CSU CIO Proposed Approach to Implementing an ERP System Report Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

CSU CIO Proposed Approach to Implementing an ERP System Report Essay Business Finance Assignment Help. CSU CIO Proposed Approach to Implementing an ERP System Report Essay Business Finance Assignment Help.

You are the CIO of a manufacturing firm. The CEO and CFO continue to express concern over the lack of integration among business processes within their functional business areas. The CEO and CFO believe the solution for this is an ERP system coupled with Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship functionality.

Both executives have heard negative reports from executives in other companies and from the press of failed ERP implementations. To avoid duplicating the same situation in their organization, the CEO and CFO request that you submit a Proposed Approach to Implementing an ERP System report. Ultimately, they want to determine if their company is ready for ERP.

Your final deliverable should include the following content:

  • A proposed approach to conducting a needs assessment/requirements gathering initiative.
  • A proposed approach to evaluating ERP vendors and their software products’ fitness to meet your requirements. The requirements, at this stage, reflect the functional business processes that your firm needs to implement.
  • A proposed approach to implementing the ERP system into a full production enterprise system.
  • Proposed measurements to determine if the ERP implementation was successful.

Your paper should be 15-20 pages in length and conform to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Include at least three scholarly references, in addition to the course textbook. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references.

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Capella University Network Proposal for Accurate Auditors Corporation Essay Writing Assignment Help

Write 1500 words.

You have been asked to design a LAN for a very successful CPA firm with five departments in one building and a total of 560 employees. Currently, the firm has no networked computers, and it is open to any suggestions your team can offer. The firm does have a few requirements:

  • It wants to make sure that it can easily expand its LAN in the future without exorbitant costs and moving a lot of equipment.
  • Every department must have very fast access to the LAN.
  • The LAN must remain up at all times.
  • Must use Windows 7 operating system.

As a team, determine what kind of LAN your team will design for this company.

Deliverable Instructions:

  • Devise and prepare a 5-6 page proposal.
  • Create a 1 page executive summary to summarize your design, and 3 to 5 page paper with diagrams about the detailed network design.
  • Put them into one Word document.


University of the Cumberlands Balanced Scorecard Questions Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

1. We focus on the concept of the balanced scorecard. Please note what it is and how organizations use balanced scorecards. Note any alternative methods organizations use instead of the balanced scorecard and why they would use these methods over the balanced scorecard.

2.Chapter 6 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 3, 6, & 7 (Information Systems for Business and Beyond) Submit the above homework in one document. The study questions and exercises can be found from the below link


3.Chapter 6 – Review the section on knowledge creation, culture, and strategy. Explain how balance scorecards impact knowledge creation, culture, and strategy. Why are these important concepts to understand within an organization? (Information Technology and Organizational Learning).

Try to write from the textbook I shared for questions 1 and 3. Follow APA standards for all the questions

Check for plagiarism.


MGT 402 Saudi Electronic University Genuine Halal Cosmetics Business Plan Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

  • The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
  • Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
  • Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
  • Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
  • Read carefully Grading Rubric below for specific criteria: 0-5 Marks
  • Late submission will NOT be accepted.
  • Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
  • All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).
  • Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.


Northern Virginia Community College Web Technology Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

Live Discussion

Topic: Week 8 Live Discussion: Forms

Start Time : Sep 24, 2020 08:02 PM

Meeting Recording:


Access Passcode: e@wt0VYj

  • Lesson 8 FormsAssignment1. Please watch the zoom session from week 7 (click here to view) if you have not already done so.) Please edit a post like I did in the video and include this in your lesson report. Note: you may have to create a new post to edit it. You will need the html file listed here in Moodle described as form starting file (right click and save target as to your wwwroot folder) to follow along with the exercises. A full lesson report with both narrative and screenshots is required for this lesson. Please use the provided template and include a cover page and conclusion/recommendation/liked/disliked section.please answer this question in your lesson report:You are designing a survey form for a client. One of the questions has 10 possible responses. Only one response can be selected per question. What type of form control would you use to configure this question on the web page? why?

video : https://online.stratford.edu/pluginfile.php/187479…



Capella University Mr Smith Networking Case Questions Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Write 1000 words

Mr. Smith is the Director of IT at a law firm located in downtown Chicago. He needs to plan for a network upgrade. He has decided that he would like to have a network analysis done before the upgrade so that he can find out which systems would require upgrades and to create a strategy to present to the senior partners that will include return on investment.

The law offices occupy four floors of a high-rise building. The customer is experiencing network latency, especially in the Accounting department and in Human Resources, which both reside on the 32nd floor. The director of the Accounting department has expressed concerns about the security of his files. The Research, IT, and Corporate Administration departments all share the 33rd floor. The senior and junior partners and their support staff occupy the 35th floor, and the 36th floor is used for reception and conference rooms. The firm has decided that video conferencing is an essential component of its business and is looking to implement video conferencing as soon as possible so it can communicate with two new satellite offices that will be occupied in six months.

