deeper engagement and learning, week 4 ece 205 discussion 1 help Humanities Assignment Help

deeper engagement and learning, week 4 ece 205 discussion 1 help Humanities Assignment Help. deeper engagement and learning, week 4 ece 205 discussion 1 help Humanities Assignment Help.

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In your response, provide your peer with at least one suggested developmentally appropriate activity that could be used to support one of the milestones discussed in their fact sheet, or provide suggestions for how your peer can plan an environment or activity that nurtures each developmental domain.

Though the reply, the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you (including the instructor) before the last day of the learning week; this will further the conversation while also giving you opportunities to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real world experiences with this topic.

150-200 words.

The stages of child development for children that are entering kindergarten

A child entering kindergarten, should have advanced gross motor skills that allows them to play sports and engage in active play with their peers. They will have gained more control of their small muscle movements needed for fine motor activities. Cognitively they should be understanding new concepts, solving problems on their own, considering options, and identifying rudimentary cause-and-effect principles. Language should consist of four to five word sentences, with an understanding of what is being said by them and others around them. Their social emotional skills should be blossoming at the age. The should be able to engage in group play, take turns, and share. But they still need to be supervised by an adult during this time, to help these skills to continue to develop appropriately.

Self help skills should include the ability to feed themselves, dress themselves, and brush their own teeth and hair. (Groark. 2014)


Groark, C., McCarthy, S. & Kirk, A. (2014). Early Child Development: From Theory to

Practice. Bridgepoint Education: San Diego, CA.

Google images.

deeper engagement and learning, week 4 ece 205 discussion 1 help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case study Business Finance Assignment Help

i will upload 2 cases ,and i want you to do 2 cases each case has 3 pages in it .with the resources

1. Clearly state the substantive Facts in the case. Sometimes a case has irrelevantand / or non-substantive information. Make sure you distinguish the two.

2. Identify the Key Issues in the case. Who are all the Stakeholders and what aretheir perspectives?

3. Analyze the case – break the facts / issues up and put them all together again.You will gain new perspective particularly in light of what you think is theessence of the case.

4. Provide Alternative – viable – Solutions.

5. Recommend the Best Solution with accompanying rationale

.6. Provide your Prognosis. This is expressing your personal opinion quite apartfrom the logical conclusion you have arrived at in analyzing the case.

7. It is important to identify Primary, Secondary and Tertiary moral / ethicalissues and the Ethical Dilemma in the case

.8. Be sure to articulate the relevant Ethical/ Moral framework(s) that is / areapplicable so you can evaluate the company’s actions against them.


Have HIV/aids in young adults taking over? Humanities Assignment Help

Prepare: As you prepare to write your first discussion for this week, complete the following:

Reflect Icon

Reflect: Before drafting your initial post, take time to reflect on the rhetorical situation and the appeal to logos in your paper. Have you given logic and reason enough emphasis? Are you concerned about fallacies in your work? Think about your argument, its claims, and the supporting evidence. Have you developed a logical argument supported by credible evidence?

Write Icon

Write (due Thursday, Day 3): Utilize your outline to make a list of every claim and all supporting evidence for your argument thus far, keeping an eye on the appeal to logos. Each claim should be written by you in your own words and should introduce a part of your unique argument. Paraphrase or summarize your supporting evidence and include a proper APA-style in-text citation. You may include multiple pieces of evidence for each claim.

List your thesis statement, claims, and evidence in the following format:

  • Thesis statement: Write your single-sentence thesis statement here.
  • Claim: Write your first claim in a complete sentence here.
    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize your source and cite it here (Sample, 2015).
    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize additional sources that support this claim and cite them here as 2., 3., 4., and so on (Sample, 2015).
    • Evidence: If you feel the need to use a quote, “add it to the list with proper quotation marks and the appropriate in-text citation containing the page
        • section, or paragraph number in the original source” (Sample, 2015, p. 22).
      • Claim: Write your second claim in a complete sentence here.
        • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize your source here (Sample, 2015).
        • Evidence: Continue to paraphrase and summarize your sources for each claim (Sample, 2015).
      • Claim: Continue to write your claims in complete sentences.
        • Evidence
        • Evidence
      • In 200 to 300 words, compare your claims and evidence to the common fallacies described in “An Introduction to Logic and Syllogisms.”
        • Describe any fallacies you locate and describe how you will remove those fallacies this week.
        • Describe how your claims logically support your thesis statement as well-supported premises.
      • Be sure to use the correct vocabulary when discussing fallacy: Slippery slope, hasty generalization, post hoc ergo propter hoc, either/or, ad hominem, etc.
      • End your post with any questions or concerns you have regarding the appeal to logos, the use of supporting evidence, the role of claims in an argument, or fallacies.

