cybercrime investigations, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

cybercrime investigations, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. cybercrime investigations, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

Answer each question with at least 150 words
references at least 2 including material attached.

1. Even in today’s day and age, many cybercrimes
go unreported. In chapter 24, the authors examine the perceptions of law
enforcement and prosecutors in regards to their understanding of, along with
issues that surround, the prevention, detection, and investigation of
electronic crime. What did their study’s findings conclude?

2. Discuss some of the problems concerning search
warrants in cybercrime investigations, particularly in relation to obscenity

3. As a detective with the 15th Precinct, you
have been assigned to a case in which Janet Smith claims that her 5-year old
son told her that he saw “pictures of children without clothes on daddy’s
computer” – John Smith. It should be also being noted that both parents
are fighting for primary custody of their son. How would you proceed with this
investigation? Do you have probable cause to obtain a search warrant? If so, on
what grounds?

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Which type of the test is your favorite and why, writing assignment help Writing Assignment Help


Could you answer the following question? 

During your lifetime you’ve probably completed most all of the item types described in this chapter. Which type was your most favorite and which type was your least favorite? Why?

*** the discription for the types of the tests is in chapter 6 from this link ( the link has book chapters, read only chapter 6 please) 


Argumentative essay, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Write a researched argument essay about an issue (given below). This paper based on the research, but you should take into account : begin by showing the conversation your paper is responding to (“they say”), have a clear statement of your own argument (“I say”), include quotes and incorporate them smoothly, point out possible objections to your argument, use appropriate transitions, and explain why the issue matters. You might also consider adding metacommentary (including personal narrative or stories) and finding ways to include your own voice, even though this is academic writing.

Present a clear thesis. You must use at least three outside resources in this essay. No non-professional / non-academic websites may be used in this essay. At least four direct quotes must be used in the essay. The essay must be a minimum of five (5) pages, double spaced. Cite and document sources using MLA format both in-text and on the works cited page.

Topic: Argue the case of banning factory farming due to the inhumane treatment of the animals, and how this affects the human health, and how unjustly animals are treated for commercial and corporate reasons.

they say/ I say link:”They+S…


write a brief description of “The Essence of Formative Assessment”, homework help Other Assignment Help

Hello there,

Here is a description of the question above:

This Mastery Check gives you an
opportunity to describe what you believe educators should mean when they refer
to “formative assessment.” Ideally, not only will your brief description
of formative assessment be accurate, but you will be able to mentally retain
that description, or a paraphrase of the description. Your personal
familiarity with what formative assessment is/isn’t ought to be should truly
be lifelong understanding. Imagine
that you are a teacher taking part in the winter “Back-to-School
Night” your school sponsors for parents every fall, winter, and spring.
Your principal has asked you to serve as one of 15 faculty members who will
supply 20-minute explanations of some features of the school’s program.
Because all the teachers have agreed to employ formative assessment this year
and because you are a strong proponent of classroom formative assessment, you
enthusiastically accepted your principal’s invitation to talk with the parents
about formative assessment. You decide to hand out a brief written
description of “The Essence of Formative Assessment” when parents
enter your room. The written explanation of formative assessment to be read by
parents immediately will allow you to spend the bulk of the 20-minute period
responding to the questions that parents raise. For
this task, write that description. Provide a concise explanation of formative
assessment in the way your school’s teachers are attempting to install that
process. Do so in less than 400 words, and remember that these parents will
usually be interested in how what you are talking about will have an impact on
their children.

*******in order to answer this question, read the section in the attachment which has information about formative assessment and link the information with your answer please.



marketing communications campaign assignment, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Following the assignment specifics below, create a marketing communications campaign that promotes Suzhou (a city) in China as a place to stop and spend time. This campaign should focus on highlighting existing attractions in Suzhou and the immediate surrounding area adjacent to Suzhou.

Instructions. The following sections are required for each project in both the written report and the Power Point
. The report will contain more detailed information in text form, whereas the Power Point slides will
be in the bulleted format that is more appropriate for oral presentations.

(1) Background research using library databases and the Internet must be conducted on the broad environment
in which your organization operates, including global, national, and regional trends that are likely to affect its
future operations; research must identify and describe the target market. The most useful and relevant research
should be explained in the final report as well as highlighted in the Power Point presentation.

