Critical thinking New York University Confuses File Sharing with Plagiarism, writing help Writing Assignment Help

Critical thinking New York University Confuses File Sharing with Plagiarism, writing help Writing Assignment Help. Critical thinking New York University Confuses File Sharing with Plagiarism, writing help Writing Assignment Help.

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New York University Confuses Filesharing with Plagiarism, 1 to 2 pages.

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We’ve often written here about how the copyright industry loves to confuse attribution with control of copying. The two are quite different, of course: plagiarism is not the same as the unauthorized sharing of properly-attributed materials. For example, when college students download songs from the Internet, they do not replace the artists’ names with their own. The vast majority of shared files are accurately credited, even when the copying itself is illegal.

But the industry knows that the public gets much more upset about misattribution (“Artists deserve credit for their work!”) than about illegal copying (“What, I can’t share with my friends?”). So industry representatives take the easy route and simply pretend that one is the other.

I hadn’t expected to see a New York University associate provost fall for the trick, though. Marilyn McMillan, Associate Provost and CITO at NYU, has published A Note on Illegal Downloading. It starts out with a few paragraphs purely about illegal copying, then takes a turn into truly weird territory…

We know that illegal downloading of music is a widespread practice. It has become an international phenomenon, one that is hardly confined to college campuses. Its allure is clear: why would you pay forsomething—a song to load on your MP3 player or a movie to load on your laptop—when you can get it for free with a little exploration and few keystrokes? And why would you not share something for free with friends?

In answering those questions, the University appeals to what Abraham Lincoln once called “the better angels” of your nature and to your commitment to the culture of scholarship.

As communities of scholars and learners, research universities—such as NYU—have two primary missions: to educate students and to create knowledge. This latter mission involves the production of original scholarship and research. Accordingly it is accompanied by an enormous respect for proper recognition being given to the creator of those ideas and knowledge. In higher education, it is considered a grave act to take another’s work without permission or attribution. At NYU, which also has large and renowned programs in the arts, this respect extends to the creation of new art.

Few in this community would uphold shoplifting CDs from a record store. And few would be content to see their own work—a paper, for instance, or a journal article, or a term project in a course—taken by someone else and used without permission.

Yet, in reality, that is what you do when you download copyrighted files illegally. …

What a coincidence: that’s exactly the same analogy Hilary Rosen (the former head of the RIAA) used to offer when talking on college campuses, and it makes no more sense now than it did when Rosen first tried it. Copying is not like shoplifting (when you copy a song, the original doesn’t go missing), and it’s not like presenting others’ work as your own, either. But if McMillan had stuck to the real issue and said “Few in this community would support post-publication sharing of other people’s papers and journal articles…”, well, she might have found some of her own faculty disagreeing with her: for example, the ones who support Science Commons, thePublic Library of Science, and other academic organizations devoted to the idea that sharing knowledge is a good idea.

McMillan ends with this zinger:

The Internet has brought unimaginable access to information and extraordinary flexibility and opportunities for exploration and communication. NYU wants you to take advantage of all that. But, just as you abide by certain standards of behavior for scholarship and for University life, so, too, should you abide by high standards when it comes to the intellectual property of others on the Internet.

Is it too much to ask that a university stand for the spread of knowledge and culture, and that university officials distinguish between crediting and copying? Unfortunately, McMillan is not alone in believing that the prevention of sharing is part of a university’s mission. Consider proposed Amendment 2314 to the U.S. Senate Higher Education Act of 2007 (S. 1462). It would require institutions of higher education to monitor file-sharing, report to the Secretary of Education, and “provide evidence to the Secretary that the institution has developed a plan for implementing a technology-based deterrent to prevent the illegal downloading or peer-to-peer distribution of intellectual property.”


Now that you’ve read it, assess the argument. Is it logical, is it reasonable, and what do you think about? Finally, how might a change in thinking like this, affect your college career.

Explore this is a 1-2 page paper.


Critical thinking New York University Confuses File Sharing with Plagiarism, writing help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

sCENARIO 1: PRESENT-VALUE CALCULATION, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Scenario 1: Present-Value Calculation

Using the present value time-value formulas to calculate the future cost of goods and services is one way to produce more realistic prices. In this Application, you practice using a time-value formula to determine future prices. 

The following simple, present-value formula shows the effect of discounting on the cost of a public policy. In the formula, the discount rate will be set at:

(1 + r)time where:
1= a constant
r = a selected interest rate
time = a period of time, usually a year

The formula is:

Cost or Benefit


The calculation occurs like this example of $1,000 over 2 years discounted at 10%:









= $826.44

Consider the following scenario:

A city wants to open a recycling center aimed at reducing waste. The total benefits of the program are valued at $1,000,000. Three different discount rates are estimated at 5%, 6%, and 7%. The time period for receiving the benefits of the program is two years. 

