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Develop Knowledge Other Assignment Help. Develop Knowledge Other Assignment Help.

Project-based learning allows students to develop knowledge and skills in a real-world context across multiple content areas. Following this model requires critical thinking and fosters positive interpersonal communication skills.

The purpose of this assignment is to creatively utilize the project-based model to teach across academic subject areas.

Review the Social Studies and the Arts Mini-Unit Plan Benchmark Assignment you completed in Topic 7.

Expand your completed Social Studies and the Arts Mini-Unit Plan to include a grade-wide project that includes social studies, the arts, and at least one other academic subject area. In a 500 summary describe this project.

Be sure to include:

  • Real-world application
  • Learning objectives for all subject areas
  • All related and culminating activities
  • Time, space, and other resources required

The Review Social Studies and the Arts Mini-Unit Plan Benchmark

Teacher Candidate Name:

Grade Level:



April 7, 19


: English Language

Instructional Plan Title:

Social Studies and Arts

Lesson Summary and Focus:

The main focus will be on psychological theories that are useful in many societies today. A series of psychological activities that are conducted in different communities will present the use of psychology in those communities. This series of activities will identify the space of psychology in community leadership, social developments, and social crimes.

The lesson will seek to introduce culture to the students. At the end of the lesson, all the components of culture will be known to the students

The lesson will seek to define what performance arts are. At the end, students will know what stands as the difference between performance arts and other art forms.

Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping:

  • Gather in a room all the students and make them comfortable
  • Prepare the students to learn about their own culture
  • Prepare them by telling them that today they will study on the psychological part of the society and it will make them special and unique.
  • Ask each of them to share something that they think is psychology applied in solving problems.
  • Ask them to mention some psychological applications
  • Students to talk about the arts performance examples in their communities

Gather the students together in a comfortable area.

Ask them something that makes them feel special.

Students will group themselves according to how they possess performance art talents

National/State Learning Standards:

  • Ask about the origin and practice of some of the students’ communities
  • Ask about some of the psychology theorists in their communities
  • Ask about some of the known theories of psychology

Make sure that the students are comfortable in the area of study.

Students will share what are best-known performers in their country.

Specific Learning Target(s)/Objectives:

  • Identify theories of psychology used in different cultural communities
  • Associate the different theories with the problems encountered in the community
  • Give a list of the social, political, and economic advantages of these theories to the communities

After this lesson, the students will understand all aspects of culture.

At the end, students will understand the performance art concept and point out the difference with other art forms.

Academic Language

The terms to define will include;

  • Psychology
  • Psychological theories
  • Culture
  • Art performance

Teaching students vocabulary through context clues to encourage them with their critical thinking skills will help them make connections to the words and remembering

Teaching culture in the classroom can be presented by food.We all eat, but we all do not eat the same things, and the differences is from diet in ones culture to the next can be very different.Inviting students to share their culture through dishes typically from their countries can be a great idea.

Teaching performance arts is a versatile subject that can do more for everyone involve than getting the grips of memorization, pretending to be someone else because its better to be utilize as ‘drama’.The lessons of outcomes in arts probably shows how students can learn on the spot,but this wont always be the case;sometimes the best learning can be from harvesting the skills that can eventually pay off in some way at a later time.

Resources, Materials, Equipment, and Technology:

  • Listening audios explaining psychological theories
  • Videos demonstrating the experimental psychology in the society
  • Cards with psychological terms defined on them
  • Tape with cultural videos
  • Worksheet
  • Index cards
  • Video tapes

Section 2: Instructional Planning

Anticipatory Set

  • I will show to the students a recorded video on the application of psychology in social activity and ask them what they learn from it.
  • I will use the terms used to create a relationship between psychology and social problems.

Explain to the students how everyone belongs to different cultures and how that makes them feel special.

Ask them questions of how they feel about who they are and what make them different from others.

Explain the definition of performance arts and point out some examples. Students will be asked to mention more examples.

