different gatherings of people that specialized communicators talk , communication assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

different gatherings of people that specialized communicators talk , communication assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help. different gatherings of people that specialized communicators talk , communication assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help.

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In our past discussion, we investigated a portion of the different gatherings of people that specialized communicators talk with, and their different characteristics. In this dialog, we will concentrate on best procedures for contacting these groups of onlookers. How might you speak with different groups of onlookers? Would you utilize messages? Preparing recordings? Manuals with design? Sites? Websites? Different channels? For this discourse, pick two target crowds, one specialized (client bolster, innovative work, and so on.) and one nontechnical (administration, promoting, deals, clients, and so on.), and depict how you would teach them on another specialized item that was being produced and dispatched. 

In your reactions to your companions, talk about whether you concur with their methodologies, portray why or why not, and offer options where pertinent. Give strong thinking to your decisions and procedures.

different gatherings of people that specialized communicators talk , communication assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discuss the relationship between staffing and business strategy, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

  1. Discuss
    the relationship between staffing and business strategy.

  2. Compare
    & Contrast: HRP & Succession Planning.

  3. Compare
    & Contrast: EEO & AAP.

  4. Compare
    and contrast selection methods appropriate for external vs. internal selection.

  5. Discuss
    the role of job analysis in the staffing process.

  6. One
    writer describes selection as “hypothesis testing.” Explain.

  7. Why
    is effective measurement important to HR selection?

  8. A
    male scored three points higher than a female on a selection test. The female
    was hired. The male filed a reverse discrimination case on the basis of unfair
    use of test scores for selection. What evidence would he have to provide to
    support his claim (alternatively what evidence would the company have to
    provide to support its hiring decision)?

  9. What
    employment laws are enforced by the EEOC? Describe in some detail one that was
    passed in 2008.

Just need these answered in short essay as they relate to HRM.


Control Function Analysis, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Control Function Analysis

Today’s workforce is diverse in terms of age and other aspects that influence performance and success. Leaders must both motivate and support employees so that they can continuously adapt to change while creating opportunity in their careers.

Develop a 2,100-word analysis of how change management can help retain or promote employee loyalty by taking into account:

  • Motivating individuals to stay engaged
  • Monitoring employee performance through the control function of management
  • Communicating the change process at both a strategic and tactical level

Include at least three peers reviewed references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 


Individual Project Unit: Risk Methodologies, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Type: Individual Project

Unit: Risk Methodologies

Due Date: Sat, 9/17/16

Grading Type: Numeric

PointsPossible: 200

Deliverable Length: 6–12 slides with 150–200 words in notes section

Respond to the following scenario with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and
clear, and use research to reinforce your ideas.

Apix is considering coffee packaging as an additional diversification to its product
line. Here’s information regarding the coffee packaging project:

     investment outlay of $40 million, consisting of $35 million for equipment
     and $5 million for net working capital (NWC) (plastic substrate and ink inventory);
     NWC recoverable in terminal year

  • Project and equipment life: 5 years
  • Sales: $27 million per year for five years
  • Assume gross margin of 50% (exclusive of depreciation)
  • Depreciation:  Straight-line for tax purposes
  • Selling, general, and administrative expenses: 10% of sales
  • Tax rate:      35%
  • Assume a WACC of 10%.

Should the coffee packaging project be accepted? Why or why not? Compute the project’s IRR
and NPV.

In addition, answer the following questions:

Do you believe that there was sufficient financial information to make a solid
     decision on what to do?

  • Was there further financial information that you required that was not provided to
  • What financial figure do you believe was the determinant to your decision and
  • How would you be able to apply this particular financial information to other
  • Discuss risk methodologies used in capital budgeting.


Students are to post a recent news article/video from a reputable news source, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

This is a MBA all references need to be scholarly and original work.

1- Students are to post a recent news article/video from a
reputable news source related to the topic of international business focused on
the country of INDIA along with the relevancy to the course and key learning
points from the article.

2- What are 3 or 4 key learning points from this week’s
readings? Why were these important ideas or concepts and how do they relate to
international business in today’s environment?

3- Discuss the “Indiana versus India” anecdote,
recounted in the second section of Chapter Four. Which approach benefits
Americans more: offshoring state projects and cutting taxpayer expenditures, or
paying higher wages to maintain job security at home?


Friedman, Chapter 4 & 5

Thomas & Inkson, Chapter 3

“How Global Brands
Compete” by Douglas Holt, John Quelch,and Earl Taylor

“Strategies That Fit Emerging Markets” by Tarun Khanna,
Krishna Palepu, and Jayant Shinha

“Fundamentals of Global Strategy 2: The Globalization of
Companies and Industries” by Cornelis DeKluyer



Compare Jazz music with another genre of music still listed to today, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

In a comparative essay of at least 400 words, research and compare jazz with a genre of music that is still listened to, today.  MUST BE THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED AND WELL WRITTEN

Please write your essay in MLA format, and follow the standard five paragraph model. Your essay should have an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. If you need help with how to write an essay in MLA format or the five paragraph model, please refer to the following links:

You must use at least 2 credible sources other than your textbook and provide a Works Cited page with your sources. Failure to include a Works Cited page will result in a rejected assignment.