Scenario 1 tasks:

  • Calculate the present value at each interest rate.
  • Note and discuss what happens to the present value at each interest rate. 

Scenario 2: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Note: Scenario 2 is a separate calculation. Scenario 2 is not influenced by the results of Scenario 1.

In doing the following exercise, please refer to the discussion in pages 319–333 of Chapter 7 from Mikesell’s Fiscal Administration on cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis. Cost-benefit analysis is a technique that assumes all costs and benefits can have a dollar value attached to them. It is a tool and should not be used as the sole basis for decision making. The result of a calculation is a ratio between costs and benefits. After all other calculations have been made, the analysis needs to conclude with the calculation of the ratio between costs and benefits. If the ratio costs exceed benefits, the project advice is to not accept the project and to consider accepting the project if benefits exceed costs. Consider the following example from the fictitious Swobodaville’s efforts to build a Community Windmill Renewable Energy Project. The following has been agreed upon:

  1. Land is already owned. The price of a new is windmill is $150,000. A minimum of 50 windmills are needed to achieve desired efficiency compared to the current coal-burning method. 
  2. Staff training costs over three years when considering direct costs, including loss of productive hours while in training, will be $55,000 for each of the 10 specialists to be hired. 
  3. The annual operating and maintenance costs of the machine in the three-year period will be $35,000 per windmill. 
  4. The cost of shutting down a portion of the coal plant to achieve the same energy production as the windmills is $1,000,000. 
  5. Three full-time coal workers will lose their jobs as a result of the transition. Their hourly wage is $35 per hour and they work 2,080 hours annually. 
  6. As a widely supported community project with an investment in every aspect of the community’s well being, quality of life expected from reductions in pollution is considered in the cost calculation. The medical center that conducted an analysis has concluded that the value of increased life expectancy should be included as a benefit to the community. The quality of life of 5,000 residents is expected to be increased by an average of dollars over three years. The average benefit of a resident (including all men, women, and children) over a three-year period is estimated to be $1,500. 
  7. The three-year savings on other pollution damage to buildings and grounds, calculated by the Sierra Club, is $7,000,000. 

Scenario 2 tasks:

  • Calculate the cost-benefit ratio. 
  • Explain whether the ratio is positive or negative.
  • If positive, explain if you would replace a portion of the coal-burning operation or the whole operation? Why or why not? 

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Be sure to follow APA guidelines when citing your sources.

Assignment length for Scenario 1 and Scenario 2: 3–4 pages


talking about profit/loss margins that can cost us our reputation and security, Discussion Post Business Finance Assignment Help

As children, many of us dreamed of owning a business with our best friend but could not fathom the intricacies that come with it. We are no longer dealing with the 50-cent profit from the lemonade stand; we are talking about profit/loss margins that can cost us our reputation and security.

Take a moment to put yourself into a business relationship, such as a partnership, with a friend of yours. Pinpoint a situation in which your business partner can make an ethical decision that will in turn impact you. Summarize the situation and then determine how it will affect the company, how it will affect you (both personally and professionally) and how you can protect yourself from liability.

Remember we are dealing with ethical issues here not poor business risks that are ethically backed!


address the issue of Cholera now occurring in Sudan, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Now that you have investigated common health problems that continue to cause death and disability around the world, it is time to focus all you have learned to address the issue of Cholera now occurring in Sudan. The team you have assembled at Mercy Hospital has now gotten excited about once again working with partners in countries that need medical help. Sudan has been plagued with outbreaks of Cholera. You will need to learn more about the situation so that you team can devise a plan. The final plan should include a communication plan, an advocacy plan, mobilization plan, and attempt to gain political support for government resources.


Submit the .vls file you create in Visual Logic, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Complete labs 2-5 using Visual Logic in which you:

  1. Submit the .vls file you create in Visual Logic as well as a screenshot of the output. For full credit, the program must function correctly, produce the correct answer, and be logically succinct.
  2. Write a short answer (four to five [4-5] sentences) in the comment text box located with the assignment submission link to the following:
    1. A summary of the technical experiences that you used in completing this lab.
    2. The commands that were of greatest benefit to you.
    3. Your general comments on the overall lab experience.

Note: This is an academic writing assignment. Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling are necessary. Points will be deducted for poor writing.



Work Breakdown Structure, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

See page 33 of the text for a graphic example of a work breakdown
structure (WBS) hierarchy. Create a three level product-based WBS from a
project you have managed or have experience with as a team member and
present a graphic representation of your WBS hierarchy. A description of
the following components and how each relates to the WBS must be

  • Three main deliverables,
  • A unique numbering scheme, and
  • Three work packages.

Lastly, provide a one- to three-sentence project objective to describe the focus of this WBS.