(2) Present a hypothetical budget broken down by media using data in the textbook and library databases or
other online search engines, and discuss why your budget is feasible. This budget must include short-term
expenditures as well as projections for the next three-to-five years. Students should discuss this in paragraph
form and include a visual display in an exhibit (see textbook examples). It is probably a good idea to do this
step in conjunction with #4 below (media).

(3) Creative concepts must be based on target market research, to be expressed in written paragraph form in the
report as well as a minimum of one rough print ad and one television commercial laid out in storyboard form.
Both print roughs and TV storyboards are discussed in the textbook. Creative concepts must be demonstrated
visually during the final project presentation. This part of the report and presentation must also include
suggested website content based on class and textbook discussion and determined through student research.

(4) A media plan written in paragraph form must be included in the final report, detailing specific media
vehicles for the traditional component plus a comprehensive social media platform (social media is required).
Other types of media (e.g., out-of-home) should be considered when designing the comprehensive media mix.
Plans for drawing visitors to the organization’s website must also be described, in addition to how that website
will interact or function with social media. Students are required to visually display their media plans using the
graphical style (i.e., flowchart) highlighted in the textbook.

(5) Students must also describe how their advertising plan integrates (fits) with the other elements of the
promotion mix (i.e., public relations, sales promotions, and personal selling). Detailing legitimate methods for
generating positive Word-of-Mouth (WOM) will improve the student’s grade. Use the basic principles of
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) discussed in our textbook to guide this section of the written report
and presentation.

(6) Finally, students must outline their plan for how to evaluate the success (or failure) of the IMC campaign
being proposed, including the budget dedicated to this portion of the campaign. This must include specific,
measurable objectives as discussed in class and the textbook.



Write an essay comparing Lucretius and Wang Chong , assignment help Writing Assignment Help

Write a 750 words essay that follows instructions and covers each part of the topic. All resources must be referenced in a reference page and in-cite citations using APA Style format.


  • Comparing Ancient Skeptics. Write an essay comparing Lucretius and Wang Chong (=Wang Ch’ung), skeptical philosophers of ancient Rome and China. They were skeptical about popular religious and spiritual beliefs and widely-held superstitions. Lucretius was an Epicurean philosopher of Roman culture (Chapter 6). Wang Ch’ung was a thinker in ancient Chinese culture (Chapter 7). Focus your comparison on their writings as found at and Not Flying to Heaven. Your paper should:

a) Using examples from their writings, compare these two (2) thinkers on their views about specific subjects and on their approach in explaining and expressing their skepticism.

b) From this comparison, identify popular beliefs in each culture that seem similar and those that seem different.

c) From this comparison, suggest any modern situation in which materialist skeptics confront spiritual and religious beliefs, and comment on the considerations of free expression and cultural respect.


  1. Establish a clear thesis about your topic as part of the introductory paragraph (often the thesis is the last thing one determines after doing the basic research and outline; however it will be placed in the first paragraph of your paper).
  2. This is a comparative essay. Comparison approached properly will require some critical thinking on your part. Use a point-by-point approach for the essay. That means, if comparing subject A with subject B, don’t do the first half of the essay on subject A and then the second half on subject B–that will seem like two (2) separate essays and comparisons will tend to get lost. Instead, you should be mentioning both subjects in most of your paragraphs as you compare them throughout the essay. Comparisons will identify similarities as well as contrasts.
  3. Do not try to do everything on your two (2) subjects. You should end up narrowing your focus to a few insights and issues about the subjects being compared. And, from those fairly specific points of comparison, you will develop a thesis and glean some lessons.
  4. Follow closely the instructions below for your specific topic.
  5. Include a concluding paragraph at the end. This paragraph will, in some way, refer back to the thesis established in your first paragraph, since now you have demonstrated and supported it. It may be here that you also include your observations relating your study to the modern workplace or society (see your topic). Try to finish with flair!
  6. Use at least three (3) good quality academic sources, with one (1) source being the class text. Note: Wikipedia and other similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources. You are highly encouraged to use the Resource Center tab at the top of your Blackboard page.