The firm has one network segment for each floor, but has been experiencing latency. Each floor except the 36th has 10 to 20 printers. Each floor has a 100Mb uplink to the Data Center on the 33rd floor. There are approximately 50 PCs on the 36th floor, 150 PCs on the 35th floor, and 40 PCs on both the 32nd and 33rd floors. The servers for each department reside on their respective floors. Mr. Smith is concerned about network security and wants a recommendation to secure traffic of three specific departments: Human Resources, Accounting, and Corporate Administration.

Answer these questions:

  • What type of testing program (Prototype or Pilot) would you recommend to test the video conferencing among the remote offices? Justify your choice of one testing program over the other.
  • What type of naming structure would you give to servers, network devices and end nodes in this network? Provide a few examples.
  • Explain why Mr. Smith’s existing network does not provide adequate security for the data in each department. How do you want to optimize the network?
  • Explain to Mr. Smith the function of each network device.
  • Will the needs of key departments change your network design? Explain your answer.

Write a 4 page paper using the APA style that summarizes your findings, and provides enough detail to fully support your opinion.

Capella University Mr Smith Networking Case Questions Discussion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Indiana University The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Paper Humanities Assignment Help

1) Summarize the book. Tell the reader what you read.

(2) Describe what was important, and why. If you want to, describe parts that were not valuable, and why. In doing this, you might comment on the author’s perspective. What she neutral or biased and does this influence her presentation?

(3) Evaluate the significance of the book. Is the book important or unimportant, and why? What does the book contribute to our understanding of society? Remember, chances are the book would not be assigned if your instructor thought it was not important.

Throughout the above, be sure to provide the occasional example. You want to make sure that you show the instructor that you did read the book.

2-3 pages


University of Phoenix Hydrological Cycle Essay Science Assignment Help

Assignment Content

  1. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that identifies the effects that people have on the hydrological cycle and the consequences of these effects. In the paper, include the following:

    • Describe the water cycle, including sources of usable freshwater and renewal times for rivers, lakes, and ground water.
    • Explain how wetland destruction and creation of impervious surfaces through urban development affect the water cycle and contribute to flooding.
    • Explain some pros and cons to using levees for flood control and whether it is in the best interest of communities to rely of levees to prevent flooding.
    • Explain how dams influence the hydrologic cycle and whether they are viable option for long-term flood control, water supplies, or power generation.
    • Explain three issues associated with irrigation, including whether current rates of aquifer use are sustainable.

    Include at least three references in addition to the text, formatted consistent with APA guidelines.
    Submit your assignment.


Capella University Information Technology in Hospitals Paper Writing Assignment Help

Write 1300 words

You work for a hospital in the registration and admissions department, and most of your tasks are performed manually. For example, when an individual checks in, you must obtain personal information, details on an individual’s medical background, and hospitalization insurance. You are a strong advocate for information technology and have proposed to IT management that information systems would be beneficial. The hospital has decided to develop and implement an information system that helps to streamline your processes. Since you have extended personal experience with the processes, and you have considerable knowledge of information systems and technology employed by your counterparts at other hospitals, you have been asked to function as the project business analyst. You will work very closely with the IT department’s system analyst. The system analyst has questions regarding the following:

  • What specifically do you do to complete your tasks?
  • What are your thoughts about how technology might improve your processes?
  • What are the challenges and obstacles that would be overcome with the use of an information system?
  • What are your thoughts about the type of information system that might be employed at your hospital?
  • Based on your understanding, what components would be required to implement the information system? For example, would you need any special hardware or software?

In a 5-page Word document, be sure to include the following.

  • Summarized list of tasks, or processes, to register and to check in a patient.
  • Benefits of using an information system in support of your day-to-day tasks.
  • Specifics regarding how the information system would help to overcome the present challenges and obstacles.
  • The specific type of information system you recommend (support your recommendation).
  • An outline of all components you see as necessary to implement your recommended information system.
  • Explain how the new information system would help your organization to reduce the overall cost of health care and to improve the profitability of your hospital.

Make sure your paper is written in the APA style. You should back up your opinions and assertions with authoritative sources, which should also be attributed.


Healthy People 2020 Objective Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help


Weekly Objectives 1, 3, and 4 are addressed in this discussion.

The major project in this course involves teaching a small group of community members about a health topic that is classified as primary or secondary prevention. Primary prevention precedes disease and may involve lifestyle changes, immunizations, hand washing, sleep hygiene, or diet/exercise changes. Secondary prevention involves screening and identifying individuals in the early stages of the disease. The role of the nurse in secondary prevention is offering health information intended to limit disability identified diseases, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, asthma, or osteoporosis. Your academic coach or faculty will tell you if your topic is approved.

Note: You will not be able to proceed with Week 1 Assignment 2 until your topic has been approved.

In your initial post:

  • Name the primary or secondary health promotion topic you will be teaching.
  • Describe the Healthy People 2020 objective your topic addresses.
  • Name the community group for whom you would like to present the health topic.

In your response post:

Respond to two classmates, addressing the following:

  • Whether the health topic they chose is primary or secondary prevention.
  • The most important message the audience should learn about the topic.oo