Dinosaur Theme Park – Assignments Help $15 – 3 days Deadline Computer Science Assignment Help

Dinosaur Theme Park – Assignments Help $15 – 3 days Deadline Computer Science Assignment Help. Dinosaur Theme Park – Assignments Help $15 – 3 days Deadline Computer Science Assignment Help.

Overview of the Project:

Welcome to your Dinosaur Theme Park Project!

  Congratulations! You are on a team that has been hired by a famous Dinosaur Theme Park to make sure their information technology systems are the best they can be! Having learned from past mistakes they are sparing no expense and paying you and your team good money to make sure any information technology-related tasks that are necessary to keep the park thriving are in place and functioning properly. “Thriving” means happy dinosaurs, happy employees, and, most of all, happy visitors – this will lead to happy investors.

  The Park is divided into seven areas. You choose which area you want to work with.Areas are capped at four IT consultants each, so if you have a strong desire to work with the T. Rex, you should sign up quickly!

  After you’ve signed up for an area, you will see a folder with five tasks for that area. Please consult with your professor to see when the deadlines for the tasks are.

  The concepts you will cover in this project are applicable to a wide range of industries, not only a Dinosaur Theme Park.

Note: while it’s helpful if you have seen the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movies that is not necessary. There is a wealth of information about the Jurassic World Theme Park at http://www.jurassicworld.com/ You can also view these trailers:





It’s really helpful when you’re watching the trailers/movie to think about how you could have prevented all the things that went wrong from going wrong, by using better information technology systems and practices.

So, I have chosen this area to work.

Park Area – 1:

 Park Area 1 is responsible for the herbivorous dinosaurs, including Triceratops Territory, Gallimimus Valley(http://www.jurassicworld.com/park-map/gallimimus-valley/), Pachy Arena, and the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo(http://www.jurassicworld.com/park-map/gentle-giants-petting-zoo/) Check http://www.jurassicworld.com/dinosaurs/ to see which are in your area.

and Here is the Task – 1 you need to do in this week. I Promise that i will assign the remaining 4 tasks to you only. So Keep in Mind while placing BID. Find the attachment of TASK – 1 Below.



Overall $15 is the maximum that I can pay for Task -1 . Will Increase amount for the next 4 tasks.  Don’t Worry I will assign most of my works to you only. You can see on my profile too I will post around 10 – 15 works every week which worth around $400 – $600. So Keep them in Mind While placing Bid. 

All Assignments will be checked by Safe Assign so Strictly No Plagiarism – Do the Fresh Work Please – Take Care of Grammar.


Budget – $15

Deadline : 3 days.

Dinosaur Theme Park – Assignments Help $15 – 3 days Deadline Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Gen Eduantion Writing Assignment Help

Prepare: In preparation for discussing the importance of critical thinking skills, please read Chapters 1 through 3 of Think Smarter: Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills, as well as the following articles: “Critical Thinking and the Challenges of Internet,” “Common Misconceptions of Critical Thinking.”
Reflect: Critical thinking gets you involved in a dialogue with the ideas you read from others in this class. To be a critical thinker, you need to be able to summarize, analyze, hypothesize, and evaluate the new information that you encounter.
Write: For this discussion

  • Define, describe, and explain the principles of critical thinking.
  • Search the Internet, media, or the Ashford University Library, and find an example of good, careful (critical) thinking, and explain why you think it exemplifies strong critical thinking skills. Post a link or reference information for that source, describe the content, and explain how it is a good example of critical thinking.
  • Search the Internet, media, or the Ashford University Library and find an example that lacks good, careful (critical thinking). Post a link or reference information for that source, describe the content, and explain why you think it demonstrates poor critical thinking skills.
  • Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly sources, and properly cite any references.
  • Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length.


Child Development: Hand Washing Humanities Assignment Help


Question # 1:

After watching the “Hand Washing Activity with Children” video in the Module, answer the following question (5 points):

State five teaching techniques you observed in the video. 

What is a teaching technique? Teaching techniques are methods teachers use to help the children understand the concept they are teaching the children. What did they do or bring to the lesson that engaged children’s interest or helped teach the activity? 

Number each technique and explain what you saw. Write your answers in complete sentences and be sure to proof read.

Question # 2:

After watching the Handwashing Activity with Children video answer the following question (5 points):Remember that you can access the video in Module 2.

Suggest something thing you would add to this activity (as the teacher). Think of a way to further engage the children or even a follow up activity you could do the next time-briefly describe what you would do.