The Project Paper will be graded on:

  1. The level to which the instructions were followed for the paper generally and for the specific topic.
  2. The establishment of a clear thesis about your topic.
  3. The adequacy and relevance of information, examples, and details which support the general thesis.
  4. Covering each part of the topic as instructed, including the comparisons, the consideration of ancient cultural differences, and the reflection on lessons for modern society or the modern workplace.
  5. The quality of your research and your persuasiveness using critical reasoning.
  6. The use and acknowledgement of a minimum of three (3) required references (the class textbook plus at least two (2) other quality academic sources) documented using the APA style –including both the use of a proper References list and the use of proper in-text citations.
  7. Adherence to standard rules of grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, and mechanics, and general clarity of presentation.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. Both in-text citations and a References list are required. Citations and references must follow APA style format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions specific to the selected topic. (Note: Students can find APA style materials located in the course shell for guidance).
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length. For our purposes, you may omit any abstract page.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Explain how key social, cultural, and artistic contributions contribute to historical changes.
  • Explain the importance of situating a society’s cultural and artistic expressions within a historical context.
  • Examine the influences of intellectual, religious, political, and socio-economic forces on social, cultural, and artistic expressions.
  • Identify major historical developments in world cultures during the eras of antiquity to the Renaissance.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in the study of world cultures.
  • Write clearly and concisely about world cultures using proper writing mechanics.

Write an essay comparing Lucretius and Wang Chong , assignment help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

News Stories about Media and the First Amendment, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

You will submit a 150-200-word
summary of a news story from any reputable state or national news source in print, on radio,
on TV, or online. The story will be about
the intersection of media and the First Amendment in the United States—no stories from foreign
countries. Not part of the 150-200 words will be a description of where you found this news item
(N.Y. Times, CNN on TV, etc.), the title of the story, the date, and URL, if applicable. The story
must appear in the news media during the week you will be submitting it. In addition to the
summary of the story, I’m looking for any insights you might have on why this is an
important case or issue and any implications for journalists, organizations, the media in
general, corporations, etc.


Macro Systems Responses, social science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Write a short response (200-300 words each) to the following ideas:

  • Describe the concept of personal, interpersonal, and political empowerment.
  • Explain an individual’s involvement in multiple social systems–micro, mezzo, and macro–within the environment.
  • Discuss the macro system response to child maltreatment, sexual abuse, crime, and delinquency.
  • Compare and contrast the application of functionalism and interactionist theory to poverty.
  • Describe the role and responsibility of the human service worker in the macro environment.

Required Sources: at least one peer-reviewed resource and one of the texts.

Format your citations and references using APA guidelines. Post completed assignment as an attachment to assignments forum.


Articulate a crime-related problem statement that is appropriate for a survey of college students based on your desired criminal justice career path, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

In this discussion, you will explore the trade-off of whether to use open- or closed-ended questions in survey research. For this discussion, address the following in your main post:

  1. Articulate a crime-related problem statement that is appropriate for a survey of college students based on your desired criminal justice career path.
  2. Develop at least one hypothesis and several variables related to your problem statement.
  3. Draft five closed-ended questions that measure these variables and five open-ended questions that you think will measure the same variables as the closed-ended questions.
  4. Examine the effectiveness of responses that could be collected from each type of question based on the question format and phrasing.

The purpose of this discussion is to gain a deeper understanding of the function and utility of surveys as a viable research method. For this discussion, use your library research skills to locate a research article in an academic journal that presents survey data on a criminology/criminal justice-related topic and address the following in your main post:

  1. Explain the sampling design, manner of administration, response rate, and number of surveys completed for the survey selected based on the information presented in the methods section of the article selected.
  2. Analyze the key findings of the study, as stated in the abstract (or in the absence of the abstract, in the findings section of the article), in the context of the study’s problem statement.
  3. Explore the generalizability of the findings based on the survey.
  4. Determine whether there are any potential problems for generalizability based on response rates for each survey.


Do Olfactory Cues Effect Ovulation, psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

The effects of olfactory cues and pheromones on animals,
from marking territory to inducing ovulation, have been widely
documented. However, in humans, these effects have been difficult to

Review the following article:

Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research olfactory ovulation cues.

Based on your analysis of the article and your research, respond to the following:

  • Would you participate in a study such as the one described in the article above (Miller & Maner, 2010)? Why or why not?
  • What is the utility of this type of experiment in examining social interactions between men and women?
  • What are some of the methodological concerns that arise when reading about this research?
  • What directions for future research would you suggest for this topic?

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research olfactory ovulation cues.

Based on your analysis of the article and your research, respond to the following:

  • Would you participate in a study such as the one described in the article above (Miller & Maner, 2010)? Why or why not?
  • What is the utility of this type of experiment in examining social interactions between men and women?
  • What are some of the methodological concerns that arise when reading about this research?
  • What directions for future research would you suggest for this topic?

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.