Creation of the Canadian Corps in WWI (1915), writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Creation of the Canadian Corps in WWI (1915), writing homework help Writing Assignment Help. Creation of the Canadian Corps in WWI (1915), writing homework help Writing Assignment Help.

Create a timeline of the following events:

    • Creation of the Canadian Corps in WWI (1915)
    • Paris Peace Conference/League of Nations (1919)
    • Halibut Treaty (1923)
    • King/Byng Crisis (1926)
    • Statute of Westminster (1931)
    • parliamentary vote to join WWII (1939)
    • adoption of the Maple Leaf as the Canadian flag (1965)
    • patriation of the Constitution (1982)

Your timeline must include an explanation of how each event contributed to Canada’s emergence as an autonomous nation.

Here is a sample timeline – it does not have all of the events on it, but it is a good example of how you should explain the events: Canada’s Autonomy Timeline

You can choose the format of your timeline. You can use point form or paragraphs in your explanation. Feel free to include images or other media in your timeline!

Creation of the Canadian Corps in WWI (1915), writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Considering the Bill of Rights and Other Amendments, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Write a 1750- to 2100-word paper in which you answer the following questions.

  • Include the following:

    • How and why do amendments become part of the Constitution?

    • What problems with the original document motivated the adoption of the Bill of Rights?

    • Choose one of the following groups:

  • Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Twenty-Fourth Amendments, OR

  • Seventeenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-Third, Twenty-Fourth, and Twenty-Sixth Amendments, OR

  • Twelfth, Twenty-Second, and Twenty-Fifth Amendments.

  • Explain: What do the amendments in your chosen group have in common? What problems or changes in society, led to these later amendments? What were the effects?

  • Conclude with a statement about the importance of amendments in keeping the Constitution relevant to a changing society.

 your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

  • Use at least three sources.

  • Include an APA-formatted reference page.

  • Cite your sources in the body of your paper.

  • Abide by the Student Code of Academic Integrity (found at Library > Guides and Tutorials > Avoiding Plagiarism).

  • Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab on or before Day Seven.

I need it done by Monday 6.13.2016 around 3:30. NO PLAGIARISM WHAT SO EVER PLEASE!! Must have in text citation and adamdemic resources 


Future value/ Present value, math homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

At 45 years of age, Seth figured he wanted to work only 10 more
years. Being a full-time landlord had a lot of advantages: cash flow, free
time, being his own boss—but it was time to start thinking towards retirement.
The real estate investments that he had made over the last 15 years had paid
off handsomely. After selling a duplex and a four-unit and paying the
associated taxes, Seth had $350,000 in the bank and was debt-free. With only 10
years before retirement, Seth wanted to make solid financial decisions that
would limit his risk exposure. Fortunately, he had located another property
that seemed to meet his needs—an older, but well maintained four-unit
apartment. The price tag was $250,000, well within his range, and the apartment
would require no remodeling. Seth figured he could invest the other $100,000, and
between the two hoped to have $1 million to retire on by age 55.

  • 4.
    A friend of Seth’s who is a real estate developer needs to borrow $80,000
    to finish a development project. He is desperate for cash and offers Seth
    18%, compounded monthly, for 2 and
    one half years
    . Find the future value of the loan using the future
    value table. Does this loan meet Seth’s goals of low risk? How could he
    reduce the risk associated with this loan?
  • 5.
    After purchasing the apartment, Seth receives a street, sewer, and gutter
    assessment for $12,500 due in 2 years. How much would he have to invest
    today in a CD paying 2%, compounded semiannually, to fully pay the
    assessment in 2 years?

Note: Show all work
and calculations. The use of Microsoft® Excel® software is required.

This has to be done
on excel as stated above with all work and calculations shown.


Descriptive Essay Life experience of a chinese student (500 words). writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

  • Write a word 500 word narrative essay about a personal experience from your life. Remember that a narrative tells a story about an event and usually includes dialogue of the people in the story. Think of it as telling a friend about something that happened. Then write it in correct form. Remember that this is the only essay where you will be allowed to use personal pronouns such as I and we. Be sure to read the assigned pages so you will understand how to write the essay. Also, there are examples in your textbook. Your essay should be at least 500 words long.
Must be MLA format. 

I am a Chinese student. Please write an essay close to my real live…Thanks.