Time Needed

10 min

15 min

20 min

Multiple Means of Representation

  • Using a well summarized notes, I will present the theorists and theories of psychology to the students
  • Using the cards, I will identify terms and make students understand their definitions
  • Using cards, the students will learn definitions of words like culture and psychology

Show the students tapes having presentations of different cultures.

Make comments on the different components of cultures.

Show the students’ performance video making them learn about performance arts Ask students about their earlier encounter with performance arts.

Time Needed

40 min


30 min

Multiple Means of Engagement

  • I will ask the students questions on similar examples from their backgrounds
  • I will ask the students to make short essays on the topic of psychology in the society. The essays should be at least one paragraph.
  • Students will be required to give a summary of their cultural, social and political organizations.
  • I will assign them to write a full essay on the use of psychology in social, political, and economic fields in the society.
  • Students will be required to attend a performance art conference in their community and give a summary.

Students to share a few answers about their culture in class

Ask the students to make some presentations of drama and plays. Some will be asked to sing.

Time Needed

35 min

30 min

25 min

Multiple Means of Expression

They should learn and write an essay about their culture.

Students will make presentations of plays, dance, and music

Time Needed

40 min

40 min

45 min

Extension Activity and/or Homework

Having students do a class presentation for a national dish day so everyone can eat and share their different cultures.Just a small reminder of students with food allergies should be included.

Students will have a worksheet to complete and how either,or both can benefit from the exercise of pereformance arts.Some tasks is inquiry-based,while the other exercise includes group games.

Time Needed

20 min


30 min

A collaborative class is the class that has a session of questions and answers. Such method helps to keep the student attentive at all the times. For this reason, the introduction of the unit will be a session of questions and answers. Students are able to relate what they are introduced to with what they already know from their prior life. The methods move the students from something they know to introducing the new ideas and concepts. Students are likely to pay attention when matters concerning their lives are being discussed. Asking students questions calls for their attention even when they might not be interested.

The use of audio recordings in class tests the students listening ability. A good listening skill helps in retaining what is being taught in class. When students listen with an aim of answering some questions later. They will grab the required contents easily as well as retaining it in their minds. Such audios will move them from the class norms and subject them to another voice, which they are not used to. The psychological change affects also the attentiveness of the students and their retention will be high. The audios can be a scene of questions and answers covering the topics on culture, social psychology, and art performance.

Use of videos in presentation will make use of the sense of sight, which contributes to the highest retention percentage of any student. In a lesson covering performance arts, this method is good since it will be the actual demonstration of the topic. To help achieve the main objective, students will be able to see the practical applications of the theories learnt through the videos. They will also be able to apply such methods like they can see through the videos.

Cards are also important in utilizing the sense of sight class. For words, which could be new to students, this will provide their spellings as well as their definitions. This will make it easier and always serve as a reference whenever a certain vocabulary is being used. The methods used are linking the student with their outside world (outside school) meeting the most needs of the unit outline.

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‘This assignment is worth 100 points and 5% of your final grade.

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Please follow the following format posted below

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At the George Washington University, our students frequently interact with policymakers and world leaders. These experiences and those of our alumni can shape the future of global affairs. If you had the power to change the course of history in your community or the world, what would you do and why?

Maximum word count: 250

Prove to GWU that you’re an independent learner and thinker.

  • Remember that they want to know how their hands-on learning will help you transform your community or the world.
  • Focus especially on actionable change; action through nontraditional tasks outside the classroom and based in practicality are your best bets, whether that is experienced through advocacy or more in-depth pursuit of the topic.
  • Don’t get caught up in describing the history of the problem. GW doesn’t care too much about whether you’re knowledgeable or well-read since there are plenty of students like that out there.
  • You should spend over 60% of the essay relating the problem back to you – why are you so passionate about it, and what would you do to change the course of history. Do not spend too much time discussing history.

I want it to be in regards to a relevant issue where a creative, leader’s mind recognizes an implementable change.

It should be a bit personable and try to relate to GW culture that they are very proud of (diverse, politically involved, etc.)