Manipulating Proteins With Jmol Computer Tool Programming Assignment Help

For this assignment you need to use Jmol. Please don’t bid on this question if you are unfamiliar with the tool !


1. Go to http://bioinformatics.org/firstglance/fgij/  

2. Enter protein code 4NG4 (select ‘Use Java’ box if you have it on your computer; if not leave it unchecked)

3. Obtain the following molecular pictures and take screenshots of each

       a) Cartoon View of protein, ligand in CPK specify

       b) Spacefill CPK of protein, ligand spacefill green

       c) View of isolated active site (7-10 Angstroms), including ligand

        d) Stick scheme view with significant H-bonds between the ligand and protein

        e) Slabbed view of specify CPK protein with hydrophobic residues colored in yellow

Send screenshots of images upon completion.

Again, only bid on this question if you are proficient with Jmol as this is urgent !!!



Special Education- Preschool Classroom Plan Humanities Assignment Help

Preschool Plan

For this Final Project, you will be given the opportunity to pull together everything you have learned these past five weeks into a cohesive classroom plan for a three- to five- year-old preschool program. The following is the make-up of your classroom. 

You have 12 students total:

  1. Eight students are typically developing. 
  2. One student has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
  3. One student exhibits the following behaviors but has not been diagnosed with any particular learning need or disability. 
    1. Limited language 
    2. Jumps from activity to activity 
    3. Engages only in parallel play 
  4. One student who has a Sensory Processing Disorder (e.g. she is sensitive to light, sound, smells, and textures such as paint, sand, glue, and clothing and she avoids physical proximity to people). 
  5. One student who is both cognitively and linguistically advanced.

For this classroom plan, you must show your administration or director that you have the necessary strategies in place to effectively instruct each of your 12 students based on their individual needs. You will present this in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation will be 14 to 16 slides (not including title and reference slides), one slide for each of the following elements: 

  1. A title slide 
  2. A reference slide 
  3. Create a mission statement regarding developmentally appropriate practices with three- to five-year-olds (i.e. what is DAP and how does it apply to your teaching of these children?) 
  4. An outline of the laws governing exceptional children that impact your instruction 
  5. A description of the classroom environment you will provide for these 12 children 
  6. A discussion of how you will communicate with the families of your students in order to meet the individual needs of each child 
  7. A description of two to three specific instructional approaches you will utilize in your instruction, as well as why you feel your chosen approaches will be effective 
  8. An explanation of your instructional techniques/plans for the eight typically developing students 
  9. A description of your instructional plan, including accommodations, modifications, and services available to your student who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  10. A discussion of your instructional plan, including accommodations, modifications and services available to your student who exhibits certain behaviors but has not been diagnosed 
  11. An explanation of your instructional plan, including accommodations, modifications and services available to your student who has a Sensory Processing Disorder 
  12. A description of your instructional plan, including modifications/extensions for your student who is cognitively and linguistically advanced.
  13. Create a sample lesson plan using the required Lesson Plan Template, showing how you will meet the needs of all learners for your chosen lesson (remember, the lesson you choose must be developmentally appropriate).  It is required that you use the Lesson Plan Template to complete this portion of your assignment.  It is suggested that you utilize the Early Childhood and Child Development: Lesson Plan Handbook as a guide for how to more effectively plan this lesson. 
  14. An explanation of why you feel you have a comprehensive plan for meeting the needs of all of your students

You are encouraged to creatively address the material by including graphics, charts, and/or graphs. This presentation must be formatted according to APA style, including the title and reference slides and citing within slides when applicable. The notes section of the PowerPoint should be utilized in order to effectively elaborate on each necessary component. Lastly, you must use at least five scholarly resources (e.g. peer-reviewed journal article, book, website for a special education organization, etc.) as well as the course text. Remember to cite your sources throughout the presentation in order to support your ideas.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.



Software Development Assignments for $15 Computer Science Assignment Help

Q1. Considering your learnings throughout the course so far, compare and contrast the SCRUM agile software development approach to the more traditional software development life cycle or “waterfall” approach. Your analysis should be more comprehensive than the initial considerations you addressed within Week 1.

Requirement: 225 Words

Deadline: 12 Hours.

Q2.  For the following exercises, use the patient information system introduced as a case study within Chapter 1. Use this case study across all exercises.

