Directions: This essay is about China, the “New Silk Road” (or “Belt and Road Initiative”), and the Uighurs. 1.

Directions: This essay is about China, the “New Silk Road” (or “Belt and Road Initiative”), and the Uighurs.

1. Watch the documentary film below and take notes.
2. Refer to the additional sources below, and decide on at least two to use in your essay.
3. Write an outline for your essay that shows how historical processes have influenced the current situation between the Han Chinese and the Uighurs. Your discussion should include the (Old and New) Silk Road as a connection between the past and present, and between the Han Chinese and the Uighurs.
Do not turn in your outline, but use it to structure your 3 page essay.
4. Write your essay in the required format. Be sure to have an introduction and conclusion, as well as your supporting information in the body of your paper.
Specifications: Essays should be approximately 3 pages of text double-spaced (about 750 words), with standard margins, in something like Times New Roman 12 point font. Length does not include any bibliography, images, or cover page. Your paper should use the film and at least 2 sources from this folder. Citation style should be ASA author-date format, which uses in-text citations as you write and includes a full reference list at the end of your paper. (Please see posted resources in the Citation folder under Course Documents.) Complete writing expectations and grading criteria are in the Documentary Film Essay Rubric, also located in this folder. Write in your own words, providing citations for all information you obtain from other sources (i.e., not just quotes). Minimal use of quotes is okay, but the few quotes you use should be in “” and cited appropriately (including page number) as outlined in the ASA resources provided.
Click on the bold title above [“Documentary Film Essay”] to turn in your paper (as a Word document or rich text file) once you are finished. Your score will be the rubric score 10 points for completion (for a total of 60 points possible).

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