Cuyamaca College Chemistry Specific Heat of Aluminum on A Sunny Day Lab Report Science Assignment Help

Cuyamaca College Chemistry Specific Heat of Aluminum on A Sunny Day Lab Report Science Assignment Help. Cuyamaca College Chemistry Specific Heat of Aluminum on A Sunny Day Lab Report Science Assignment Help.

3-3: Specific Heat of Al
On a sunny day, the water in a swimming pool may warm up a degree or two while the concrete around
the pool may become too hot to walk on with bare feet. This may seem strange since the water and
concrete are being heated by the same source—the sun. This evidence suggests that it takes more heat to
raise the temperature of some substances than others, which is true. The amount of heat required to raise
the temperature of 1 g of a substance by 1 degree is called the specific heat capacity or specific heat of
that substance. Water, for instance, has a specific heat of 4.18 J/Kg. This value is high in comparison
with the specific heats for other materials, such as concrete or metals. In this experiment, you will use a
simple calorimeter and your knowledge of the specific heat of water to measure the specific heat of
aluminum (Al).
1. Start Virtual ChemLab, select Thermodynamics, and then select Specific Heat of Al from the list of
assignments. The lab will open in the Calorimetry laboratory.
2. Record the mass of Al on the balance. If it is too small to read click on the Balance area to zoom in,
record the mass of Al in the data table below, and return to the laboratory.
3. Pick up the Al sample from the balance pan and place the sample in the oven. Click the oven door to
close. The oven is set to heat to 200C.
4. The calorimeter has been filled with 100 mL water. The density of water at 25C is 0.998 g/mL. Use
the density of the water to determine the mass of water from the volume and record the volume and
mass in the data table.
Make certain the stirrer is On (you should be able to see the shaft rotating). In the thermometer
window, click Save to begin recording data. Allow 20-30 seconds to obtain a baseline temperature of
the water. You can observe the temperature in the calorimeter as a function of time using the graph
5. Click on the Oven to open it. Drag the hot Al sample from the oven until it snaps into place above the
calorimeter and drop it in. Click the thermometer and graph windows to bring them to the front and
observe the change in temperature in the graph window until it reaches a constant value and then wait
an additional 20-30 seconds. Click Stop in the temperature window. (You can click on the clock on
the wall labeled Accelerate to accelerate the time in the laboratory.) A data link icon will appear in
the lab book. Click the data link icon and record the temperature before adding the Al and the highest
temperature after adding the Al in the data table. (Remember that the water will begin to cool down
after reaching the equilibrium temperature.)
Data Table
mass of metal (g)
volume of water (mL)
mass of water (g)
initial temperature of water (C)
initial temperature of metal (C)
max temp of water + metal (C)
Beyond Labz, all rights reserved
6. Calculate the change in temperature of the water (Twater).
7. Calculate the heat (q), in J, gained by the water using the following equation:
= mwater ΔTwater Cwater
, given Cwater= 4.184 J/(Kg)
8. Calculate the changes in temperature of the Al (TAl).
9. Remembering that the heat gained by the water is equal to the heat lost by the metal, calculate the
specific heat of aluminum in J/Kg.
= −qmetal = mAl TAl CAl
( )( ) metal metal
m T

10. Calculate the percent error in the specific heat value that you determined experimentally. The
accepted value for Al is 0.903 J/ Kg.
accepted answer
your answer accepted answer
% Error 

% Error =

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CJUS 550 Liberty University Week 6 Adultification of Juvenile Delinquents Discussion Law Assignment Help

Please respond to the following discussion question with 400 words and 3 additional references and a biblical viewpoint!!

The juvenile justice system covers a number of categories of children: delinquent, undisciplined, dependent, neglected, abused, and status offender. As a result, the law has sought to adapt the rights, institutions, and treatment options available to an increasingly diverse juvenile population – gangs, substance abuse, mental health concerns, sexual orientation, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, sexual-oriented texting, and school violence.