9.02Lab: Structure of Flowers, Fruits and Seeds, biology homework help Science Assignment Help


A fruit is the mature ovary of a flower containing the fertilized ovules. Ethylene, a plant hormone, promotes the ripening of fruit. The structure of many fruits aids in the dispersal of the seeds. For example, colorful, fleshy, aromatic fruits tend to be eaten by animals. The seeds generally pass through the digestive system undamaged and are stimulated to germinate by the abrasive action of enzymes and extreme pH. Other fruits dry as they mature and “shoot” the seeds away from the mother plant. Still others are modified with wings or parachutes whose large surface area catches air currents.

The parts of the fruit are derived from the parts of the ovary. The wall of the ovary becomes the pericarp of the fruit. The pericarp may be fleshy, may be dry or may be only partially fleshy. Fruits can be classified based on, among other things, the kind of pericarp they have. Remember that the fertilized ovules become the seeds.


  1. You will learn about the structure of flowers, fruits and seeds.
  2. You should be able to identify the various parts of a typical flower and give their functions.
  3. You will learn what represents the male gametophyte and female gametophyte in flowering plants, and what is meant by the term “alternation of generations”.
  4. You will  learn about the processes of microsporogenesis, megasporogenesis, and pollination.
  5. You should be able to describe the “double fertilization” that is unique to flowering plants.
  6. You will learn the function/value of fruits to both the plant as well as humans.
  7. You will learn about the major types of asexual reproduction among flowering plants.

Time Requirements:

This lab should take three hours to complete.

Recording Your Observations:

Click here to download the lab report for this lab.


  1. Obtain a flower (preferably a large gladiolus or lily, but NOT a sunflower, carnation, or daisy) you have bought from your local grocery store or from your own garden. You will need to know the identity of the flower. If possible, take several digital photos of the flower as you dissect it.
  2. Make a sketch of the flower you have and identify its parts. If you could not get a flower, use the flower in the image below.
  3. How many petals does this flower have?
  4. How many stamens does this flower have?
  5. How many stigmas does this flower have?
  6. Is this the flower of a monocot or a dicot?
  7. How can you tell?
  8. Is this consistent with the structure of the leaves of this plant? Explain.

Perfect flowers have both stamens and pistils, while flowers lacking either stamens or pistils are termed imperfect (i.e., there are separate male and female flowers in imperfect plants while perfect flowers are bisexual).

    • Is this flower perfect or imperfect?



Discuss your reasons for choosing that person, and explain why you think that person was more influential than the others Humanities Assignment Help

Choose one person from the character sketches you completed in this course. Discuss your reasons for choosing that person, and explain why you think that person was more influential than the others. To get you thinking, consider these points:

  • The person’s accomplishments
  • The person’s influence on his or her society
  • How that person was different from others of his or her time or place
  • How the person may have changed history or influenced an outcome
  • What other people thought about that person at the time
  • How history looks at that person today


It does not have to be that long.

Thanks a lot

Discuss your reasons for choosing that person, and explain why you think that person was more influential than the others Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

problem Identification, Impacts, Design of Management Capstone (1000-2000 words) Business Finance Assignment Help

  New content: 1,000 to 2,000 



  • Prepare a first draft of your research report. The report must include the following: 
    • Week 1: Problem Identification, Impacts, Design of Research, and Literature Research
      • A statement of the problem 
      • Impact of problem on the organization 
      • Consequences if the problem is not resolved 
      • How you intend to conduct the research on the issue and its impacts 
    • Week 2: Problem Impact and Findings from Research
      • Review of the literature with discussion, findings, and conclusions 
      • How you intend to measure the current state of the problem issue 
      • How you intend to measure the success of the solution to the problem issue 
    • Week 3: Data Collection and Research Analysis Methods
      • Identification of the data needed 
      • How the data will be collected for the before and the after solution states 
      • Measuring of that data 
      • Analysis of measurement results 
      • Findings of those results 
    • Week 4: New Content (Discussion and Conclusion on Approach)
      • Identify conclusions from the results. 
      • Discuss how successful the solution will be in resolving the issue.


