Creating a substantial website devoted to your advocacy issue that includes a homepage and 4-5 pages of content Programming Assignment Help

Creating a substantial website devoted to your advocacy issue that includes a homepage and 4-5 pages of content Programming Assignment Help. Creating a substantial website devoted to your advocacy issue that includes a homepage and 4-5 pages of content Programming Assignment Help.

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This quarter, we have been reading, discussing, and analyzing literature that provokes, reflects upon, and responds to revolutionary ideas and actions. This revolutionary literature is a form of advocacy: most of the literary texts and essays we have read advocate for social justice and social or political changes by voicing opposition and speaking back to oppressive power structures, bearing witness to acts of injustice, articulating and either critiquing or celebrating revolutionary ideas and actions, and calling readers to revolutionary action.

Project Overview:

This assignment asks you to take the ideas, perspectives, and histories we have considered this quarter and use them to help you better understand a recent local, national, or global social justice issue and advocate for social and/or political change in relation to that issue. Your goal is to convince a specific audience to change their thinking and/or commit to action.

Advocate for revolutionary change or offer your support for an ongoing revolution (defined narrowly or broadly). You must use at least one course text and also do substantial research about the issue/revolution.

The issue: Trash in America: Landfills

Advocate for support for composting organizations and correct recycling in America. Revolution against massive amounts of untreated and not recycled garbage. Change the way people think about recycling.

Below is a file with the revolutionary theory I want to use.

Create a substantial website devoted to your issue that includes a homepage and 4-5 pages of content (be sure to cite all sources and acknowledge ownership of all links and images used).

Project Requirements:

Your project must be designed for and must somewhere specify a specific audience. (“Americans” is not a specific audience.) This means you must take into account the values, prejudices, and perspectives of that audience in order to most effectively advocate for change. If it’s not clear in some other way who your intended audience is, state your audience underneath your title (i.e., Audience: SU Students).

Your project must include research. Your project must acknowledge and cite at least two academic sources in addition to the source requirements listed above for your option. These sources may serve as the factual basis for your argument, demonstrate the existing views on the issue, or inspire your creative work. Academic sources can include previous works of advocacy on your issue or on issues that you think are analogous to your issue; historical or biographical texts that shed light on some aspect of your issue; or texts that inform your work as an educator, writer, activist, or literary critic.

Your project must be organized in a way that is appropriate for the content, genre, and audience, and it must include a content-appropriate title. All papers must include a thesis and also address and respond to potential objections to your argument that your specific audience might raise (these are fundamental principles of sound argumentation). This applies to all options, including the papers that accompany creative projects.

Your project must include in-text or footnoted citations and a Works Cited page formatted in MLA citation style.

Creating a substantial website devoted to your advocacy issue that includes a homepage and 4-5 pages of content Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

What Is Prison Good For? Humanities Assignment Help

Many of us are eager to critique the prison system, but before doing so, we should consider the
functions that prison was designed to perform. What useful purpose (or purposes) could the
prison system serve? Ideally, what benefits could a prison system provide for society?
Some possible functions of prison include punishment, rehabilitation, deterrence, retribution, or
ensuring the safety of the rest of society. However, these aren’t the only possible functions.
Should prisons, for example, generate a profit as recompense for the justice system’s time and
effort? Should they serve as a model of our nation’s values and an example for other societies?
Assignment: Write a 3-5 page paper that articulates your stance on the purpose of
imprisonment. You must support your argument with source material. You must use at least one
quote from our class reading and at least one quote from a credible outside source. Your paper
MUST include MLA-style citations for all sources you use (both in-text and a Works Cited
Remember, this is an argument. It is not enough to declare that the prison system should punish
inmates and deter crime – you must explain why punishment and deterrence should be the
primary functions of prison. If you would like to argue that the prison system serves NO useful
purpose, and that imprisonment should not be used as a response to crime, you may do so – but
this is a much harder argument to support, and you should come see me for guidance.


Research work Writing Assignment Help

Rephrase/rewrite the following sentences and provide in-text-citation for each sentence. Note, please make sure sentences or paper align with the question; (What are the challenges facing middle managers in the American mining industry in getting mining companies to comply with EPA regulations?).

Mining activities are indispensable in the economic development of any country endowed with mineral resources. This is due to the economic benefits that are made available to countries that are involved in the extraction of mineral resources, both internal and external. Internally, there is the creation of employment and revenue generation. Externally, a substantial foreign exchange is available to such countries. Acknowledging the economic contributions of mining, however, several economies lost sight of environmental and health effects associated with mining activities. Researches that have been undertaken lately to look into the environmental and health effects of mining have found mining activities to be more hazardous to economic development than a blessing. Accordingly, several mining companies in the country claim to have 29 responded to this by instituting and implementing several measures to reduce the negative environmental and health effects of their activities on the people. Whether some of these measures have or are capable of reducing the negative health impacts of mining on the environment and surrounding communities is a matter of great concern.

