Cyber security, powerpoint presentation help Computer Science Assignment Help

Cyber security, powerpoint presentation help Computer Science Assignment Help. Cyber security, powerpoint presentation help Computer Science Assignment Help.

The CIO, of the company you chose in Week One, has asked you to create a PowerPoint® informational presentation. The audience for this week’s presentation will be a group of IT Operations employees.

The objectives of this presentation are to:

  • Explain why the three most active areas in cyber security are the Internet, mobile technology, and cloud computing.
  • Describe the growing use of penetration (pen) testing in many companies.
  • Identify what the pen testing process is and how the outcomes should be handled.
  • Explain the Six Principles of Information Security Management and why they are important.

Create an 8 slide PowerPoint® informational presentation, including the following:

  • Content for each of the objectives
  • Speaker’s notes
  • References used to support your presentation, including a minimum of two outside academic references in addition to course textbooks and videos

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Average Grade by Student, statistics assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

Need help with paper. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. 

The final project for this course is the creation of a research paper based on Internship Activities from the text.  

The final paper should demonstrate an understanding of the materials in this course, as well as the implications of new knowledge gained. The 3–4-page paper should integrate new learning into the target company example and internship work. It may include explanations and examples from previous cases and activities.  

The purpose of the final paper is for you to synthesize the learning achieved in this course by describing your understanding and application of knowledge in the area of business systems and the critical thinking process that has evolved. For this assignment you should choose any two of the concepts discussed throughout the course and integrate your research on these concepts into your case proposal for the target company.  

The project is divided into two milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Four and Six. The final submission will occur in Module Seven.  

Prompt  In this final case study, you will synthesize the concepts learned throughout the course based on a series of Internship Activities that are the first two milestones. Through the two assignments outlined in Milestones One and Two, you will recommend solutions to Harrison Kirby, while also incorporating additional perspectives and source material to analyze real world scenarios and provide him with options to consider as part of his strategy to increase revenue and influence customer interactions and experiences in his small business. You will leverage both the textbook and external sources to complete the final project. From the milestone assignments, you will find that Kirby is interested in improving his business through the use of technology. As you learned in the first two cases you worked for Kirby, he is focused on revenue through e-commerce and customer experience through intelligent systems incorporated with his web presence. Take the opportunity to provide Kirby with some other technology opportunities to consider that would support his business venture in e-commerce and intelligent systems. Within your final paper, choose two of the concepts below drawn from course readings. Provide detail and an explanation for each concept, which will demonstrate how each can be leveraged to support business growth and/or create a streamlined operation for Kirby. Make sure to leverage sound examples, products, and references where appropriate to further substantiate your findings.        

Course Concepts:  

 Big data and knowledge management  Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce  Social computing  Cloud computing  Business analytics and business intelligence solutions  

Your final product should answer this question: How will technology position Harrison Kirby’s business for future growth and for the enhancement of both customer alignment and efficiency?  

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:  

1. Case Synthesis a) What is the purpose in Harrison Kirby asking you to collect this data and how will it impact his business? Start the assignment with 2–3 paragraphs providing a description of Kirby’s business and the industry in which he operates. In this type of contemporary business organization, what is the central role that IT is playing for Harrison Kirby? b) Find a complementary or competing company in the same industry as Mr. Kirby’s. Take time to research the company and provide supported evidence to communicate how IT may be playing a strategic role for that company in order to maintain or gain a competitive advantage.  

2. Security and Ethics a) What are the security or control issues that should be addressed as part of the technology selection process for Kirby’s business?  b) Propose how you would address ethics or information security issues as part of the technology selection process for Kirby’s business.  

3. Findings and Recommendations a) As the technical liaison for Kirby, you are providing him with critical information that he will use in making decisions on expanding the use of technology to improve his practice. It is important that you write your response with conviction through well-developed recommendations based on sound reasoning and evidence.  b) Include an embedded Excel object in your final Word document submission that includes a matrix of technical options that Kirby should consider in his decision making process. The Excel file should include the columns below in an example based on cloud computing. Make sure that you communicate to Mr. Kirby the challenges he should expect to face when introducing new technology into his business.  


