Developing client-practitioner relationships Humanities Assignment Help

Developing client-practitioner relationships Humanities Assignment Help. Developing client-practitioner relationships Humanities Assignment Help.

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Think of a recent time when you talked to a professional or someone in a position of authority. What qualities in the other person helped you to talk comfortably with that person? What qualities or behaviors in that person invited you to feel hurried, nervous, unimportant or not heard? Now think of a time when you were distressed and needed to talk with someone. Describe the relationship and the person with whom you would have felt comfortable expressing yourself. Think of what qualities in the relationship invite you to feel open, comfortable, and/or safe. Make a list of at least five qualities that are important to you in relationships

Developing client-practitioner relationships Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

International Financial System, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

This is a two part assignment. The first part is an outline. The second part will be the actual financial system. Once the outline is completed I will make a separate post for the actual financial system assignment. I have attached a power point with extra information. regarding the assignment. I would like to have both the outline and the assignment completed for $25 even so I am posting this one with a $10 budget and the final assignment will be posted with a $15 budget. I would like the same tutor to complete both. The outline has a 1 day limit but the actual assignment will have a 5 day limit. Please see attachment for assignment details. The outline is described as Unit 4 DB and the final assignment is unit 5.


Make Changes to my Psychology paper Humanities Assignment Help

The following is the original instructions is you are chosen I will attach my work that is completed, however the previous tutor completed the work for the state of Texas and I need it for the state of Michigan, it will need to be altered to fit with that requirement, APA formatting required. Legal and Ethical Issues

What would you do if your family was starving and you could discretely steal a loaf of bread to feed them? This is a legal and ethical dilemma. As you saw in the Learning Resources this week, legal and ethical dilemmas do occur in diagnosis and assessment, and they are intimately related; however, they do not always rest comfortably together. Although there may not always be clear answers to ethical and legal dilemmas, your ability to address them is a key factor in providing clients with the best possible care.

To prepare:

  • Focus on the APA ethics codes and the AP-LS specialty guidelines for forensic psychologists’.
  • Go to your state website and review its legal and ethical guidelines.
  • Consider any legal guidelines that may be in conflict with the ethical guidelines.
  • If you noted differences between legal, ethical, and specialty guidelines, think about how would you reconcile them.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 your thoughts about how various legal guidelines, ethics codes, and specialty guidelines influence diagnosis and assessment in general. Reference at least one potential conflict between laws in your state, ethical guidelines, or specialty guidelines and explain how you might address the conflict.


Choose QR code discuss how the it looks (overall need 4 paragraph) Computer Science Assignment Help


1. T
here are FIVE QR code. (All of code on the file: The name is QR code 1. 2. 3….5) You need choose THREE and scan it. THEN, YOU NEED CREATE A WORD DOCUMENT AND HAVE A PARAGRAPH FOR EACH OF QR code. In each of paragraph, you need Discuss how it looked and if the purpose was informative or persuasive, what the QR code took you to, and the effectiveness of the ad/QR code combination.

2. Then the 4th paragraph where you discuss how you feel about the effectiveness of your ad and Qr code, how it compared to the others, what you might do differently to improve it. (my QR code on the file that named China Impression)


I need help with an assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

I need help with this assignment, as soon as possible and must be an original document. I am in a dire situation. I am sending this from my phone. My father in law passed away and I had to jump in the car and drive 14 hours away to deal with the situation, and I forgot my computer at home. I am over due on this assignment, so if you could please help me to get this completed in the next 2 hours I would greatly appreciate it. Assignment is below:

Smith, a certified public accounting firm, was engaged to audit the financial statements of the Sky-is-the-Limit company. The company has its own IT installation. While obtaining an understanding of internal control, Smith found that Sky-is-the-Limit lacked proper segregation of the programming and operating functions. Smith analyzed the internal control surrounding the system to ensure that the corporate governance was being maintained, and he concluded that the existing compensating general control activities provided reasonable assurance that the objectives of internal control were being met.

Prepare a letter addressed to the board of directors that discusses the following:

  • How is the separation of the programming and operating functions accomplished in a properly functioning IT environment?
  • Explain the 3 subdivisions of information systems management, and discuss how they apply to this situation.



Prepare a Horizontal Analysis for all 3 financial statements, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


Company name: General Mills Competitor: Kellogg’s

General Mills is the company. You must obtain the financials for the most recent three-year period. Based on the company financials

  1. Prepare a Horizontal Analysis for all 3 financial statements
  2. Prepare a Vertical Analysis for the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  3. Prepare a Ratio Analysis for each of the following:

a. Current ratio

b. Acid-test ratio

c. Receivable turnover

d. Inventory turnover

e. Profit margin

f. Asset turnover

g. Return on Assets

h. Return on Common Stockholder’s Equity

i. EPS (Earnings Per Share)

j. Debt to total Assets ratio

k. Times Interest Earned

The financial statements for General Mills can be retrieved at their website or at You must use the most recent 2 years for your analysis. Their competitor is Kellogg’s and you will use this information for a ratio analysis

Your analysis should include a comparative analysis that is Intracompany (Horizontal & Vertical analysis for 2 years) and Intercompany (by way comparison of Ratios to a Major Competitor for the most recent year). Possible explanations for major differences should be provided. You must use a formula for all numbers that require a calculation (ratio, total, difference, etc.)