The significance of this research work lies in the fact that it seeks to undertake a thorough and broader outlook into the environmental and health effects of mining on surrounding communities, both negative and positive, and recommend policy directives to improve the already instituted health policies by the Anglo-Gold Jamson Company, as well as reducing the rate of hazardous health effects of the mining activities that may be identified in Johnsville and other surrounding towns. Findings and recommendations will serve as guide to other mining companies in the country.


Assignment 1 Economics Assignment Help

Markets are mechanisms for coordinating the set of connections of production operations that are distributed throughout the whole economic system. Thus, the market is the predominant and determining link between producers of goods and services and consumers. Accordingly, markets, as an exchange of goods and services that takes place as a result of buyers and sellers interactions, are generally considered the most efficient allocator of resources in the market economy.

However, free markets are not allowed to solve some of the social problems in a society due to various reasons. One such social problem is illegal drugs. Another example is environmental issues such as pollutions. For an additional example for a social problem, where supply and demand is not allowed to freely function, conduct basic research on markets for human organs. There are black markets (underground economy) for human organs in some countries. But a trade in human organs, based on supply and demand, raises ethical issues and hence it indicates a limitation of relying on markets to solve the social problems we have in the society.

Course outcome(s) practiced and assessed in this Assignment: Evaluate ethical issues in economics.


Your research should be about social problems where the free markets are not allowed to function, which includes the market for a particular illegal good and service, a regulated market, etc.

● Select a social problem where free markets are not allowed to function, and conduct research on the social problem.

● Describe how free market features could be introduced to help alleviate the social problem through free market operations of supply and demand.

● Discuss the risks of introducing market mechanisms of supply and demand in situations where ethical issues are present.

● Explain four roles of the government in maintaining ethical business practices.


● Your Assignment should have a cover sheet with the following information: Title of the paper, Your Name, Course Number and Section Number, and Date

● It must be a minimum of 5-pages long (excluding title page, references, etc.)

● Be sure to include the criteria located in the rubric below within your paper.

● It must be APA formatted with citations to your sources and your last page should list all references used. Review the APA formats found in the Writing Center.

● You must use a variety of three objective, high quality, and current sources. Peer reviewed articles, articles published in journals, textbooks, and library resources found in the Library are examples of high quality resources.

● Note that Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. are not considered as reliable resources for this research.


Read cajas de carton Writing Assignment Help

read: el aguinaldo and muerte perdonada and answer the questions please I will attach the questions

Here’s a link to read the book chapters

En tres a cuatro oraciones, contesten las siguientes preguntas de reflexión.

Preguntas de reflexión El aguinaldo

1. ¿Qué se puede decir de la ética de trabajo que tiene el padre?


2. ¿Por qué crees que el autor incluyó este recuerdo en su libro?


3. En este capítulo, la familia Jiménez conoció a una pareja que parecía más pobre que
ellos. ¿Quién los ayudó? ¿Te sorprendió el final? ¿Por qué sí o no?

Preguntas de reflexión Muerte perdonada
Preguntas de reflexión

1. ¿Cómo describirías al padre de Panchito en este capítulo?


2. ¿Por qué crees que el autor califica al perico como indocumentado?

3. ¿Hay algún mensaje que el autor nos está comunicando con la muerte del perico?




External CSS Stylesheet, assignment help Programming Assignment Help

In this assignment you will be creating an external CSS stylesheet, linking it to the provided HTML document and uploading both to the Web.


  1. Open the provided “Wk11Broadway.html” file (attached)
    • Familiarize yourself with the content
    • Think about how you want to style it (sketch it out)
    • Add <div> tags to group content
    • If necessary for your design, add ID or Class attributes to any element as needed
  2. Open a new document in your code editor and save it as “Wk11BroadwayStyle.css”
    • Add the following character encoding and document description to the top of your CSS document
      @charset “UTF-8”;
      /* CSS Document */
    • Add a CSS comment that lists your chosen color palette – Follow web safe colors as much as possible.
      • Example:
        /*ASU Color Palette
        #990033 – Maroon
        #FFB310 – Gold
    • Style using ALL of the following CSS properties with any values (don’t focus too much on making it look good, focus on using the properties and values).
      • font-family
      • font-size
      • font-weight
      • background-color
      • line-height
      • margin
      • padding
      • border
      • height
      • width
      • float
      • clear
  3. Externally link your “Wk11BroadwayStyle.css” to the “Wk11Broadway.html” file using the appropriate tag and attributes
  4. Upload your “Wk11Broadway.html” and “ Wk11BroadwayStyle.css” files to your ASU web space
  5. Validate your CSS at and fix any errors


Submit just the URLs for “Wk11Broadway.html” and “ Wk11BroadwayStyle.css” to this HW submission link.

Due Date

This assignment is due by Monday, Oct 31st @11:59PM MST.