Applied Assistive Device Occupational Synthesis, assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

For this assignment you will interview an individual with a disability.  You will gather information to formulate an occupational profile and goals.  Based on the interview, you will fabricate a device to improve the individual’s ability to perform an occupation that would otherwise be too difficult without the device. The development of the device should cost no more than $30. The device is soap on a rope that the patient can wear around his neck during shower.  The presentation will be graded on the following areas:

  1. Description of the device and report on what makes your device unique to others
  2. Overview of client interview (occupational profile) and client’s desires (goals)
  3. Detailed overview of the device (reliable, safe, ease of use, ergonomically sound, cost)
  4. Research findings associated with conditions/skills impacted by the use of an assistive device
  5. Demonstration MUST be video format (preferably
  6. Future work on the device/conclusion
  7. Q & A
  8. Presentation should include a 6-10 slides with video demonstration of the device -embed the YouTube link into your PowerPoint slide. You have 6-8 minutes to present. 

    Email me your presentations the night before to upload for class presentations.

    Note: 1. Paper should consist of ONLY PowerPoint presentation including cover page and reference page.


Control Function Analysis, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Today’s workforce is diverse in terms of age and other aspects that influence performance and success. Leaders must both motivate and support employees so that they can continuously adapt to change while creating opportunity in their careers.

Develop a 2,100-word analysis of how change management can help retain or promote employee loyalty by taking into account:

  • Motivating individuals to stay engaged
  • Monitoring employee performance through the control function of management
  • Communicating the change process at both a strategic and tactical level

Include at least three peer reviewed references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Annotated bibliography, business and finance assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please create an annotated bibliography for the research for Case 19.1 Bennett Body Company

Search for the following concepts when looking for appropriate resources:

Standard Cost System
Cost Variances
Cost Accumulation
Overhead cost allocation
General guidelines for completing this assignment:

A minimum of three relevant and credible sources that can be used to support the concepts discussed in the case.
APA formatted annotated bibliography. 

Develop a three paragraph response for each resource: 
The first paragraph provides a brief summary of the author’s purpose, covering the main points of the work.
The second paragraph points out the strengths and evaluates its methods and presentation. 
The third reflects on how the source may be used for the case study.
Each cited source needs to be specifically linked to the concepts in the case. Please do not cite random sources.
(ps. the resources do not have to reference the Case)

Case is attached.

Please ensure that this is completed in a timely manner. It must be complete by 11:15PM ET – so please bid for 1 hour and I will accept it as long as it is submitted by 11:15PM.

Thank you



Data Communication and networking, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help


System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Plan

  • Write a 3 – 5 page APA formatted paper about the SDLC Plan that includes at least 3 references.
  • As a WAN design architect, a firm with offices in the US in three different states has asked you to design a global WAN solution for their company. They have informed you that the WAN solution will provide voice, video, and data communication services. There will be print and file sharing as well as application services that can be accessed by any user in any of the offices.
  • Using the first two phases of the SDLC methodology only (Planning, Analysis), describe the planning and analysis of the WAN solution. Please name your consulting firm as well as the firm requesting your services.
  • Please use APA formatting, including an Abstract page and References page (not included in the 3 to 5 page count).

 Consult this material videos before working on your paper

Thank you.

Data Communication and networking, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Final Milestone, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

help finalizing my paper – Majority of the information is on the
previous milestones – please read the corrections made by the professor
 – do not copy word for word. Below are the instructions, attached are
the milestones with corrections from the professor. also, needs a Summary of Adjustments from Previous Milestone Papers and example is attached. any questions please ask.,