Beginning with the material conveyed in the assigned reading and presentation, select 2 scholarly articles from the university criminal justice databases, and integrate those resources to discuss the challenges facing the juvenile justice system as it seeks to respond to a perceived need to pursue the “adultification” of juvenile criminal behavior. Finally, integrate within your discussion the impact of a Judeo-Christian viewpoint for treating juvenile criminals as adults.


AU 9 Step Process in Conducting a Neural Network Project Discussion Engineering Assignment Help

Create a discussion thread (with your name) and answer the following question:

Discussion (Chapter 6): List and briefly describe the nine-step process in con-ducting a neural network project.

Note: The first post should be made by tuesday evening . I am looking for active engagement in the discussion. Please engage early and often.
Your response should be 300-350 words. Respond to two postings provided by your classmates.
There must be at least one APA formatted reference (and APA in-text citation) to support the thoughts in the post. Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author’s words and continue to use in-text citations.

Note: Raise two question and answers, question at least lines.


NCSU swapListValues & findAndSwapPivot Function & Recall Arrays for Quicksort Program Programming Assignment Help

Write a function called swapListValues(). This functions takes an array of integers as its first parameter, and

two indexes (the left and right indexes). This function does not return a value explicitly (it is a void function).

Recall arrays are passed by reference. As the name implies, the two values in the array at the indicated left

and right indexes are to be swapped, and since the array is passed by reference, after returning they will be

swapped for the caller of this function.

2. Write a function called findAndSwapPivot(). This function takes the same 3 parameters, an array of integers,

and two indexes indicating the left and right sides of a sub-portion of the list. The function should find the

value in the middle of the left and right ends, which will be chosen as the pivot. The function should use the

previous swapListValues() function to swap the chosen pivot value to the end of the list of integers. This

function returns a value. This is different from how the textbook implements the find pivot function. Our

function should return the actual pivot value that was chosen (not the pivotIndex, which we know should be

the last index of the sub-list after calling this function).

3. Write a function called partitionList(). This will implement the algorithm described preciously. This

functions takes the 3 same parameters for the previous functions, an integer array, and left and right indexes for

the sub-portion of the list we are currently partitioning. In addition, this function takes a fourth parameter,

the pivot value). This function should make use of the swapListValues() function defined previously when

swapping values in-place in the list of integers. When this function is called, the pivot has been swapped to the

end of the sub-portion of the list, so the right index will be one less than this. This function needs to correctly

return the index, described as k above, where the pivot value should actually go. At the end, the location where

the left search and right search meet will be this index


ENG 1A BCC The Meaning & Utility of Dreams in Ancient Literature Research Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Research Essay: In ancient times people believed that dreams foretold events to come, so they often consulted with oracles and priests to interpret them (Genesis 41 is one example of the practice). In a well organized essay, explore the meaning and utility of dreams in ancient literature.

  • Research: Find at least three articles that discuss the application of dreams in ancient writings. Use only reputable academic sources in your research.
  • Writing the essay: In a well-organized essay discuss the purpose and nature of dreams in those cultures.
  • The paper must be 3 -4 pages long, MLA style, double spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font. Include in-text citations and add a Works Cited page with the corresponding references you used. 



McGill University Assessment of An Employees Poor Performance Video Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Discussion Post 6:

Management, and Professional Development are two topics that have
become more important to me as my career has progressed. The reason is
due to the fact that in order for organizations to thrive employees have
to reach their full potential. In order for an employee to reach their
full potential fair, consistent, timely, and equitable feedback is
critically important.

Two videos are posted:

Video One: What is Performance Management. Its purpose is simply to support your learning.

Video Two: Is what I would like you to review, and provide feedback for the discussion board.

First Post:

Using the chapter as your foundation, do the following.

Use the suggested questions below to provide a response(s).

1. Review the video two.

2. Provide feedback on your thoughts (e.g. positive, negative, etc)?

3. What were your perceptions of each parties actions?

4. Explain why you drew those conclusions?

5. Provide a framework of how you would have improve or change the process?

Second Post:

In a follow up post (the second), share what take away or expectation you would have of your PM process moving forward.