It could be on for example women’s rights, women have big opportunities at GW, and please write from a women’s perspective to make it personable. It could also be on current political wars, such as turmoil in the middle east. Or it could be on an educational policy from a student’s perspective. If you have other ideas that you feel you could write better on, do let me know.


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AG: Be creative and make sure your AG is clearly evident

Thesis: What is the main purpose of your speech. Be specific

Preview: Highlight the main points of your speech.


  1. Significance – Establishing the problem you must establish that a problem exists and is serious enough to warrant action.
  1. To do this, establish harms. Harms are the bad things that are happening. It could be injustice, loss of life, species extinction, extensive loss of resources or anything we find valuable.
  2. You should have 4-6 solid, well thought and warranted harms in your speech and outline. These harms should include empirical support. You can label your harms as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
  3. Additionally, you need to speak about the magnitude of these harms. It is hard to convince people to take action when only a few people are affected. Show how serious and large the problem is.
  1. Inherency (Inherent Barriers) – What are the sources of the problem? What is stopping the issue from being resolved. Generally, these can fall under 2 categories; Attitudinal and Structural.

  1. Attitudinal – What attitudes are present in society that are stopping the issue from being resolved? How have these attitudes been formed? Who has these attitudes? Think, public perception, misinformation.
  2. Structural – What laws/systems/rules are in place that are inhibiting the problem from being resolved? Is it constitutional? State/National laws/Policies? Think systemic … what is it about the system we live in that is stopping this issue from being resolved?

  1. Solvency – Now that you have demonstrated a serious problem exist and have also articulated why this problem has not been resolved, what can be done to fix it?
  1. Plan – You must propose a solution for the problem you are discussing. Your plan must be well thought out and also needs to address each one of your harms. Your plan should solve for all of your harms. Be sure to clearly talk about how your plan solves for each harm previously mentioned.
  2. Practicality – Demonstrate how practical your plan is.
  3. Often, plans will include creating awareness, spreading knowledge, and judicial processes. You can be creative as well; think celebrity endorsements, funding opportunities, etc.
  1. Disadvantages – It is likely that there are arguments opposing your attempt to solve a serious issue. For this section, elaborate on counter arguments for your topic and your plan. It is okay if some of these cannot be argued against. However, you may want to discuss the idea of “net-benefits” and “preponderance of evidence”. Think, bigger picture, is society better off if we were to adopt your plan then if status quo was to remain. Try to play devils-advocate with your topic and imagine all the counter-arguments. This will help you list the disadvantages.

  1. Advantages – What additional advantages does the adoption of your plan bring to society that were not previously mentioned when discussing the harms and how they will be solved. It is important to end your speech with the positives of your plan. Really emphasize how important it is to change the status quo with the adoption of your plan here.


Summarize main points

Restate Thesis

Tie back to your AG


In your own words, argue that the social sciences are in fact science. In your own words, compare and contrast any two of the four basic approaches to research. Humanities Assignment Help

  • Paper length is 5-7 pages, Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • Please format your paper in either APA or Chicago style
  • All the information you need to successfully write the term paper is included in your textbook and lecture notes. No additional sources are needed.
  • I will be grading your papers primarily for accuracy, completeness, and clarity. (There is a right and a wrong answer!) You should support your answers with evidence from the textbook and lectures using proper citations.
  • You may find it helpful to write about an example research topic as a means of grounding, expanding, or clarifying your answers. This is not required but is an option available to you.
  • Feel free to use first person or “I” statements in your paper, but please keep in mind this is not an opinion-based assignment.
  • It is ok if you repeat information in the different sections of your paper. For example, you may want to include some details from the descriptions of each approach when you compare and contrast them. Aim to be overly clear rather than unclear in your answers.


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Submit your final paper draft here. This paper should contain most of the finished qualities that your final paper will contain. Please take a look at the template and utilize that to assist you in formatting this paper. While the headers are not true APA headers, the formatting of the text within each one of the sections should be formatted in APA format