Deliverable 7- presentation on game theory applications Mathematics Assignment Help

Deliverable 7- presentation on game theory applications Mathematics Assignment Help. Deliverable 7- presentation on game theory applications Mathematics Assignment Help.

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After working for 18 months in your analyst position at G&B Consulting, you are now being considered for a project manager position that would put you in charge of several team members. As part of the interview process, you have been asked to make a presentation to highlight what you think are the most compelling reasons you should get the position.

You are to put together a PowerPoint presentation that explains all of the key components that you feel will factor into why you should get the position.

What to Submit

To complete this assignment, you must first download the word document. Use the questions on the worksheet as your guide for the contents of your presentation.

Your step-by-step breakdown of the problems, including explanations and all work shown, should be present within the PowerPoint you create. If you use Excel for any of your calculations that file must also be included in the drop box. Do not submit the Word document with instructions

Deliverable 7- presentation on game theory applications Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

persuasive speech in proper outline form on why exercise is necessary Writing Assignment Help

must be a persuasive speech in proper outline form.
Formal outline refers to the body of the speech and informal outline refers to the introduction, conclusion, bibliography
The body should contain between two to four main points or numerals in a 4 to 7 minute speech.
Main points in the body should be structures in an organizational sequence that is logical, interesting, and appropriate to the topic.
Chronological Sequence
Spatial Sequence
Topical Sequence
Other Sequences – Problem-Solution, motivation sequence .
A system of Roman Numerals, letters, and Arabic numbers should be combined with indentation to identify main and subordinate levels.
The Outline Should Include Supporting Materials That Are Coordinated and Subordinated in a Logical Manner.
Each Subdivision Must Contain at Least Two Items.
Main Points (Numerals) and Supporting Items Should be Linguistically Parallel.
The Outline Should Identify Sources for Major Supporting Materials.
The Outline Should Include External Transitions Between Main Numerals.
Internal transitions (e.g. also, then, next, in addition to, finally) link supporting materials within a subtopic.
must include bibliography/ works cited


Rasmussen Nelson Mandela Characteristics Successful Team Leader Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Invisible mentor-NELSON MANDELA

For this paper assignment, you determine the characteristics of your
“invisible mentor” that makes that person effective and successful at
leading teams. Assess the actions, behaviors, and characteristics of
your mentor associated with team leadership; do the same for yourself.
Then, compare yourself to your mentor and determine how you can develop
these leadership characteristics.

For the assignment, submit the following in a five-minute presentation (voiceover with visual).

How do I create an audio recording for my class assignment?

  • Assessment of the actions, behaviors, and characteristics
    your “invisible mentor” has that make him/her an effective and
    successful leader of teams.
  • Assessment of your own actions, behaviors, and characteristics to be an effective and successful leader of teams.
  • Comparison between the two:
    • What is similar?
    • What is different?
    • What is the best approach for you to develop these characteristics?


Literary Analysis Writing Assignment Help

‘The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time’-Assigned Reading

For this project assignment, you will submit your Literary Analysis
paper on the assigned novel selected for the course, which should focus
on three or more elements of fiction to show how this
novel is an example of modern literature in both theme and style. Please
review the literary terms explored in this course. These will help you
to develop the ideas and concepts you chose to examine in your paper.

Technical Requirements:

  • 6-7 pages in length, not including cover page and references page
  • Use the APA template with APA cover and References page attached
  • Use a minimum of 5 outside resources, in addition to the textbook
  • At least three of the five resources need to be from the
    Rasmussen Online Library. The remaining articles should be from credible


What is the significance of the “youth” in Plato’s apology? Writing Assignment Help

  • Compose 4-6 double-spaced pages which elaborate on your choice of one of the following three prompts.
  • Citation information follows at the end of these instructions, below.
  • Grades are based on whether there is a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph (a sentence expressing what your paper will do, argue, demonstrate or be about), and then the extent to which the essay engages the details of the readings, and analyzes them clearly and with relevance to the thesis.

2. Topic: Socrates, corrupted youth, and modern perspectives.

What does the significance seem to be of the emphasis on “youth” in the Apology, and explain what Socrates did that seems to have affected, or corrupted them. Ultimately, what is the value of Socrates’ effect on the youth?

This paper will raise a lot of the same questions as those above. Please read and apply those same questions here. This paper should, like the above topic, closely analyze the ‘gadfly’ passage at 30e-31a, but might also address such passages as those from 20a – d, where Socrates is sarcastic about the “moderate” fee of education, or 39d, where he prophesies that the new generation of activists or gadflies will be “younger” and harder to bear, i.e., more forceful. Your paper must also address, in any place that makes sense to the logic of your paper as (in which the content follows from a coherent thesis), the work of climate activist Greta Thunberg. How does Thunberg’s speech resonate with Socrates’ method, where he puts others on trial? (For an example, see 24d, where Socrates begins “Come, Meletus…”). In what way is Thunberg a gadfly? Is she “corrupted” in the sense of Plato’s Apology? What is her accusation against adults, and would you agree that they are guilty?


When citing the Apology, use the marginal references in parentheses, e.g.,

  • “………,” (38a).

