create webpage? Programming Assignment Help

create webpage? Programming Assignment Help. create webpage? Programming Assignment Help.

Create a single web page (split in to separate HTML and JS files) with buttons that demonstrate each of the following.

NOTE: As alluded to above, there are only a few “concrete design” requirements for this application… it’s mainly an exercise in creativity and putting together something that might be fun for you personally.

    • Have one object on the screen which moves up, down, left, and right with each mouse-click of “direction” buttons on the screen.
      • If you want, try using small images instead of just simple boxes.
    • Have one object on the screen which moves up, down, left, and right with each click of the up, down, left, right arrow keys on the keyboard.
    • Start and Stop the animated movement of at least two objects on the screen.
      • Note: Prevent “doubling up” on animation timers (when starting an object more than once “doubles” it’s speed).
      • Animate multiple objects simultaneously.
      • Have object “bounce” around the screen, changing direction automatically if they reach the edge of the screen.

        • TIP: Since reacting to the actual window size is a little tricky (though certainly possible), you can just assume the screen is 500px X 500px if desired.
      • If you feel really ambitious, try having the objects bounce off of each other if they collide!
    • Virtually any other idea utilizing the above topics can be done use your own imaginations to create an application utilizing the above ideas. Examples:
    • NOTE (An OPTION): For more more “accurate” timing in animation, you may use the requestAnimationFrame() function instead of setTimeOut() or setInterval() which is used in the posted examples. However, requestAnimationFrame()
      is designed for fairly fine-grained control over “real”
      animation/object movement that might occur in a real game, video
      display, etc., so it a bit more involved to use properly and requires
      some knowledge of animation techniques, frame-rates, etc.

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Writing Assignment Essay : Definition/Etymology ? Writing Assignment Help

Length: 3-4 pages (approximately)


The writer’s purpose is to persuade a specific audience through a well-developed line of reasoning and sufficient credible evidence.


Students will examine the role definition and etymology plays in argument and explore various definitions of a word and how those varying definitions persuade an audience. How something is defined affects the way people understand an idea and how they discuss and communicate an idea; definitions set parameters for a discussion. A writer can use various strategies to define a word such as examples, details, personal experience, description, causes, effects, analysis, etc.

For your third essay assignment, I would like you to choose one word and write an exposition of the specific word’s history, cultural position, and personal significance to you. Your purposesare to explain the word’s etymology (the word’s origin) and denotative meaning, to discuss the main highlights of the word’s connotative and slang usage, and to describe the ways that you use the word. Your main point [thesis statement] should explicitly state what the word is and why it holds a place of importance in our language. You will draw on class discussions, professional essays, the Urban dictionary (if applicable), Merriam- Webster’s dictionary, and the Oxford English dictionary to develop your ideas.

Source usage:

For this essay, you will use three sources–Urban dictionary (if applicable), Merriam – Webster’s dictionary, and the Oxford English

Documentation format:

Please use MLA format. Remember to cite the information both parenthetically and on the Works Cited page. Essays without a Works cited page and/or in-text citations will receive a 0.

Grading Rubric:


After reading your essay, I should get a concise, yet clear, picture of you r chosen word’s usage, history, cultural significance, and personal relevance.


Your writing must demonstrate the ability to blend source material within you r own discussion. You must also demonstrate the correct and appropriate use of an outside source.

Critical thinking

The writer develops his or her discussion in a substantial way, explaining the definitions in depth and with creativity.


The essay should be structurally coherent with clear, contextual transitions. All content should support the ma i n claim of the essay.

At the paragraph level, the content should show appropriate patterns of development, the sentences should be connected with appropriate transitions, and the details should relate to the ma in claim.


The thesis statement, or main claim, must be explicitly state what the word is and why it holds a place of importance in our language.


Sufficient and clear use of description to convey the content, as well as conscious stylistic choices, should be utilized to demonstrate you r command of language. Paragraphs should include enough examples to ma ke the sub-point understandable for readers. Overall, the essay should follow the academic paragraph structure.

Appropriate and effective use of grammar and mechanics

This is a formal essay, so your language and style should be formal as well. You may use both first and third person voice; however, limit you r use of first person, and do not use second person (“you,” “you r”) at all. Your word choices and usage must be academic and more formal than you r previous essays. You cannot use contractions, jargon, or slang, unless they occur in a direct quote.

Proofread you r essay. Comma splices, fragments, fused sentences, errors in pronoun agreement, the use of second person voice, and general sloppiness will significantly lower you r grade.

Source usage

Your writing must demonstrate the ability to use sources effectively in support of your claims and to integrate source material within your own discussion. You must also demonstrate the correct and appropriate MLA citation of an outside source.