      Please review the Week Three Discussion 1 Initial Post Template before writing your response.


MGT 599 Strategic Choices, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Strategic Choices


In Module 3, you will use CVP analysis to inform the pricing of your 3 products.


You’ve now completed SLP2, and it the date is (once again) January 1, 2016.

You turn on the TV, and once again, the local television news anchor is talking about events that occurred on January 1, 2012.

Your decision-making process will be different this time, as you will be using CVP analysis, a technique with which you recently became familiar.

You analyze the results of the decisions you made in SLP2. But this time, you aim to improve your Final Total Score by using the CVP Calculator to help you determine a new and improved strategy.

You analyze your SLP2 results using CVP and develop your complete four-year strategy, again taking notes, documenting your reasoning.

You finish the report that shows your revised strategy for the next four years.

Do not run the simulation yet! Simply turn in your written report.

Session Long Project

Write a 6- to 7-page paper, not including cover and reference pages, in which you use the results from SLP2 and CVP analysis to develop a revised strategy.

Keys to the Assignment

The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered and taken into account in preparing your paper include:

  1. The revised strategy consists of the Prices, R&D Allocation %, and any product discontinuations for the X5, X6, and X7 tablets for each of the four years: 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
  2. You must present a rational justification for this strategy. In other words, you must provide clear and logical support for your proposed strategy using financial analysis and relevant business theories.
  3. Use the CVP Calculator and review the PowerPoint that explains CVP and provides some examples.
  4. You need to crunch some numbers (CVP Analysis) to help you determine your prices and R&D allocations.
  5. Make sure all of your proposed changes are firmly grounded in CVP analysis, on the financial and market data provided you, and on sound business principles.
  6. Present your analysis professionally, making strategic use of tables, charts, and graphs.
  • Time Line Summary:


  • 2015: Hired on December 15.
  • Turned first report in to Sally on December 30th.


  • Time Warp 1 begins: January 1, 2016 warps into January 1, 2012.
  • You realize you have to make decisions for 2012 – 2015, which you do.
  • December 31, 2015 – You have gone through all four years, and you write your report to summarize how you did.


  • Despite your efforts in SLP2, you are once again taken back to January 1, 2012. You decide to use CVP analysis to revise the four-year plan you developed in SLP2. You analyze the results of your decisions from SLP2, taking detailed notes. You use the CVP Calculator to help develop your revised strategy, taking additional notes explaining the logic your decisions.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated using the grading rubric.

Tips and Suggestions

Please note the following tips and suggestions:

You might find these downloads and readings useful:

Rehman, A. (2014). Cost-Volume-Profit relationship (CVP Analysis). Accounting for Management. Retrieved on August 27, 2014 from…

Decision Matrix Table – Download this Word doc with a blank table you can use to show your proposed strategy decisions.

PowerPoint discussing CVP – Provides a good overview of Cost Volume Profit analysis, the various equations that you can use, and how to use it. Some examples are provided showing how to use the CVP Calculator.

CVP Calculator– This an Excel-based calculator that you can use to determine prices, volumes, and profits. Keep in mind that it will tell you what need, but the market determines what you actually get.

  • Include a cover page and reference page, in addition to the 6-7 pages of analysis described above.
  • Use section headings as appropriate. Use graphs, charts, or figures strategically – but not as “space fillers.”
  • Cite and reference all sources that you use in your work, including those that you paraphrase. This means include citations and quotation marks for direct quotes, and citations for that information which you have “borrowed” or paraphrased from other sources.