560 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview More and more firms
and organizations have realized that the brand name associated with
their products or services is one of the most important assets that they
own. A brand embodies a company’s identity and the quality, ideals,
ethics, and customer commitment for which it stands. It is the heart and
soul of the decisions on which products are brought to market and how.
It also enables management to strategically and effectively steer the
destiny of a product or company while building value. For this summative
assessment, you will imagine you are an executive in charge of branding
and strategic positioning initiatives at a company of your choice. (The
company may be a place for which you currently work or have worked in
the past, a company of interest, or a new business that you are
creating, subject to instructor approval.) You will build a
comprehensive business plan for the launch of a new product, service, or
business idea at the company. Your plan will evaluate current branding
strategies, describe the target market and its unique features, assess
existing organizational strengths, weaknesses, and core competencies
with respect to the new idea, determine pricing strategies, and
establish continuous improvement processes that span the life cycle of
the product or service being offered. You will also consider how
consumer trends and ethical business practices might impact your plan.
Ideally, your business plan should be the next step in developing the
product, service, or other business idea you started conceptualizing in
the previous Business Environment, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
course; however, you may choose a different idea with instructor
approval. Note that you will continue to build on this business plan
throughout your 600-level MBA coursework, culminating in the capstone in
which you will tie things together and either begin to implement your
plan (if feasible), or create a plan for implementing it (if
implementation is not feasible). The project is divided into three
milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the
course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These
milestones will be submitted in Modules Three, Five, and Seven. The
final product will be submitted in Module Nine. In this assignment, you
will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: 
Evaluate branding strategies by applying appropriate marketing and
management analysis  Defend target market choices by analyzing the
unique characteristics of potential markets that impact business success
 Justify pricing decisions based on relevant target market analysis,
business goals, and market conditions  Assess the strengths and
weaknesses of organizations in strategically planning new business
activities  Assess consumer trends and business ethics for determining
their potential impact on branding image and business success in a
global environment  Design business-wide continuous improvement
processes for regularly reviewing branding and business activities and
implementing needed changes Prompt Using your business idea from the
previous Business Environment, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship course,
or a new idea with instructor permission, imagine you are an executive
at the relevant company. You have decided to take this idea to the next
level by producing a comprehensive business plan to present to senior
management and potential investors in order to convince them to back the
project. Your plan should focus on key elements of marketing and
strategy, such as branding, customer base, existing resources and
capabilities, pricing, and other factors that could affect the project’s
success. It should highlight the merits of the project based on a
detailed internal analysis, showing how the idea fits with the company’s
mission and vision. Remember that a well-constructed business plan
provides concise, accurate information that allows busy executives or
investors to quickly grasp the essentials of your idea, the key need or
want it addresses, and how you will meet that need or want.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I.
Executive summary. Briefly explain the key features of your business
plan and why your product or service is better than that of your
competition in the eyes of the target market. Remember that your goal is
to give the intended audience the most essential information up front,
while convincing them to read further for details. II. Context. This
section should provide leadership and potential investors with
background information on the company’s current brand and how the new
product or service fits with that brand. Be sure to do the following: A.
Lay out the key defining features of your company’s brand and how these
features drive business decisions. For example, how are these factors
an extension of the company’s mission, vision, and values? What are the
non-negotiables for a product or service to carry the company name? B.
Assess how the new idea fits with the company’s existing brand and how
that impacts your business plan. Support your response with relevant
research and analysis. For example, will the product or service be part
of a new brand or an existing brand? How will that affect the way you
market the product both within the company and to consumers? C. Evaluate
the effectiveness of the company’s existing branding efforts (or
branding efforts for similar products or services if yours is a new
company). What does the evaluation suggest for the new product or
service? Support your response with relevant analysis. III. Need. Use
this section to define your target market and explain how your product
or service fills a critical need or want for that market. A. Define your
target market and its unique characteristics. Be sure to discuss the
following: i. Basic demographics. What are the key demographic features
of the individuals or businesses who are most likely to purchase your
product or service? Support your response with relevant market research.
For example, how might age, purchasing power, decisionmaking authority,
or other factors affect the product or service’s appeal to potential
customers? ii. What other behavioral or psychographic characteristics of
your target market might affect their purchasing decisions? Support
your response with relevant research. B. How does the new product or
service meet a specific want or need of the target market that you
identified? In other words, what principal benefits or key features
would the target market find appealing? Support your response with
relevant market research. C. Based on your analysis above, why is this
target market the best strategic choice for the success of your product
or service? IV. Strengths and weaknesses. In this section, you should
assess the ramifications of the new business idea on branding,
