Disaster recovery Computer Science Assignment Help

Disaster recovery Computer Science Assignment Help. Disaster recovery Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Module 4 Real World Exercise

Graded Assignments may be found at the end of each chapter of the required textbook under the title “Real-World Exercises”. Each assignment is due Sunday evening before 11:59 p.m. EST. of the respective week. Each student is to complete the exercise listed below. Provide documented evidence, in Moodle, of completion of the chosen exercise (i.e. provide answers to each of the stated questions). Detailed and significant answers will be allotted full point value. Incomplete, inaccurate, or inadequate answers will receive less than full credit depending on the answers provided. Plagiarism will be awarded ZERO points (no makeups, no excises). All submissions need to submitted in the appropriate area of Moodle. Late submissions, hardcopy, or email submissions will not be accepted. (50 points).

From Chapter 4, page 156, Real World Exercise 5

Paper should be 500 word and provide references,

please find the question from the below textbook

Michael E. Whitman, Herbert J. Mattord, Andrew Green. Principles of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery (2014). Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1111138059.

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Budget breakdown with project conclusion statement Computer Science Assignment Help

This is a group project. Please provide a detailed breakdown of the below budget and add a conclusion statement for the entire project. In the.budget breakdown, explain the importance of the below budget, and its impact/effect on the entire project. The project topic is “Implementation of Electronic Health Record” just to give you an idea about the project. The breakdown and the conclusion statement should be at least 2 to 2 and half pages (word document) with minimum of 2 or 3 references.

  1. Budget

The estimated budget for the implementation of this solution includes equipment purchased as well as rates for workers




Total Cost

Dell Optiplex 3070 Micro (256GB SSD)




CAT5e Ethernet Cables (100ft)




CAT5e Ethernet Cables (25ft)








Workstation on Wheels




Estimated Total Cost of Implementation of the Product (Hardware)




Hourly Rate

Total Hours

Total Cost

Project Manager





Software Engineer





Quality Assurance Tester





System Architect





Scrum Master





Software Trainer





Clinical Data Manager





Estimated Total Cost of the Implementation of the Product (Labor)



Essay Question Writing Assignment Help

1. A. What is meant by “Emotion Sharing Interprets Sensory Stimulation?” B. Provide a real-life example.

2. A. Why are shared emotions so powerful? B. Provide a real-life example that has involved your own internal cues and describe the outcome. C. In your opinion, why is this information important when working with infants/toddlers?

3. What is meant by Shared Positive Emotions (SPE) Open Pathways to Learning?

4. A. What are the detrimental effects of negative emotion sharing and how does this occur? B. Provide a real or mock example that would support your answer.


5 page essay on acropolis musuem Humanities Assignment Help

  1. While going through the exhibit take notes. What you like. What you do not like. Is the depiction fair or biased? What did you learn? Would you recommend it? If so, why? Was the site user friendly? Was it a waste of time, money, & space? Should it be an exhibit? What type of audience is it designed for? Does it fit in with what you have read or discussed in the textbook & class discussions? Be specific—Who, what, when, where, how, why, results, etc.
  2. Write a five-page explanation for me—you can include the information above, but I want a thorough job. Watch the errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, citation, etc. Cite the information appropriately that you use in your work. Check out the grading rubric in the course information section if you are wondering about the grading guidelines. Your finished product (in the correct format—MLA, Font 12 Times New Roman, 1” margins, double-spaced, and pages numbered. I also want a title page included.) should be uploaded through TurnItIn. Sloppy work will be penalized.


security assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

Write an essay of at least 500 words discussing how database auditing and monitoring fit within a SOX compliance framework.

Do not copy without providing proper attribution. This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign.

Write in essay format not in outline, bulleted, numbered or other list format.

Use the five paragraph format. Each paragraph must have at least five sentences. Include 3 quotes with quotation marks and cited in-line and in a list of references. Include an interesting meaninful title.