SOC100: Introduction To Sociology”Public Health, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

During outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in 2014, many U.S. healthcare workers and military members were exposed to the contagious disease (see the New York Times’ article, “Ebola-Infected Health Care Worker in Dallas Took a Flight on Monday” for an example, located at Use the Internet to locate one to two (1-2) other articles about this particular Ebola outbreak. Discuss your initial reaction to the news of the outbreak, citing one (1) article about the outbreak. Explain the effect that this has had on your current perception about public health policy.



Create MYSQL command, computer science homework help Writing Assignment Help

You must use MySQL to implement the database designed given. Test the queries you used to create and populate the database in MySQL. After successful completion of an SQL query:

  • Type your name at the following mysql> prompt.
  • Take a screen shot (Alt + Print Screen) that includes the query, the confirmation message, the results (if any), and your name.
  • Paste the screen shot in the appropriate location in your MS Word file.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: If some of the tables in your database have the same names as the tables in the databases used in class (Premiere Products, Henry Books, and Alexamara Marina Group), re-name your tables. For instance, if the name of your table is CUSTOMER, change it to CUSTOMER_1. Do not delete existing tables from the databases used in class otherwise you will not be able to complete the rest of the homeworks.

    For each table, include the following:

    a. the SQL query you used to create the table with appropriate attributes and data types together with primary keys, foreign keys, relationships and constraints.

    b. the DESCRIBE table_name; command to show the structure of the table.

    c. all SQL queries you used to populate the table with valid data. Each table must contain a minimum of 3 records.

    d.the SELECT * command to show the resulting table with all the valid data inserted.

    Paste all s parts a-d for each table together in one place.

    4. For each query, explain in a complete, coherent sentence what it is intended to do, what data is expected as a result and how they are different from previous queries. Clearly identify each paste into this section. To create queries, use the following structures:

    a. A query that is based on two tables and includes both an arithmetic and a special operator in the conditional expression.

    b. A query that is based on more than two tables and includes both an arithmetic and a special operator in the conditional expression. Both the arithmetic and the special operator must be different from the ones used in part a.

    c. A query that includes a sub-query.

    d. A query that contains the GROUP BY clause, one of the aggregate functions, the WHERE statement, and the HAVING operator.

    e. Two additional complex queries designed by you that are different from the above. A complex query is based on two or more tables and includes either several conditions or a subquery (or both).

    Please review the files bellow attach for the topic and schema

    Create MYSQL command, computer science homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    What is the value of this assessment and what purpose does it serve, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help


    The charts are an array of colors; with red scores indicating students who are below target, green for those who have made the district target, and blue for those students who are working above grade level. Unfortunately, this time there is much more red and it seems like the students didn’t make “district growth.”

    1. What is the value of this assessment and what purpose does it serve?
    2. Who is this feedback for?

    Part Two

    Anna decided to take the benchmark scores home and look for signs of hope. The district gave her an Excel file and her first step was to sort the students from highest score to lowest.

    “What will sorting do for me?” she asked. She already had the students organized in reading and math groups by their academic levels. But she remembered how huge the chart seemed. She feels a bit overwhelmed and wondered if there was better way to organize this list.

    1. Taking one academic area, how might Anna organize the data?
    2. What is the final result that this teacher might be trying to achieve?

    Part Three

    Anna decided to focus on one area, the reading test. First, she sorted the students by overall reading score. By doing so, she saw some persistent problems: Vocabulary and Word Analysis, or for another group of students, problems in Reading Comprehension, and for some students they showed problems in both areas.

    For the past two months, Anna has followed the district adopted text book and put students in small reading groups based on reading level. The groups had worked through the intervention materials. The textbooks seemed to only ask the students comprehension questions that asked the students to answer questions about what happened.

    Anna looks at the Excel file and realized that the district test didn’t tell her anything except which student was low, which was high, or who was in-between. She wondered how she could get more information about how her students were trying to comprehend this material.

    1. What might be some of the underlying problems that have caused her results?
    2. What further data might help Anna and what might be missing in her approach and how could she get it?
    3. What else could Ann be doing to find out what she should be teaching her students?

    Part Four

    Anna decided she needed to get the students more directly involved. She wondered if she was using the teacher’s edition too much and thought about how she was responding when students made mistakes. She had posted the reading strategies on a wall she pointed to them when they made a mistake, and told them to focus on the skills. She told them a lot what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong.

