Detailed Design Document, about interface usability Computer Science Assignment Help

Detailed Design Document, about interface usability Computer Science Assignment Help. Detailed Design Document, about interface usability Computer Science Assignment Help.

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(Detailed Design Document)

Value: 50%

Due date: 14-May-2017

Return date: 05-Jun-2017

Length: 25 pages

Submission method options

Alternative submission method


1.Design overview;

2.Project scope;

3.Business and User requirements;

4.Key assumptions;

5.Design process to be used;

6.Interface Design, including the following sections with justification for use:

  • All screen layouts;
  • All components identified, with justification for their use;
  • Workflow diagrams for major tasks (if required);
  • Use of colour, frames and sections;
  • Help and user assistance functions;
  • Use of icons;
  • User task navigation;

7.Usability testing and evaluation, including the following sections with justification for use:

  • Evaluation aims;
  • Evaluation methodology;
  • Test audience selection and ethical considerations;
  • Evaluation experiments;
  • Analysis methodology and procedures.

This is the final design for your project so all the sections in the document should be complete in all detail.


This assignment assesses a student’s ability to:

  • Critically examine and interpret the principles of design that are applicable to the design of an interface;
  • Critically examine and evaluate a user interface design to determine if it meets a given set of requirements;
  • Interpret, analyse and evaluate usability testing results to plan interface design improvements;

Marking criteria







Design Overview

Comprehensive overview that clearly articulates the objectives & success criteria

Very detailed overview that articulates the objectives & success criteria

Thorough overview that conveys the objectives & success criteria

Adequate overview that gives a good idea of the objectives & success criteria

Inadequate or incomplete overview that does not convey or does not have the objectives & success criteria

Project Scope

Comprehensive and clear statement of project scope

Detailed statement of project scope

Thorough statement of project scope

Adequate statement of project scope

Inadequate or incomplete statement of project scope


Comprehensive and clear statement of project requirements

Detailed and clear statement of project requirements

Thorough statement of project requirements

Adequate statement of project requirements

Inadequate or incomplete statement of project requirements


Comprehensive and clear explanation of assumptions

Detailed and clear explanation of assumptions

Thorough explanation of assumptions

Adequate explanation of assumptions

Inadequate or incomplete explanation of assumptions

Design Process

Comprehensive and clear statement of design process

Detailed and clear statement of design process

Thorough statement of design process

Adequate statement of design process

Inadequate or incomplete statement of design process

Interface Design

Comprehensive and clear UI design & drawings, all components clearly identified with excellent justification for use

Detailed UI design & drawings, all components clearly identified with clear justification for use

Good UI design & drawings, all components clearly identified with some justification for use

Adequate UI design & drawings, all components clearly identified with justification for use

Poor or inadequate UI design and/or drawings, few components identified with little or no justification for use

Usability Testing

Comprehensive and clear evaluation plan with comprehensive aims, methodology, procedures, audience & ethics plans, experiments & analysis

Detailed evaluation plan with well detailed aims, methodology, procedures, audience & ethics plans, experiments & analysis

Thorough evaluation plan with good aims, methodology, procedures, audience & ethics plans, experiments & analysis

Adequate evaluation plan with adequate aims, methodology, procedures, audience & ethics plans, experiments & analysis

Incomplete or inadequate evaluation plan with inadequate aims, methodology, procedures, audience & ethics plans, experiments & analysis

Presentation, Spelling & Grammar

Up to 5 marks may be deducted for poor presentation, spelling and grammar


Up to 5 marks will be deducted for not providing / following the proper APA style of referencing.

Note that the guide for APA referencing is provided in the Resource section of the ITC504 Interact site


Include your and subject details with your answer in a MS Word document. Your design document should not exceed ~25 pages in length, excluding references. You will need to reference all literature, applications and websites using the APA 6th edition referencing style.

Detailed Design Document, about interface usability Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Accounting for art collection ( just 7slides ppt) Business Finance Assignment Help

Class project

There will be one class project this semester. Accounting standards are constantly changing and even after you complete your degree, you will take continuing education courses toremain current on evolving standards. To get some practice obtaininginformation about emerging standards, you will research an accounting issue under consideration by the FASB.