operations, and planning within the organization, based on internal
analysis. A. Assess the company’s tangible and intangible strengths in
providing the new product or service, along with any weaknesses or gaps.
Your response should comprehensively address different aspects of the
business, establishing clear links between the strengths and weaknesses
you identify and how those affect planning for the new business
activities. The factors you identify will depend on your business and
idea, but might include things such as staff capabilities and turnover,
organizational culture, production capacity, location, customer loyalty,
supply chain relations, financial stability, or ability to acquire
funding. B. Assess the opportunities and threats that emerging consumer
trends and company ethics may present to the success of the new idea. i.
Consumer trends. How might emerging trends in consumer preferences
(e.g., buying local, support for green technologies, organic foods,
etc.) impact the branding and business success of the new product or
service you are launching in the current global marketplace? Justify
your response, identifying the trends that are most relevant to your
product or service and how they apply to your target market. ii. Ethics.
How might perceived ethics violations affect the branding image and
ultimate success of the new product or service in a global environment?
Support your response with specific examples. For example, do different
target populations have different perceptions of what constitutes
ethical behavior? How do consumers respond to those violations and what
is the impact on business (e.g., product avoidance, lobbying for new
regulations, etc.)? C. How might the factors you identified above affect
branding and operations across different departments in the company?
How does your business plan take this into account? For example, does
organizational structure help or hinder branding and launch activities?
Do departments have competing interests? Do they communicate
effectively? V. Core competencies. Assess aspects of the company or new
idea that set you apart from the competition and provide long-term
sustainability in the market. How do those competencies affect your
business plan? In other words, what things about your company, product,
or service provide significant value to the customer and are very
difficult to duplicate? How can you use that strategically? VI. Pricing.
Use this section of your business plan to develop and justify a pricing
strategy for the new product or service. Be sure to address the
following: A. What are the fixed and variable costs to the company of
producing, marketing, and selling the new good or service, and how do
those fit with the company’s short- and long-term objectives? Support
your narrative with a table showing calculations and any assumptions. B.
How much is the target market willing and able to pay for your product
or service? Use target market analysis and research on competitors’
prices to support your answer. C. Are targeted consumers willing and
able to pay more for your product or service if it (or the organization,
more generally) aligns with their preferences for socially responsible
and ethical behavior? Justify your response with evidence. D. In light
of your analysis, what pricing strategy and price is most appropriate
for this product or service and why? For example, would skimming,
penetration, economy, or premium pricing be most appropriate? What
should the initial price be? VII. Refinement. This section should
highlight processes for reviewing and refining branding and other
activities surrounding the new product or service. A. How and when will
you evaluate the success of the new product or service and its branding?
Be sure to suggest processes that occur at regular intervals and extend
across the business, explaining how results will impact decisions on
whether to continue or to initiate exit strategies. B. What regular,
business-wide feedback loops and processes will you implement to support
the new idea, keep it on track, and make mid-course corrections as
needed? For example, will you adjust business functions and/or
facilitate regular communication across departments? How will you
collect relevant information and ensure its accuracy? C. In planning for
the future, how will you identify and integrate other factors that
might affect implementation of the new idea into your business decisions
and planning? In other words, what other things do you need to consider
when moving forward? Milestones Milestone One: Context, Need, Pricing
In Module Three, you will submit a short paper covering context, need,
and pricing. This milestone establishes your chosen organization’s
direction within the marketplace. This is important because it drives
the subsequent activities, milestones, and the final project. Without a
strong sense of the organization’s purpose within the marketplace,
knowledge of consumer trends, and how to meet target market needs at the
appropriate price, management is less likely to maximize the efficiency
of business activities and more likely to miss fully meeting the needs
of its chosen target market. This milestone establishes how the
organization will differentiate itself from its competition through
branding with a unique product or service offering designed to meet
specific consumer needs or desires that are shaped by their
demographics, personality, or buying style. This milestone will be
graded with the Milestone One Rubric. Milestone Two: Strengths and
Weaknesses, Core Competencies In Module Five, you will submit a short
paper covering strengths and weaknesses and core competencies. For the
company you have chosen, write a short paper that identifies and
analyzes at least four, but no more than eight, strengths and
weaknesses. Continue your paper by identifying and explaining three to
five core competencies for the company you have chosen. This milestone
will be graded with the Milestone Two Rubric. Milestone Three:
Refinement In Module Seven, you will submit a short paper covering
refinements. Using the idea that you have chosen, write a short paper
covering activities and items upon which success will be evaluated and
how these will be evaluated, timing intervals for information gathering
and analyzing feedback, what feedback loops exist or will be created,
how these loops and the ensuing feedback will affect the overall
organization, and what, if any, other factors should be considered as
you move forward with your new product or service. This milestone will
be graded with the Milestone Three Rubric. Final Project Submission:
Comprehensive Business Plan In Module Nine, you will submit your final
project. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of
the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the
incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. This submission
will be graded with the Final Project Rubric

