Deity in Daoism (Dao) and Vedanta Hinduism (Brahman) Humanities Assignment Help

Deity in Daoism (Dao) and Vedanta Hinduism (Brahman) Humanities Assignment Help. Deity in Daoism (Dao) and Vedanta Hinduism (Brahman) Humanities Assignment Help.

For this assignment you will write a 1400 word presentation on Deity in Daoism (Dao) and Vedanta Hinduism (Brahman). The Paper should include an introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the introduction, clarify what this presentation is about and how it is organized. In the conclusion, state clearly what you have learned or discovered after comparing and contrasting the notion in different religions. Research on your topic intelligently and critically.The sources you cite also must be acknowledged with either footnotes or
endnotes. MLA (7th ed.). A full guide to the MLA style by Modern Language
Association can be found in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition, 2009)

Please provide in MLA Style :

Please label the cover

Master Muhammad

Jinsun Park

Intro To Religious Studies

November 28,2017

Deity in Daoism (Dao) and Vedanta Hinduism (Brahman) Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Calculate the volumetric flow rates (ft3/h) of the combined feed stream to the reactor and the product gas? Engineering Assignment Help

Benzaldehyde is produced from toluene in the catalytic reaction

C6H5CH3 + O2 → C6H5CHO + H2O

Dry air and toluene vapor are mixed and fed to the reactor at 350.0°F and 1 atm. Air is supplied in 200.0% excess.

Of the toluene fed to the reactor, 13.0% reacts to form benzaldehyde and 0.100% reacts with oxygen to form CO2 and H2O.

The product gases leave the reactor at 379°F and 1 atm.

Water is circulated through a jacket surrounding the reactor, entering at 80.0°F and leaving at 105°F.

During a four-hour test period, 29.3 lbm of water is condensed from the product gases. (Total condensation may be assumed.)

The standard heat of formation of benzaldehyde vapor is –17,200 Btu/lb-mole; the heat capacities of both toluene and benzeldehyde vapors are approximately 31.0 Btu/(lb-mole °F); and that of liquid benzaldehyde is 46.0 Btu/(lb-mole·°F).


Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Follow the direction below exactly how they say do it. These are the instructions for the research paper: Pick an
ecological issue of your choice, close to where your live (pollution,
ozone depletion, etc…). Use the concepts learned in class, especially
the concept of ecology, to explain the issue and how you would envision
solutions. You may use the class material, including text, scientific
articles and video clips. You may certainly interview persons involved
in the resolution of the ecological issue and specify if you yourself
are also helping in finding a solution. Specify as well if there are
obstacles or resistance to resolving the issue. Your paper should be no
longer than 3 pages, plus a presentation page with your name, and a 5th
page to include the bibliography. Only 20% of the paper may come from
Internet sites that you will rigorously reference. Beware the program
Turn it in will indicate your use of Internet sites


crime and ethics. Writing Assignment Help


  • In drug courts, attorneys face sensitive and serious ethical challenges, especially when the case involves treatment. In some instances, clients may have to _________________ in order to obtain treatment.

List at least 5 suggestions that Pollock makes to reduce police corruption


Attorneys may be influenced by celebrities and the media coverage that follows them and therefore they may experience a conflict of interest. True False


a-Knowingly use perjured or false evidence

b- Advance unwanted claims or defenses

c- Conceal or fail to disclose that which they are required by law to reveal

d- Counsel the client in conduct that is illegal


Organizational incentives may encourage unethical behavior of police officers because police officers may become pressured to make their numbers by increasing stops and arrests. True False


Name an ethical theory or theories that justify an attorney’s responsibility to defending a client zealously?


There is no way to know the dollar amount spent in legal actions to compensate for the wrongdoing of officers. True False


In looking at police corruption, it was found that some police work groups planted evidence, steal drugs, and fake informant testimony. A scandal in 2000, found that officers also _a)_______________, b)_____________________, c)________________, d)._________________________


Which of the following are NOT considered ethical issues regarding the use of informants?


Refusing to use coercion or intimidation to get the informant to cooperate.


Getting too close or engaging in love affairs with informants


Overestimating the truthfulness or veracity of an informant.