Working as a team of 4-5 people, pick an accounting issue under consideration by the FASB (list of topics @ under projects – technical agenda-all projects). Your project will consist of:

a. A written report of about 5pages. The report should include a reference list.

b. A short (10 minutes) presentation in class on the last two days of the semester.

The format of your report and presentation is flexible, but at a minimum, you should explain:

1. What is the accounting issue? Explain it using as simply as possible.

2. What is the potential impact(s) on the financial statements? What statements would be affected and what is the general effect on the reported financial condition (will most companies look better or worse)?

3. What are the arguments for and against the change? If they exist, comment letters are a good source of information.

4. What theory underlies the arguments? Present it in as summarized a form as possible for the presentation.

5. What is the current status of the proposal?

Your presentation should summarize the findings of your written report. You should use some kind of visual aid (e.g.Powerpoint) and provide handouts for your classmates.

Any references used should be cited in the report, and any direct quotes should be in quotation marks and attributed to the source.


U.S. History Humanities Assignment Help

U.S. History

  • In two well-developed essays, you will answer two questions, ONE from each section.
  • Your responses should include evidence from your readings/class lectures.
  • MLA format is fine. Please be sure to properly cite your sources.
  • Responses should thoroughly answer the questions. These are not short-answer

• Type your responses in a document and upload in Blackboard. You do not need to restate
the question.

Pick ONE from this section:

  1. Consider Andrew Jackson’s campaigns for the presidency and his eventual presidency. In
    what ways did Jackson broaden the democratic spirit in the United States and how did he
    revolutionize the office of President of the United States?
  2. Despite the efforts to solidify the Union, sectional differences between the states were
    emerging. What economic factors in the mid-1800s contributed to the growing division
    among the states? (i.e.: How did different means of economic development in each region
    of the country divide the country?)

Pick ONE from this section:

  1. Discuss Manifest Destiny. What is Manifest Destiny? What factors drew Americans West
    (mentally and physically)? How did this ideology affect the expansion of the United
    States and its relationship with other countries?
  2. Consider the politicization of slavery. What attempts at compromise had been made to try
    to satisfy both sides of the slavery issue? Why was a solution that satisfied both North
    and South never truly agreed upon? At what point was it clear that compromise was futile
    and war inevitable?


Modern retelling slideshow Business Finance Assignment Help

MODERN-RETELLING PRESENTATION: Please submit a .ppt or .pptx file containing a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow that (1) succinctly and intricately summarizes a classical myth that occupies more than one page of Ovid’s Metamorphoses (other than the myth of Adonis); (2) cogently identifies an academic discipline within which this myth can be studied; (3) clearly and precisely describes a modern retelling of this myth in another artistic source; (4) explicitly specifies which artist/artists has/have created this retelling and when and where she/he/it/they has/have existed and worked; (5) astutely explains the ways in which the myth has changed and remained the same in this retelling; and (6) will take you no more than 10 minutes to present in class. Please incorporate into your slideshow an excerpt from the modern mythic text (if applicable) and at least one .jpg file or hyperlink to a photograph or audio or video recording posted to a Web site (with all of the recorded material lasting no more than 5 minutes in duration).

The slideshow for the modern-retelling presentation needs to focus on a modern retelling of a myth from books 12 through 15 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Please submit as soon as possible a slideshow that focuses on a modern retelling of a myth from books 12 through 15 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. As I mentioned in my comments on your modern-retelling outline, I recommend that you study the “Helen Ruins My Life” chapter of The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, which is a modern retelling of the story of Paris in the Trojan War from book 12 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

((Please make sure to read the professor’s comment in the end of the uploaded outline)) and also to write notes beneath each slide so I can know what to say


hostile takeover Business Finance Assignment Help

Your company represents Sony. Sony is interested in acquiring a theme park chain in the United States so it can emulate the successes of The Walt Disney Company and Universal Pictures in owning theme parks where it can cross-promote films, artists, and related merchandise.

Your managing partner has asked you to research two possible options: Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, which trades as SIX on the New York Stock Exchange, and Sea World Parks and Entertainment, which trades as SEAS on the New York Stock Exchange. Perform research on each company.

Draft a memo to the managing partner in which you: (1) Make a recommendation as to which target, SIX or SEAS, would be the best target for Sony; (2) Discuss which option would be better for Sony to pursue – a merger or an acquisition – of the company you’ve chosen; and (3) outline the process that Sony would have to take to acquire a majority position in that company.