Include at least one quote from each of 3 different articles. Use the Research Databases available from the Danforth Library, not Google. Place the words you copied (do not alter or paraphrase the words) in quotation marks and cite in-line (as all work copied from another should be handled). The quotes should be full sentences (no more, less) and should be incorporated in your discussion (they do not replace your discussion) to illustrate or emphasize your ideas.

Cite your sources in a clickable reference list at the end. Do not copy without providing proper attribution (quotation marks and in-line citations).

It is important that you use your own words, that you cite your sources, that you comply with the instructions regarding length of your submission Do not use spinbot or other word replacement software. Proof read your work or have it edited. Find something interesting and/or relevant to your work to write about.

Please do not submit attachments unless requested.

task 2

Compare and contrast two difference cloud computing services (Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure). Explain the differences and the similarities and select your choice of providers if you had to make the decision for your business. Write up a comparison on the services offered (2 pages maximum). Once again, it is essential that you use your own words (do not just copy and paste from the Internet).

These two links may offer some additional information for this assignment but you are encouraged to use additional sources for your project/assignment.



Upload your completed assignment here by clicking the BLUE assignment link above.




Developing Intimacy with your Data – Examination, Transformation, Exploration Computer Science Assignment Help


This exercise involves you working with a dataset of your choosing. Visit the Kaggle website, browse through the options and find a dataset of interest, then follow the simple instructions to download it. With acquisition completed, work through the remaining key steps of examining, transforming and exploring your data to develop a robust familiarization with its potential offering:

Examination: Thoroughly examine the physical properties (type, size, condition) of your dataset, noting down useful observations or descriptions where relevant.

Transformation: What could you do/would you need to do to clean or modify the existing data to create new values to work with? What other data could you imagine would be valuable to consolidate the existing data?

Exploration: Using a tool of your choice (such as Excel, Tableau, R) to visually explore the dataset in order to deepen your appreciation of the physical properties and their discoverable qualities (insights) to help you cement your understanding of their respective value. If you don’t have scope or time to use a tool, use your imagination to consider what angles of analysis you might explore if you had the opportunity? What piques your interest about this subject?

(You can, of course, repeat this exercise on any subject and any dataset of your choice, not just those on Kaggle.)

Assignment Link: http://book.visualisingdata.com/chapter/chapter-4

Assignment Length (word count): At least 550 words (not including direct quotes).

References: At least three peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.

Developing Intimacy with your Data – Examination, Transformation, Exploration Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Visual Communication Writing Assignment Help


  • Determine the historical impact of art on modern culture, society, and the workplace.
  • Identify the role of music, poetry, prose, and visual art in the modern world and workplace.
  • Utilize art elements in real-world contexts and the workplace.
  • Apply strategies for evaluating different art forms in various contexts.
  • Explain how art contributes to problem solving skills and idea creation in personal and professional experience.
  • Identify how art benefits wellness and creativity in the community and workplace.


You are an independent contractor who has been hired by a multinational technology company to increase productivity at one branch office. The location in question is failing miserably and your contract with this company is a last ditch effort to bring this location’s productivity up, or else it will be shut down. The designers haven’t submitted a good, usable design to headquarters in months.

When you begin your work figuring out what’s going wrong, you immediately see many red flags. Records show that employees call in sick frequently, come in late, leave early, and several complaints between employees have been filed by Human Resources.

When you visit the office, you are immediately struck by what a dismal environment you see. Florescent lights flicker over beige cubicles, ambient noise of machines buzzing and phones ringing fills your ears, and employees look bored and tired. You notice only one communal work space piled over with old projects and clutter. The supply room is sparse. The break room is small and cluttered, and nobody is using it.

You decide to interview employees and learn some alarming information; employees mostly work alone, do not seem to know each other well, some outright dislike one another, they report having no fun or enjoyment while at work, and some suffer chronic work-related health problems such as migraines and back pain. You notice wonderful diversity among employees, yet nobody seems to appreciate or understand the unique perspectives of their colleagues.

