Description of Health Promotion & Older Americans Humanities Assignment Help

Description of Health Promotion & Older Americans Humanities Assignment Help. Description of Health Promotion & Older Americans Humanities Assignment Help.

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Proposed Topic: Health Promotion among Older Americans


  • Description of Health Promotion & Older Americans
    • Describe health promotion behaviors (Becker & Arnold, 2004; Resnick, 2003a)
    • Describe older Americans (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013)
    • Discuss the health promotion behaviors recommended for older Americans – need reference(s)
  • Relevance and significance of health promotion behaviors in older Americans
  • Challenges and barriers to the engagement in health promotion behaviors by older Americans
    • The most common reasons cited by older Americans for not having diagnostic tests, e.g., mammograms are advanced age, not being told to by their primary health care provider, and having no interest in pursuing abnormal findings (Resnick, 2003b)
    • The presence of chronic illness, a lower degree of physical and mental health, and declines in cognitive status directly or indirectly negatively influences older adults’ participation in health promotion (Resnick, 2003b)
    • The main barriers to health promotion program participation
    • Why is health promotion important for older Americans? (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2015)
  • Impact of health promotion behaviors on health, health status, and healthcare in the United States
    • Correlation between health promotion behaviors and quality of life – need reference(s)
    • Correlation between health promotion behaviors and the utilization and cost of health care services –need reference(s) for older adults are health issues, time issues, and fear of exercise (Wright, 2008)

Current levels of engagement in health promotion behaviors among older Americans (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013; Becker & Arnold, 2004)

Becker, C.M. & W. Arnold. (2004). Health promoting behaviors of older Americans versus young and middle aged adults. Educational Gerontology, 30, 835–844.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2013). The State of Aging and Health in America 2013. Retrieved from .

Correlation between health promotion behaviors and the development of disease—need reference(s)


Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2015). Healthy People 2020. Retrieved from:

Resnick, B. (2003a). Health promotion practices of older adults: Model testing. Public Health Nursing, 20(1): 2-12

Resnick, B. (2003b). Health promotion practices of older adults: Testing an individualized approach. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 12, 46–55.

Wright, T. (2008). Principal barriers to health promotion program participation by older adults (dissertation).

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Controversies in Psychology Humanities Assignment Help

Use the resources from your annotated bibliography. Although you may find that not all of the articles from the bibliography will provide the support you need for this assessment, you will still need to cite and reference at least five recent scholarly resources.

Follow APA guidelines for formatting this assessment, and include an abstract.


Write an APA-formatted article on a controversy in psychology in which you:

  • Explain both sides of a controversy from a psychological perspective. (This should be done within your introduction.)
  • Analyze the research on the controversy from differing perspectives.
    • Present one side of the controversy and the research that supports it. Be sure you explain how the research was conducted, as well as any assumptions made by the researcher(s).
    • Present the other side of the controversy and the research that supports it. Explain how the research was conducted, as well as any assumptions made by the researcher(s).
  • Explain the implications of the research findings. Be sure you include any ethical implications. (This should be done as part of your conclusion.)

Additional Requirements

  • Include a title page, abstract, and reference page.
  • Number of pages: 4–6, not including title page, abstract, and reference page.
  • At least 5 current scholarly or professional resources.
  • APA format.
  • Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
  • Double-spaced.


Organization of Programming Languages Programming Assignment Help

The symmetric difference of two sets is the union of both relative complements

{displaystyle A,triangle ,B=(Asmallsetminus B)cup (Bsmallsetminus A),}

The relative complement of two sets A and B, also termed the set-theoretic difference of A and B is the set of elements which are in A but not in B.

The union of two sets A and B is the set of elements which are in A, in B, or in both A and B.

Write in the SWI Prolog programming language predicate symmetricDifference(L1, L2, L3) to compute L3 – symmetricDifference of the set L1 and the set L2.