Discussion: Design and Layout of a Text- and Image-Based Learning Object Computer Science Assignment Help

There are three stages in the digital media construction process: pre-production, production, and post-production. For this Discussion, you will focus on the pre-production (design) of the text- and image-based learning object. You will produce the design in the form of a script and storyboard.

In the design process, pre-production is where most of the problems are worked out and most revisions take place. This is why most designers choose to start with pencil and paper for the ease of making changes. In this process, you share the design with key members of the production team to make suggestions for revision. Ultimately, your finished design will be the blueprint for your LO. This does not mean that you need to draw everything perfectly, but the script and storyboard should be detailed enough so that a team of individuals could take your design and create exactly what you have intended. For this Discussion, you will assume the role of a designer and develop a script and detailed storyboard for your LO, share it with classmates for suggestions, and make revisions. Your final design should be able to stand alone as an LO without the use of any additional media.

To prepare:

This module’s Learning Resources focus on the design and layout of text and images for the purpose of learning. In this Discussion, you will design a storyboard for a text- and image-based LO for use in your workplace. You will inform the content of your LO from academic literature.

Read Clark and Mayer (2016), Chapters 4, 5, and 8, and Vaughn (2011), Chapters 2 and 3. Design the LO, paying close attention to Mayer’s multimedia, spatial contiguity, and coherence principles and Vaughn’s design principles for text and images. Also, consider other instructional design principles you may have explored and discussed in Module 1.

********Post your script and storyboard to your website and post the URL of your site to your group’s thread in the Discussion area. Explain your instructional design and graphic design choices in detail. Explain how the text and graphics work together to apply the principles of multimedia, spatial contiguity, and coherence.


To access your rubric:
Module 2 Discussion Rubric


Clark, R. C., & Mayer, R. E. (2016). E-Learning and the science of instruction: Proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning (4th ed.). San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • Chapter 4, “Applying the Multimedia Principle: Use Words and Graphics Rather Than Words Alone” (pp. 67–89)
  • Chapter 5, “Applying the Contiguity Principle: Align Words to Corresponding Graphics” (pp. 89-112 )
  • Chapter 8, “Applying the Coherence Principle: Adding Material Can Hurt Learning” (pp. 151-178)
  • Vaughan, T. (2014). Multimedia: Making it work (9th ed.).New York, NY: Osborne/McGraw-Hill.
    • Chapter 2, “Text” (pp. 18–69)
    • Chapter 3, “Images” (pp. 70–107)
    • Chapter 9, “Designing and Producing” (pp. 278–305)

    Google Apps Learning Center. (2016). Sites. Retrieved from…
    Document: Design Layout Techniques: Text, Font, Color, and Image (PDF)

Discussion: Design and Layout of a Text- and Image-Based Learning Object Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

write an annual review Writing Assignment Help

  1. Assignment 4: Annual ReviewDue Week 9 and worth 125 pointsImagine you work at a company and it is time for an employee named Jim’s annual review. While he was a model employee the first nine (9) months of the year, recently Jim has been coming in late. It has not been just a few minutes each day, either. It is starting to cause problems in the production line. In this assignment, write a one (1) page summary of your conversation with Jim. How will you address his recent performance issues while still praising him for his previous nine (9) months of good work? Your goal is to balance the negative and positive feedback so that Jim will leave motivated to do his best.Write a one (1) page paper in which you:
    1. Explain how you will address Jim’s recent performance issues.
    2. Suggest both constructive and positive feedback designed so that Jim will leave motivated to do his best.
    3. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:
      1. Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
      2. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length


Midterm Exam Week 4 Humanities Assignment Help

Answer the questions below thoroughly, substantively and in narrative format (in paragraphs and complete sentences; lists, sentence fragments and bulleted items are not permitted). Base each answer on an assigned reading from the text and/or the weekly course Lessons. Answers may range from 300 to 500 words with some requiring more detail and longer lengths and some requiring less. Quoting is not permitted. All answers must be paraphrased (which means restating what you read in your own words).

Describe what the field of social psychology focuses on and seeks to understand through research and the related questions that it endeavors to answer.

Compare and contrast the social psychology constructs of person perception and self-concept. What categories do we use to describe ourselves and others?

Describe factors that contribute to a strong attitude-behavior relationship. What happens when the components of attitudes are mismatched?