When citing other material, use last name, a year, and a page number in parenthesis, e.g.,

  • “…………….,” (King 1963, 4)
  • “…………,” (Leopold 1949, 16)
  • “…………….,” (Kingsnorth 2018, 2)

When citing videos, use a short version offering the source and the date of access, e.g.,

  • ( accessed May 3, 2019).

You do not need footnotes, endnotes, or a works cited page.



ARL and Devor Rules Mathematics Assignment Help

The following control chart was plotted for a process that has been in control for sometime, and the mean and standard deviation are 100.08 and 1.01. The subgroup size is n=3.

(Please let me know how to insert a chart)

Looking at this chart we see one clear point on the xbar chart that has exceeded the UCL at subgroup 23. However we also know that the mean changed by 0.5 at subgroup 7.

From these charts, please answer the following:

What is “actual” run length (i.e. the number of runs after a change before a UCL alarm is seen)?

What is the theoretical value for ARL in this scenario (NB: note that the mean shift = 0.5 sigma)?

Why are they so different?

a) The run length before a violation is a random number, and the ARL is simply the average of that number.

b) The process also had an increase in the underlying standard deviation.

c) By using n=3 we narrowed the control limits by sqrt(3) and so any earlier alarm was expected.

2) Which of the “Devor Rules” on Slides 33 and 34, (repeated below) would have given the earliest indication of out of control behavior and when would that indication occur?

1. Outside ±3σ (1 at 23)

2. 2 of 3 >±2σ

3. 4 of 5 >± 1σ

4. All points inside ±1σ

5. Runs of 8 or more above or below the centerline

6. 6 or more points in consistent direction

7. Bi-Modal Data

8. 8 successive points outside ±1s

Rule Violation (or none)

At which subgroup can we confirm the violation? (or none).

ARL and Devor Rules Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Develop a Self-Pay Policy for a Healthcare Institution Writing Assignment Help

Hospital charges for self-pay patients and those with high-deductible insurance plans is becoming a major strategic issue for healthcare institutions. Price competition is growing in the healthcare industry as patients are looking to reduce out-of-pocket payments. For this assignment, research, the issue of separate fee schedules for self-pay patients and patients with high deductible insurance plans and list the current trends and alternatives, explain the strategic effect of each alternative, chose one of the alternatives for your organization, and provide an explanation of your choice of alternatives.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages.

Resources: Include a minimum of five (5) scholarly resources. You may use an example from your work as long as you can also reference the example to the articles.


Science of Procrastination Article Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

read the article attached from the Annual Editions book at the Reserve Desk in the library. Complete the form attached based on your reading – typing your responses directly next to each question below. you must meet the word count requirements listed in the final three questions below. please no plagiarism. the title of the book is ” annual editions psychology” forty eighth edition” edited by Eric landrum.

  • Annual Editions: Psychology ____________________ (Which edition – which years?)
  • Title of article:
  • Author/s Name:
  • Pages:
  • What is the general area of psychology with which this article dealt?
  • What is the specific question that the author/s explored? What specific issues were raised and examined in the article? *minimum 250 words*
  • What were the major conclusions of the author/s? *minimum 250 words*
  • What is your reaction to (or evaluation of) the paper you read? *minimum 250 words*


Programming design and implementation Computer Science Assignment Help

pDemonstrate the effects of concurrent execution as a way of enhancing performance.

Write a program in Clojure that will read a text file containing unsigned integers. Your program will read in a large collection of integers and put them into a list. Using code in your program (i.e. NOT calling a library routine), sort the integers into order, using either the quicksort or mergesort algorithm. For the first pass, carry this out in a single-threaded program. Then, using Clojure’s parallelism options, repeat the sort of the original list, using 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 threads. Repeat all sorts 5 times on the same hardware and report the average times. Do not count file access time as part of the sorting time. Plot the completion time as a function of the number of threads, and produce a short (1-2 page) document summarizing and explaining your results. The summary document should include charts or graphs as appropriate to summarize your data and support your findings.

You just need to submit your Clojure code and summary document.

*Two sample input files are attached–one with 500 integers, the other with 10,000. (The smaller will be faster for testing; use the larger one to get your final results.) In both, the first thing in the file is the number of integers in the file, followed by the specified number of values.


Origins and Legacies of the Civil War Writing Assignment Help

grading you on the quality of your arguments and the evidence you use to support it

Select 3 question,write a 2-3 page answer to each one

  • Explain the circumstances and causes of Andrew Johnson’s impeachment during Reconstruction. Make sure you list the parties involved and the various political arguments surrounding the impeachment.
  • Explain the change in the national economy from 1929 to 1945. What factors affected these changes? What policies? What world events?
  • Explain Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson’s varying approached to securing Civil Rights.
  • Why do some historians refer to the 1950s and 1960s as “Second Reconstruction?” Be specific. What issues do Reconstruction and Second Reconstruction have in common? How are they different?


Deliverable 7- presentation on game theory applications Mathematics Assignment Help

Deliverable 7- presentation on game theory applications Mathematics Assignment Help

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