Deliver relevant health interventions within diverse settings.

Choose a patient scenario and reflect on cultural differences, in particular how they may impact on establishing effective communication and/or engagement with the patient.

Cue questions to be considered
1. Identify a patient scenario that has a cultural dimension.
An example of this; you may be caring for a patient from a different culture to your own and this may have had a significant impact on your ability to communicate or engage effectively with them.

2. Why is it important to recognise and acknowledge cultural differences and needs?

3. Were the cultural differences/needs of the patient, in relation to communication and engagement, acknowledged? If acknowledged, how were the needs acknowledged?
or , if the cultural differences/needs of the patient were not acknowledged in what way were they not taken into account?
4. What were the consequences for the patient , others and yourself?

5. How did you fell about the situation? What was good/bad about the experience?

6. What have you learnt from this experience? Consider your new understanding of the situation and in particular the cultural dimensions of communication and engagement

7. What are the broader issues arising from this situation.
A 40 years old man was admitted to the ward for right frontal lobectomy for glioblatoma . Past medical history of chronic renal disease and was diagnose of space occupying lesion.

1. Implement a variety of communication and interpersonal skills necessary for safe and effective care.
2. Deliver relevant health interventions within diverse settings.

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