develop a research proposal paper to examine, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

develop a research proposal paper to examine, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help. develop a research proposal paper to examine, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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  • You will develop a research proposal paper to examine the research questions and/or hypotheses you have identified in your literature review presentation. Your research proposal should include the following:
  1. Re-introduction of your topic, including a concise review of the relevant literature and existing gaps/limitations identified in this literature
  2. Clear specification of your research questions and/or hypotheses
  3. Inclusion of the “Methods” section: An detailed account of your proposed study, the selected research design and method, as well as the data collection and analysis procedures involved
  4. Discussion of 2-4 strengths and weaknesses associated with your proposed study, followed by strategies that may address the weaknesses identified
  • The research proposal paper is required to be 13-15 pages long. This page requirement does not include the cover page, abstract, references, and appendices (if any).
  • Please make sure to follow the specific citation style, paper formatting, and submission requirements noted under the “Assignment Guidelines” section below in this syllabus. Note: Please label your file in the following way before submitting it online: LastName_ResearchProposal – E.g., Tan_ResearchProposal.

I upload the presentation and her feedback

and now i want you to work on this peaper acording to the same subject

develop a research proposal paper to examine, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Management Paper, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help




Assignment 4: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Marketing, Product Safety, and Intellectual Property

Due Week 9 and worth 300 points

You are a new associate at the law firm of Dewey, Chetum, and Howe. John, a former researcher at PharmaCARE, comes to your office. He has concerns about PharmaCARE’s use of AD23, one of the company’s top-selling diabetes drugs. Two (2) years ago, after PharmaCARE’s research indicated that AD23 might also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, John and his team of pharmacists began reformulating the drug to maximize that effect. In order to avoid the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) scrutiny, PharmaCARE established a wholly-owned subsidiary, CompCARE, to operate as a compounding pharmacy to sell the new formulation to individuals on a prescription basis. CompCARE established itself in a suburban office park near its parent’s headquarters. To conserve money and time, CompCARE did a quick, low-cost renovation.

CompCARE benefited from PharmaCARE’s reputation, databases, networks, and sales and marketing expertise, and within six (6) months had the medical community buzzing about AD23. Demand soared, particularly among Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs patients. Seeing the opportunity to realize even more profit, CompCARE began advertising AD23 directly to consumers and marketing the drug directly to hospitals, clinics, and physician offices, even though compounding pharmacies are not permitted to sell drugs in bulk for general use. To circumvent this technicality, CompCARE encouraged doctors to fax lists of fictitious patient names to CompCARE. PharmaCARE sold CompCARE to WellCo, a large drugstore chain, just weeks before AD23 was publicly linked to over 200 cardiac deaths.

As CompCARE and its new parent company enjoyed record profits and PharmaCARE’s stock price approached $300 per share, reports started surfacing that people who received AD23 seemed to be suffering heart attacks at an alarming rate. The company ignored this data and continued filling large orders and paying huge bonuses to all the executives and managers, including John, whose wife recently died from a heart attack after using AD23.

John has come to you with an internal company memo describing the potential problems with AD23, and information describing the company’s willingness “roll the dice” and continue to market the drug.

Your senior partner has asked you to write a memo outlining the following issues for review by the senior partners.

In preparation for this assignment, use the Internet or Strayer Library to research examples of intellectual property theft that occurred within the past two (2) years.

Write an eight to ten (8-10) page paper in which you:

  1. Research three to five (3-5) ethical issues relating to marketing and advertising, intellectual property, and regulation of product safety and examine whether PharmaCARE violated any of the issues in question.
  2. Argue for or against Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing by drug companies. Provide support for your response.
  3. Determine the parties responsible for regulating compounding pharmacies under the current regulatory scheme, the actions that either these parties or the FDA could / should have taken in this scenario, and whether PharmaCARE could face legal exposure surrounding its practices. Support your response.
  4. Analyze the manner in which PharmaCARE used U.S. law to protect its own intellectual property and if John has any claim to being the true “inventor” of AD23. Suggest at least three (3) ways the company could compensate John for the use of his intellectual property.
  5. Summarize at least one (1) current example (within the past two [2] years) of intellectual property theft, and examine the effect on that company’s brand.
  6. Analyze the potential issue surrounding the death of John’s wife and other potential litigants against PharmaCARE as a result of AD23.
  7. Specify both the major arguments that John can make to claim that he is a whistleblower and the type of protections that he should be afforded. Justify your response.
  8. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference and proprietary Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Analyze and assess legal and ethical restraints on marketing and advertising, relative to both consumers and organizations.
  • Analyze and evaluate laws and regulations relative to product safety and liability.
  • Explore copyright laws and intellectual property rights and assess how well they balance competing interests.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in law, ethics, and corporate governance.
  • Write clearly and concisely about law, ethics, and corporate governance using proper writing mechanics.





