Discrete Event Simulation to Model Passenger Flow Literature Review Paper Engineering Assignment Help

Discrete Event Simulation to Model Passenger Flow Literature Review Paper Engineering Assignment Help. Discrete Event Simulation to Model Passenger Flow Literature Review Paper Engineering Assignment Help.

Find a peer-reviewed journal paper on a real world topic that uses Discrete Event Simulation to solve it.

Using the following outline below to write up your paper review your main headings should be Introduction, Methodology, Problem, Key Results, and Conclusion.

a. Introduction

i. Overview of what the paper is about

ii. State the objective of the project or research

iii. State the contribution of the research or project

b. Methodology

i. Discuss project management tools or methods that are used.

c. Problem

i. Give a description of the problem the research or project is trying to solve.

d. Key Results

i. Pinpoint the key results of the project you may copy and paste graphs or diagrams into the document to show what you are discussing.

e. Conclusion

i. Summarize what you learned from the paper and discuss future work to incorporate for the next project.

((The paper should use Times New Roman 12pt. font 1.5 spacing and be at max 3 pages.))

Discrete Event Simulation to Model Passenger Flow Literature Review Paper Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

INQR 101 LU Antidepressants Depression & Society Inquiry Portfolio Project Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

This course-long portfolio, developed over multiple weeks, gave you the opportunity to engage with a particular research topic while utilizing the various steps of the inquiry process.

For this final submission, you will compile your:

  • Topic Selection – How do antidepressats control the increase of depression in the society today?
  • Development of Research Question
  • Statement of Intent
  • Location of Sources
  • Process Findings


Download the Inquiry Portfolio Project: Final Submission Template.Using your completed Topic Selection Assignment, Development of Research Question Assignment, Statement of Intent Assignment, Location of Sources Assignment, and Process Findings Assignment, update the template.Make sure you update each of these assignments using the feedback provided by your instructor.Ensure your writing demonstrates academic style and is free from any errors.


Liberty University Interprofessional Experience Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

After participating in the Week 8 Group Discussion Forum Assignment where you addressed a public health problem, complete this assignment reflecting on your experience. Reflect on the 4 main competencies found in the IPEC document you reviewed in Module/Week 1 titled, “Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: 2016 update” to guide your reflections.

For full credit, ensure you are using complete sentences and appropriate grammar, apply and cite public health competencies to support your answers, and make sure each reply is a minimum of 250 words (1250 words total for the entire assignment).

  1. Briefly describe the nature of your interprofessional experience project and how you worked with people in your group. Identify the types of people you worked with by providing their background and/or job titles.
  2. What were the goals of your overall interprofessional experience project and how did your work, as a professional, contribute to reaching the goals or objectives? How were the 4 main competencies listed in the document, “Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: 2016 update” implemented?
  3. How did the development of relationships between the students in your group, from various backgrounds, facilitate the development of a public health plan? What shared values helped you to accomplish the plan of action?
  4. Compare/contrast how you as an individual professional might have approached the public health problem as opposed to approaching it in an interprofessional manner? How does/will the interprofessional nature of the approach affect the implementation of public health plan?

Just wing it


ART 142 CSU Masaccio Expulsion of Adam & Eve from Eden ?formal Analysis Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Formal Analysis Assignment: Choose one artwork from the material that we have been looking at in our video’s and PowerPoints or choose something currently in our gallery. Write a formal Analysis of the artwork. Use the list below to formulate your writing.

Formal Analysis Paper Assignment on Masaccio, Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, Brancacci Chapel, c. 1424-1427

I attached a video link that could also help with this formal analysis here –

Description: A formal analysis includes an analysis of the forms appearing in the work you have chosen. These forms give the work its expression, message, or meaning. A formal analysis assumes a work of art is (1) a constructed object (2) that has been created with a stable meaning (even though it might not be clear to the viewer)(3) that can be ascertained by studying the relationships between the elements of the work. To aid in writing a formal analysis, you should think as if you were describing the work of art to someone who has never seen it before. When your reader finishes reading your analysis, she/he should have a complete mental picture of what the work looks like. Yet, the formal analysis is more than just a description of the work. It should also include a thesis statement that reflects your conclusions about the work.The thesis statement may, in general, answer a question like these:What do I think is the meaning of this work? What is the message that this work or artist sends to the viewer? What is this work all about? The thesis statement is an important element. It sets the tone for the entire paper, and sets it apart from being a merely descriptive paper.

In the first paragraph, called the introduction, you will include:

•the name of the artist (if known), title (which is underlined or italicized every time you use the title in your paper), date, and medium (if known)

•what you think is the subject

•a very brief description of the work

•thesis statement – usually the last line or so of your first paragraph.