Remember to write in your own words and in complete sentences.

Compare Jazz music with another genre of music still listed to today, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

English Origins, Colonial Beginnings, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Discussion Assignment:  (5 bonus points)

For 5 bonus points and to help with this assignment, respond to this question:  Did John Locke’s Second Treatise of Civil Government reflect new ideas of liberty and freedom developing in Europe? How did this impact on the colonists’ notions of self-rule? Post your thoughts on the ” Week One, Part B – Locke’s Second Treatise of Civil Government” discussion forum. The course discussions are an integral part of your learning experience in this course. I expect you to participate seriously; I will monitor and occasionally involve myself in the discussions.


Motivating Individuals, Case Study I help Humanities Assignment Help

Case Study I (Motivating Individuals):

This is an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned in the course, readings, discussions, and personal experiences into a well-developed analysis. There is no specific right or wrong answer with these cases, just a means to demonstrate your mastery of the knowledge. 

Review the video in this week, RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us, and consider the various details associated with the theories they support. After examining all the data, consider an organization you know well and implement some of these ideas to increase motivation and effectiveness within your organization. Consider how the organizational culture impacts these ideas, how receptive leadership will be, and how employees will accept possible changes.

Due Sunday at 11:59 PM ET

Here are the minimal requirements for the assignment:

  • Identify the key and underlying issues. This is not a simple listing, but more of an in-depth analysis and how these apply to the concepts and theories you have learned within the course
  • Develop the key facts to support the issues. This is area that will require some thought with the expectation that you will only list pertinent data
  • Discuss the solution to the problem and how to implement this to become more effective. This is an analysis of the problem within the Case Study. Also, make efforts to support your solutions with references from the textbook, readings, or other sources
  • No more than 15% of your paper should be from direct quotes
  • This is expected to be 2-3 pages (excluding the Title Page and Reference Page). Ensure the paper is typed, double-spaced, and enumerated on the top right corner in the margin with 1″ margins on all sides. Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font. In addition, submit the final copy as a .doc, not .pdf.  Do not submit an Abstract. You must include a Title and Reference Page
  • All sources must be cited in APA format within the reference page and in-text citations
  • The current edition of the APA is the guiding manual for form and style for this project. Each student is expected to find relevant, recent, and credible research. Under no circumstances will references from dictionaries or encyclopedias be accepted as references, including online sources such as Wikipedia
  • Submit your paper to Turnitin.com through the digital drop box to have it checked for any plagiarism issues


Three common types of plagiarism you need to be aware of as a student:

  • Recycling a paper; “double-dipping”; self-plagiarism: Reusing a paper you have written for a previous course
  • Copying directly from a source without proper quotations or paraphrasing: When you try to pass something off as your own work
  • Not using proper citations


Director’s presentation, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Director’s Presentation

The Final Project will illustrate how family-centered programs, theories, and concepts support the early childhood classroom and the child’s family. The family-centered approach asserts that family involvement is important for a young child’s cognitive and social development. The Final Project, which will be presented via PowerPoint, will address the following scenario:

You are the director of a preschool program that serves children ages three to five. You are giving a presentation to teachers and parents to encourage partnerships in the education of the whole child. The objective of your presentation is to encourage adaptive skills and to facilitate strategies in which to maximize these abilities that can be taught in the classroom and extended at home. Address the following points:

Self-help skills.

Pro-social skills.

Self-regulation skills.

For each of the three skill-sets:

Explain the desired skills and how they relate to the classroom and home.

Identify and discuss two to three strategies for teaching the skill-set to children in the classroom.

Explain how you will help parents to utilize the strategies to reinforce the desired ability at home.

Identify and describe a resource (either community or web-based) for the parents to use to continue their learning at home.

The PowerPoint presentation must be 20 to 28 slides in length, not including title and reference slides. You are encouraged to creatively address the material by including graphics, visuals, charts, graphs, and/or sound. Slides should be designed to clearly and concisely address the material. The PowerPoint presentation must be formatted according to APA style (i.e., include the title and reference slides and citations within each slide when appropriate.) The notes section of the PowerPoint must be utilized to expand on your presented points. The notes section should also include any additional information necessary to explain or show your point of view. You must also use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text and include at least four community resources (with websites included).

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment


famous Latin American baseball players, Spanish project help Foreign Languages Assignment Help

Many people refer to baseball as, “the great American pastime”, but it is also a popular sport in the Caribbean countries like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba etc. Do you like baseball? Do you watch games on television? Have you ever played baseball? What do you know about the sport and its rules? Are you familiar with any of the names of the sport’s most famous players, past and present?


You  will research famous Latin American baseball players. You will choose and will research on 3 different players . Additionally, you will research facts on that town in order to make a presentation on that town and its famous players . Make sure you read the rubric.




Needs Work


Information well organized. completed in Spanish.

Information only partially organized or incomplete. Some Spanish is used

No real evidence of research. Used little or no Spanish


Good slides that includes the 3 baseball players and five interesting facts about the selected city and or country.Minimum of 10 slides or exceeds expectations

Disorganized information or not much effort on presentation. less than 10 slides

 Little to no effort on presentation..


different gatherings of people that specialized communicators talk , communication assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

different gatherings of people that specialized communicators talk , communication assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

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