Research Assignment (Paper), writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Your task will be to choose a cultural icon and analyze its significance in our society.


  • You will analyze the impact of a cultural icon on our society.
  • The paper should be 4-5 pages of text, typed in Times New Roman 11 or 12-pt font, double-spaced with 1” margins. It must be a minimum of 4 pages. The Works Cited page is not included in the assigned page length.
  • MLA style format and documentation for parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page are required.
  • Utilize a minimum of (3) three academically appropriate secondary sources in addition to any primary source/s.

The icon I chose is Elvis Presley

paper will be discussing and analyzing these points:

  • How does this cultural product contain or promote specific values?
  • How is it representative of wider social assumptions that are reproduced and circulated and/or published, including the scope and method of circulation?
  • How is the product experienced or interpreted?
  • How does it contribute to and actively shape cultural ideals and expectations?
  • How does it support or revise conventional ideas, practices, or expectations?
  • How does it utilize symbolism to create meaning?
  • How does it participate in influencing the formation of personal or group identity?
  • What is its role in society?
  • How does it adhere to conventions of a larger genre or category? (the “genre” may be action movies, men’s magazines, etc.)


Website creation. Homepage creation and Passing from one to another:Javascript., programming homework help Programming Assignment Help

This assignment consists of creating a website. I have already done a lot of steps but still need a home page and I need you to do the passing value from one page to another page by JavaScript.

My website is bike site. I have the product site and just need the homepage. Moreover I need to pass from one page to the other using JavaScript.

Here I attach you what I have so far and the full instructions.


The link here is the html of my website and in the attachment it is the css and the instructions for the project. Please contact me with any doubt.


poem “The house on the hill”, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

1. Short Biography of the poet.
2. Discuss his/her major themes
3. List and explain 3 of his/her major works
4. Choose one of his/her poem
5. Historical context of the poem (experience surrounding the writing of the poem)
6. Summarize the poem
7. Your interpretation of the poem; details in the poem that support your interpretation
8. Discussion on the Elements of Poem
a. Setting
b. Voice – Narrator
c. Theme
d. Rhyme scheme
e. Figures of Speech
i. Metaphors
ii. Similes
iii. Alliteration
iv. Personification
f. The form of the poem
9. Remarks made by the poet’s contemporaries
10. Explain what this poem means to you?



amiga, psychology assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Please respond in 5 sentences or more.


My name is Huiwen Mattingley. I was born in Shanghai, China. I live in Japan with my husband and two beautiful girls. We enjoy the food- Sushi and weather here. I work for the Child Development Center on Naval Base. In the past 10 years, I have worked with different age groups. I feel I can learn so many things from children. I think this is the most rewarding job. Currently, I am taking college classes for my BA in Early Childhood Education Administration. I hope one day that I will become a center Director and share my knowledge with others.

I think the statement of “If you plan to teach, you are almost guaranteed to have students with disabilities in your classroom, regardless of your teaching assignment” is true. All children are different. They all have their like and dislike. When children is not interested in one subject, they will simply refuse to receive information during the learning process. In long term, this can cause their certain skills developmentally delay. With this in mind, I would like to learn how to identify those children with disabilities that is not visible to others and how to assist them to develop age appropriately.

Usually when working with children with disabilities, people always over protect them. Staff won’t treat them equal as the regular children just because they have disabilities. Here are some concerns I have. I have seen staff mark those children in front of others. They will tell other children that they cannot play with the child with disability because the child can move freely like the others. This is not help although the staff just doesn’t want the child with disability to get hurt. But the action discouraged the child to develop social/emotional skills. I have seen group children laugh at the child wearing glasses. The action doesn’t help the children with disabilities to recognize what they are and be proud of themselves.

When we working with students with disabilities, it brings more challenges because we won’t just educate one child but the whole class on the interaction with someone with disabilities. I have see many staff striving to provide better care for those children. As long as we put our efforts in, the outcome will be rewarding.

amiga, psychology assignment help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Research the Internet for Marketing Consultants, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Write a one page memorandum based on the following:

Research the Internet for Marketing Consultants. Choose one that you feel would be best to assist you in the marketing of the new product line from the case study.

Provide the reasons for your choice.


You are the CEO of SH Confectioners and have requested your marketing department to devise a marketing plan for your new line of Grand Marnier filled (a potent orange flavored liquor), chocolates.

The chocolate line is touted to be high-end, high-quality, gourmet confectioners chocolate with imported and premium ingredients.