B & C


A defense attorney can only enter into an agreement with their client to sell media rights if the case is complete. True False



Change in law or policy


Likelihood of prosecution from another jurisdiction


Gender of the client


None of the above.


Plea-bargaining is not hard to justify if the goal of the system is to protect individual rights and due process. True False


If a client conceals information from their lawyer, the lawyer must continue to represent them, even if the lack of information makes it difficult for the client to assist with the defense.True False


An attorney may not withdraw their legal services to their client unless:


This case itself is a case of legal action for harassment or the case is malicious.


They are discharged by the client


The client has a physical condition rendering effective counsel impossible


The attorney is asked to violate a professional rule of that is a part of the attorney’s code of ethics.


Plea bargaining by prosecutors is a result of heavy caseloads, limited resources and jail overcrowding. True False


  1. Use of body cameras has been shown in two cities in California that citizen’s complaints decreased by a large percent. Name the cities and the percentage reduction in citizen’s complaints.


    1. Harris (2005) discussed the difficulty of changing the police culture. He states that in successful change efforts, there are 5 separate changes that need to occur. Name all five.
    QUESTION 18 Prosecutors must only to use jail informants when they can be very effective.True False


In order for a Morally Intense situation to be low intensity, you must determine whether the _______ outweighs the __________.


Citizen review boards that find officers responsible for misconduct have the power to punish them for their behavior. True False


Ensayo Antropología Humanities Assignment Help

Qué vamos a hacer?

estudiante deberá redactar un ensayo sobre la antropología. El ensayo
consiste en una exposición escrita de un tema, el cual deberá
desarrollarse mediante párrafos. La estructura deberá tener una
introducción, un desarrollo y una conclusión. Tu escrito no deberá
excederse de dos páginas, a doble espacio. Su aportación deberá ser
enviada en forma de anejo (attachment).

¿Cómo lo vas a hacer?

de leer los materiales instrucciones de la unidad, deberás reflexionar
sobre la pregunta, que aún al dia de hoy sigue vigente, ¿Qué es el

Al reflexionar sobre ésto, te exhorto a elegir para tu ensayo una de estas tres (3) actividades complementarias:

  • Da ejemplos concretos de tu experiencia de, cómo conociéndote a tí
    mismo hace más humana tu existencia. Redáctala en forma de ensayo.
  • Origen, naturaleza y destino de los seres humanos. Redáctala en forma de ensayo.
  • ¿Qué privaciones actualmente tienes (nos referimos a privaciones
    como aquello de que eres consciente que no eres, pero que puedes y
    aspiras a llegar a ser). Redáctala en forma de ensayo.

Esta actividad tiene valor de 100 puntos. Para evaluar esta actividad, vamos a tener en cuenta lo siguiente:

1-Ortografía y redacción – 25 puntos

2-Estructura del ensayo – 25 puntos

3-Cumplimiento con los contenidos (las tres actividades complementarias) – 50 puntos



Tel- Aviv Specific HR Info Business Finance Assignment Help

Expatriate Orientation Packet

Imagine that you are the HR manager of an organization that has overseas locations. You are going to send an employee on an overseas assignment. Chose a country in which either you or a member of your team has an interest. Chose a specific city within that country. As the HR department, prepare an expatriate orientation booklet for this employee who will be going to your organization’s facility in this location. The employee you have chosen to send on this overseas assignment will be going with a spouse and two school age children. Page 1 of the project sets the stage by introducing yourself (the HR manager), your organization, the employee and the new assignment. Research & investigate what information about the country this employee and family will need to know. Create the orientation booklet, including both general information about the particular country you have chosen (e.g., cultural information, business etiquette, currency, exchange rate, language, schools, taxes, political structure, climate, etc.) and specific HR information (e.g., compensation package, relocation allowances, spousal/family assistance, cultural and/or language training, benefits, tax offsets, etc.).

I just need help with the specific HR information 🙂

Tel- Aviv Specific HR Info Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

lab report Science Assignment Help

I have to write 2 lab reports and I have done most of the work but I do not have enough time to complete them. I can upload a sample as it can be easy to be understandable how to be done. they must cover 5 different sections which are objective, background, results, discussion, and questions given. the only things I need are the results, the discussions, and some of the questions to be answered. the lab 302, word attached, must be 6 pages long minimum, and I have done 4 pages so the only parts I need to be covered are the results and discussion only, and the lab 300, word attached, must be 9 pages long and I have done 5 pages covering all of the parts but I still need to add more details to reach 9 pages as well as make the graph which I have not done yet. I have attached the instructions for writing the reports.