The assignment must be submitted in Microsoft Excel for ease of
organization; APA format

Work Breakdown Structure, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

portfolio of Commonwealth Government bonds, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

a) On the 1st September 2015, you bought the following portfolio of Commonwealth Government bonds. Calculate the amount you paid for each instrument per $100 face value and thus the total for the equally weighted portfolio:  Use the yields given.



Treasury  Bonds

Treasury  Bonds

Treasury  Bonds

Treasury  Bonds

Treasury  Bonds


Treasury Bond




Treasury Bond 141



Treasury Bond 124



Treasury Bond 139



Treasury Bond 144
















Per cent per annum

Per cent per annum

Per cent per annum

Per cent per annum

Per cent per annum













(b)Calculate the price of the instruments if they were sold on 31st May 2016

(c)Calculate the holding period yield for each instrument if you sold them on the  31st  May  2016.  Assume  the  reinvestment  rate  is  1.75% p.a.  for  the bonds.

(d)What would be the holding period yield for the portfolio as a whole over the same period? Comment on your answer

(e)Using a table format, manually calculate the duration and convexity for the 3.25% 21st April 2025 Treasury Bond 139 on the 21st April 2016, if the yield was 2.545%.

(f)Using a spreadsheet (Excel) and its duration formula, calculate the duration for all the bonds as at 31st May 2016.

(g)What is the duration for the portfolio?

(h)If the portfolio had 60-­day Bank Accepted bill with a yield of 1.34%, what would be the bill’s duration?  Explain you answer.  


What is the amount of the distribution, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

At the beginning of the year, Jenny, Inc. (a corporation for tax purposes) had a negative $15,000 in E&P. During the year,
the company had $5,000 in profits. On July 1, the company distributed property with an adjusted basis of
$50,000 and a fair market value of $40,000 to Jenny (an individual), the sole shareholder of the corporation. It was
the only distribution that the company made during the year. Jenny’s stock in the company had a fair market
value of $50,000 and an adjusted basis of $20,000.

Please address the following:

What is the amount of the distribution to Jenny?

What are the federal tax consequences to Jenny of the distribution?

What are the federal tax consequences to Jenny, Inc. of the distribution?

What alternative transaction would have given Jenny and Jenny Inc.a better result here?


Assess Bond Pricing and Analysis to Build a Portfolio, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Examine some important theories and concepts associated with interest
rates. Safe investments usually have fixed interest rates. You have
been asked to assemble this presentation for a weekly staff meeting, so
your audience will be senior managers and a couple of vice presidents.
Note their interest in this topic is very high so you need to be very
succinct and clearly explain the risks and rewards of building a
successful portfolio. In reference to term structure, interest rate
risks, and duration supported by numerical illustration where
applicable, in a PowerPoint presentation, evaluate the following:

  1. The
    pricing of bonds, the calculation of the bond yield, and how bond
    prices adjust across time for premium, par, and discount bonds.
  2. An
    evaluation of the yield curve and the theories to explain the shape.
    Discuss how these theories can be helpful in bond investing.
  3. The interest rate risk for bond investments. Form a graphical presentation of the concepts.
  4. The
    concept of duration and how it is useful in the context of bond
    portfolio analysis. You want to clearly discuss both the price risk
    measurement value for duration as well as how duration can measure the
    dynamics of price and re-investment rate risk across time for a bond

It is critical that with each discussion above
that examples are formed to illustrate the concept. Whenever possible,
you want to demonstrate concepts using graphical approaches.

required length of the PowerPoint Presentation option for this
assignment is 12-15 slides (with a separate reference slide). Your
presentation MUST include notes that contain 100-150 words per
slide (this is your script). Be sure to include citations for quotations
and paraphrases with references in APA format and style. Save the file
as a PPT file with the correct course code information in the name.


Explain how HIM Practice will be transformed with the EHR, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help


Compose a 4 to 5 page paper that focuses on how the changes occurring in healthcare will affect the HIM professional’s career. The paper should address the topics studied throughout the term. During each Seminar the instructor will discuss how the unit topic applies to the RHIA exam and to your HIM career today and in the future. A number of AHIMA practice briefs and articles assigned throughout the term discuss the skills required today and in the future for an HIM professional to address changes such as the use of the personal health record, e-health, open source architecture, virtual doctors, and health information exchanges. Your textbook provides information about the changes occurring in healthcare.

This Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your sources should be cited according to APA formatting. The insights included should demonstrate an understanding of how the health informatics skills described in the AHIMA practice briefs and articles relate to the changes in healthcare discussed in your textbook.


Critical thinking New York University Confuses File Sharing with Plagiarism, writing help Writing Assignment Help

Critical thinking New York University Confuses File Sharing with Plagiarism, writing help Writing Assignment Help

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