From that point, the rest of the formal analysis should include not only a description of the piece, but especially those details of the work that have led you to come to your thesis. Yet, your paper should not be a random flow of ideas about the work (i.e. stream of consciousness writing). Rather, your paper should have a sense of order, moving purposefully through your description with regard to specific elements (ex: one paragraph may deal with composition, another with a description of the figures, another with the background, another about line, etc.). Finally, in your conclusion (the final paragraph) you should end your paper with a restatement of your thesis.

It is important to remember that your interest here is strictly formal; NO RESEARCH IS TO BE USED IN THIS PAPER. In other words, you are strictly relying on your ability to visually ‘read’ a work of art and make interpretations about it based on your analysis of it. Remember too that your analysis should not be just a mechanical, physical description. Please use descriptive language and adjectives to describe your work. Begin with a general description of the work, and then move on to the more specific elements. In addition, please refer to your syllabus concerning my policy on plagiarism – do not share your thesis or paper with other students and please do not work on your paper with another student. This is considered plagiarism and will result in a failing grade for the entire class.

Things to consider when writing a formal analysis (in no particular order):

Keep in mind that you always need to Back Up Your Statements!

1. Record your first impression(s) of the artwork.What stands out?Is there a focal point (an area to which the artist wants your eye to be drawn)? If so, what formal elements led you to this conclusion? Your impressions can help you reach your thesis.

2.What is the subject of the artwork?

3. Composition: How are the parts of the work arranged? Is there a stable or unstable composition? Is it dynamic? Full of movement? Or is it static?

4. Pose: If the work has figures, are the proportions believable? Realistic? Describe the pose(s).Is the figure active, calm, graceful, stiff, tense, or relaxed?Does the figure convey a mood? If there are several figures, how do they relate to each other (do they interact? not?)?

5. Proportions:Does the whole or even individual parts of the figure(s) or natural objects in the work look natural? Why did you come to this conclusion?

6.Line: Are the outlines (whether perceived or actual) smooth, fuzzy, clear?Are the main lines vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or curved, or a combination of any of these? Are the lines jagged and full of energy? Sketchy? Geometric? Curvilinear? Bold? Subtle?

7.Space: If the artist conveys space, what type of space is used? What is the relation of the main figure to the space around it?Are the main figures entirely within the space (if the artwork is a painting), or are parts of the bodies cut off by the edge of the artwork? Is the setting illusionistic, as if one could enter the space of the painting, or is it flat and two-dimensional, a space that one could not possibly enter?

8.Texture: If a sculpture, is the surface smooth and polished or rough? Are there several textures conveyed? Where and How? If a painting, is there any texture to the paint surface? Are the brushstrokes invisible? Brushy? Sketchy? Loose and flowing? Or tight and controlled?

9. Light and Shadow: Are shadows visible?Where?Are there dark shadows, light shadows, or both? How do the shadows affect the work?

10.Size: How big is the artwork?Are the figures or objects in the work life-sized, larger or smaller than life? How does the size affect the work?

11. Color: What type of colors are used in the work? Bright? Dull? Complimentary? Does the artist use colors to draw your attention to specific areas of the work? How? If a sculpture, examine the color(s) of the medium and how it affects the work.

12. Mood: Do you sense an overall mood in the artwork? Perhaps several different moods? If so, describe them. How does the mood interpret how you view the work?

Once you have spent some time analyzing your work, notice if your first impression of the work has changed, now that you have taken a closer look? How? If you came up with a thesis statement before doing this in-depth analysis, you may want to change it if your impression of the work has changed. Your thesis statement should reflect your view of the object.


American Public University Sustainability In The Global Supply Chain Research Business Finance Assignment Help

Course Objectives:

C05: Evaluate sustainability initiatives impact on global supply chains


Using The Triple Bottom Line: What Is It and How Does It Work? by Slaper and Hall (2011) as a reference, choose one of the three aspects of sustainability. This cannot be the aspect used in the forum post this week. The paper should have:

Title page

Table of contents


Lit review


Reference page


Your paper should be a minimum of 2,000 word APA formatted paper

All charts, graphs, pictures are to go in the appendix (not a substitute for content)

Make sure you use five to seven credible and reliable resources; format in APA

Refrain from excessive use of quotes in your response (less than 5%)

Once you submit your document to the assignment folder it will automatically be loaded to TURNITIN.COM within the course. Your similarity scan score must be 20% or less (the following will be excluded: headers, bibliography, etc. prior to instructor grading paper—focus on the content of scan percentage)

Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment



IT 252 Southern New Hampshire University Personality Types Reflection Paper Engineering Assignment Help

In this assignment, you will explore a sample of a Myers Briggs report and reflect on this report through a journal assignment. This report is made available in the resources provided for this module. You should independently review the sample Myers Briggs report provided in your resources.