    She thought about what else in the past month she could have done to see these patterns emerging. Lastly, before heading for the solace of a frozen yogurt, she wondered what her students would think, if anything, if she asked them about these results.

    1. What coaching questions come to mind if you were helping Anna?
    2. If Anna speaks with her students, what might she want to know from them?
    3. What kind of evidence might she gather before the next district benchmark?
    4. What would be the most important information she could get from her teammates at tomorrow’s meeting?
    5. Do you have any other thoughts on Anna’s assessments?


    Dollar roll, business and finance assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help


    [30pts total] Dollar Rolls. Should there be any missing input data/information use (and justify) any reasonable assumption.

    (a) [20] Create a dollar roll matrix of breakeven rates for an agency MBS with gross and deal coupons of 8.035% and 7.5%, respectively, and settlement dates 6/14/16 and 9/15/16. Assume standard fully amortizing fixed rate mortgages with a term of 30:0, a WAM of 29:5 and an immediate price of 96-16. MBS CF’s are due the owner of record on the first of each month, but are paid on the 25th of that month.

    In the hardcopy you send in, you MUST show the analysis for a PSA of 150, a forward drop of 35/32, and a reinvestment rate of 2% (act/360).

    Calculate breakeven rates for PSAs of 120, 150, and 180, and forward drops of -40, -35, and -30 (32’s).

    (b) [5] Discuss the risks of roll vs. hold from the perspective of the investor.

    (c) [5] Why does the dollar roll market exist?

    For (a) Answer in one spread sheet, indicating steps, logically arranged.

    For b and c, answer in one separate word document, APA, reference, no plagiarism.


    Integration Papers, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

    Integration Papers


    The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen your political knowledge base, which will give you a better understanding of the terms and concepts presented in the lectures and textbook. It will also assist in preparing you for the exams and in-class writing assignments. Please read carefully and closely follow the format below:

    I. Summary

    Under this heading, write 2-3 paragraphs summarizing the news programs you watched for this assignment. The paragraphs should be a detailed synopsis (meaning concise but not vague) of a period of political news. In your summary, include the name of the news programs you watched and the dates you viewed them.

    II. Integration

    Under this heading, write roughly 4-6 paragraphs connecting the terms in the textbook and lecture outlines to the political news included in your summary. As a sample:

    The confidential Justice Department document about the president’s use of drones, which was recently leaked to the press, relates to numerous concepts outlined in the textbook. First, there are questions of executive authority. Article I of the Constitution states that the power to declare war belongs to Congress (A-4). While the Justice Department document does not authorize the president to declare war, it gives him unchecked power to take lethal measures. One of the reasons for the Bill of Rights is to limit the power of government. In fact, preventing government from amassing too much power was on the forefront of the framers’ minds as they drafted the new constitution (47-50). Still, presidents have historically circumvented checks on the executive branch with devices such as executive orders and signing statements (53).

    All information should come from either the textbook or the class lecture outlines. Do not utilize outside books or online sources to complete this assignment. Therefore, in terms of citation, including the page number(s) where you found the information in the text is sufficient. If you reference a lecture outline, cite the title of the lecture outline utilized.

    III. Commentary

    Under this heading, write 1-2 paragraphs expressing your personal views about the political topics you included in the summary.

    You are required to write two papers. Follow this format twice, with each paper depicting different news topics and chapters from the text. Each paper is to be typed, single-spaced, and stapled together with news notes attached. I will not accept loose/unsecured papers. This assignment is worth 25 points.


    Visual basic programming Computer Science Assignment Help

    I want a lottery application project

    Create an application that stimulates a lottery. The application should have an array of five integers and should generate a random number in the range 0 through 9 for each element in the array. The array is permitted to contain duplicate values. The user should then inter five digits, which the application will compare to the numbers in the array. A form should be displayed showing how many of the digits matched. If all of the digits match, display a form proclaiming the user as a grand prize winner. Also, here is the video that you can use…

    I want you please to name the project like this : LotteryApplication

    Thank you so much


    deeper engagement and learning, week 4 ece 205 discussion 1 help Humanities Assignment Help

    deeper engagement and learning, week 4 ece 205 discussion 1 help Humanities Assignment Help

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