Just one of the two questions either first post or 2nd post.

Word count 150 for inial post

Two peer responses 50-75 words

McGill University Assessment of An Employees Poor Performance Video Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Campbellsville University System Boundaries Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

Review Section 2.3 of NIST SP 800-37 revision 1 ( (Links to an external site.)) and IATF v3.1, Appendix H, (located in your Module 1 Resources folder) and produce a system boundary for an enterprise-level information system. Be sure to identify the system components within the boundary and any interfaces to external systems (through the system boundary). If needed, refer to IATF v3.1, Chapter 3 (available in your Module 2 Resources folder) for additional information on system design.

Your deliverable should be between 3 to 5 pages excluding your title page and reference list. Use the course assignments template, located in your Additional Resources Folder under the Modules Tab. Use PowerPoint or Visio or compatible software to produce your diagram.


Human Resource Office Management & PA Forms Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

  • Case Study #3 – Please read the Case Study on Page #206 – Incident 1 – These Things Are a Pain – Please answer questions #7-20 to #7-22 –
  • Please make sure to review the syllabus for additional case study requirements.To be successful with the case studies, it is important that you be able to synthesize and analyze appropriately. It is suggested that you do the following to ensure greater comprehension – (1) Preview and read the case (2) Identify the problem (3) Determine the variables that are inclusive within the problem (4) Identify potential constraints and overall organization objectives (5) Differentiate the assumptions and develop a qualitative or quantitative technique that can be used to develop a solution (6) Analyze and critique the solution (7) Determine the most appropriate course of action, and formulate a plan for sustaining this action.
  • Students are encouraged to bring outsides sources to case study homework assignments.
  • three pages


MAS 174 San Diego Mesa College Mexican American Studies Response Humanities Assignment Help

Each question has to be answered with the following link that is provided in the question.

1) how did the Anglo-Americans’ victory over Mexico in 1836 introduce major institutional changes in Texas?

  • what factors helped to shape Anglo-American attitudes towards the Tejanos?
  • what methods werre used to keep Tejanos “subordinate and economically and politically defenseless” during the 19th century?
  • file:///C:/Users/Student/Downloads/Deleon-Spaniards,MexicansandAmericans.pdf

2) why did the early Spanish colonist call the Indians “Pueblos”?

  • what two problems plagued the Spanish sources on the Pueblo Revolt?
  • the early Pueblos sources attributed the origins of the Pueblo Revolt to what factors?
  • which factors do historians say may have caused the Pueblo Revolt?
  • file:///C:/Users/Student/Downloads/Weber-Pueblos,SpaniardsandHistory.pdf

3) What were the events which lead to Mexico banning immigration from the U.S.?

What were the specific reasons, in addition to slavery, that Mexico banned immigration from the U.S.?


  • What were the reasons that Mexicans Americans were lynched in the American Southwest?
  • What crime were they often charged with?
  • What message was being sent to Mexicans living in the Southwest by these lynchings?
  • What reasons did Anglos give for why they lynched Mexicans?


University of Phoenix Human Resources Director of Southwest Airlines Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

You’ve been told that the HR Director is pleased with the work you’ve completed for the organization and would like to take your contribution to the next level. She’d like you to review several strategic reports on the organization and provide feedback on how you think Southwest HR should move forward.

Review the recommended sources in addition to your own research.

Compile a strategy recommendation to the HR Director to be used for company-wide decisions. Include the following information in your report:

  • An executive summary of the HR strategy project
  • An analysis of current strategies and issues
  • Identify the type of strategy Southwest Airlines is following.
  • Identify 3 HRM implications for Southwest Airlines.
  • Develop and justify business strategies for each of the 3 HRM implications.
  • Determine an HR strategy.

Use at least 2 sources other than those provided. Review the following sources to assist with your recommendation:

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


Cuyamaca College Chemistry Specific Heat of Aluminum on A Sunny Day Lab Report Science Assignment Help

Cuyamaca College Chemistry Specific Heat of Aluminum on A Sunny Day Lab Report Science Assignment Help