It is clear to you that this office is not conducive to the kind of creative collaboration necessary to pull it out of its slump. Using what you know about the importance of art in the world and workplace, you will come up with a plan to solve these problems.


Assemble a portfolio of recommendations on how to turn this office from a non-productive location to a creative hub of productivity.

Portfolio should include the following parts:

Part 1

Compose an introduction (1-2 paragraphs) indicating the historical impact of art on modern culture, society, and the workplace.

Part 2

Create an infographic on how to use the arts to promote the following within the company:

  • Collaboration between colleagues
  • Multiculturalism/diversity
  • Community engagement

Part 3

Construct a visual model using diagram software of the ideal creative workspace that includes the following areas:

  • A space for individual work
  • A space for collaborative work
  • Public interaction area
  • Visual display areas

NOTE – You may add additional areas as you see fit.

Each area in the workspace must be clearly numbered and the following questions answered:

  • How will this space be used and by whom?
  • What Elements of Art and Principles of Design will be used in this space?
  • How does the space promote creativity and collaboration?
  • How will the arts be used to promote creativity and well-being?

Part 4

Create a descriptive resource list with contact data of at least six funding possibilities for art events. Each resource should briefly explain the resource and how the employer might use it.


Visual Communication Writing Assignment Help


You are newly appointed to the communication team for a reputable philanthropic organization. The current task is for your team to create a global campaign that visually conveys a social message both here in the United States, as well as globally. This visual campaign message will use strategic visual communication to appeal to these differing audiences to reduce and potentially eliminate racial prejudice. Your visual communication campaign will be directed toward audiences from both the United States and another country of your choice.

The board of directors has asked you to assemble four video presentations and one instructional document to submit for their review. They have asked that the total video presentations’ length be under three minutes, and that you present visual examples while verbally explaining the main points of the analysis. You are reminded that four separate links need to be submitted for their review, along with your instructional document for the communication team.

Visual Campaign Elements:

  1. Create two ideas for promotional documents (flyers, pamphlets, etc.) to appeal to both your targeted U.S. viewers and to your targeted viewers from the other global country of your choice.
    Both of these documents should strategically utilize the following visual communication elements:
    1. color
    2. lines
    3. balance
    4. contrast

    Create your video presentation for the board members clearly explaining how the visual communication elements on each of the two promotional documents strategically convey the message and meaning to viewers. Be sure to compare and contrast how the viewers from the U.S. and the other country might interpret these differing visuals elements, and how you used them strategically to please each targeted audience.

  1. Find two different images to be used on the organization’s website page. One will be for the U.S. website, and one for the website in the country of your choice. Be sure that each of these images visually appeals to these two targeted audience viewers, and that the visual enhances the message to help eliminate racial prejudice. In your video presentation for the board of directors, identify and analyze the visual elements of cultural familiarity, semiotics, and emotional appeal (cognitive). Additionally, explain how each of those visual elements visually persuades the U.S. and global viewers in different ways.
  1. Design two logos for this anti-racism campaign. One logo should be designed for U.S. audiences, and the other should be designed for the other country of your choice. Design your video presentation to explain how each of these logos can clearly be seen on both small and large settings (example: cell phone app size and billboard size), as well as a comparison of how the color, lines, and visual elements are specifically designed to visually appeal to each of these different countries
  1. Create two social media posts, one for the United States and one for the other country of your choice. The posts should include text, images, and the logo matching the country where the social media post will appear. In your video presentation to the board members, compare and analyze how these visual elements (the images and the logo) emotionally engage and persuade each specified target audience (the United States and the country of your choice) to reduce and eliminate racial prejudice.
  1. Create a one-page instructional document for your communication team members outlining the ethical concepts regarding finding and using visuals in communication. Within your instructional document, use images and/or clip art to enhance each of your points in the document, and address the following items:
    1. How might the organization properly obtain and use images from outside sources?
    2. What are the dangers and problems that arise when altering and digitally enhancing images?