1. Create one or more UML activity diagram(s) illustrating how this system might handle the management of individual care needs, patient monitoring and administrative reporting. Include at least 10 elements or process boxes within your diagram.

o Use the drawing features within applications like Word, PowerPoint or Visio to generate the diagram. If Visio is used, print the file to a .pdf format prior to submitting it for grading.

2. Write 15 or more SCRUM user stories for the patient information system.  Use the following story format: “As a (role), I want/need (functionality), so that I can (justification/benefit).”

o Normally, user stories are transferred into story cards written on index cards or post-it notes. Then, the story cards are posted on a story board.

o For this assignment, user stories can be submitted using Microsoft Word.

3. Using the user stories, you just identified, create a prioritized Product Backlog for the patient information system. The highest priority items should be near the top of your Product Backlog, with the lowest priority appearing toward the bottom.

4. Using the Product Backlog, you just identified, create a Sprint Backlog that might be suitable for a 2-week sprint.

Find the Below Attached Document for the Case Study. (Must Read)

Requirement:  3 – 4 Pages

Deadline: Two Days

Software Development Assignments for $15 Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

create a Marketing Plan Other Assignment Help

create a Marketing Plan for a Community
Health Center that you will be able to choose (Any Health Care
Facility). The Marketing Plan is designed to Identify customers’ needs,
Evaluate whether the organization can meet those needs in some way that
allows for profitable exchanges with customers to occur, Develop a
mission statement, strategy, and organization centered on those needs.
Create offerings that are the result of meticulous market research. Form
operations and supply chains that advance the successful delivery of
those offerings. Pursue advertising, promotional, and public relations
campaigns that lead to continued successful exchanges between the
company and its customers. Engage in meaningful communications with
customers on a regular basis


Literary Analysis Humanities Assignment Help

A literary analysis explores a
work of fiction, offering insight
and interpretation to
the work.
A literary analysis is not
merely one’s reaction to a
reading of fictional literature;
it is an objective argument
(written with third person
pronouns) that uses a
primary text to provide
The work of fiction itself is
considered a primary text,
and the external research
sources are considered
secondary sources. A literary
analysis often uses
secondary research to
strengthen its argument.
Critical thinking is a key
element to literary analysis,
and reading fictional texts
closely employ skills needed across the disciplines, from
comprehension to use of
language to better
observation skills. These
critical reading strategies will
be useful as one undertakes
new courses.
Through literary analysis,
once can better connect with
a culture, an event, and the
overall human experience.
Fictional works cover broad
themes, and they include
nearly all disciplines, from
religion to psychology to

Assignment:  For this assignment you will
analyze ONE fictional work
listed under your course
theme. This theme must be
discussed in your response,
and you must include at least
one secondary source.
As you work, consider how
your particular theme is
treated within the work of

Two full pages
Discussion of course theme
One secondary source
MLA style/documentation
Times New Roman, 12-point font
Works Cited and corresponding
parenthetical citations


Lead Engineer Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a lead project engineer for Cards4U Inc. Currently, you are in the midst of planning a new card line. You are the lead engineer, so you must work with all levels of staff and engineers as well as with prospective clients and their customers to monitor this project. You must also report back to your chief executive officer (CEO) and obtain progress reports throughout the entire process while monitoring designers from the planning stages through to delivery. Your CEO requires that you write a proposal to showcase your most recent prototype of personalized musical cards.

Use the scenario above to help create your executive summary. (details in the executive)

  • Create an executive summary that highlights your business plan in a 3-4 page report.
  • Create details such as the business name, location, product plan, and purpose of the plan.

Please submit your assignment.

Adhere to MLA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements.


Literature Description of a railway station from the picture Other Assignment Help


I need to write a short story and I will need a lyrical prose description for a railway station. It has to include the crowd, the feeling of loneliness, of littleness in such a huge and cold building. It’s a place where people are busy, worried, and in a hurry. The building description has to have some architectural words. The whole work has to be original. Even if you find inspiration from somewhere, please don’t simply copy/paste, change the words, use different adjectives/adverbs, whatever, you should already know how to do it. I use different programs to check for plagiarism.  I will need samples of your previous work or you will have to send me a phrase with the description, I need to see your style before I will accept your bid. I did accept a bid for an original poem before and work was horrible, and I can’t dispute that because is a matter of content. The tutor did deliver on time and did sent me a lot of words, but not the right ones. So, please don’t bid if you are not willing to show me a sample of your work. If I will be satisfied, you will get to work with me in the future and have your name acknowledged in my future book, and of course a great tip. Thank you


https://anyessayhelp.com/ for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.