This assignment is worth 50 points.


check the page screenshot and do the same

External CSS Stylesheet, assignment help Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Training and Development Plan, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

You serve as the Human Resource Manager for an auto insurance company called Premium Auto Insurance. A claims supervisor has informed you that customers have begun to complain about the quality and efficiency of the claims process. They are complaining that every time that they call to follow up on their auto claim, they receive a voicemail message, and that they can never speak to a live person. On top of that, it takes multiple attempts and sometimes days for someone to return their call. An insurance adjuster is not sent out to evaluate the damage of their vehicle for weeks, and as a result, they are either paying a lot of money for a rental car or, they are left without a vehicle for long spans of time.

Currently, training consists of senior claims representatives showing new employees how to perform the job. There is no formal training for insurance adjusters because there is a requirement for adjusters to have a certification before being hired. Your CEO is counting on you to develop an on-boarding and training plan.

In this assignment, you will develop a training plan.

  1. Download this Training Plan Template. (Please see attached:)
  2. COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS of the training plan template. Don’t forget to elaborate on your thoughts and provide details. MUST BE THOROUGH, EASY TO UNDERSTAND, AND DETAILED.
  3. Include an APA formatted title page and reference page with ALL SOURCES. Make sure to include APA in-text citations for any information used from outside sources.


film analysis on east african film, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help


HERE is what you need to do:

WATCH the film. You will have to do this AT LEAST a couple of times.

The movie you have to watch is ” Hotel Rwanda”

The introduction should include the plot, include the main characters explain their roles in the movie, why was this movie chosen ( i chose this film because …)

BASE the information in your film analysis on your responses to the following questions:

WHAT is the major storyline of the film? That is, provide a brief summary of the plot of the film. In doing so, be sure to include a description of the main characters in the film and their relationship to each other.

WHAT does the film illustrate about the cultural patterns, family dynamics, history, belief systems or communication style of this culture? (Be descriptive of each one)

STUDY the communication that occurs between the characters in the film and identify the effects of cultural patterns and perceptions on verbal and nonverbal communication. In other words, you are to come up with a description of the interpersonal communication patterns (focus on one interpersonal communication that occurs throughout the film) that occur within that culture, but from the vantage point of your own cultural point of view.

DESCRIBE and ANALYZE one scene from the film that illustrates a specific cultural pattern and how this affects the interpersonal communication between the characters in the scene. Be sure to explain how this particular scene relates to the plot of the film.


HRM: in salary administration: a compensation exercise, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

This is my HRM course final homework, I need the tutor who was in hrm major to help me. and I already gave you a example.


Students in human resource management programs receive a great deal of training in the design of various salary compensation programs. However, comparatively little direction has been provided students as to the proper administration of the day to day or year to year administration of individual salaries under such programs and the attendant salary administration problems that more often than not arise.

This salary administration exercise is intended to provide students with just such experience in conducting a fair and motivational salary administrative system. This exercise will include both a discussion of salary administration theory and its application in common salary administration situations salary administrators will encounter in industry within the confines of a traditional compensation program (all cases are based on actual industry situations). Students should have had prior instruction in designing a conventional compensation program to include job evaluation, designing salary ranges, policy lines, external/internal competitiveness issues, etc.


Presentation Guidelines, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Presentation Guidelines

Each student is responsible for a 5 minutes oral presentation pertaining to their Volunteer/Community
service experience. The presentation should reflect in detail on the following information:

What is the full name and location of the agency, institution, or organization for which you

What did you do there? What did the job(s) entail?

What was your most memorable moment/event while volunteering?

What did you notice concerning the functioning of the agency, institution, or organization; what
could be improved upon in the agency, institution, or organization?

The overall assignment is worth 25 pts. this must include the aforementioned information above, as
well as, the following:

A 5 minute oral presentation worth (15 pts.) which will include up to 5 pts. for time of
presentation, 5 pts. for the quality of information presented, and 5 pts. the articulation of
information presented.

A 1 page essay containing the information stated above worth (10 pts.) which will be graded on
formatting, thesis statement, answers to the questions asked, and grammar.

A 3 journal entries

The 1st journal entry should occur on the first day of your volunteer experience. It should be a description of the environment in which you will be volunteering. What does it look like? What are the dimensions of the space; is it well lit? Is it clean? Does the environment appear to be well organized etc.? Describe the employees with whom you are working; what do they look like? How do they move, are they knowledgeable about the job? Are they helpful in assisting you in your job etc.?

The second journal entry should describe a day of volunteering. What did the service you were asked to performed entail (describe it)? Was the service effective? If so, what made it effective? If not, how might the service be improved?

The third journal entry should reflect the overall volunteer service experience. How did you feel after completing the volunteer service? What did you like most about the volunteer service? What did you like least about it? State in detail all that you learned from the volunteer service experience.

P.S.: I volunteered with Kaiser Scherer & Schlegel, PLLC outreach program that helps the poor with cleaning their homes and give them aid in building broken stuff.


Creating a substantial website devoted to your advocacy issue that includes a homepage and 4-5 pages of content Programming Assignment Help

Creating a substantial website devoted to your advocacy issue that includes a homepage and 4-5 pages of content Programming Assignment Help

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