?- symmetricDifference( [a, b, c, d], [x, b, c, y], L) -> L is [a, d, x, y]


Compose a letter written to yourself Writing Assignment Help

Compose a letter written to yourself at the end of the course outlining the steps you took to achieve an A in the course. Minimum 500 words, make sure you include the following:

  • Start the letter with “Dear…. ” and end with a salutation
  • Each of the due dates and a bit about each assignment (1 points)
  • Three time management strategies you will employ to stay on track and be a self regulated learner in this course (1 point)
  • Outline your major time commitments over the quarter and how you will balance them with the course (1 point)

I will post the class’s syllabus so that you can answer each question above.


7 segment display AtMega168 AVR Microprocessor Engineering Assignment Help

7-segment LED displays are commonly used in microcontroller applications. The datasheet for the SA05-11GWA LED display is attached. Your task is to ‘design’ an interface between the Atmel ATmega168 microcontroller and this particular display. 1. Refer to the datasheet, pick out all the relevant electrical interface data (this is a very important practical skill!) and list them. For each item describe/name the item and explain why it is relevant to your interface design. Give values where appropriate. Note: Make sure you get details of the right model, and that you also consider the microprocessor’s interface ratings. 2. Produce a circuit diagram with details of all elements required to allow the processor to drive this particular LED display properly. You should provide copies of the datasheets for any elements you may choose to include in your design (except passive elements such as resistors and capacitors). 3. Describe how your circuit elements address the interfacing requirements. Please ensure that you consider both the Atmega168 and LED display requirements / specifications, and justify any decisions made, including any calculations if required. 4. Write a C subroutine that will enable the display of the digits ‘0’ to ‘9’ and characters ‘A’ to ‘F’ (for hex numbers) on the LED display (specified by a parameter passed to the subroutine). 5. Write the assembler code for the Atmel ATmega168 that would display the number ‘0’ on



EXCEL Finance BUY OR RENT Business Finance Assignment Help


Arya got a new job in Charlotte. She is trying to decide whether she should rent or buy a house. Because her contract is for five years, she is going to stay in the place she gets for five years and then move again (assume she leaves right at the end of five years).

If she rents, she will owe a $3,000 security deposit immediately and her rent is $2,050 per month.

To buy, she is considering a house that costs $500,000 (and its market value will be stable through the investment). She would put 10% down (i.e., only 90% of the purchase price is financed) and owe $6,000 in closing costs (assume she pays these whether buying or selling). Her lender has offered her the following: 3.75% fixed for 30 years, 3.60% for 30 years by buying 1 point, or 3.25% on a 5/1 ARM (30 year term). All rates are compounded monthly. In NC the seller pays a 6% commission to the realtor.

Should she rent or buy? Use cash flows to decide (You can find an NPV). (You can sketch out every possible interest rate, but you should be able to reason down to one rate beforehand (put some in the box to the right). This means you only compare renting to one buying scenario. Ignore taxes for now, but remember, the tax code favors home purchases! How? Why?)

do this in excel, please

EXCEL Finance BUY OR RENT Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Writing assignment for at least 400 words (music) Writing Assignment Help

Address all aspects of both of the following topics, with a combined total of at least 400 words.

To receive full credit, you must demonstrate an informed knowledge of the topics. You will be graded on depth of analysis, use of specific examples, and correct grammar/spelling. Exemplary work may receive extra credit points.

Topics for Writing Assignment 2:

1. Compare/contrast cool jazz and hard bop, by explaining three musical characteristics of each style. Identify two key innovators of each style, and the geographic associations of each style. How did the phenomenon of “West Coast Jazz” and its racial coding as “white” make the African-American jazz scene in Los Angeles invisible?

2. Explain how the approach to jazz called modalism was unique and distinctly different, compared to other post bop styles in the 1950s. Identify the artist and title of the influential album that launched the modal jazz scene.


investigation outline Science Assignment Help

Home Invasion—The Importance of Forensic Evidence

One of the most powerful parts of a case against a criminal can be the forensic evidence that is collected and presented. Dramatic breakthroughs in both the scientific and technological fields have greatly impacted the criminal justice system.