Prepare a Horizontal Analysis for all 3 financial statements, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Skill of choosing, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

For this assignment Please write down events that fit in different categories (red, green, yellow, and gray). If you are not in the workforce, then focus on the personal domain.This is a 2 day activity,but complete it in 1 day.Attached you will find skill of choosing transcripts from the video and a poster on the colors

  1. Write down as many RED activities (true urgencies) that you can imagine in 3 minutes.
  1. Write down as many GREEN activities (go here) that you can imagine in 3 minutes.
  1. Write down as many YELLOW activities (caution – reschedule) that you can imagine in 3 minutes.
  1. Write down at least 3 GRAY activities (time wasters) that you can remove from your life and free up more time for your course work.
  1. Add up the amount of time you spent in each color for both days and then divide by 2 to get an “average” over the 2 days. Input your results in hours:




  1. How do you think coloring your choices will help free up the time you will need for pursuing your degree?


The Sampling Distribution Mathematics Assignment Help

1. Please prepare 2-3 paragraph answer for :

When politicians make claims that we need to spend a large amount of money to achieve a goal, the claim is often made without legitimate evidence to support a claim that a given program will have a particular result. Let’s say that a politician wants to implement a nation-wide education program. The politician gave four examples of schools that used the program: scores at the schools increased 0.5, 1, 2, and 2.5 points respectively (the nation-wide average of the scores is 70). The politician gave no additional evidence about the effectiveness of the program.

Your task: What questions or comments would you have pertaining to the statistical claim made by the politician? You might inquire about the sample, the sampling methods, the full population, the sampling distribution of the mean, and whatever would be useful to more accurately or precisely describe the effectiveness of the program. At the end of your post, state whether you would conclude that the program will increase scores nation-wide.

Note that it is a separate question of whether it is “worth it” to effect change by taking money from people in the form of taxes to pay for a program.

2. Vocabulary and R functions

a) What is a sampling distribution (include an APA citation)? _________

b) What is the Law of Large Numbers?________

Describe in your own words (do not directly quote any source) the
difference between the distribution of a sample and the sampling
distribution. Use an example in which the original population has a
binomial distribution. You will probably use concepts from the book or
another source, so be sure to cite any concepts that come from such
sources (even if you paraphrase).


Feasibility Industry analysis, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

my business idea is to open coffee shop “CoffeeInn”. So, what I need you to do is to write a feasibility analysis of my industry (coffee shop). For parts 1-5 and 7 you have to circle the most appropriate answer and make note of the (-1),(0), (+1) score.
For part 6 you have to write a summary about 4 pages long where you have to specify the name of the business (in my situation coffee shop “CoffeeInn”, business model, and two page summary of the business that includes:

– Precisely and concisely explain your concept, the key benefits it offers, the target market(s) that will value this benefit, and most important, how it will be a distinctive addition to those markets’ current options!
For part 7
you have to write Industry and market feasibility analysis about 4 pages where you have to specify


Industry attractiveness / Industry Analysis (extensive research is needed to conduct a comprehensive industry analysis)


Market Analysis


Timeliness of entry into the target market

Industry Attractiveness

  • To the extent possible, research & assess the industry at the five-digit NAICS code level your potential business will be entering. Use a broader industry category (less NCICS digits) if appropriate (
  • Also review the full list of resources in textbook (Appendix 3.2- Page 108-109 & your library. Your ability to research is PART of this ASSIGNMENT. Be investigative & CITE your sources)
  • Assess the attractiveness of the industry and competition
    and then cycle Industry attractiveness assessment tool and
    -Include above survey

    -One page summary (min) of your industry

    -One page summary of your direct, indirect, and future competitors

    Prompting Questions:

    Is there a demand for the benefit you intend to create?
    How much does this demand depend on price? Product? Etc.
    I attached the assignment. The paper should include the cycle answers and industry analysis. total number of pages should be about 8 and plus cyrcle answers.


create a heuristic problem solving method, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Will need to create a heuristic problem solving method for my assignment this week (700 words)

Instructions from the professor: You will create a heuristic problem solving method that you could use with your students at the grade level you instruct. If you teach more than one grade level, choose one and denote the level your method is designed for. Part 1 come up with use a heuristic model

Part 2

You will need to explain each step of the model that could be made the students in your class to see and utilize.

Part 3

The third part of the assignment is to find, or create, a problem to solve utilizing your method. Please outline the steps to solve the problem, explaining how each part of the model is used. These links were shared during class work……


Developing client-practitioner relationships Humanities Assignment Help

Developing client-practitioner relationships Humanities Assignment Help

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