Explain the differences in thoughtful and spontaneous processing and the benefits of targeting messages toward each type.

Describe three methods of preventing persuasion.


T Test Assignment Writing Assignment Help

See the Resources area for links to resources that you will use for this assignment:

  • You will complete this assignment using the DAA Template.
  • Read the SPSS Data Analysis Report Guidelines for a more complete understanding of the DAA Template and how to format and organize your assignment.
  • Refer to the IBM SPSS Step-By-Step Guide: t Tests for additional information on using SPSS for this assignment.
  • If necessary, review the Copy/Export Output Instructions to refresh your memory on how to perform these tasks. As with your previous assignments, your submission should be in narrative format with supporting statistical output (table and graphs) integrated into the narrative in the appropriate places (not all at the end of the document).

You will analyze the following variables in the grades.sav data set:

  • gender
  • gpa

Step 1: Write Section 1 of the DAA.

  • Provide the context of the grades.sav data set.
  • Include a definition of the specified variables (predictor, outcome) and corresponding scales of measurement.
  • Specify the sample size of the data set.

Step 2: Write Section 2 of the DAA.

  • Analyze the assumptions of the t test.
  • Paste the SPSS histogram output for gpa and discuss your visual interpretations.
  • Paste SPSS descriptives output showing skewness and kurtosis values for gpa and interpret them.
  • Paste SPSS output for the Shapiro-Wilk test of gpa and interpret it.
  • Report the results of the Levene test and interpret it.
  • Summarize whether or not the assumptions of the t test are met.

Step 3: Write Section 3 of the DAA.

  • Specify a research question related to gender and gpa.
  • Articulate the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis.
  • Specify the alpha level.

Step 4: Write Section 4 of the DAA.

  • Paste the SPSS output of the t test.
  • Report the results of the SPSS output using proper APA guidelines (refer to the Unit 8 Introduction and the “Results” example from the Warner text in Chapter 5). Include the following:
    • t.
    • Degrees of freedom.
    • p value.
    • Effect size.
    • Interpretation of effect size.
    • Means and standard deviations for each group.
    • Mean difference.
    • 95% confidence interval of the difference of sample means.
  • Interpret the results against the null hypothesis.

Step 5: Write Section 5 of the DAA.

  • Discuss the implications of this t test as it relates to the research question.
  • Conclude with an analysis of the strengths and limitations of the t test.

Submit your DAA Template as an attached Word document in the assignment area


Assignment: Creating a Text- and Image-Based Learning Object Writing Assignment Help

The Module 2 Assignment will focus on the production and post-production phases of the multimedia LO. In the production phase, you develop and/or procure all elements (text and images) needed for the production. In the post-production phase, you edit all of the elements of text and imagery into the final product.

Now that you have designed your LO and received feedback from the Instructor and your classmates, you will develop the LO in full. You may build the LO directly in your website or you may use any desktop publishing or presentation tools with which you are familiar and then upload the LO to your website.

Use a search engine to find free tools, use Google tools, or Zoho tools to create documents, presentations, etc.

For each LO, you will create an assessment that will serve as an analysis tool as to what the viewer learned from your LO. For this purpose, use an online survey tool, such as Google Forms, Zoho Surveys, Typeform, etc. Once you create the assessment, provide a link to it on the same website page as the LO. (See the Module 1 Learning Resources for links to tools you can use.)

Part 1

The final product for this Application Assignment is an LO that instructs a process or an idea. Create the LO as a web page or a downloadable file on your website.

  • One to three learning objectives that provide learners with a clear indication of what to expect and what is expected of them when viewing the LO
  • Static text and images only
  • Instructional content based on Module 1 and 2 multimedia principles
  • Layout using visual design principles
  • An assessment that addresses the learning objectives
  • An annotated bibliography citing at least two research studies (PhD, EdD, or EdS students) or journal articles (EdS students only) that support the learning topic presented


To access your rubric:
Module 2 Assignment Rubric


Johnson, J. (2014). 10 rock solid website layout examples. Design Shack. Retrieved from…
Google. (n.d.-b). Go to Google slides. Retrieved August 19, 2014, from…


Detailed Design Document, about interface usability Computer Science Assignment Help

Detailed Design Document, about interface usability Computer Science Assignment Help

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