you will find the instructions for the document and all of the
completed milestones with the corrections suggested by professor,  It
has to be based on my project. Teckno Plus

paper should be viewed as a professional document that you would submit
to a Board of Directors, banking institution for funding, or other such
entities.  Include a cover sheet, short abstract or executive summary,
introductory paragraph in the body that briefly explains your business
idea, and citations.  INCLUDE A CHANGE GRID like the following.  All
this should be done per APA formatting.

Please look at corrections from professor and do not use the same wording used in other milestones.

Follow directions from MBA Fina Project and need to complete an example final doc.

First person failed to meet requierements and copied all of my previous work

Any questions or clarifications please ask.


The origins of addictions,alcoholism, and chemical dependency, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

You are writing a white paper for jail staff on the origins of addictions, alcoholism and chemical dependency. This is part of the staff training requirement to be sensitive to the needs of the population that they serve.

Assignment Guidelines
•Address the following in 4–5 pages ◦Briefly describe and summarize the following with regard to the origins of addictions, alcoholism, and chemical dependency: ◾Genetic Predisposition
◾Environmental Issues
◾Psychological Theories
◾Other (select one other theory or explanation for addiction)

◦Next, answer the questions with regard to the four types of explanations listed above: ◾How much research exists for the explanations of the origins of addiction, alcoholism, and chemical dependency? Explain. ◾Consider studies conducted in both laboratories as well as social settings.

◾Based on the research you have examined, what seems to be the most prevailing school of thought regarding chemical dependency? Explain.
◾What gaps still exist with regard to the research? Explain. ◾What issues do you feel need to be addressed in order to improve current research? Explain

APA style, 4 to 5 pages and 2 to 4 references for this assignment.


“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel García Márquez, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Read “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” by Gabriel García Márquez (in the course textbook and attached below). Reflect and respond to the story in a 3- to 4-page reader-response essay. 

Remember that reader-response essays are less formal than other types of academic writing. You may use the personal pronoun “I” and may write about whatever strikes you from the story. You may also choose to write from one of the following prompts:

  • Explain how “good” and “evil” co-exist in this story, and which one you think wins out in the end. Use specific lines of text from the story to support your assertion.
  • Was the old man with the enormous wings truly an angel? Why or why not? Use specific lines of text from the story to support your assertion.
  • Gabriel García Márquez is said to have fathered the genre of “magical realism” with this story. What parts of the story felt magical to you and what parts felt real? How do they work together to convey the overall message of the story? Use specific lines of text from the story to support your assertion.
  • Does the fact that Márquez is a South American writer have any influence on the developments of this story? Does its international setting have any impact on the reader’s potential understanding of the story?

For a successful paper:

  • Have a strong thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph.
  • Use a “hook” in the introduction paragraph to grab your readers’ attention.
  • Use specific textual support from the short story in the body of your paper.
  • Finish with a strong conclusion that summarizes your main points, restates the thesis in some way, and possibly returns to the initial “hook.”
  • Proofread for errors in spelling, grammar, and writing mechanics. Vary sentence structure and sentence length to add interest.
  • Follow correct APA guidelines found in CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements with regard to font style, size, margins and spacing.
  • Use APA when citing the text; include a reference page citation at the end of the paper for the short story in the anthology.


computer networking , computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

 I need five pages on company
network how work and how it is implemented. network components used
like routers,switches,cables etc.
One page about network management why is needed
one page each about network security software and hardware and physical security and why its important
one page about disaster management and recovery and why it is necessary


of the Network & Data Communications used (including a network diagram) and
analysis of their network considering alternative options.

the use of topics you learned in advanced data communication that is already
implemented or suggest how these can be implemented in their networks.

Description of Protocols used (focus on advanced data communication topics)

Network Management System used.

of Operation and Maintenance

Key Network Securitymeasures in

(your own) concerning

of Network & Data communication function

for integration of future growth & future technologies (and future network
plan of the company).

for improving the company’s Networks, and their Operations and Maintenance

I will provide all details about network with network diagrams

Total 15 to 20 pages

[supanova_question] with regard to font style, size, margins and spacing.

  • Use APA when citing the text; include a reference page citation at the end of the paper for the short story in the anthology.
  • [supanova_question]