SLO’s: (student learning outcomes)

  1. Rhetorical Knowledge
    1. Focus on rhetorical situation, audience, and purpose
    2. Use voice, tone, format, and structure appropriately
    3. Write and read texts written in at least one genre for a n academic discourse community
  2. Develop Experience in Writing
    1. Learn recursive strategies for generating ideas, revising, and editing
    2. Learn to critique one’s own work and the work of others
  3. Knowledge of Conventions
    1. Develop knowledge of linguistic structures including gram ma r, punctuation, and spelling, through practice in composing and revising
    2. Develop knowledge of genre conventions for citing, structure, paragraphing, tone, and mechanics
  4. Use of Sources and Evidence
    1. Select appropriate evidence
    2. Consider the relevance of the evidence
  5. Develop Critical and Creative Thinking
    1. Identify context
    2. Present
    3. a position
    4. Establish a conclusion indicated by the context and that expresses a personal


Time, Cost and Resource Management Writing Assignment Help

In this section of your project you will break down your project tasks into the knowledge areas studied in this and previous units and provide the following:

  • A budget with cost breakdowns (You may prefer to use the templates for Budget Plan provided)
    Excel Budget Plan Template
  • A schedule to include any critical paths that might exist and/or any dependencies between specific tasks. (You may prefer to use the templates for Project Schedule provided)
    Excel Project Schedule Template
  • Provide the instructor with a resource plan for your project. (You may use the templates for Resource Plan provided)
    Excel Resource Plan Template
  • In a paper that is a minimum of 3 pages long, based on your calculations found using the provided templates, what is the total budget for this project? According to this analysis, identify clearly and concisely at least three areas where you see potential cost savings.
  • For each of these areas of opportunity using your understanding of the project, explain a potential change in plan to reduce costs in the project. When making recommendations for cost reductions how can you ensure these cost reductions are in the best interest of the company, i.e. you aren’t sacrificing quality in order to cut costs.

***The assignment is based on planning an Annual Conference. The location of the conference is at the Hilton O’Hare in Chicago, IL. That is all I have completed to far.



Gender, majors, and stereotypes Humanities Assignment Help

Part 1: Go on-line and research the latest statistics on the top jobs for men in sociology major (or another major if yours is not relevant). Do the same for women. Give a list of those jobs and their average salaries. What is the gender breakdown? Salary breakdown? Either provide the data or summarize it.You must present the data
that you collected. You need to determine how best to do that depending
upon the item you chose. It must be clearly presented, and relevant to
your analysis below.

Part 2: Analysis:
Answer the following questions. You may respond with a single essay
response that covers each question, but make it clear that you are
responding to each question. APA format: double-spaced, one-inch
margins, 12-point font.

  1. What gender stereotypes were portrayed? Were you surprised by them? How did they fit or not fit with your stereotypes?
  2. How does your data contribute to attitudes about masculinity and femininity in our society?
  3. Why are these
    stereotypes important? What does it matter if males and females are
    represented differently? Will anyone be negatively affected by them?


Rhetorical Analysis Essay Choices – Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Now that you have read four op-Ed pieces about technology’s impact on television,and you have explored the “Introduction to Rhetoric” lecture, the Rhetorical Analysis Packet, Toulmin’s Model, and the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Guidelines, decide which two articles you will be comparing for your upcoming essay. For this discussion, 1) Indicate which two articles you are choosing to write about; 2) Explain why you chose those particular articles; 3) Include your working thesis statement where you make an argument about which article was more rhetorically effective and why.

You will respond to my initial thread. Your post should be 150-300 words. It is also recommended that you type your responses this semester into a Word document so that you can proofread your work and easily figure out the word count. Then, you can copy and paste your response into the text box. Save all discussion posts in this document so you can easily access them later. Discussion posts will be deducted 1 point for every 25 words under/over. Also, students will lose 2 points automatically for any duplicate, blank, or word-count-only posts. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to see other students’ posts before you submit your own, and once you submit your post, you will not be able to edit or delete your post. Therefore, it is imperative that you proofread and ensure you have met the requirements and word count before posting.



Python with natural language processing Programming Assignment Help

Retrieve relevant answers to questions by similarity

Each row in “qa.txt” defines a question and its corresponding answer. Now assume we do not know answers to these questions. Let’s design an algorithm to retrieve the most relevant answer to each question.

1. Define another function match_question_answer as follows:

takes two inputs: a list of questions as strings (i.e. questions), and a list of answers as strings (i.e. answers).

uses the “tokenize” function defined in Q1 to tokenize each document

generates tf_idf matrix from the tokens (hint: reference to the tf_idf function defined in Section 7.5 in lecture notes)

calculates the cosine distance between every question and every answer using the tf_idf matrix (hint, you can use scipy.spatial.distance.cdist function)

for each question q, identifies the answer which is the most similar to q as the most relevant answer (denoted as a )

returns a list of tuples each with 3 elements, (index of q, index of a , similarity score) for every question q in the dataset.