A recent crime wave has swept your city. Imagine you came home last night to find your house had been burglarized. Understandably, the police and crime lab are overworked and in need of help. Physical evidence (meaning any materials at the scene of the crime that could be valuable to a criminal case) was collected by crime scene technicians at the house and from a possible getaway car and is listed below. You will need to:

  1. Choose the three most important types of evidence collected from the link below
  2. Define the physical properties of the evidence collected
  3. Explain what information can be found from this evidence
  4. Hypothesize how the evidence could be used in the investigation.

Review the evidence that was collected from the crime scene.

Note that although this is largely a hypothetical investigation, the description of a material and how it is tested will be factual and you will need to conduct research using the Kaplan Library to identify reliable sources. The final results and importance of the evidence in an investigation will be up to your interpretation and largely hypothetical.

Review the link below for additional information.

Assignment: Choose three pieces of evidence from the list presented above and complete the questions in the Assignment template.


Biology power point Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States Business Finance Assignment Help

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. You have been invited by your local community health department to give a PowerPoint presentation on cancers. Your goal is to educate your audience about the definition of cancer, the causes, means for early detection and preventative measures. The meeting will take place at the health department during a community health fair. Be mindful that your target audience will be composed of people from the local community who most likely will not have a background in science or medicine.

Your assignment will be to pick one cancer and discuss each of the following:

  • Introduction to cancers.
  • Describe to the audience the characteristics of a cancer cell.
  • Indicate which cancer is the focus of your presentation.
  • Identify which tissues and/or organs in the human body are affected by this cancer.
  • The incidence rate of this type of cancer.
  • Typical age of onset for this type of cancer.
  • Explain the risk factors and/or causes of this cancer.
  • How this cancer is detected and diagnosed.
  • Pictures and/or illustrations of cancer cells.
  • The risk of metastasis for this cancer.
  • How this cancer is treated including the long-term prognosis. What are the survival rates?
  • Measures that people may take to prevent this cancer both medical and holistic.
  • Reference page including citations in standard APA format.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be written with your audience in mind. Remember, your audience does not have a science or medical background, so you will need to translate any “jargon” into something that they will understand.

You must write your “script” of what you will say to your audience in the notes section of each PowerPoint slide. Each slide will have a picture and/or bullet points, along with your notes located in the notes section below the slide, with the specific talking points you will deliver to the audience.

The presentation should be between 10–15 slides, not including the title and references slides.

Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

An effective PowerPoint presentation will include:

  • An introduction: bulleted list of background and key points
  • A body: multiple slides, each with one key point
  • A conclusion: bulleted list of major points


2-page well written document with references Business Finance Assignment Help

2-page document, explain the impact of this decision. Be sure to address the following:

  • How much does monthly operating income change if Baker Consolidated replaces the cafeteria with vending machines? Explain using linear profit modeling calculations.
  • What recommendation would you make for Baker Consolidated’s managers considering this decision? Justify your response.
  • In your recommendation, be sure to calculate how the monthly operating income changes if the company replaces the cafeteria with vending machines.

How much is the business paying out versus how much it is taking in? When approaching decisions from a linear profit model, the total costs of your expenses versus the profit you bring in helps decision makers determine the viability of potential options.

Think about your personal budget: If you make x amount of money from your job (your “take in”) and you want to add a new or different expense into your finances (what you “pay out”), a linear profit model can help calculate the feasibility of this option.

Consider how calculations are an essential asset to decision making, especially when using a linear profit model. Think about how a difference in calculation can impact a short-term decision or major change in a business.

Examine cost behaviors and decision-making scenarios using the linear profit model. Write 2 pages on each, looking at the presented finances and providing recommendations on potential improvements.

Baker Consolidated

Baker Consolidated operates a cafeteria for its employees. The operation of the cafeteria requires fixed costs of $4,700 per month and variable costs of 40% of sales. Cafeteria sales are currently averaging $12,000 per month.

Baker has an opportunity to replace the cafeteria with vending machines. Gross customer spending at the vending machines is estimated to be 40% greater than current sales, because the machines are available at all hours. By replacing the cafeteria with vending machines, Baker would receive 16% of gross customer spending and avoid all cafeteria costs. In a poll, employees did not express a preference for one option over the other.


Description of Health Promotion & Older Americans Humanities Assignment Help

Description of Health Promotion & Older Americans Humanities Assignment Help

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