Visual Communication Writing Assignment Help

Examine and design visual media communication to produce effective business materials.


You are a website designer and are currently being considered as the designer for a complete redesign of a medical facility’s website page. They have not updated their website in over 15 years due to the lack of staff. The website needs the redesign to target the specific visual preferences of patients and medical clients. They have several other designers that they are interviewing, and you decide to create a video presentation to impress them to choose you as their website designer.

As you begin your presentation, you decide that your design will include the following visual concepts and elements:

  1. Visual Organization
  2. Visual Simplicity
  3. Visual Interactivity
  4. Charts and Graphs
  5. Images

In designing these visual elements, you keep the target audience of patients and medical clients as the main focus. You carefully consider what these types of people wish to see at a medical facility. You also consider what visual elements will attract the eye, and yet enhance a specific mood and emotional response for viewers.

After creating the website, you record your explanation of your visual design choices in an audio/video screen share.

Your presentation should be a maximum of 5 minutes.

**I will create the screen share video recording. Just need the script on what to say**


PSY Cognitive Psychology Lab Humanities Assignment Help

*** Be able to access zip file and run it ****

The final project will be due in Week 10. You will select an experiment from the CogLab CD accompanying your course textbook and perform the experiment. Next, you will create a report on the topic on which the experiment is based. The report will include four sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

When choosing the experiment make sure to review the weekly experiments first. Your project cannot be one that will be used in the weekly experiments. It is recommended that you start working on the final project early. If you have any questions regarding its development please ask your instructor for guidance.

For Weeks 2-5 you should be working on a literature review of research related to your experiment. It is recommended over the next several weeks to find and review peer-reviewed journal articles on your experiment. For the final project it will require at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles on current research (within the last 5 years) on your topic.

By Week 6, you should be working on the methods section of the project. Include information about the participants and the stimuli, and a brief description of the procedures followed to complete the experiment successfully.

By Week 7, you should be completing the results section. It would explain your finding in the experiment in detail. It shouldn’t contain an analysis of the results. That part is done in the conclusion section.

By Week 9, you should be developing your conclusions. Here are a few points to consider:


Final Project

In Week 1 you began with choosing an experiment to complete. Over the last several weeks you have been working on your project in preparation to complete the work for this week.

Your project should adhere to the following guidelines:

For the main sections, it should have:

  • A title page
  • An abstract (not more than 250 words)
  • An introduction
  • A literature review
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion or conclusions
  • References

Introduction: This should be one to two pages in length. The introduction provides a brief overview of what will be covered and the purpose of the research.

Literature review: The literature review is taken in part from what you researched from the scholarly journal articles. It is a synthesis of the material you found into a cohesive review of the literature on your chosen experiment.

Methods: This section provides information on how the experiment was conducted.

Results: The results section should explain your finding in the experiment in detail.

Discussion and conclusions: The difference between a great research paper and a marginal one is the depth and originality of the discussion and conclusions section. This is where you bring together what you have learned through your research as well as through the course regarding your topic in the concluding remarks of your paper. The discussion and conclusions section should be one to two pages in length.

  • Were the results of your final project experiment the same as your expected hypotheses?
  • Mention any results that run counter to your expected hypotheses. In your opinion, what factors could have influenced the results?
  • What real-life psychological phenomena might be explained or modeled by the findings of this experiment? How?

From your course textbook, Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience, (4th ed.), read the following chapters:

  • Chapter 12: Problem Solving
  • Chapter 13: Judgement, Decisions and Reasoning

From your course textbook, CogLab on a CD, read the following experiment:

  • Remember/Know
  • Decision making








Disaster recovery Computer Science Assignment Help

Disaster recovery Computer Science Assignment Help

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