2. Define a function evaluate to evaluate the performance of retrieval as follows:

takes the returned list from match_question_answer function as an input

sets a minimum similarity threshold (denoted as min_sim), and selects entries from the list with similarity >= the threshold (denoted as matching_pairs). calculates two metrics for selected matching_pairs:

recall: the percentage of questions with matching answers, i.e.

len(matching_pairs)/len(qu estions)

precision: the precentage of questions in matching_pairs indeed matched with the corresponding answers as indicated in the dataset.

Varies the similarity threshold from 0 to 0.6 with 0.05 increase in each round, calculate the recall and precision in each round, and plot a chart with two lines where the recall and precision as Y axis and the threshold as X axis.

3.As the threshold increases, how precision and recal change? What can be a good similarity threshold for retrieving most relevant answers to these questions? Write down your analysis in a document with your code.

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paper on H1N1 outbreak US 2009-2010 Writing Assignment Help

Read the CDC document entitled Public Health Preparedness: Mobilizing State to State (… ). There are nine preparedness goals in the background section. Choose one of the 5 public health emergencies listed below and write a 3000 word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident and then how and why aspects of the incident were handled well or could have been handled better according to this document. Each of the nine main goals of the CDC document must be addressed in your paper. If a particular one does not apply, state why (with a detailed enough explanation to support your opinion) and move on. I expect that you will be able to discuss or cite relevant topics we cover in the course as evidence that you have read the material and are facile enough to write about the importance of this subject matter even if you are not an expert. Do not include irrelevant extraneous material. The paper should utilize APA format.


Building and Strengthening Teams Worksheet Humanities Assignment Help

Team building can be a complex process. This assignment helps you to identify strategies for building and improving teams.

Complete the worksheet located in Student Materials to the right.

Carefully read the instructions and notes at the top, answer all questions, include a minimum of two citations with references from the Learning Team Toolkit materials, and proofread/edit your work, then review the grading sheet at the end of the worksheet and make changes as needed before posting your final work.

Incorporate and format citations and references from research/sources with correct APA formatting (see APA formatting guidelines in the Centers for Writing Excellence for assistance).

Review the Plagiarism Policy and Written Work sections in the Instructor’s Policies document to help you avoid problems.


the title V permit process Science Assignment Help

There’s a good summary of the EPA Title V permitting process at ERA’s Environmental Compliance Management Blog. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. One function of the Title V permitting process is that members of the public get a chance to review and comment or complain about facilities that may be emitting pollutants, and may voice their concerns to EPA. Now, keep in mind that any combustion source, such as an emergency generator, will emit carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and particulate matter (PM10), so if your facility merely has large or many emergency generators or other combustion sources from steam generation or equipment, it is possible that the facility may need a Title V permit. This is determined by calculating the potential to emit those pollutants using emission factors and estimating the annual emissions of those pollutants as if the operations ran 24/7/365. If the total is more than 100 tons per year, or if a total of 10 tons/year for a single Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) or 25 tons/year for any combination of HAPs, a Title V permit is required (see Who Has to Obtain a Title V Permit?). (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Because most facilities don’t operate 24/7/365, EPA has a provision for what is called a “synthetic minor” source permit. These are governed primarily at the state level, but there’s also a provision for tribal authorities to have synthetic minor source permits (see True Minor Source and Synthetic Minor Source Permits). (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Basically, under certain conditions, a facility can self-impose restrictions so that its potential to emit (PTE) never exceeds 100 tons/year. The synthetic minor permit is a little easier to apply for and comply with, but, at least for the tribal synthetic minor source permits, EPA says, “you must comply with the same public participation requirements and the same procedures for final permit issuance and administrative and judicial review found at 40 CFR 49.157 and 40 CFR 49.159, respectively.” ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). Each state’s rules may be different.

If your facility is located in a community, sometimes there might be community members who actively oppose adding any pollution sources to their neighborhoods. There are even guidelines for communities and community groups to review and understand the permits and the process (see The Proof is in the Permit). (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. If you aren’t familiar with the terms NIMBY, BANANA, and CAVE, look them up as they are relevant to this discussion.

Research and discuss some guidelines for communicating with a community surrounding your facility if the public review process would be needed. Review the reading assignments on risk communication. How can the environmental health and safety professional help the company and the community come together to ensure that (1) operations can continue, (2) that the emissions are limited to the lowest amount possible given the operation that needs to occur, and (3) helping the company and the community understand the level of risk associated with emissions? What ethical considerations are there when presenting, or not presenting information about the facility and emissions to the public?


Discussion post-Paleozoic Disaster Science Assignment Help

What do you think it was about the Cambrian fauna and the modern fauna (Jack Sepkoski classified them in 1981, consisting of modern marine inveretbrates, such as mollusks and echionderms) that eventually led to the demise of the former and the success of the latter?

In your opinion, how could an Earth event lead to such a widespread disaster for life as that which occurred at the end of the Paleozoic era?

For some insight on the mass extinction, listen to this brief discussion on Mass Extinctions.

At least 250 words.


create webpage? Programming Assignment Help

create webpage? Programming Assignment Help