In your post, reflect on varying personality types and the effect these personalities can have on team dynamics and leadership.

Explore the relationship between personality types to team roles or leadership positions. Identify and cite external resources as examples to support your statements, and use any examples of which you may have personal knowledge.

To complete this assignment, review the Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

IT 252 Southern New Hampshire University Personality Types Reflection Paper Engineering Assignment Help[supanova_question]

SW 361 San Diego Implementing Evidence Based Social Work Practice Discussion Writing Assignment Help

The entire journal entry must be submitted via Turnitin. Journal entries will be the student’s
responses to class materials such as readings, videos, and class discussions and will be 1-2 pages
in length in APA format. Students may also journal regarding other issues encountered that
relate to course materials. This includes, but is not limited to news reports, newspaper articles,
material from other courses, movies, or personal experiences. Each of the specific topic areas of
(a) cultural diversity and/or cultural values, (b) social work ethics, and (c) empirically based
social work practice must be addressed in separate journal entries. These entries will account for
three of the five entries. The remaining two entries may be on any topic chosen by the student.


Phoenix University Week 1 Emergency Management Response Analysis Presentation Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a writing project and need an explanation to help me learn.

Refer to the same event you wrote about in the Wk 1 assignment, Emergency Management Response Analysis Worksheet, Part A, and the selected articles about Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill from the Week 3 University Library Readings that are the links bellow;







Develop a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you analyze the work of the secondary responders (i.e., non-law enforcement, such as EPA, Coast Guard, engineers, etc.) in the aftermath of the emergency. Exclude details about police and fire response, as they are primary responders. In your presentation:

·Identify the secondary responders and their roles as they supported the event.

·Explain the key components of the incident command system (ICS).

·Outline applicable crisis response objectives for the incident; this includes the major tasks necessary to resolve the emergency.

·Discuss challenges faced by leaders in working through the event.

Include at least 2 academic sources in your presentation.

Format your presentation in accordance with UOP standards. Include a title slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, and reference slide. Use bullet statements in the body and use the speaker’s notes to support the information in the body of the slides.


ENG 215 Strayer University Source Identification Evaluation and Reflection Essay Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a english writing question and need support to help me study.

For this essay, you will select one of the sources you have found through your preliminary research about your research topic. Which source you choose is up to you; however, it should be substantial enough that you will be able to talk about it at length, and intricate enough that it will keep you (and your reader) interested.

(approximately 500-750 words)


DIRECTIONS: Refer to the list below throughout the writing process. Do not submit your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines.


The introduction of this paper will be introducing the source:

❒ Have you provided the author’s name?
❒ Have you provided the source title?
❒ Have you provided the context (where you found the source, where it was originally published, who sponsored it, etc.)?


❒ Have you provided a judgment on the source’s credibility?
❒ Have you used specific examples from the source to illustrate your judgment on credibility?
❒ Have you provided a judgment on the source’s usefulness?
❒ Have you used specific examples from the source to illustrate your judgment on usefulness?


❒ Have you answered all reflection questions thoughtfully and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses?
❒ Are your answers included on a separate page below the main assignment?


DIRECTIONS: Below your assignment, include answers to all of the following reflection questions.

  1. What types of questions did you ask yourself when evaluating the credibility and usefulness of your source? (2-3 sentences)
  2. How do you feel this evaluation practice will help you as you continue to move through the research process? (2-3 sentences)


REL 3308 California Baptist University Ayahuasca Use in Aruak Community Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Some Native American religious rituals involve the use of psychoactive substances (such as peyote, ayahuasca, iboga, mushrooms, etc.) to induce religious visionary experiences.

Identify one specific indigenous tribe in North America, Central America or South America that uses a psychoactive substance in a religious context.

Provide a brief historical recap of the substance’s use. Explain the function that the substance serves in the ritual. What are the rules surrounding its use? Who can partake of it? When can it be ingested? Then, identify any cultural or political controversies surrounding the tribe’s use of the substance. How has controversy affected the ritual use of the substance today?

What is your opinion on the use of psychoactive substances in ceremonial religious contexts like the one you identified? Should religious groups possess the freedom to engage in these ceremonial activities, even when they are in conflict with a nation’s laws? Why or why not?

Make sure to cite academic sources in your discussion. Use FIU Library’s online databases for academic research (Links to an external site.). Try the Religious Studies libguide (Links to an external site.) for a more specific starting point.


https://anyessayhelp.com/ for a more specific starting point.