Mobile App Security Assessment and Strategy, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help


A federal agency has asked your cybersecurity
consulting firm to provide it with a white paper that discusses best practices
for security architectures and designs for mobile apps. The white paper should also
present the agency with a strategy for developing an award winning digital government mobile app for its
submission to next years’ Mobi-Gov awards. The agency had several mobile apps
in the “honorable mention” category this past year but, each of the apps failed
to make passing scores in the mobile app security category. The contest rules do not allow revision and
resubmission of entries from prior years. For this reason, your starting point
should be recommendations for a security architecture for a completely new
mobile app.

The scoring for the awards is organized around the
three strategies from the federal government’s digital government strategy (see‌sites/‌default/‌files/‌omb/‌egov/‌digital-government/digital-government.html

Enable the American people and an increasingly
mobile workforce to access high-quality digital government information and
services anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Ensure that as the government adjusts to this
new digital world, we seize the opportunity to procure and manage devices,
applications, and data in smart, secure and affordable ways.

Unlock the power of government data to spur
innovation across our Nation and improve the quality of services for the
American people.


Research the “best” of federal mobile apps to
see examples of the type of apps the agency will be competing against next

19 of the
Coolest Government Mobile Apps

10 Most
Entertaining Government Mobile Apps

3 Innovative Ways Agencies are Leveraging Mobile

Research the federal government’s perspective on
mobile app security architectures and design recommendations. Here are three sources
to help you get started:

Mobile App
Developers: Start with Security

Security Reference Architecture

and Design Considerations for Secure Software (Mobile Applications)

Research industry recommendations for mobile app
security. Begin with the following sources:

OWASP Mobile Security Project

Top 10
Mobile Risks
(click on tab)

Mobile app
security: Always keep the back door locked

4.  Find
five or more best practice recommendations for ensuring the security of mobile
apps. These recommendations must include security for the platform (mobile
device), the data on the device, and the transmission path between the device
and the mobile application server.


Write a three to five page white paper in which you summarize your research and present your
“best practices” based strategy for developing an award winning, secure mobile
app. You should focus upon clarity and conciseness more than length when
determining what content to include in your paper. At a minimum, your white
paper must include the following:

1.  An
introduction or overview of mobile apps for digital government. Your overview
should include examples of mobile apps which are recognized as being innovative
and “best of category” for delivering government information and services to mobile
devices. This introduction should be suitable for an executive audience.

2.  A
separate section in which you discuss the federal government’s requirements and
recommendations for mobile app security architectures and the associated design
recommendations. This section should be written for non-technical managers; you
will need to translate from tech-speak to manager-speak. Diagrams and pictures
may be useful but, remember to include the appropriate in-text citations for
the source (append to the figure caption).

3.  A
separate section in which you discuss industry’s recommendations for security
architectures and risk reduction for mobile app security.

A section in which you present 5 or more best practice recommendations for
building security into the new mobile app which will become next year’s entry
into the Mobi-Gov awards contest. These recommendations should be presented as
your “strategy” for “winning” the security evaluation category for mobile apps.


Video review Anatomy of the Sun, science homework help Science Assignment Help

Watch the video titled “Anatomy of the Sun” (3 min 21 sec) under The Sun terms section of the Science Corner. You can also view the video at Next, discuss the main physical processes that occur in each layer of the sun. Then, analyze the manner in which researchers use indirect methods to study these layers. 


calculate the mean, median, and standard deviations, statistics homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

  1. Calculate
    the mean, median, and standard deviation for both the sample of new
    states in which you will have facilities AND calculate the mean, median
    and standard deviation for the national population of median home
    prices.  You note that there are 51 observations in the population.
  2. For the population mean construct the 95% confidence interval.
  3. Determine how many of the sample state fall outside the confidence interval and identify the states.
  4. Formulate
    an appropriate hypothesis test to determine if you suspicion is correct
    that the new states in which you will be building facilities have
    higher average median price for home than the average median price for
    the population.
  5. Based
    on your conclusion from the hypothesis, is it likely that the firm will
    experience a significant increase in its salary cost.

Median Property Value by State: Homes 2010-2012 US Census Report Home Value

Price In Current Dollars


















District of Columbia










































New Hampshire


New Jersey


New Mexico


New York


North Carolina


North Dakota










Rhode Island


South Carolina


South Dakota














West Virginia







[supanova_question] Next, discuss the main physical processes that occur in each layer of the sun. Then, analyze the manner in which researchers use indirect methods to study these layers.