Describe how you codded each address in the store history spreadsheet.

Mapping dry-cleaning establishments research project report 2
It is a research report requires using of QGIS software
Here is instruction.
Report 2: Geocoding
Objective: to describe process of geocoding of store sites in store history records; to supply coordinate data; to identify possible errors and omissions; to re-flect on how one might have done this better (easier, quicker) in retrospect
1.Describe how you codded each address in the store history spreadsheet.
2.Add UTM coordinates (or longitude and latitude each to six decimal places) for each row in the store history spreadsheet as two additional col-umns.
3.Did you have to adjust (correct, clarify, or modify) any street name information as part of this? If so, explain what you did.
4.Did you have to adjust any address information as part of this? If so explain what you did.
5.Did you encounter any other problems or surprising-es in codding? Describe these.
6.Describe any and all checks performed to see if the geocoding was done correctly. Describe what these checks indicate to you about the reliability of your geocoding.

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