Determinants of the value of Manchester United F.C. Economics Assignment Help

EC 275 Sports Economics Research Project

A requirement of this course is that you undertake a quantitative economic investigation of a sports-related topic. You will select a topic which focuses on either (i) Industrial Organization issues, (ii) Public finance areas, or (iii) Labor market issues. Topic approval will only be given after consultation with me. You should apply the economic concepts and econometric techniques we have studied in class to complete your research project.

TOPIC PROPSAL DUE DATE: September 15, 2017

The general format of your investigation will follow the framework listed below:

1. INTRODUCTION: A brief introduction, which introduces your sports-related topic, why you chose this topic and what you specifically plan to investigate.

2. RELEVANT LITERATURE REVIEW: This part of your study should focus on the findings of previous researchers as it related to your chosen topic. You will need to fully document and discuss all major economic articles dealing with your topic.

3. ECONOMIC THEORY. This part of the investigation will build upon the literature review and must contain your chosen theoretical model along with all a priori hypotheses regarding the impact of your economic factors.

4. DATA COLLECTION: This section must contain actual data that will be used in your statistical investigation. In addition, each report is to contain a complete list of references to all data sources used in the course of your investigation.

5. EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION: This part of the investigation must include the statistical model and results (obtained by Excel/Megastat or an acceptable substitute). The results section should contain a complete discussion of the OVERALL statistical performance, as well as, the SPECIFIC statistical analysis of your model.

6. SPORTS ECONOMIC POLICY: Once the model has been estimated and it’s statistical validity has been investigated you will use the results to investigate the economics. It is in this section that the following should be completed (i) summary statistics with economic interpretation, (ii) statistical results based on your empirical model with an examination of your hypotheses and their economic meaning. In addition, you should investigate the impact of its modeling and statistical analysis as it relates to specific sports issues.

7. CONCLUSIONS: This final part of the investigation summarizes the major points of your investigation. It is at this point that you may want to point out what future investigations on your topic could do to improve upon what you did.

8. REFERENCES: The reference section must contain a full set of all documentation utilized in the report. You may also want to see the following:

the basic Chicago-style Guide to citations for more detail on proper referencing format for reference material.




Grading for this assignment is worth 40% of the course grade will be based upon the following:

– Written Presentation (format, spelling and grammar), Report Content (accuracy and completeness), and Oral Presentation (professionalism)


Online Productivity Applications Computer Science Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

This assignment will demonstrate the student’s ability to use online productivity tools and how they contribute to increased productivity in the work environment.


  • MindTap Guided Videos, Week 5: Links to Sway
  • Microsoft® Office 365, Office 2016: Introductory: PowerPoint® Module 3: Reusing a Presentation and Adding Media and Animation

Assignment Steps

Research: Describe the function of each application of Microsoft productivity apps and how it can be used to be more productive in the work environment.

Create a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation to evaluate Microsoft productivity apps.

Design the presentation to show how anyone could be more productive by using these apps either professionally or personally.

Include the following PowerPoint® features:

  • At least two examples of animation on text or image
  • Insert image and format using a style
  • Insert a video to start on click
  • Use a slide transitions on each slide

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines


How do acute cases differ from chronic cases in primary care? Health Medical Assignment Help

Overview of an Episodic Exam

How do acute cases differ from chronic cases in primary care?

Assignment Requirements

As this assignment is a Journal entry and not a formal paper, style, and formatting of the APA 6th Edition Manual must follow. Despite this, your Journal assignment should:

  • clearly establish and maintain the viewpoint and purpose of the assignment;
  • follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
  • use APA 6th edition format for crediting sources.
  • 3-5 references less than 5 years old


Deity in Daoism (Dao) and Vedanta Hinduism (Brahman) Humanities Assignment Help

Deity in Daoism (Dao) and Vedanta Hinduism (Brahman) Humanities Assignment Help