You are located in San Francisco, California and intend on marketing to the western market (Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho and Utah); to begin by Valentines Day.

What should your strategic goals be?

What will you require of the marketing department’s plan to market your new product?

Will you have any regional concerns with your product?

Should you make a substitute available to the liquor component of the filled candies? Explain your decision.

Need 2 different copies of assignment for the same question. Documents need to be in APA format. Include atleast 3 references and in-text citations.


intercultural communication, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

please be familiar with intercultural communication

Using complete sentences, please define each of the following below () AND PROVIDE ONE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE BASED ON ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:
a personal experience, , a scene or information from a film we watched in class or
something you read—must include citation for this—source, author, date of publication, page number. When defining each word you must include citation from where you got the definition.

IN OTHER WORDS, for each of your responses, you must include these phrases to introduce your example:
For example…, For instance…, Based on my experience…, Based on my
observation of…, Based on what I read…, Based on what I noticed during…

  1. culture
  2. communication
  3. intercultural communication competence
  4. values
  5. worldview


  1. According to the textbook authors
    of Communication Between Cultures (pg.17), they outline FIVE important
    considerations when engaging in intercultural communication. What are these? ALSO Select ONE of the considerations and explain why it is important. (these are the five considerations: 1. The uniqueness of each individual, 2.the hazards of over
    generalizing, 3. the need to be objective, 4. the necessity for
    compromise, 5. the myth of believing the myth of believing that
    communication is a cure-all.)
  2. Think about how the following influences can shape your worldview and identity: genetic makeup—DNA;
    social group experience; language; gender; age; individual and family
    history; political affiliation; educational level; perception of others;
    existing circumstances; region or neighborhood where you grew up;
    religious experiences and economic resources.
  3. SELECT THREE of the influences and describe yourself using each of the three influences (be very descriptive ,describe the setting, if applicable). Why did you
    select these particular THREE influences to describe yourself.


Assignment #3: Quantitative Analysis Part Using Excel, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

I need some one who can use an EXCELL to do quantitative analyze of the Minnesota Healthcare database. I will attach the Database below and it should be used to do an quantitative analysis. you can use pie chart or histogram . Please follow direction very carefully. It should be in APA style. the analysis should be based on hypothesis. It is a group assignment that consists of a few part. I have to do only one part of this assignment. So it may be about 3 pages . I also will attach my first paper with hypothesis. Thank you.

of the data (Discuss your results and include a separate sheet that
shows your quantitative results in tabular or graphical form)
hypothesis is That the hospitals in Urban cities have more
Psychiatric admonitions then the Rural cities. You have to do a pie
chart or histogram to show it based on Minnesota database that I


ese315 d.b. , psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Please respond in 5 sentences or more.

My name is Destiney Baxter I am a 36-year-old mother of two wonderful girls ages 16 and 10. I have been with my boyfriend since 2004, 12 years strong. I was born in Oklahoma raised in Arkansas and now reside in New Jersey. As a young child I moved around a lot. I have a 13-month old American Bulldog mix his name is Teddie, I also have an American Bulldog named Blu she is 3 months old. I am currently an early head start teacher with the dreams of becoming an Educational Leader. I am also the Middlesex County Coordinator for the pajama program; we help infants to adults who need pajamas. I am also the first aider for my oldest daughters Girl Scout troop. And I am a Junior Girl Scout troop leader for my youngest daughter. I am also the president of Ashford’s ID or instructional Design club. I also currently have my NJ Mental Health Associates’ have been working in early child education off and on since 1999 when we took a course in High school but the last 8 years have been a steady work environment in ECE. I am currently working on my B.A. in ECE and hopefully will graduate in Jan, 2018. I just graduated with my A.A. in ECE in December of 2015. As a teacher I enjoy watching children within my care excel in each developmental milestone. Later on I may be able to help others advance in building a curriculum that helps each child excel past their skill set.

Discuss how this statement will impact your learning over the next five weeks.

What are some of your preconceived notions about working with children with disabilities and what are some concerns you have?

That children with disabilities need one on one care and are not able to be included in a normal classroom setting. That I will not be able to fully see the bigger picture of getting them to the next level developmentally.

Lastly, what are some things that you are excited about with regards to working with students with disabilities?

I have worked with children that have speech delays, one child with Autism, a child with a shunt and spinal bifada, one that has OT and PT and one that needs behavioral therapy, but in the end my eyes light up when I found a way to connect with them on a level that they understand. I can’t wait to see what other options I have to connect with them through and what I have never tried with them in the classroom.


develop a research proposal paper to examine, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

develop a research proposal paper to examine, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

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