, then note at least three reasons why Americans SHOULD NOT declare independence. You will then respond to one of the Thomas Paine postings and explain why Americans should remain loyal to Great Britain, offering at least three reasons that you found in the reading by Charles Inglis. Your response should be a minimum of one substantive paragraph (a substantive paragraph is far more than 1-2 sentences). Feel free to write in character as if you were living in 1776.

The goal for this assignment is to comprehensively discuss the main points made by Paine and Inglis in their writings. You are graded on how effectively and comprehensively you cover the themes in both readings. Make sure that you include key points from each reading, and use examples to illustrate your points. Since you are only using these readings (and no outside sources), you only need to cite your work if you use a direct quote.

This is the post to respond to:

The role of parents is a noble job. They must raise their children so that they can free themselves from the arm’s length relationship by supporting themselves. To support oneself does not mean to be totally detached from one’s family. This is the original relationship between Great Britain (parent) and the American colonies (children). These colonies are a kind of siblings that must be able to assume themselves by creating different relations (commercial, diplomatic, etc.) between themselves but also with their parents (the British) and others (kingdoms or countries). Unfortunately, the British, seeing the growing prosperity of its children, does not wish to leave them free of their destiny and wishes to control their existence and wealth because they protected them from external dangers arising from the appetite of power of other European parents such as France or Spain. For instance, the Seven Years’ War was an example of the protection provided by Great Britain in order to give a safe environment to pursuit the colonies’ prosperity. But, the children feel oppressed and eager to escape this yoke, unify to gain their independence, thus the right to self-administer. The irony of fate is that the reason why the colonies want to have control of their own destiny, to be free to trade with whom they want is the same reason that is at the origin of the construction of the European Union. As Paine says it, “Europe is too thickly planted with Kingdoms to be long at peace” only trade relations between equals and respect for people guarantee peace.

Discussion Post Reply Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Answer all questions attached Show all steps taken to reach to your final answer. Science Assignment Help

please see star to answer all questions must show work and please be very thorough in your findings.

Show all steps taken to reach to your final answer.

Show all steps taken to reach to your final answer. Merely writing an answer will not get full credit!

1) Evaluate the following expressions, without using a calculator:

a) 10· 10b) (0.001)

c) · d) (8 ) · 2

2) Evaluate, expressing your answers in scientific notation:

a) (9.3×10 )÷(3×10) b) (4×10 )−(5×10 )

3) Simplify the following expressions as far as possible, without using a calculator:



a) √?

b) √25 · √5







4) Write the following numbers in scientific notation:

d) √



(a) 451.756 (b) 1.228 (c) 0.0006195 (d) 0.214
5) Write the following numbers in their full forms:

4 −3 −1 2
(a) 8.69 × 10 (b) 9.14 × 10 (c) 8.82 × 10 (d) 4.76 × 10

6) (a) How many seconds are there in a year? (b)How many nanoseconds are there in a year?
(c)How many years are there in a second?

7) The age of the universe is thought to be about 14 billion years. Assuming two significant figures,
write this in scientific notation in: (a) years, and (b) seconds

8) A man earns $560 in a 5-day period. What is his pay for only 3 of those days?

9) A wire 11 cm long has a mass of 121 grams. What is the mass of 7 cm of this wire?

10) Three men build a wall in 10 days. How long would five men take to build the same wall?

11) A ship has sufficient food to supply 600 passengers for 3 weeks. How long would the supply last
for 800 people?

12) A wheel turns through 90 rotations per minute. (a) How many rotations does it make in an
hour? (b) How many degrees does it turn through in one second?

13) Solve for the value(s) of ? in the following equations:

(a) (?−1)− (?+1)= 0 (c) =





(b) −=0 (d)−=

14) Solve the pair of simultaneous equations for the value of ? and ?:
2x + 3y =29

5x – 2y = 6


To become familiar with the sources of economic information that are important to business decision makers? Writing Assignment Help



To become familiar with the sources of economic information that are important to business decision makers?

Helpful Resources (READ):

Assignment Instructions:

The Federal government’s historical budget deficit is discussed and debated endlessly. Everyone has an opinion on how to balance the budget.

  1. Click here (Links to an external site.) to view the REAL TIME current National Debt Clock located at (Links to an external site.)
  2. Download the attached Excel spreadsheet which contains the actual budget figures from the Summary Table S-4 through S-6 Proposed Budget by Category Fiscal Year 2018 Budget.
  3. Rearrange the figures to eliminate the deficit and balance the budget. You can either cut money going out or increase money coming in, but interest payments on the national debt cannot be adjusted.
  4. On a separate Word document, explain your reasons for the changes you’ve made in receipts and outlay using valid evidence/justifications.
  5. Cite sources from your textbook or valid sources from the Internet.
  6. Save the completed document(s) using the following format: Lastname_Firstname_Ch2-CTE (For example: Carcioppolo_Joann_Ch2-CTE)

Submission Instructions:

  • Upload the budget assignment file as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and click submit.
  • Upload the explanation file as a Microsoft Word file, and click submit.

Canvas Student Guides:

Grading Rubric:

The Grading Rubric will be visible below.



Chapter 2-Balancing the Federal Budget

Chapter 2-Balancing the Federal Budget

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFigures were rearranged in an attempt to balance the budget

10.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReasons for changes made includedReasons for the changes made are included and justified using valid evidence

5.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

5.0 pts

Total Points: 15.0


Still Life Contour Drawing Humanities Assignment Help

Requirements of Submission: Students will apply their understanding of the topics presented in Modules One and Two in a polished contour
drawing (including both primary and secondary contours) that meets the following criteria and is created in graphite:

• The composition must include at least four subjects. They must be arranged together in one composition.
• At least one subject must have primarily geometric contours (e.g., fork, can, bowl) included.

• At least one subject must have primarily organic contours (e.g., flower, fruit).
 Background elements are not required. However, all four subjects must sit on the same surface in one fluid composition (i.e., this is not an
illustration of five different “floating” subjects—this is a still life).

• Renditions should be realistic in appearance, drawn from direct observation and not stylistically rendered. This means literally setting up the
composition and viewing it as you draw.

Students will submit their project in Module Two through the use of a digital camera or scan their work either at home or via an outside source
(e.g., office supply store).

Along with their project, a self-critique should be submitted explaining the student’s approach and challenges. It should be no less than 250 words

In addition to submitting their project in the module submission item, students should also post their completed project and self-critique to the
Module Three discussion topic

Written components of project must follow these formatting guidelines when applicable: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations.


(Social Sustainability Strategy IBUS-641) Please answer the following questions in 2-3 pages double-spaced. Business Finance Assignment Help

Case questions: IKEA Group and Starbucks

Please answer the following questions in 2-3 pages double-spaced.

  1. How would you assess IKEA Group’s People and Planet Positive sustainability plan? Is the plan likely to help the company transform its business? Are the plan’s targets too limited, appropriate, or too ambitious?
  2. How would you assess the progress IKEA Group has made implementing this plan?
  3. Why is Starbucks undertaking the C.A.F.E. program itself rather than partnering with an organization like Rain Forest Alliance or Fair Trade? What are the costs and benefits of this decision?
  4. What are the main drivers of IKEA’s plan? Of Starbucks? Will either plan yield a competitive advantage? Why or why not?


Create a Promotional Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

Create a Promotional Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

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